Still Family


Jaya.jpg Bhedri / Beddie (NPC)

Date: Dec. 12, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: The Dicori twins talk before Beddie takes leave of the Weyr.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

"You're leaving."

Jaya had walked into her bar to find her twin sister standing amongst her packed things, her back to the entrance as she busied herself with writing something down on the counter. When Bhedri Dicori suddenly hears her sister behind her, she jumps and drops her writing stylus as she turns to face Jaya. A hand stealing to her chest as if she wasn't really sure who it was that startled her, "Oh! Bajaya, really!" Beddie seems to chide with a flap of her hand before she turns back to her note with a chuckle in her soprano voice. "Yes, it's unfortunately time for me to go," she answers then with dramatic regret, picking up the writing stylus and continuing to write as if the pause hasn't happened. Passing Jaya a look, "You know how father can be," she notes then drolly.

Jaya blinks, eyes falling on Beddie's things again before she slowly starts making her way towards the counter. In the pause that follows, Jaya had to admit that she was going to miss her sister - but at the same time she was not sorry to see her go. The whirlwind that is Beddie Dicori had caused enough upset in her life and those associated with her. "I know," she chooses to comment on the last, stopping in front of her twin and dropping her gaze to see what it was she was writing. When Beddie notes the look, she gestures with the writing stylus towards the note and clarifies it with, "Just for you. Something for you to read at your leisure." She finishes the note with a flourish, straightening to fold the sheets in half and lift them to press her lips against it in a kiss before she hands it over.

"I know I came into your life here at an inopportune time," Beddie tells her, her voice lowered and a little sober as she leans over the counter - especially since Shijan was present by the entrance.

Jaya plucks the folded notes from Beddie's fingers, but she does not unfold them. At those sober words, the barkeep couldn't help but to send the other a crooked smile. "I think you thrive on in-opportunities," she drawls that out, sliding the notes under the counter with her things. "You've shocked at least half the Weyr." Well, she might be overestimating here, but the sentiment was still there. Letting the smile fade some, "Is S'las taking you home?" she asks then, mentioning the bronzerider that has connections with their family.

With a shift of her hips in playful laughter, "Then I haven't done a good job then, sister," Beddie answers the bit on shocking half the Weyr in a suggestive tone, the scarless twin trying out a brief fake pout before smiling. "And yes, S'las is taking me. I think Nacor wants to see him about something or other," she lets Jaya know breezily.

It may have came off breezily, but the last of Jaya's smile fades. "How is our brother, anyway?" she asks with some seriousness, turning to bend and grab two glasses. Might as well have one last drink with her twin, right? She sets the glasses on the table and sees about pulling up a good bottle of brandy that's not for sale.

Once Beddie spies the glasses, the traderwoman relaxes visibly and finally drops herself into a stool at the counter. On the query about their brother, she rolls her eyes expressively and says, "Nacor is Nacor, sweetie. He tells me nothing." Yeah, and no one would know anything about the youngest Dicori if Jaya didn't have Ralik keep an eye on things up there. Jaya doesn't say that though, keeping her counsel close on the matter.

"He seems to like to tell Bhadri a lot when I was around," Jaya notes dryly on Nacor, pouring the brandy into the glasses and passing one of them over. "Enough to rat me out over that crate-"

Beddie's waving fingers in dismissal of the words coming before Jaya could even finish her sentence. "Damn, Bajie, are you still on that?" she asks, sending her sister an incredulous look as she takes a drink.

It's the incredulous look that has Jaya frowning in return. Giving Beddie a hard look, "You can't be serious," she returns coolly, trying to keep back a scowl. "If he hadn't ratted me out, I wouldn't have had to run away-"

Beddie rolls her eyes again and puts forth, "And if he hadn't ratted you out, you would have tried to use our wagon to smuggle again. You're not completely innocent in that, sister. Good brandy though." She tastes the contents in her glass again just to make sure her previous statement was valid, and deciding with a nod that it is, she continues on to say, "Anyway, don't worry so much about Nacor. You've yet, in all the sevendays I've been here, to ask about the one you were suppose to marry!" Yep, this is a far better topic in Beddie's estimation, than talking about their wayward brother. The subject of family was always a touchy topic among the Dicoris, anyway. Giving Jaya a long look as she lingers the glass close to her lips, "You know he's been asking about you all these turns," she adds, a hopeful raise of her brow being sent.

Beddie always shut that topic down, and it irked Jaya to no end. She was willing to let the topic slide though, but this next one has her reaching for her glass and taking a mouthful of the brandy to avoid answering right away. Of course, Beddie would bring him up. "He's still with S'las' family?" she asks with as much non-chalance that she could muster - not to show too much interest in a past long gone.

"He still is," Beddie answers, smiling more. "You know, you should come up to Bitra sometime and visit him…"

Jaya's shaking her head before her sister trails the sentence off. "Things have changed, Beddie," she returns more seriously than she meant to on that, her dark gaze falling into her own glass. "I'm not the same girl I used to be." Yeah, back then she was that hopeful tradergirl that wrote love poetry and had dreams of living the simple life that their mother wanted for her girls. The taste for trouble and mischief had stolen that life long before she realized it. Eyes landing on Beddie firmly now, "He should move on and live his life if he's been waiting all this time. I cannot return to Bitra." Not for him, anyway.

Leaning back a bit as some of her amusement fades at those words, "You're just like father," Beddie lets the barkeep know, well aware that such a statement could have Jaya hissing at her for the next couple of turns. Beddie's not one to hold back her opinions, however. Nodding more pointedly to the side of Jaya's face where the scar could be seen, "Does that have something to do with it?" she asks then, and before Jaya could deflect her once more on asking about the scar she raises her glass as if to stall it off and tacks on, "Look, I know you've been in trouble, Bajaya. The bond we have tells me as much before I even came down here to see you! Then you have that scar, and those ruffians that accosted you here the other night…." Lips press together, the tradewoman pauses before adding, "You're not fooling me, you know."

Predictably, Jaya bristles at the barb about their father but she says nothing. No, she wouldn't say anything now that her scar is brought up again. It shuts her down for the moment, the barkeep only focusing on her glass and the contents within it for a long moment. She knew she couldn't keep Beddie in the dark any longer - for her safety alone. Max was right - Beddie needed to know. Jaya had to set aside her differences and protect her family now that they were back in her life again.

The barkeep looks up to speak the words that would start the tough story on what had all happened after their father kicked her out of the trader clan when her eyes land on S'las waiting at the entrance with Shijan. Beddie follows her line of vision towards the bronzerider as well and lets out her heavy breath. "Guess that talk will be for another time," Beddie is the first to speak, her tone subdued when she looks back to Jaya and slides herself off the stool.

"Guess so," Jaya seems to agree, nodding her greeting towards S'las before she moves around the counter in a split-second decision and goes to scoop up her sister in a hug. Once she feels Beddie's arms around her, "I'll write and tell you everything," Jaya promises in a low voice, finally relenting on the issue now that her twin was returning home. Releasing her hold and leaning back to look at Beddie's face, "It was….actually good, seeing you again," she admits now, her tone genuine.

Beddie smiles a bit when her sister promises to write, but it's the latter that has her smile turning up a few notches. In response, she turns and kisses the scar gently on the side of Jaya's face before saying, "Despite all that has gone down in our messed-up family, we're still family." She releases Jaya then, briefly pressing a hand to her cheek and adding, "And I'm still your sister, sweetie. I still believe you and I can bring the whole world to our feet."

"You're crazy," Jaya announces dryly, but there's a smile back on her face as S'las comes forward now to collect up some of Beddie's bags. "Don't come back here again, Beddie." Part of her hopes her sister heeds those words, too. For her sake.

Bending to pick up just one bag to sling it over one shoulder as she steps away, "The best kind," Beddie cheerfully agrees on her being crazy, winking Jaya's way. "And don't worry. I'll be back when I can." Beddie takes the last in reverse without a second thought. "You just better write me, Bajie. I'll wait impatiently by the wagon…"

"Call me Bajie one more time, and I-"

"I love you too." Hand presses to her own lips and flicks out as Beddie blows her sister a kiss, and then with a rustle of skirts the Dicori traderwoman is slinking out of the bar in much the same fashion that she had entered sevendays ago. As she passes Shijan with a flirtatious wink, she tosses back over her shoulder, "Until next time, sweetie! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Trust Beddie Dicori to always leave a parting shot full of debauchery and sweet scents in her wake.

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