Another Shirt Ruined Gold Svalidrath


There can be no question that she is gold, though there is no hauteur in her bearing; confidence, instead, is regality's coin in trade. Her hide is variegated, worked in shades of amber; from light to dark, they band, stretching from her well-turned head and down the arch of her neck to the wide, wide stretch of her wings. Darkest at her mid-point, old-honey ripples below the shadow of those wings, color lightening again over haunches and fading over the long stretch of her tail. Not all that is gold glitters, and not all treasure is worked by man's hand; hers is a natural, earthen beauty.


Name: N'zi
Description: N'zi and this picture on Flickr
Personality and everything else: Meiglen


With V'kale's brown Heloth at age 1.5 (these dragons would currently be nearly 6).
With a bronze at age 3 (these dragons would currently be 4).
With a different bronze at age 4.5 (these dragons would currently be a little over 2).

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