Supplying Misinformation


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Date: Sept. 28, 2010
Location: Dark corridor / Lake Shore / Weyr Gardens, Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Playing her cards right earns Suli both information and a way back into Jaya's trusted circle. Then Lo and Suli discuss the next course of action. Takes place right after The Peacekeeper.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

Suli slams her fist into the wall of one of the unused dark corridors deep into the Weyr. "How could she do this?!" she cries, the sharp pain exploding in her knuckles causing her to stagger back from the impact. Normally, Suli is a calm sort, but having to come into the bar this morning and meet that -that intruder….

"She likely hired him for protection," this from the calm, collected voice of the Weyr's gardener known as Lorayit. He stands paces from her, keeping out of her distance should the big woman decide to turn those fists on him instead of the wall. He couldn't have her starting to lose temper and focus, either. Jaya hiring new additions to the bar was a setback, surely, but- "Let's not jump to conclusions here-"

"Easy for you to fuckin' say to me, Lo!" Suli whirls on the easygoing young man, her face twisted in a scowl that made her look hideous in the dim light. "Max started this! I am sure him and his mother-"

"Even if they did," Lo cuts her off, undaunted by her tone, taking to leaning against the opposite wall with arms folded across his chest, "all it means is that you watch what you say around her from now on." Finally allowing a frown to darken his features as he considers his next words, "We may have to limit our time together," he decides to say, letting his blue eyes light on the older woman. "Unless you and I can meet outside the Weyr, and that would mean you're going to have to follow up with the beast manager on purchasing that runner." As for himself? "Seducing Dicori will be difficult with a bodyguard present," he notes the obvious, this particular piece affecting him personally, and therefore, he doesn't like it. "Not unless we find out how long this bodyguard will be around her." When he says 'we', he means Suli.

"I'll find out," Sulli agrees to that, already coming to that conclusion herself before he did. Talking to Lorayit always had the effect of calming her down, and she was certain it was because he was employing his influences on her. Man like him knew how to talk a green dragon into mating off-schedule. "I'll check out this new girl, Hayli, too. Not sure if she and this Shijan are coming from the same place. Could just be coincidence, there." Suli didn't see Hayli as a problem, anyway, even though she's yet to meet the girl. "I'll get on that runner," she adds belatedly, finally stepping away from the wall. Time to go.

Lo watches Suli's expression as she talks, carefully keeping a calm influence on her. It wouldn't do to have the Telgari rattled, now. Not when he needed her the most. "Get in her head," he mildly warns Suli, pushing off the wall with his back and letting his hands slide into pockets. "Whatever it takes, Suli. See you soon." He's gone, leaving the barmaid in the dark corridor as he himself returns to the gardens he tends with a face of one who has all the time in Pern to do so.

---—- Later in the morning…

After dealing with putting away the new crates and the like, Jaya and her new bodyguard set off in search of her wayward Telgari barmaid.

It didn't take them long at all, the pair trying all of the barmaid's usual hauntings and found her presently sitting on one of the boulders out by the lake, her shrewd eyes watching the weyrlings as they go through their morning routines outside the barracks. Jaya lifts a hand for Shijan to pause, for him not to come any closer as she approaches the Telgari in hopes of having a private talk with her. Suli spies the pair easily herself, her eyes narrowing at Shijan's presence before she turns the dark gaze on her boss and says nothing.

"Thought I'd find you here," Jaya chooses to say, plastering a tentative smile on her face as she moves to sit herself on the flat boulder beside Suli. Letting her gaze fall on the older woman then, she soberly adds with a heavy sigh, "Things have been tetchy between us, haven't they?" It was an understatement, but she figured an understatement was a better opening than trying on unneeded pleasantries.

Suli grunts, keeping her gaze towards the weyrlings and their dragons as if she hadn't heard the bar owner. After enough silence has passed between them, "I feel as if I have failed you." Suli says the words slowly, heavily - unable to meet Jaya's eyes as she starts to hang her head. "If that is so," she continues to say with gravity, "then I will return to Tackas in Telgar and tell him my services have been fulfilled." The sharp Telgari wasn't going anywhere, of course, choosing to play on Jaya's sympathies and the nature of their relationship before so that she could reestablish her hold in the woman's life.

Talk of leaving sets Jaya on edge, the younger woman's back stiffening at the gravity of Suli's words. Frowning heavily as she regards the other, and leaning towards her more in the hopes of catching Suli's eyes, "You aren't leaving me," she puts that to her firmly, an edge creeping into her husky tone. "You haven't failed me at all."

"Then what's the meaning of that?" Suli doesn't bother to lower her voice at this, hoping the man waiting several paces behind both hears and sees her waving gesture of a hand in his direction. Shaking her head as she lets her hand fall, "How can I protect you when you don't tell me anything?" she puts forth now. "And, I'm sorry, but I don't like the look to this man you got, either. I'm not even sure about Hayli, either…"

"Hayli's Indira's eyes and ears," Jaya doesn't bother hiding that fact, for she figures Suli to have figured that out already. Then, turning just a fraction to catch Shijan in her peripheral vision, she adds in a lower tone, "And, I think Shijan, too. I don't know about that one. Just…keep your voice down, in case?" Truth of the matter was, Jaya didn't trust the bodyguard yet, and she still wasn't sure how much the man knew about her situation. Her attention falling back on the barmaid, "Look. I know what this all looks like, but you haven't failed me," she continues on now, her gaze firm. "I need the added protection. Vaput's men have found me."

Suli expected that much about the new barmaid that was going to be working with her, and she showed a hard look in regards to Shijan, but it's the latter that has her drawing up short. What the f— "What are you talking about?" she's quick to interject, eyes narrowing dangerously. "I'd have known if his men were here-"

"Well they are," Jaya cuts her off, showing certainty in her eyes. "Max has one of them captured in the stables as we speak, for trying to steal one of his runners." She pauses to let that sink in, then she sighs before putting forth the next one. "I…almost ran, Suli. Wasn't going to tell you. Hearing that there's hunters here…" Even still, it was shaking her up, though she was getting used to controlling it outwardly more now.

Jaya didn't know that Suli already knew this, so the Telgari affects a look of mild, wide-eyed shock at hearing this. Turning more to her, "He…has one of them?" she repeats this as if it were important news, brows furrowing somewhat at the bar owner. "Did he tell you where he's keeping this man? What has the man told him? I need to know this, Jaya." She's putting weight on her words now, hard eyes boring into the other's so that she realizes that this is a very serious matter. As to the latter, she puts on a concerned frown on Jaya's almost running off. "I'm glad you stayed," she says gravely, nodding once slowly. "Going out there without me would have been the end of you. Where were you going to go that Vaput couldn't reach, anyway? Between?"

If Jaya is finding Suli's interest in the runner thief as suspicious, she's likely chalking it up to the barmaid needing the information for Tackas. "All Max told me is that this man gave Vaputero's name," she answers, lips pressing together at it. "He's tight-lipped about anything else. Still. Now he's asking all kinds of questions, Suli," and she's shaking her head at this. "Who knows what else the thief told him." For some reason, Jaya keeps to herself the fact that she plans to see the thief herself from Suli. She didn't see a reason to tell the Telgari, especially since she was planning to meet this man on her own. Hopefully. "Thank that gardener," she speaks about her departure being thwarted by Lo, nodding towards her. "Ran into him out by the farming fields when I was going. Convinced me, among others, to stay."

"That was all?" Suli muses quietly on this information, already filing it away for Lorayit later. If Jinnet did drop any of their names, then Max surely would have told her. Suli was certain of that. "I, uh, hope they didn't end up with the runner, at least," she puts in as a cover, injecting just enough concern about the matter to hide the fact that she could care less what happened to Renegade. "The beast manager must have been -beside- himself. Perhaps you should send him a complimentary bottle of something decent?" Not the finest, but Suli already was feeling like she was pushing it on the 'concerned barmaid' front. She knew Jaya was well aware on how she felt about the man. As for the latter, hearing about Lorayit keeping the barkeep from running was known, too. She stays silent as she toys with how to put her feelings on the man without incriminating her association with him. Yes, Lo came by the bar quite often enough that Jaya knew Suli would recognize the man by name now, but other than the surface pleasantries they kept their attention and words to the other at the minimum. As far as Jaya knows, anyway. "An…interesting man, that Lo," she's slow to say, hard eyes sliding over to gauge Jaya's reaction. "I can tell he's well-traveled for a mere farmer. For his age. Someone perhaps to gain insight from."

Jaya knows Suli's words on Max are as fake as the runner she had supposedly bought before the hatching. A corner of her mouth lifting with a sidelong glance the Telgari's way, "Yeah, I'll send a bottle over and tell him it was coming especially from you, shuga," she drawls out, laying the light tease on Suli's cold and hard doorstep. "I'm sure he would love that." Her teasing Suli will only go so far, however. The older woman barely had a sense of humor, seeming to take anything serious. So, she snorts at the woman and drops it and lets her expression change to a thoughtful one over the other's words on Lorayit. "He knows my family," she admits, returning Suli's look. "He knows Bitra. Knows…things." Beat. "Lost a friend to Vaput," she add this darkly, looking ahead of her.

Suli only grunts to the words of her sending the beast manager anything other than an ass-kicking. "Didn't I hear him mention to a table of weavers one night that he used to travel with the Kijilios clan from Crom? That would explain why he would know of the Dicoris." Clever Lo. Suli laces more false information into the story the farmer fed Jaya, knowing the connection between the two families - and knowing that neither would run into the barkeep anytime soon. She keeps a neutral expression as she continues on, her gaze now back on the weyrlings as she adds, "Sorry to hear about his friend. Vaputero is hardly a friend to his own friends." Even Suli herself didn't trust the big Bitran crimeboss as far as she could throw him. The man was becoming notorious for turning-coat on anyone when it suited his purpose. "Whatever advice he gave," she states slowly, carefully, "you should listen to it. Unless, you're willing to face him?" Suli knew the answer to that.

"The Kijilios?" Jaya missed this tidbit of news, frowning slightly at Suli for knowing. But then, the barmaid learned more things from the card playing tables than she did, and Lo usually came around to play cards. She nods to that with some uncertainty, then puts in "You don't think he and Vaput…?" The possibility was there, of course. Jaya didn't know any farmers that knew who the crime boss was. Perhaps Bitran ones, maybe, but Lorayit definitely wasn't Bitran. She merely thins her lips on the talk of Lo's dead friend, the last question gets a long hard look from her - scar showing starkly down the side of her face and all.

"Thought so." Suli takes Jaya's silence for answer, allowing herself that small victory. As long as the barkeep was spooked over the big Bitran, that made things easier for the Telgari barmaid. Jaya's question on the possibility of Lorayit working Vaput gets a full look that would put children to bowing their heads for uttering such non-sense aloud. "No more than me," she answers to that, her tone staying level at the ironic statement and betraying nothing. Then, slapping her hands to her lap, the big woman slowly straightens up and starts getting to her feet. "Guess we better get back to opening the bar," she ends their conversation now, her voice back to normal levels as she stretches her strong-looking arms over her shoulders. She could almost feel Shijan's eyes on her. Arms dropping when she turns toward Jaya, "Got a new barmaid to break in, right?" she addresses on Hayli, keeping her voice neutral. She'll tolerate this Hayli, and even Shijan, for now. It meant she had to be more careful, but the older woman was no novice to this type of game.

Once Suli gets up, Jaya does likewise. She casts a look behind them over towards Shijan, then back to Suli she gives a nod. Her gaze turning to one of dark concern now, "No more talking of going back to Tackas?" she puts that question to the Suli, hoping that this talk has squashed the wall that had built up between them. The barkeep was taking most of the blame for that, feeling that the barmaid has not done anything to deserve such behavior from her regardless of what others may think. Until that changed, until or if Suli should break that trust…

A rare smile touches Suli's face for the younger woman, her rough features making it look near hideous. "And miss Ahni's sweetcakes?" she mentions the green weyrling's bouts of sending her the sweets with veiled amusement. "Not for all of Telgar. Let's get out of here." She holds out her thick arm for the smaller woman to wrap around, her mood appearing much better than it was when Jaya first got out there. At least, good enough for Suli.

------ Same day. After the bar is closed….

"You did good." Lorayit is smiling gently at the Telgari, the two choosing to meet in the Weyr gardens with the pale moon shining over them. Suli had told him everything that was said between her and Jaya, the farmer's mind now working furiously as he figures out where this leaves them. "Very good. That should at least get her talking to you again. Now about Hayli and Shijan-"

"Leave them to me." Suli cuts in smoothly, her gaze falling on the herb patches with veiled interest. She bends as if to brush her hand over one of them, adding as she does so, "If the Headwoman's looking for eyes and ears in the bar, it could be the perfect opportunity to feed them some misinformation." She straightens plucking a leafy herb as she goes and lifts it up to the moonlight to examine. "It's bad enough they got Vaputero's name, even if they don't have our own," she lets him know the obvious, not one to mince words here. It's her turn to give out orders. "You take care of our dear friend Jinnet," she says, letting her beady eyes shift over to meet Lo's. "And I will shift the blame from Vaput. By the time I'm done, they'll be chasing after burly laundresses on the docks of Ista." The herb vanishes into a fist, its sharp angles pleasantly biting into her tough skin as she turns away from him and departs.

Lorayit wasn't going to stop her from leaving, his eyes trailing the woman until he couldn't see her anymore. Suli did much to calm his nerves on this matter, but there was still other ones that needed some tender loving care. He needed eyes and ears here since Jinnet and Passan were out of commission. He needed someone to do his grunt work, someone to infiltrate where he could not, and someone that could blend in with the weyrfolk with little difficulty. He was down to the two down Southern way, and even he wasn't stupid enough to go seek them out himself. He needed a mule to do it for him.

While Suli was taking care of Indira's informants, Lo was going to be feeding out some misinformation as well. It was his specialty, after all.

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