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Date: 2010.10.04
Location: EW - Lakeshore
Synopsis: Walking Spring Breeze, Max comes upon Che lunching at the lakeshore the two get to talking about the men in her life and safety precautions.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Max

It might be a surprise to find Che out by the lakeshore. Alone. Without a certain tanner at her side and keeping her safe. Though, the fact that it is lunch time may be why she is alone. She is set up quietly on the lakeshore, her meal on a plate that is settled beside her. There is not much activity around, Weyrlings having already bathed their lifemates and the rest of the people enjoying their lunches scattered about the bowl, gardens, or in the Caverns.

He’s usually down here walking the pregnant mare a lot earlier in the day than this. Round about the time weyrlings are bathing their dragons. Strange that. However, this is one of those days that got off to a late start and Max hasn’t yet been able to catch up with it. His steps alongside the plodding runner are however unhurried, free hand to a pocket and head tipped downward as if to suggest the beast manager is deep in thought.

Cheusia looks up from her meal, if only because movement catches her eye. Max and the runner are given a curious look but she says nothing for a good minute or two… Only because there is food in her mouth presently, not only that but there is no desire to startle man or beast. So, slowly she is abandoning her food to approach the beast master. "Max."

Max’s head jerks up at the sound of his name, blinking away whatever his mind had been wrapped in. A warm smile breaks free, “Che.” Spring Breeze for her part comes to a halt and sends a softly enquiring and whiskered muzzle out toward the healer. Curious more than anything else.

Cheusia grins widely at the man, "hey. What're you thinking about?" A brow lifts as grey eyes consider Max carefully, "seems like it was something serious." The runner is given a curious look, but she does not make and attempt to touch her, if only because she is more worried about spooking her. "I suppose… Bo has talked to you…"

“How to get a dragon to cut me a break,” Max states in such a way as to perhaps make it a little hard to determine whether he’s being serious, or teasing. Watching as the mare reaches her head out further with lips nibbling toward the front of Che’s tunic in an attempt to find something to pull on, “She’s trying to make friends,” he notes, hand lifting to the cheek strap of the runner’s halter to pull her head away before her quest is successful. Thinly veiled amusement for the question put to him over his friend having spoken to him, slips behind a cloud that shadows his expression, “Aye. But first I want to know what happened with Kason.” More a directive than a query.

"Oh. Well… Can't help you there. Each dragon is different, you know. But, if you wait long enough, they'll forget about it." Though really, Che's playing dumb as she could likely guess which dragon he needs to play nice with. She's watching as the mare reaches out for her tunic, but is more curious than frightened or worried, so she doesn't step away. "I see. Well… She's got an interesting way to do it." The woman chuckles softly though it dies off quickly at the final statement from her friend. Her arms fold across her chest and brows are drawn into a frown. "Nothing… We had sex and I haven't seen him for four months."

A soft snort is all that greets Che’s words on draconic memory but he says nothing to it, Max’s focus going instead to what she said last. Eyes narrow a fraction as his jaw sets slightly, “Nothing from him?” and then he lapses into silence, loosing the halter as the mare finds something on the ground, or perhaps the healer’s boots of interest to snuffle at. “You tried getting hold of him?”

Cheusia shrugs in response to the snort, smiling only slightly. "Nothing." She sighs, pressing her lips tightly together. "I used to go to Landing often… I looked for him. In every place we met and every place I could get." A sigh slips from her lips and she shrugs. "I gave up, Max… It hurt and…" She trails off, leaving it at that.

Max's expression sets even further, although now it carries the hints of concern to it for the missing Journeyman, given the events of the passed few sevens but he's not voicing what they might be right now. Instead he simply nods to what Che says. Shifting a little to one side as the mare pushes passed to get at a tuft of grass growing nearby, "Bo…he's ready to thump him," as is he, and then smiling a little, "He's quite taken with you, darlin'. Not that I can blame him," and here he voices some hesitance, "Just don't want either of the two of you getting hurt if it turns out that Kason's been delayed somewhere or something."

"I know… He said he punched a man named Kaskan cause he thought he was Kason… Both of 'em showed up in the Infirmary. Started a shardin' bar fight." Though there is a fondness in her tone for the tanner. Che gives him a small look, "I really care for him… He's been sweet." Though the healer turns and lifts her hands to cover her eyes for a moment. "He could have wrote if he was held up somewhere. He knew I cared about him. What if it all just really meant nothing. That is exactly why I didn't want to believe in love and all that nonsense. It hurts…"

He probably shouldn’t look as approving as he does of Bo’s actions, whether he’d mistaken Kaskan for Kason or not, but hey, it’s a guy thing and probably something he himself would have done in a similar situation. Max’s mouth fits around a rueful smile and he steps forward to enfold Che in a one-armed hug if she doesn’t move out of reach, “Aye, I know darlin’. But you can’t live your life hidden away in that infirmary because you’re scared to get hurt, aye? Besides, the Che I know is a woman that sets her mind to something and then takes what she wants, hmm?” a pointedly knowing look sent to the healer with a wink at the end. If he’s been successful in that attempt to hug her, he now steps back and smiles, “So you decide what it is you want, get in there, and take it.”

Cheusia settles into the hug easily, dropping her hands away from her face and taking a breath. "I know… I was. For a little while…" She admits softly before giving him a pointed look and laughter follows. "I don't think I can take what I want this time… I'll… Just see where it goes." Brows furrow and she considers before giving the beast master a look. "I've been kissing Bowen." Though he might already know that part. Or, she thinks he does, at least.

A crooked grin greets Che’s laughter and then Max states in a more sincere tone, “Bo’s been through hell from what I understand. And by the looks of it, you’re still hurting a little too. So just give yourselves some time, aye?” Says he, the one that rushes in where fools fear to tread and often ends up with either his own foot in his mouth or someone else’s at his ass, or as more recently, a dragon breathing down his neck. A crooked smile turns out for her confession on having kissed the tanner, “Seems like a good start to me.”

Cheusia nods in a more sober manner, "I know… He told me. About most of everything, I believe." She considers and gives him a look. "We're… I think we're just enjoying the company. I like that he comes to see me often after I get done with work… And his cot is by mine, now, too." She looks thoughtful before considering her friend. "It’s been really good. Started when I got left up on the bridge. So… You approve?"

"Of you and Bo? Aye. But I told him I'll take him apart if he hurts you," shoulders stretching as if in preparation of such a thing, "But the going out to the bridge on your own? What were you thinking, Che!? Especially with what's been going on around here." And perhaps that comes out a little harsher than it had sounded in Max's head, but forgive the man for being worried about a friend's safety. "Between you and Ahnika…" words of frustration bleed off and he schools it back behind a fond look for the healer, "Just be careful, aye? Listen to Bo, he knows what he's doing." The respect and trust he holds for the tanner evident.

"I don't think he'll hurt me." Bold words from the woman, but she is utterly convinced of this. The reprimand is met with a wince and she shakes her head. "I didn't think there was anything more than you having a thief and I was trying to get out of the Infirmary so I didn't live my life hidden in there so I wouldn't get hurt." A look is given to her friend before Che lets out a soft huff. "I'm listening to Bo. And I'm being careful. As much as he tries to act like there's nothing more, I can tell he's getting stressed about something. I'm not going anywhere because of strange notes or following random unknown men. I'm keeping safe and keeping my nose out of it." Aside from comparing handwriting.

Touche, Max’s expression appears to read when she brings up almost exactly what he’d said to her earlier about getting out of the infirmary and living life. “There’s eyes and ears in the Weyr,” which while it’s meant to reassure might be taken the wrong way by Che as to mean, eyes and ears of the more nefarious variety, which is also a likelihood. “But out there…” glancing to the unseen beyond the Weyr, “that’s where things start to get trickier. That thief didn’t come alone.” A pointed look given before approval flickers up into his expression for her stating her non involvement in the whole affair being as how he’s not aware of any handwriting studies being carried out.

"I'll be careful." Che promises softly, giving him a look. "I wouldn't have gone out if I knew I could have been in more trouble than that. No one showed though… For a good few candlemarks." A smile is given, small and attempting to offer some form of reassurance. "You guys are secretive about a lot of things, but knowing he wasn't alone… Means I'll be more careful. So, don't worry about me, okay?"

“Mmm,” that Max’s response to Che offering assurances that she’ll be careful. As to whatever secrets he and Bowen might be keeping he says little other than to say quietly, “Stay close to Bo.” Spring Breeze, who has been rather patient up until this point takes first one and then another step further away from them, straining at the rope the beast manager holds onto. With a look to the mare he sends a rueful one back the healer’s way, “I’d best be letting her stretch her legs some more. Ain’t nothing more frightful or ornery than a brood mare heavy with foal and wanting her own way.”

"I will. But not because you told me to." A grin plays at her lips before she looks to the mare who begins her attempt to get moving. Che chuckles softly and nods, "you'd best. Pregnant women are quite the same. Keep that in mind, mm?" Though it is purely teasing, of course… Or maybe she's warning him to be careful with his woman when she's free from her restrictions. Either way, she's heading back to her lunch to finish that before returning to the infirmary.

Laughter meets Che’s agreement to stay close to the tanner and then he’s giving the healer a wary look when she draws a comparison between pregnant mares and pregnant women. If not for the current restrictions Ahnika is under he might be starting to look really worried and antsy round about. “Enjoy your lunch,” he calls out as she heads back toward it and then turns Spring Breeze’s head back onto the path they’d been on.

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