Theme of Clutch: The Noble and the Ignoble
Dragon Name: Suosith
Dragon Colour: Gold
Hatchling Name: Pretty in Pink Gold Hatchling



Suosith was inspired by Galinda from the stage performance of Wicked and from her older self, Glinda from The Wizard of Oz. When I sat down to think of things that were happy and peppy, Galinda - and her Popularist philosophy - were the first things to come to mind. In fact, Suosith - pronounced SWOH-sith - comes from the Finnish word for 'Popular', which is Siosittu.

Hatchling Description

Dipped in the warm, soft tones of coppery rose-gold, this hatchling embodies the essence of feminine grace. The spitting image of her mother's shape in miniature, she differs only in that she is rose where her dam is fire. Brushes of stronger pink accent her curves, as if spring roses have permanently stained her hide. Darker, richer rose colors her wingsails, while a pale hint of pink brushes over her eyes and muzzle. Only in her talons does her hue match her dam's; deepest burnt reds cover them all.

Dragon Description

Dipped in the warm, soft tones of coppery rose-gold, this dragon embodies the essence of feminine grace. Soft curves slip into smooth lines; all of it wrapped in lightly copper-dusted amber. Brushes of stronger pink accent her curves, as if spring roses have permanently stained her hide. Darker, richer rose colors her wingsails, while a pale hint of pink brushes over her eyes and muzzle. Only in her talons is there hint of her heritage; deepest burnt reds color them all.


"It's good to see me, isn't it?" - Galinda

Suosith is most definitely her mother's daughter. When she comes onto the scene, people notice. Well, people had better notice. Suosith loves you first and foremost - you are her biggest fan, after all - but she loves the spotlight only very slightly less. Happiest when the center of attention, she thrives on being a social butterfly and thinks you should be one, too.

"And if that joy, that thrill, doesn't thrill you like you think it will… Still - with this perfect finale the cheers and ballyhoo, who wouldn't be happier? So I couldn't be happier. Because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true… Well, isn't it? Happy is what happens when your dreams come true!" - Galinda

Though outwardly confident and outgoing, Suosith has - in truth - a very delicate sense of self-esteem. Especially as a weyrling, you'll need to be ready to provide a listening ear and reassure her that she's your beautiful, precious girl. Still, she always keeps her best foot forward and so even if she's not happy, she'll show a smile to the world and do her best to convince them - and herself - that she really is happy, see?

"You just follow that one road the WHOOOOLE TIME!" - Galinda

Notoriously bad at directions, Suosith will be constantly picking your brain for how to find and get to things around the weyr. She'll constantly forget where Landing is in relation to Eastern and sometimes even wanders onto the wrong Hatching Sands! She can see the place she wants in her head, but just can't quite figure out how to get herself from here to there. It's the in-between stuff that confuses her. Thankfully, for longer jumps, there is Between and while Suosith may lose her way on a straight journey, she is excellent at jumps Between. She'll catch on quickly and perform beautifully. Sometimes however, you'll have to remind her that she is a big dragon, because she'll try and get around her direction problem by just hopping a short trip Between.

"Elphie, now that we're friends, I've decided I'm going to make you my new project!" - Galinda

While she'll join in with the crowd and poke fun at an awkward dragonet or two, Suosith has the disturbing habit of deciding she is now someone's 'bestest friend foreverest'. They instantly become her new 'project' and she does her best to make them more socially popular and acceptable. While some will appreciate this 'kindness', others may not react so well.

"See that tragically beautiful girl, the one in the chair? It seems so unfair that we should go on a spree and not she. I know someone would be my hero if that someone were to go invite her!" - Galinda

In the end, Suosith is out for herself - and by extension, you - and herself only. Her machinations are always in her best interest, but if she can help someone else along the way, she will. It makes others think highly of her - which in turn makes her feel even better about herself. Deep down inside, she has the potential to be truly kind - even at the sacrifice of her own happiness - but that will only become evident to anyone but you as she matures.

"Scandalacious!" - Galinda

Your girl has a very interesting quirk. Her iffy memory sometimes means that when it's time to use words, she gets them mixed up together, or sometimes just changes one she knows to make it sound or fit better with what she's trying to say. Jinith will probably idolize her for this, but that suits her just fine.

"Let's have a celebration the Glinda way!" - Glinda

Flights are one of Suosith's favorite things. It's one day where the show is all about her and she doesn't even have to try! As a young weyrling, if she sees one, she won't notice much about it except that the rising gold gets everyone to pay attention to her. When she gets old enough to have to leave the Weyr when one rises, she likes it even better. « A whole day for one gold and all the others have to leave??? Oh goodie! » And as she grows, you'll often be the one who listens to her anticipation. « When can it be my turn to have a day? » And also be the one who soothes her impatience and her frequent false alarms. « Erikath says my hide is especially shiny today. Do you think I'm finally proddy? Oh my good gracious me, that would just be wonderificus! »

The saying that a watched pot never boils is proved true in Suosith. It seems like it takes forever for her to finally go up each time and when she does, it's with only hours of warning - if that. When she does go up, she revels in it. Rather than push the boundaries and tire herself out too early, she milks it for all it's worth. She goes fast enough to keep them just out of range, but slow enough that she can sustain it for as long as possible.

When she finally is caught, Suosith can be either sweet as pie or incredibly awkward. If it's a bronze, she's the picture image of grace. After all, that's what is expected of her - to mate with the best bronze for the biggest clutch. If it ever turns out to be a brown, however… Let the awkwardness ensue. Unsure how to handle it delicately, she'll struggle for a balance between acting appropriately and getting as far away from him as she possibly can. Browns are all right as fans and sycophants, but that is where they very firmly should stay.

As she gets heavier and heavier with eggs, Suosith will spend more and more time out of sight. Embarrassed by the awkward shape her body's taking, she'll become increasingly harder to find until she finally takes to the Sands - pointedly alone - and clutches. No one had better even think of being around for that. It doesn't show her in her best light! Only you're allowed in here!

Once they're clutched and sitting warm and cozy and pretty on the Sands, Suosith not only welcomes visitors, she requires them. Especially in those first few days immediately afterward. People should come and admire her beautiful masterpieces! So long as she has a steady stream of admirers, Suosith will be the absolute icon of motherhood. It's when they start to trickle off, however, that trouble starts a-brewing. Suosith rather a bit more likes the idea of being a mother than the reality of being one. For a while, she'll pester you to round up the Candidates for an egg-touching so she can play the protective mama and have people paying attention to her. But there can't be egg-touchings all the time and people won't spend their lives in the Galleries, so it'll be up to you to find ways to keep her occupied, otherwise you may find her getting someone else to 'babysit' while she goes out to have a bit of fun.

"No one mourns the wicked!"

When it comes time for Thread, Suosith will raise her voice in angry protest with the best of them. Only you will ever know that the vast majority of it is for show. She knows it is imperative they fight Thread and keep Pern safe, but she is secretly glad to be down in the Queen's wing where it is much safer.

Mind Voice

The dancing tunes from Gather days and the background hum of many voices chattering away form the backdrop for Suosith's sweet - and sometimes silly - soprano. If she gets excited enough, some of the words will come out as if they're being sung, which can confuse some of the less-musically inclined. When she gets into a bad mood, however, the sounds change. When angered, the pleasant sounds from before turn into a clash of noise that's too loud, too close. When she's sad, however, it's silent. Only the sounds of pouring rain and splashing mud dare to break the stillness and even then, they're very quiet.

Mind Scent

The sweet smell of roses just come in from the rain combined with the crispness of bubbly white wine and the burnt smell of kohl all come into play at some point or another. The softer smells, the cleaner smells, those come when she is at her most peaceful. Usually it's something more powerful, like bubbly white wine or heady perfume to convey her overwhelmingly bubbly self.

Anger tends to bring out the smokier smells; the dark burnt scent of kohl and the crisp scents of burning pine and cedar. Oddly enough, though, those smells are also heavily associated with flight-lust. Really the only 'tell' is the acrid scent of rouge. The war-paint always means anger.

Physical Voice

Sweet and almost sing-song, Suosith has a nice voice and she knows it. Every sound from a rumble to a full on bugle she uses to her advantage; whether or not doing so is actually prudent.


A huge hatchling - even by gold standards - Suosith towers over her clutchmates for a long time to come. Growth comes gradually but gracefully, and by the time she's finished, she'll be an average gold size - certainly bigger than Kaseth.

Eating Habits

Suosith has the one of the weirdest approaches to food. Since she was a bigger than average hatchling, she'll want to cut back and look like the more equine Eovarijath or the sprightly Hadath. It'll be a chore to convince her to eat everything she's given and though she'll grow out of it, it's a bad habit that will reappear as she gets heavier with eggs.


Egg Name: Confetti By The Handful Egg (Suosith)
Egg Description: Basic white would do for any other egg but this. What sets it apart is the menagerie of color that fills the voids. Pinks, lilacs, greens and golds all smattered over the entirety of this particularly rotund shape in no pattern that anyone can discern. Each glowingly bright shade is layered upon another and another and so on, until only bits and pieces of its base white leak through. There is no counting the daubs of color either, as they are numerous and many. But it makes for a fun egg to look at, with endless possibilities.
Egg Inspiration: White Opal -
Submitter: E'ro

Hatching Foo

EGGPOSE1: The shimmering celebration that is the Confetti by the Handful Egg, inspired perhaps by the activity around it, starts to move. A series of rocks, shivers and rolls later, the egg falls still. Not time to crack yet, it would seem.

EGGPOSE2: Is it time now? Shaking and rolling in a complete three-hundred and sixty degree turn, the Confetti by the Handful Egg wibbles and wobbles in its new place, but nothing falls down just yet.

HATCHING_POSE: You better believe it's time now! There's one, two, three furious 'pops' and suddenly the shimmering egg explodes into a rain of multi-colored confetti. From the broken remains, a small rose-tinted gold peeks up over one particularly large piece with a rather guilty expression on her feminine face. Creeping out of the base of the shell with an almost palpable air of 'Did I do that?' she takes only a moment to collect herself and strike a perfectly planned 'adorable' pose.

PUBLIC_IMPRESSION: After all of that very showy, very flashy deliberation - all of which got all eyes to focus right on her (where they should be!) - the Pretty in Pink Gold Hatchling finally winds her way around the girl with the bob of copper-brown until the girl's legs - or most of her lower body! - can't be seen at all.

PRIVATE_IMPRESSION: Has it gotten dark in here? It seems impossible out here on these open hatching sands, but it seems that the sun has indeed gone out and you are left standing in darkness. It is but for a moment, however, because very soon there is a bright light shining on you; only you. « Hello! » A perky soprano steals your attention, wrapping your mind in swathes of hot pink and ice blue and sparkling stars behind your eyes. « Introductions must be made-ified, of course! I am Suosith. » And there's a little orchestrated fanfare there. « It's my turn in the spotlight today, Ciara. » The voice is light and girlish - and only a little nasal. « And I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather share it with! » The iridescent sheen from a bubble's skin seems to overlay your vision only to pop. This repeats itself several times as the sounds of applause seem to grow to deafening heights. « Hear that, darling? It's all for us, and there's so much more out there … Audiences just waiting to be won over. Isn't it just wonderificus?!? » But it's then interrupted and only a high giggle breaks the silence. « Although, I suppose we should find something to eat first. You must be starving! Come on! »

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