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Date: 27th September 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr Weyrling Barracks/Lakeshore
Synopsis: Ciara and L'ron go out to the lakeshore for a night-time chat while their dragons sleep. A number of things are discussed, and the pair return on what seems to be a high note.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ciara

Set back into the northeast corner of the Upper Bowl, this cavern is huge. With a doorway wide enough to admit a very large brown or a small gold, it balloons out into an almost round room. Along the walls are couches carved out of the rock, some bigger and some smaller. Next to those couches are small, utilitarian cots. In the center are rows and rows and rows of similar cots, only a wide aisle seperating them from the couch-cots. Space is at a premium here, for both Candidates and Weyrlings must share space until another barracks can be dug.

With the brightest of contrasts, what once was a desolate, dry and empty scoop in the ground is now a full and luscious lake. Water laps against the shoreline in a gentle internal current, while in the very center, it seems almost eerily calm. A small sign hung on the highest bit of twine states 'LAKE HOPELESS' in forcibly fancy script, yet there doesn't seem to be any apparent reason for the title. Maybe one of the residents knows.

[ Eastern Weyr: Weyrling Barracks ]

Late evening finds most of the barracks settled in for the night, with just a few awake and either reading letters from home, or writing them. L'ron is not one such scriber of letters. The blue weyrling stretched out on his cot, hands behind his head and staring up at the ceiling, glances down to his drowsy blue every now and then. Once Balkrith finally gives up the fight and drifts off into a deep sleep, breaking all mental connections, his bonded slowly sits up, brown eyes veering off over to where Ciara and Suosith are situated.

Ciara is busy soothing Suosith to get the young dragon to sleep. The gold's eyes are closing, slowly, and combined with the stroking of her head and headknobs she eventually cannot resist. Ciara gets up from her kneeling position beside the dragon's couch, carefully stretching her legs without making any noise that could wake up Suosith - or any other of the sleeping dragons, for that matter. Now she looks about, and her gaze falls on L'ron, a smile sent his way. She stands where she is though, shifting a little from one foot to the other as if unsure what to do.

Warm the smile L'ron sends in return before tipping his head slightly in the direction of the bowl and then without a word, sets thumbs to belt loops and heads off in that direction, hoping that Ciara understands to follow suit. If she does, once out into the night air, she'll find the blue weyrling heading at a slow amble toward the lakeshore, stopping just once to greet a scrawny Weyr mutt as it goes bounding over to him.
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Ciara nods, silent, at the tip of the head, though she waits for L'ron to take the lead with wherever he's going. Her footsteps are careful and quiet as she follows after him, smiling at the sight of the dog that bounds up to him.

[ Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore ]

Only once they're far enough away from the barracks and almost upon the lakeshore proper, does L'ron stop and turn, face lighting with a grin as his eyes settle on Ciara making her way over. He'll wait until she's caught up before offering simply, "Hey," a warm smile at play before his steps take up, the canine tracking along at his heels. If not for the few people about in similar mind of an evening stroll, he might likely have offered the gold weyrling his hand; instead he keeps pace with her likely shorter strides seemingly in no hurry at all. "Thought maybe we could talk better out here," he gives quietly, tipping his head back to gaze at the starry skies, "Nice night, too."

Ciara's returning "hey" is surprisingly shy, for her, and her right hand twitches at her side as if she'd quite like to reach for his hand, but can't. There's a look of gratitude as he matches his pace to hers, though she's in no hurry either, and their pace is appropriately slow. She looks slightly worried when he mentions talking, especially as it's said so quietly. "Yeah," she says of the night, and, like him, looks up at the clear sky. "You okay?" Are the next words spilling out of her mouth, and she drops her attention from the stars to L'ron.

Having not realized his words might be cause for concern, L'ron chuckles and nods, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just" shoulders shift in a light shrug, "don't really get to talk in there with everyone around and then with our dragons awake" words trail and leave a smile in their stead. "You doing, okay?" just in case he'd missed something somewhere along the line.

"Oh." Ciara looks at him a moment, before she seems suitably reassured and a smile comes back to her face. A small one, but warm nonetheless. "Yeah. As busy as you can imagine but…you know what that's like." Her smile has a hint of slyness as she speaks of their dragon-orientated lifestyles. "And…worried, I guess. Seeing all of Voldrath's scars…." She trails off, her shoulders moving in a shudder she's trying to disguise as a shrug.

Their path carrying them further around the lake and the numbers of others out and about thinning the further they move away from the more localised areas of the lake, L'ron finally unhooks a thumb from his belt and reaches for Ciara's hand, lacing his fingers between hers if she doesn't pull away. A soft chuckle spills out, "Could do without all the running," he gives and then adds, "and Balkrith's 'help', in exercises." Warm brown eyes put a long downward look onto the gold weyrling, a frown creasing across his brow as she brings up the thread scored brownrider, "Yeah, that's" well it's something he'd rather not put voice to, "He sure flipped out though, huh?" this to the altercation between F'min and Ahnika.

Ciara lets their fingers interlace, giving L'ron's hand a short squeeze. "Maybe all the running will toughen us up?" Ci suggests, though there's enough humour in her voice that it's clear she doesn't think that's the case. She simply chuckles softly at the mention of Balkrith's "help", looking up to match L'ron's look. "Yeah…." She, too, is happy for that particular matter to be left unsaid. Instead the corner of her mouth lifts in a sort-of smile. "I can't believe she stood up to him like that! He really didn't like it."

Grinning down at her in response, "Don't think we're supposed to run away from Thread," a wink given at the end. A squeeze of hand and brush of thumb over the back of Ciara's hand meant as reassurance on a topic neither one seems willing to broach. Heading toward a large pile of boulders not yet moved by the dragons, or that have simply been left there as some sort of interest point. A low chuckle comes from L'ron, amusement for the green weyrling's tenacity evident, "He did kind of go over the top though. I mean, those sacks are -heavy-. I only barely managed to pick it up and that's only because of carrying feed sacks down the caverns. Wonder what sort of punishment she'll get?" And then adding after a thoughtful silence, "Maybe he's got arthritis or something that was acting up and making him grumpy?"

Ciara snorts, though there's a flash of seriousness in her eyes. "Not the best idea…." She squeezes his hand again, this time in return to the reassuring gesture of his thumb brushing her hand: a wordless 'thank you'. "It was kinda too much," she agrees on the sacks matter. "I thought we'd start off easy and do the hard stuff later on, anyway." There's a short sigh, before she shrugs at the punishment thing. "Hopefully nothing too bad." Ci does look a bit worried now, before she tries to cheer up as she replies to L'ron's next. "Maybe. Maybe he was just trying to teach us not to answer back, over-reacting like that…I dunno."

The seriousness coming from Ciara has him meeting her eyes with a similar look for a moment and then dropping away again, happy to leave that topic at rest for the time being. Coming to a halt near the pile of boulders, L'ron leans his back against one, bending a knee and planting the sole of his boot flat against the same surface. A gentle tug on their joined hands is meant to either pull the gold weyrling lightly against him, or next to him, but he's leaving the decision open to be that of her own doing. Wrinkling his nose a shrug follows, "Dunno. I woulda gone with building up slowly to full sacks. But then what do I know, I'm just a weyrling." A relaxed exhale of breath spills out and a short smile goes her way, "Maybe he'll go have a talk with Ahnika and they can sort things out, or something?" ever the optimist. "She's not a troublemaker, Ci. I'm sure he knows that, yeah?" trying to erase some of the worry off of her face with his words and a smile on his mouth as he tips his head in study of Ciara. "My da always used to say that you hold your tongue until something's not right and then you speak up about it or hold your peace and don't complain when things don't get set right. She spoke up." Simple as that.

Ciara lets him pull her in against him, without so much as a struggle. No, she's quite happy to have some body contact, even if they could get into all sorts of trouble if they're spotted and recognised. She laughs, softly, at the 'just a weyrling' comment. "We're at the bottom of the pile now, huh? All for our own good, of course." Rich coming from probably the least qualified person on dragon riding, of course. "I hope so…can he get Randi and Alara involved if he wants to? It's not like it's that serious, is it? To deserve that sort of thing?" She nibbles her lower lip, watching L'ron and nodding. "No, she's not. Neither's Jhath. They're just strong." Right? L'ron's next words get a firm nod.

Ciara lets him pull her in against him, without so much as a struggle. No, she's quite happy to have some body contact, even if they could get into all sorts of trouble if they're spotted and recognised. She laughs, softly, at the 'just a weyrling' comment. "We're at the bottom of the pile now, huh? All for our own good, of course." Rich coming from probably the least qualified person on dragon riding, of course. "I hope so…can he get Randi and Alara involved if he wants to? It's not like it's that serious, is it? To deserve that sort of thing?" She nibbles her lower lip, watching L'ron and nodding. "No, she's not. Neither's Jhath. They're just strong." Right? L'ron's next words get a firm nod.

He's obviously quite happy to take whatever knocks come his way if they're spotted, after all he's pretty used to being in the runnerdung. It's usually just the depth that varies. And so with Ciara pulled in him against him, L'ron puts a loose wrap of arms about her waist and chuckles, "Well, you're a little higher up in the pile than I am." Pointed out with amusement. "Besides which, they got a loooong way to dig down until they find me," impishness at play in his expression for that. Brows lift upward and he blinks a little, "Get the Weyrwomen involved just because she mouthed off at him? He'd look a bit of a fool if he did that, don't you think? Now if Jhath had bitten him, or Ahnika had hit him or something. Yeah, maybe then. I dunno," shoulders shift in a shrug. Because honestly, he doesn't being back of the woods holdbred as he is. This is simply his opinion and take on matters. "Nothing wrong with being strong," a warm smile tips downward, "Nothing wrong with being quiet and thinking things through first either." Sounding like it's aimed at Ciara until his next spoken quietly as his mind leapfrogs, "I just wasn't sure about…you know." starting to look a little awkward now as he tries again, "after what F'min said about our dragons being so young and their minds and being careful what we think and do and.then I spoke with Ahnika and she kinda made sense." Which hopefully makes at least some sense to the gold weyrling.

"Pfft." Ciara quickly dismisses that. "Barely. I still have to take orders from just about anyone who fancies telling me what to do." But she sounds like she's amused by it rather than annoyed or frustrated. She uses her left hand to stroke his right upper arm, if he lets her. "Don't say that. We're all the same at the moment." L'ron's further reassurances on the Ahnika matter are working. "Yeah…like a kid running to mummy because their sibling said something naughty to them, right?" She gets what he's talking about next, even if the jump in conversational topic is a bit random. "Oh." Now she pulls back a little from him, though tries to remain in his loose embrace, still. "You think…this sort of thing isn't the best idea right now?"

Oh, he'll let her alright, L'ron's arms tightening briefly about her in pleased response for that stroke of hand to his arm as a grin forms, "I don't mind being at the bottom." And truly, he doesn't seem to at all. "Bal's not really a top of the pile type dragon anyway. He's happy to trundle around doing his own thing," tone fond for the quirky little blue. Ciara's further words on the matter of the brownrider and the green weyrling draw a wide grin from him next, "Exactly. The one being the tattle-tale will usually get into just as much trouble, if not more. And pissing a goldrider off doesn't seem like a very productive way to go about things." When the gold weyrling pulls away from a little a light frown forms and he shakes his head slowly, "No, I just wanted to be sure I knew where I stood, where you stand. With our dragons and all. Suosith's notunhappy about any of this is she?" looking a little concerned now.

Ciara doesn't look like she knows what to say to this bottom of the pile thing. "As long as you're happy with it." She does note the fondness in his voice for Balkrith. Then she's smiling right back at that grin, remembering her childhood at Nerat. "Hah! Yeah. And nobody likes a tattle-tale." She chuckles a bit, before adding: "no…they've got more important things to be doing than listening to someone complain who should know better." She says it like she knows it's true. "Oh." Ci stops with the slight pulling away when L'ron expands on what he meant. "No, she's not unhappy. I just thought you meant we should…be more careful, that sort of thing. While they're this young." She looks concerned when she sees his concern, her forehead creasing, but eyes light.

A mischievous expression enters brown eyes, "There's aaaall kinds of ways of dealing with a tattle-tale, numbweed in boots, old fish in a carrysack, that sort of thing but I don't think this is one of those situations. Besides, maybe he'll just talk with her, yeah?" He's back to that more pacifist way of dealing with problems with another person. When Ciara confirms that Suosith seems to be fine, L'ron draws her in that bit closer and sends a warm smile down onto her, "Good. Well yeah, more careful, we obviously can't you know…" a healthy dose of colour starts to darken his already tanned complexion and then he's quickly clearing his throat, "But I reckon this is okay. Especially when they're asleep, yeah? Far as Balkrith's concerned, you're a good turnip," a grin forming for that analogy given his blue dragonet.
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Ciara laughs, most strongly at the fish in a carrysack idea. "Could you imagine if we put a fish in F'min's carrysack?" Her laughter is controlled, seeing as they're sort-of hiding, and dies down quickly enough as the matter is drawn back to their situation. She lets herself be drawn back in, pressing her cheek against the taller weyrling's chest. That helps to hide the faint blush that colours her face. "Yeah. If we keep it to…this sort of thing, and when they won't notice it?" She smiles at the turnip thing, quite relaxed against L'ron. "I think I could get used to being compared to a vegetable. It's…quite nice?"

“Actually…” that mischievous expression deepens, “you reckon we could filch one from the kitchens maybe?” Because he now has this powerful urge to do just that with a fish. When Ciara leans her head against his chest, L’ron’s arms move up to wrap about her shoulders, his chin resting lightly on her head as his gaze goes out over the lake, “This is good.” His tone dropping down to suggesting it to be more than good as he enjoys the close contact, which in some strange way he seems to find comforting too. Quiet laughter greets the gold weyrling’s last, “Have you ever eaten a turnip? They don’t taste so good,” not by his reckoning anyway, “I think you’d be more of a redfruit, all juicy and sweet.” Meant to be a compliment and not the double entendre it comes out as. Luckily he doesn’t quite realize it either or the poor guy would probably be around the same colour as said redfruit, round about now. “But Balkrith understands turnips so…” shoulders shifting in a shrug against her.

Ciara is silent as L'ron's arms wrap around her shoulders, letting herself rest against him and taking in the moment. She takes a moment, therefore, to respond to the fish thing, seeming to have forgotten about it thanks to the further contact with L'ron. "They probably won't notice one little fish, right?" Her voice is quiet, as if she doesn't want to disturb the peaceful atmosphere. "I thought they tasted like tubers," is her murmured comment on the taste of turnips, before her face goes redder - and rather redfruit-esque - at L'ron's comparison of her to that fruit. "Umm." Oh dear. Embarrassed by the choice of words, she clutches at another thread of conversation to distract herself. "I think Suosith's starting to come round to the idea of turnip presents. She didn't like the smell, at first."

"Not if you distract them while I filch one," L'ron gives in distracted tone. His nose wrinkles slightly before giving with a sound of amusement rumbling in his chest, "I don't much like tubers either." The young man can be such a dunce at times and as a result he moves his head at that sound of embarrassment coming from Ciara and catches the deep red blush and frowns a little trying to recall what exactly he'd said to cause such a thing. Moving an arm so as to be able to brush a knuckle against one of her reddened cheeks, "You okay, Ci?" this asked with genuine concern before a chuckle spills out at her last, "I've tried telling Bal, that pretty much no one likes the smell of them but he doesn't seem to get it."

Ciara's little laugh turns into a snort as she tries not to be too loud with it. "The perfect stealing team." She moves her head slightly, nodding against his chest, when he talks about the tubers, but doesn't say anything aloud. It's only when L'ron's looking down at her and then brushing her cheek that she looks up, eyes quite bright and wide, and gives him a small, embarrassed smile. "Just…thinking about what you said." That much is true, even if she's not going to make herself blush more by expanding on just why his words made her blush. Ahem. "He's sweet, really. I'm glad that he found you," she adds, voice softer. "So that we're going through all this together. If one of us hadn't Impressed, would we have understood what the other was going through with a dragon and…this?"

"We could make a fortune in Bitra," L'ron states through a suppressed laugh. Although in all fairness, considering the nature of the two, they'd be more likely to land up deeper in trouble than they ever imagined. Brows press further toward each other when presented with that smile of embarrassment smile and he goes quiet a moment. There's no denying the point at which it hits him however, for his own skin colours under the tan he's developed through being outside most of the day. "Oh…ummm," his turn to look more than a little flustered before somehow he draws on something deep within and turns a soft smile down to Ciara, "That's not what I'd meant but…something tells me, I'm not far off the mark there." And as if to prove his point, either to himself, or the gold weyrling, or both, his head dips down further in an attempt to press his lips lightly against hers. That is of course, if she doesn't jerk away and smack him upside the head for being so bold. He leaves off answering her question for a moment, possibly due to giving it due consideration or else simply for being a bit distracted right now.

Ciara keeps her laughter to a low snickering snort, amused by the idea of taking on Bitra and its gamblers. "Maybe a little optimistic," she murmurs, still laughing that little bit. She can't help but giggle out loud when L'ron blushes, for all that she's all embarrassed by his choice of words. She stretches up to let her lips meet his, just gently, letting her eyes close as she does so. Her arms tighten a little around his middle, holding herself close to him as if afraid of losing the touch.

L'ron's own laughter deepens, entranced it would seem by Ciara's snickering snort. "Okay, maybe not Bitra," he concedes, "But I bet we'd have fun at the stalls of a Gather, swapping stuff around between them." Oh boy. He seems determined to have the gold weyrling carry out some or other prank with him. While he might be one to blush over talk of such things, who knew the tall blue weyrling would be more comfortable with the doing side of it all. As such, the hand that had brushed knuckles against her cheek now moves to the back of her head, drawing her in closer and instinctively deepening the kiss until suddenly brown eyes snap open and he breaks away uttering a low, "Uh oh," as Balkrith stirs in his sleep and sends questioning tendrils of thought out.

"Just as long as we're in disguise, it might work," Ci chides softly, eyes bright. She lets L'ron draw her in, a moment of bad judgement perhaps, given their delicate situation and their young dragons. When the other weyrling breaks the kiss she jerks back, wide eyes staring up at him with worry clear in her expression. "Oh, no. We shouldn't have done that, should we?" Her eyes become slightly unfocused as she seeks out Suosith's mind. The gold is still fast asleep - a girl needs her beauty sleep, after all - and she can relax in that respect. L'ron's reaction still has her concerned however, and she pulls away from him, reluctantly. "Maybe we should stop?" Her voice is soft enough that it seems she doesn't particularly want that, but understands the difficulty of the situation.

A grin lights his face as he shakes his head, "Nope, the trick is to be seen, but not be seen," pausing and then adding through a smile, "We're not going to steal anything. Just mix it all up a little." Which he obviously deems to be harmless fun. After brief consultation with his still sleepy blue dragonet, brown eyes refocus again and he smiles down at Ciara, "Bal's fine. He just wanted to know if…" cue the sheepish chuckle, "my turnip tasted good." Balkrith obviously not too interested in whatever his bonded is getting up to aside from that query borne of curiosity. Clearing his throat and fighting back the inevitable blush which is this time at least fainter than beforehand. "Suosith?" he asks in return, first concern and then a margin of regret touching his features as the gold weyrling pulls away. L'ron however loosens the wrap of his arms about her, not about to keep her somewhere she may not be comfortable. Fixing a wry smile into place he notes quietly, "I guess that's the answer to your question. Each situation has its own merits."

"Not against the rules or anything, mixing things up," Ci says, as if her judgement makes it okay to do. She continues to look worried as L'ron explains what caused him to stop, and her mouth drops open at the blue dragon's question. "He doesn't mean-?" No, she can't even say it. She does look flushed and even a little flustered at the fact that their dragons can drop in on them like this. "Oh, no," she says when L'ron says 'Suosith?'. She pulls a hand back from around his middle to put it on his arm, fingers tightening slightly on it as she tries to be reassuring. "No, she's still asleep. I don't want to do anything that'd worry Balkrith, though." She smiles a little at his latter comment, with a "hm" of agreement. "F'min'll skin us alive if he catches us doing anything, won't he?" She doesn't seem to care too much though, maintaining a degree of contact even if she's not leaning against L'ron now.

"Mixing it up is what keeps life interesting," L'ron responds through a chuckle. Ciara's continued concern and resulting half query deepens his laughter, although it's held low as he nods, "Yup, he means…" winking at the end. "He's just curious, Ci. I don't think he really cares too much either way so long as I…" words trail as a message gets relayed back to him from Balkrith and brown eyes roll with amusement, "so long as I'm sure to take good care of my turnip and not leave it lying about for someone else to find." Any concern he'd continued to hold over how the gold might have reacted is washed away with her weyrling's assurance that she remains asleep. One of his hands trail down from her shoulder, along her arm and quietly seek out her hand to lace fingers between as a cocky grin peels out, "Then I guess we better be sure F'min never finds out,huh?" Pushing away from his lean against the boulder, he takes a step forward, meaning to set them back on the path to the barracks, "We should probably get back now though. Just in case Balkrith decides to come out here to ensure the safety of…my turnip." Grin.

Ciara is a lovely shade of red at Balkrith's meaning, but she's not avoiding the subject like she usually would when it comes to this topic of conversation. "Aheh. Hehe." She can't help getting the giggles now, and puts a hand over her mouth to try and stop them, lest she attract somebody's attention. Her eyes are bright with mischief as she looks up at L'ron. She calms when he laces fingers with her. "It's like a story: the two secret lovers, hiding their affair from the tough weyrlingmaster." Even her words are making her blush. She lets L'ron set them back on the way home, keeping their fingers interlaced if he'll let her. "That could be…awkward." She grins back.

L'ron's head tips to one side taking in the blush and giggles coming from Ciara and then a grin shows itself, "Just like a redfruit," he notes through a fond tone. Let's just forget that he's quite capable of blushing like a girl himself shall we? And then despite how the last one woke his blue up, he takes a bold step in and drops a brief brush of lips to the gold weyrling's. Drawing away a warm smile in place his own cheeks colour a little as brown eyes search hers and he responds quietly to her words of it being like a story, "Not yet," on the lovers front, "but hopefully one day soon," an intent look sent down to her, and then he's nodding through a small chuckle, "A tale to tell our children one day, hmm?" assuming rather a lot in that. Tugging her hand gently, he takes a step out from behind the boulders that had hidden them, "Only if he tries rolling you all the way back to the barracks like a turnip," the blue weyrling quips on the awkwardness of his dragon coming out looking for them.

Ciara pretends to pout, which is hard to do when you're still trying to laugh a little. "Hm!" She leans in to the small kiss, if the contact can even be called that, but is careful not to let herself get drawn into it again. She looks up, meeting L'ron's intent look with a flushed but optimistic expression on her own face. "One day, yeah." This is rather a lot for a Holder girl who's taken on rather a lot at the Weyr already! Then they're moving away from the boulders, and Ci's laughing softly at that quip. "Somehow I can see that being a very real possibility…I'm sure Suosith would have something to say about it, though."

"Cute," L'ron offers forward on the fake pout. Warm satisfaction for the manner in which Ciara responds to his comment of 'One day' and he gives her a hand squeeze, enjoying the sound of her laughter as they start back towards the barracks. A grin shows up again, "Unless of Balkrith can convince her its some sort of game." Where he any other man, he'd likely have some or other additionally sly quip to make that would put an entirely different slant on rolling and women. But he's not and as such, he's quite happy to enjoy the slow stroll, hand in hand with the girl he hopes one day, to make a story with.

"Maybe he can. Maybe he can…." Likewise, Ci is not prone to jump to euphemisms, and her blush begins, fortunately, to fade away as they head towards the barracks. She leans into L'ron as they walk, just briefly, putting her shoulders against his side. One last bit of body contact before they have to hide it again, in the face of everyone else. But for now, the moment is nice, and her smile is one of satisfaction as they walk, together.

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