Portrayed By Abbie Cornish
Position Beasthandler
Former title(s) Herd Assistant (Fort Weyr), Stock Handler (Fort Weyr)
Sex Female
Age 25
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Family Numerous, appable.
Faction Traditional

Character History

"Deeds, not words." Suzan's life has been guided by this precept. She's not an outspoken woman or one inclined to idleness. Diligence, duty, honorable dealings, these are the things that matter.

She was born twenty-five Turns ago at Fort Weyr, one of many children born to a prolific blue- and greenriding pair. As with all of their offspring, she was handed off to the nursery creche as soon as she'd been weaned and raised communally, first by the nannies and other child-minders, and then by a series of foster mothers. The last one, assistant to the Headwoman, used to joke that her small, serious charge had been steeped in the dignity of Fort's long history. "Don't let it go to your head," she was advised teasingly, but there was little danger of that happening. Suzan seemed to recognize and accept at a young age that her life was to be spent working.

Not for her the shirking and squabbling of her peers. When authority spoke, Suzan did her utmost to perform whatever task was given to her. She did her turn in the creches, the kitchens, the laundry, the stables. It was in the latter that she found what she felt to be her life's purpose. In a Weyr, beasts might only be fuel and fodder for the appetites of the dragons and humans, but there was a strength and serenity among the animals that the girl found soothing. She took to them like a firelizard to the sky and as soon as she'd been deemed old enough, she petitioned to be awarded a permanent place among the herds.

It was a simple life but not an easy one. Because she eschewed a formal Craft, Suzan had to contend with the natural prejudice of the formally trained and knotted against the Johnny come latelys who felt they could do the job just as well. But her calm and steady nature, her willingness to lend a hand to any task no matter how foul, soon won her superiors over. She learned from them and might have continued on there, had word not come of a new Weyr's opening.

That the quiet, steady woman might suddenly throw over what she'd achieved to transfer on a lark seemed out of character to those who knew her. It was a surprise when she requested to be posted at Eastern. But having risen by twenty-five to the highest rank she could achieve without a knot on her shoulder, Suzan saw Eastern as a source of opportunity. There she might make her mark, hopefully to find that the ceiling wasn't set quite so low as it was at Fort. Though she has Traditionalist leanings, she sees nothing wrong in hoping that an exception might be made for her in this instance. She's strong, after all, a good worker with a good head on her shoulders and experience in keeping the herds from melting to skin and bone under the terror of being so regularly stalked by their winged predators.


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Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

Not A Crafter: She works side by side with them but never apprenticed into the Beastcraft.

Phlegmatic: Those looking to get a rise out of her will be sorely disappointed. She's as steady and dependable as they come.

Whittler: On the rare occasions when she's not working, she likes to keep her hands busy with carving. Wood being the precious resource it is, the observant might notice she's been working on the same runner doll for a long, long time now.

Whistler: She may not be much for talking but she's a Harper-worthy whistler.

Suzan's Logs


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