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Date: 2010.11.20
Location: Weyrlingmasters Office
Synopsis: W'red and T'bin discuss, T'bins' suspicions regarding one of the weyrlings.
Rating: PG18 - For adult inuendo
Logger: W'red

As the Weyrlings leave the office after the lesson, T’bin nudges W’red, “Hey dude that redheaded weyrling, what’s her name?”

W’red looks where T’bin is indicating, “that’s Ahnika bonded to Jhath a green.”
T’bin grins and then laughs, “Now it all makes much more sense, stuck up, hard up, frustrated.”
W’red peers at the blonde scruffy rider with a smile, “what the Faranth are you on about, seems you have lost a few of the brain cells you once had, perhaps you have had a bump to the head recently and we are in the same little fishing boat now.”

The bronzerider, still chuckling replies, “no dude, no bumps to my noggin, let me explain,” settling back in the easy chair, T’bin starts laughing again, “yesterday, I was oiling Turloth down at the lake when Max, that young Beast Manager you sent to see me in the Reaches, comes walking along with a runner in tow, a chance meeting that saved me some time in having to go looking for him to make a delivery.”

W’red sits in his chair at the desk smiling, “tell me you were naked again, an oiling session means you had to have been naked, anyone seeing you in the nud covered in oil sliding all over Turloth for the first time must have thought you nuts.” He reaches for the second drawer of his desk, takes out a bottle of whiskey, it is after all nearly lunch time so a wee dram would not be out of order, two glasses lifted out of the same drawer are used to pour some of the smooth liquid into, one offered to T’bin.

T’bin takes the glass with a nod of his head, “thanks, yep naked of course,” a broad grin follows, “anyhow, seeing as I was covered in oil and Max wanted the package, he had to wait around for me to finish and we got to talking ‘bout woman,” always a favoured topic amongst men but more especially these two. “Anyhow this Max tells me about this woman of his that twists his ears iffen he says or does something she don’t like, I of course tell him to put her over his knee and give her a good spanking. Remember those two in Southern, heh, we spanked them both good, and they loved it,” Chuckling as he takes another sip of the whiskey.

W’red grins, “yep, one of the times I can remember, I was supposed to be relaxing and getting better, you just kept bringing these young girls to my room, well I did recover and seems the girls didn’t do any harm, so okay carry on what has this got to do with Ahnika?”

The bronzerider shift a little in the chair and places his ankle on his knee, the drink in his hand resting on the folded leg, “well we bantered back and forth about this girl of his, I of course still believe he should spank her and get it over with, so I’m finished oiling Turloth and am busy washing off on the lake when I hear this almighty yell and a green dragon comes shooting across the lake with this contraption under it, something falls out of the contraption and a few minutes later out of the lake comes this greenrider, fuck W’red full on boner material, she was wearing something that looked like swimming kit but it covered like nothing.” The Bronzerider’s eyes roll in his head as he remembers Nara walking out of the lake.

“Yeah, yeah, okay got it she is good looking, still doesn’t explain what this has to do with one of my Weyrlings.” W’red is used to T’bin getting distracted, but tries to keep him on the subject at hand.

T’bin fakes a scowl, “good looking, dude, you had to have been there water dripping off every conceivable part of her fucking gorgeous is what it was, anyway as she is walking out of the lake, looking me over of course checking out the package,” the riders hand goes to his groin and takes a handful indicating to W’red exactly what the greenrider was looking at. “She takes of her top, revealing a really nice pair of tits, mmmm,” now he gets to where it may interest the Weyrlingmaster, “she greets Max as if she knows him well, and of course is introduced to yours truly, then she says the oddest thing to Max, ‘Jhath sends something about Ahni being better’ or something in that vein can’t really remember it all as I was somewhat distracted you know, half naked woman and all.” T’bin takes another sip of whiskey, “we bantered between the three of us and next thing I know this greenrider has nothing on at all, my kinda girl really, naked in the sunlight, wet body.” T’bin seems to wander off mentally to some better place.

W’red as much as he intrigued by his friends sexual escapades is more interested in what Max has to do with Ahnika, recalling his conversation with him regarding Olira, and Max’s insistence that Ahnika was the one that needed to deal with her, the little signs all starting to fall into place now, “okay T’bin get on with it.”

Blonde head shakes a little in resistance, “don’t rush me dude, this Nara is quite a piece of work you know and my brain needs to concentrate to remember these insignificant details, when all I want to do is remember her walking out of the lake dripping wet.” A broad grin is given to W’red, “Ah yes, okay we then discussed having a little ménage a trios, well Nara and I did Max however seemed very vague and not as keen as most red blooded men would be when presented with a beautiful body like that………anyway then she, Nara tells Max that she could always get her dragon to talk to this Ahni’s dragon and asked if he could take part in this little party that seems to be happening, I think the boys whipped personally.” A pause before the bronzerider continues, chuckling, “Hey maybe Max likes boys more than girls, but I was there and he could’ve had me if that was the case.” Still chuckling T’bin carries on, “well I thought if he was involved with a rider it had to be a Goldrider, as you know most of them are a little stuck up, colder than a winter in the Reaches, so it is interesting that ‘Ahni’ turns out to be a greenrider and one of your Weyrlings to boot.” T’bin grins, now his brain can go back to yesterday and the interesting Nara.

W’red listens to his friend prattling on, about three in a bed, and the woman, but is picking out the bits that interest him more, “Mmmm, so Max and Ahnika, will have to keep a close eye on that, most times riders and non riders don’t work out, especially if it’s the girl who is the rider and on a green as well. Don’t know if Max has thought this through properly, rising greens chasing dragons, he won’t be able to stop the natural course of things in a weyr and he should know that with his back ground.” Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, “will have a chat with both of them when I get a chance, right now, fooling around is not allowed and Tavaith is keeping a special eye on the green and her rider for other reasons, thanks T’bin, maybe able to avert trouble before it begins with this information.” The Weyrlingmaster, stores the information away to think on before making some drastic move and upsetting a redfruit cart without good reason, he could of course just confine the green weyrling to barracks but without discussion with the parties concerned it could be unfair.

T’bin nods, “no problem W’red anytime I can be of assistance, wouldn’t have put two and two together if you hadn’t asked me to come here this morning.” The now empty glass is proffered to the Weyrlingmaster for a refill.

Over a few more glasses of whiskey the two friends catch up discussing their favourite subject, woman and T’bin reminiscing about old times, W’red having no idea what he is talking about half the time.

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