Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice


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Date: 2010.08.08
Location: Baths
Synopsis: Indira heads to the baths late at night and finds that Dubose has returned to the Weyr. Despite her misgivings, she decides to take a chance on the big trader.
Rating: PG13 - some adult innuendo
Logger: Indira

The sound of hum-humming is loud in the bathing caverns. Even from outside the door, that rumbling hum might be caught as one passes the doorway. Inside, there are few people around, it's late afterall. Just a couple of knots of people and the various paired couples snuggled up in an odd bubble-bath or what-have-you. Dubose is there in a bubbly tub, all by himself. Or make that himself and a big bottle of what looks like wine. He's hunched down in the big tub, just his head and his feet poked out from the froth of bubbles. Apparently he's the one who is humming away, ignoring the dirty looks the love-birds keep throwing him.

Indira’s days being the way they are it’s no surprise that such luxuries as bathing are left until late into the night. As such, she’s rather more casually attired, wearing a low riding skirt, barefeet and a simple peasant top with that mane of tousled blonde hair let loose to run riot down her back. She looks almost human, rather than the ‘dragon’ lady some associate her as being. A towel slung over one shoulder, a what one assumes to be night clothes tucked under the other, the humming as she enters the caverns has the woman halting, trying to seek out the source in the steam hazed air.

A couple more of those couples, the shy ones, or the gulty ones, glance towards someone coming in at this hour. There might be one or two who seperate and even a a pair that get out of their pool to retreat the room. The sound of the splashing out of pools is what catches Dubose's attention and his song goes more quiet as he sits up a little to see who's come in as well. Spotting the headwoman his expression turns from bored to downright cunning. "Headwoman. Welcome to the baths." As though they were his private accommodations.

Dark eyes blink as first one, and then another couple goes dripping by, the sound of husky lowheld laughter following on their heels. "Don't leave on my acc…" the teasing words trail off in the wake of that deep bedroom voice coming through the steamy air. Indira's eyes narrow and then pin onto Dubose. However, rather than the flustered woman he encountered a while back (Okay, she's hiding it real well this time), the headwoman starts a slow hip-rolling walk over to where the big man soaks in bubbles. Hand to hip, the smirk is deep, almost crafty (let's hope she doesn't have a tunnelsnake hidden somewhere that she plans on dropping into the water) she allows for a few moments silence to spread out and then, "Dubose," drawling his name, "you scaring the locals away again?"

"Now Headwoman, would I scare people? It's not my fault that the people here are as jumpy as firelizards…." Dubose watches her, re-thinking his tactics it seems when she comes up so confident. "I mean, -you- just scared that lot off…wasn't me." He flicks some suds at her with a widening smile. "Care to join me? I have something very good to drink."

The words – have you seen the size of yourself – are on her lips, but that simply serve as confirmation for the big man that she herself had taken personal note. As such Indira’s brows lift and her attention goes to the trail of water leading out of the cavern, “Well for starters, that one,” pointing to a recently vacated bath, “has a weyrmate and he knows that I know. And that one,” another emptied bath, “is already pushing her luck with her father.” So yes, it might have been her fault. The sud flicking and ensuing offer to join Dubose…that strips away some of that earlier confidence, a faint smirk slipping into place to hide the fact, “Don’t rightly know there’d be enough space in there for two.” Eyes flicking over every spare inch of bared skin visible and then quickly tearing off when she realizes she’s staring. Ahem. “I can drink from out here,” where she’s quite sure she’s ‘safe’, is finally the quip that comes in response.

Laughing quietly, Dubose looks after the water-trails left by the 'no-gooders' and he shakes his head, "Well, if you'd just let people have some fun and not 'tattle' on them, maybe people wouldn't hightail it out when you come in." He pat-pats the water in invitation and grins when he catches part of that stairing. "Oh please. There's plenty of room. It'll just be…cozy." Moistening his lips he watches her, as though expecting her to start stripping out of her clothes to partake of the water. When she doesn't, he shrugs and looks away, putting his attention on pouring more from that huge bottle into the glass. It's not wine, perhaps brandy. It has an amber-gold color to the liquid that splashes into the fat-bottomed glass.

“Never said I’d tattle, they just assume I will,” Indira returns through amusement for the guilty parties having been so fast to scuttle off. At Dubose’s words, she starts to slowly hike up her skirt looking to be doing exactly what he might have been hoping for – stripping off. Instead, it turns out to be a compromise of sorts as the skirt hem halts mid-thigh and the headwoman drops to the side of the pool gracefully and…ends up dangling her legs in the water near to where he lounges. Her towel and nightclothes set neatly to the opposite side of her. This time however, she keeps her eyes firmly fixed to the bottle and the glass, and that amber liquid and…anything else but the man himself. Conversationally, “So when did you get back in again?” not that she’d noticed he’d been gone. Noooo.

Speaking with his head turned away, "This afternoon." Quiet, shoulder tilted away from her. Then slowly the big man turns and casts a look over his shoulder at her, smiles warmly. "Just had to get the road dust off before I came looking for you." The smile tells that he would do just that too. He passes over the glass, not taking a drink of it himself. "Traded for a bit of this…trying to decide if I got myself ripped off or not." Dubose watches her, so modest at the edge of the pool, offering out the glass for her to take as he leans in closer to those dangling legs.

So much easier when he’s not looking at her. As such some of that confidence rises back to the surface with Indira’s tone turning huskier, “You were going to come looking for…me?” that falter coming when she lifts her eyes and realizes that he’s looking at her again. Her own smile changing from unsure to warm in mirror of his. While he’s leaned in closer, Indira to her credit doesn’t withdraw, simply watches Dubose closely as her fingers graze against his when she takes the offered glass, a small dip of head in thanks. Taking a sampling sip and letting a sigh of appreciation for the liquid, a chuckle arrives at talk of being ripped off, “What were you trading?”

Dubose's eyes find Indira's and his smile widens, "Oh yes. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you." Once his hand is free of the drink, it settles on her knee. It looks as though he might say something else but instead stays to the topic of his botched trade, "A box filled with various spices for the crate of brandy. Pear and this stuff." His eyes drift from hers to her lips, "What do you think?"

Indira’s eyes widen at that statement and she’s quickly hiding her perplexity behind that handy glass, simply watching in silence much like a small prey would a big predator, “And why is that, hmm?” Only when that bath warmed hand lands on her knee do her eyes drag away and land there as if contemplating the fascinating contrast in skin tones. Eventually, her free hand comes to life and covers Dubose’s hand as if she might pluck it up and off of her. Instead, indecision leaves tapered fingers resting lightly over his as she attempts to carry on conversation, “What do I think?” perhaps she forgot the question? And then with quick smile, “I’m hardly a master vintner but this stuff isn’t half bad. Why do you think you got ripped off?” Shifting a little under his hand.

Dubose's fingers are strong and rough against the soft, bare knee surely. The palm very warm and slippery thanks to the bath and when he senses she might move his hand away, there's a slight grip against her and the water sloshes as he rises up slightly, water trickling down his exposed chest. "I don't know why. Wish I could tell you -why-. It just…." Again he bites back from finishing off the fragment of thought and grins at her. Not moving away when she doesn't flick his hand off, instead he's lingering even closer now. "I figured a woman like yourself would have more refined tastes than a trader like me. Either that, or I'm just testing you." The shifting is met by a steady squeeze against that knee he's touching. "The old man seemed too eager to be rid of the crate load."

When Dubose’s grip tightens slightly it draws a similar instinctive reaction from the long fingered hand resting over his. Breath catches as he moves in closer and there’s even more distracting and delightfully wet skin coming into view. Setting the glass as he answers, dark eyes catch onto his, her tone low and husky, “What is your game, trader?” Indira’s mouth flickers around a small smirk as with a quick movement, she drops into the water in front of him, “And how would you know what a woman like me wants, hmm?” Attention now openly roving over the big man and then she tries edging a step sideways to open up a gap between them with a soft snort, “I’m not some kind of herb,” this to testing her. And then she’s wading away, clothing wet and clinging against curves.

"I don't have any 'game'." Dubose answers after a blink. He tries to hold onto her but then lets go when she flashes that smirk his way. "I'm trying to learn what a woman like you wants. Aside from a bed I mean." He comes after her slowly, rising up in the water so that it rides along at his hips and stalks her slowly. Thank goodness for bubbles. "I never said you were an herb … " then a sigh, "Indira." Calling her in a half whisper, a small plea there for her to stop. "I have been looking forward to seeing you….don't make this harder for me than it already is." Though that last part sounds full of amusement, he knows full well he deserves to have a difficult time of things.

“All men have a game, darlin’,” bitter experience speaking there, “I’m just trying to figure what yours is.” If Indira hears the swish of water as he approaches, she doesn’t turn, simply continuing to make her way toward the steps of the bathing pool. That half whisper however, that stops her. Without turning just yet, her head goes down as she studies the surface of the water before her, “I’m glad you’re back.” Quiet confession and then she slowly turns toward Dubose, heedless of whatever transparency there might be to her soaked clothing, “Don’t make it harder for you?” a small amount of incredulity entering her tone, “What do you want from me? A test run in that bed you made me?” unable to believe it should be anything else. A touch of sarcasm enters her tone as she holds out a hand, “Then let’s go big boy, I did say I’d pay whatever you wanted for the work.” Yeah, she’s just that jaded.

Dubose's eyebrows jerk up as though the words come as a slap to him, "Hey. HEY!" He is perhaps lucky that her back is turned at this point so she doesn't see him floundering and gape-jawed at her response. He can't even get words to form right away. When she turns towards him, she's likely to see the pain in his eyes and the un-masked shock. When he speaks, his voice is rough, "I'm not some weyr-punk or some boy. I don't play sharding games." Sounding both angry at the idea or perhaps at her sudden indiscriminate choice to bed him. "I don't go around fucking and screwing to pass the time. I certainly don't think of you as a fuck in the dark and if you /did/ honestly let me into that bed of yours, you'd be hard pressed to get me back out again."

Indira’s chin goes up and she stares Dubose down through narrowed eyes, meeting his anger face on instead of running from it. Stalking a step down back toward, her own anger lifts up, fuelled by the vulnerability of wanting what he says to be true. Lips curl back into a light snarl as she starts to fling invective back at him, “You don’t think I’ve heard those words…” And then they halt as she catches the pain showing in his eyes and she draws up short studying the big trader quietly. Another step forward until she’s right in front of him and setting a wary look up at him. “Why me?” asked softly, the uncertainty and fear of putting herself out there again and being hurt, not disguised.

Try as he might to not let that pain show, it most certainly does and it doesn't help his anger any to actually feel that pain or know that she is seeing it. His nose crinkles up and he draws himself up taller in the water, nevermind that he's naked. "I am sure that you have heard all manner of 'lines', but that's not my fault is it?" He grips thin air in a movement of 'choking' and then sighs and glowers at her, "It's not as though I just 'picked' to feel this way….I just -do-. And the way I see it…no good in pussy-footing around to pretend it's not there and maybe you'd tell me to blow off and I could at least stop thinking about you." He grits his teeth, grumbling under his breath about his stupidity.

Oddly enough, Indira has been thrown so far off-kilter that she’s currently not even noticing the man’s current state of nudity. Evidently his words hit home, and hit home hard for the woman is swallowing hard against them and finding herself needing to look away and down to where fingers trail across the surface of the water at her side. With a light frown her head lifts slowly and she searches out Dubose’s eyes, the very barest edge of a smile appearing, “I’m probably a good decade older than you.’ Stated softly in a last ditch attempt to deny what it seems he obviously wants as much as she does, “People will talk.” It’s really a very poor attempt at best for that last is said as a half-step forward is taken, literally placing herself in his hands. Taking that chance despite better judgment screaming to the contrary as a hand reaches out to touch fingers against his in light hesitant gesture.

"You're nuts…" Dubose breaths gustily at her frail attempt at some sort of argument, "How do you even know how old I am anyway?" He's still pretty angry at her push-away and doesn't notice right away that she's reaching for him as he gathers himself to draw away from her. It takes a second to capture his attention and then he's looking back at her, frowning thoughtfully. "Actually, it would be a nice sort of gossip really." A small grin at her at this as he curls a finger around one of hers. Only then does he meet her gaze again, his own troubled, still wrestling with his own emotions it seems.

The wet peasant blouse having dragged down with the weight, a bared shoulder lifts and falls in a half shrug, Indira’s smile coming a touch sheepish despite his still angry state, “Don’t know. Most just are,” younger than her. That smile warms a touch as dark eyes flicker up to his, a second finger moving to curl around another of his, “The headwoman and the spice merchant,” amusement makes an impish appearance in her eyes, “It would make for spicy gossip, no?” Perhaps it’s that she senses that internal conflict he has going on, or maybe it’s that she’s come this far and the thought of turning back would be more hurtful than not venture another step forward. As such her smile softens and she lifts her free hand to lay its palm gently against his cheek her expression open for him to inspect.

Laughing quietly, Dubose murmurs, "I'm not as young as I used to be. Not like all the babies they have in here for the hatching." His tone is a touch grim about that too. "You know, I rather like the idea of causing some spicey gossip. Of course, it might be more difficult for you, being the headwoman and all." Lifting the hand holding hers, he brushes a small kiss along one of the knuckles. "I would very much like to get to know you though Indira. See what we think of each other….hhmm?" Not taking his eyes off hers as he brushes another small kiss along the next knuckle.

A frown flickers along Indira’s forehead at the grim tone used, sighing softly, “Aye, life has a way of ageing us beyond our turns sometimes.” Dubose’s comment on causing gossip goes as far as drawing a low half-chuckle from the headwoman, “I’ve had worse said about me.” But she doesn’t look set to divulge what that might have been. Her eyes fall to where his lips brush along her knuckles a small intake of breath in response, and then drift back up to those wild hued eyes of his, “I think…I’d like that.” Getting to know the trader better. Its only then that she suddenly becomes aware of both the rather public nature of their surroundings, her soaked clothing and his…complete lack thereof. Which of course have her attention straying –all- over the place before gathering her wits about her enough to clear her throat, “Uuuhhh…though perhaps right here and now might not be the best of options, aye?”

"I think…perhaps later would be good." Dubose's attention settling over the headwoman's damp clothes so inticing and clinging are making his attraction to her more noticable in that hot water. "How about….we go for a nice walk after we dry off and dress? And then I'll offer you a nice drink. If you'll have it."

Eyes casting down to her wet, clingy clothing, and then flirting back over to Dubose, Indira utters a low chuckle and nods, “Sounds like a plan to me.” With that she’ll back away, attention settled on his face and not the very distracting rest of the big man, “It would be my pleasure.” The walk, the drink and whatever else. Not long thereafter the headwoman and the spice merchant were probably seen by more than a few taking a walk hand-in-hand along the shore of the lake that is still, without water.

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