Swapping Chores



Date: 7/27/10 (IC: Ahnika's first day back on Candidate duty)
Location: Eastern Weyr - Latrine Area
Synopsis: Ahni convinces Candidate Gavin (NPC'd) to swap chores with her … and why
Rating: G
Writer: Ahnika

The morning after she was released from the Infirmary, Ahnika has checked her chore list for the day and is on the move while some of the other Candidates are still having their morning meal.

When she arrives at the latrine area, Ahni tries very hard to resist the urge to hold her nose. Not the most prized chore on the list, to be sure. She is dressed for hard, dirty, and smelly work, even though there is no guarantee her plan will work.

The young Candidate who Ahni finds already there is 13-year-old, sandy-haired Gavin, a consummate whiner of All-Things-Not-Fair. And so he is doing it now, but as no one else is there to hear it, it’s more just a mutter to himself.

Tucking a strand of hair back behind her ear, Ahnika smiles gently, “Hey, Gavin, got a bit of a proposition for you, if you care to listen?”

Startled a little, Gavin looks up from his work and looks suspiciously at the redhead, “What’s that?”

“I was assigned to the stables for today,” Ahni says, ignoring his suspicious look for the time being, “You know, moving hay and brushing down runners … not really feeling up to is today.” She vaguely gestures to the bruise on her forehead as if it explained everything. At least the little bump is hardly noticeable. “I was wondering if you might not wanna swap chores today?”

This gave Gavin some pause and he leans a little on his shovel, tilting his head at her, “You mean, you work the latrines here while I work the stables?”

Ahnika nods, keeping her face a mask of indifference. (And she has the nerve to pick on E’ro for manipulating people and not being entirely honest?)

“Ain’t it against the rules?”

Ahni shrugs, “There are a lot of weyr rules and traditions from what I can tell, and a lot of weyrfolk breaking them. The way I see it, if they aren’t practical anymore, the tradition should be given up for something else that works better, anyway.”

“What’s your angle? I can’t figure,” He says, resuming his work now.

“No angle,” she answers easily, “Just motivated to avoid looking at runner’s arses all day.” Which could be taken a couple ways. After a pause, she says, “But you know, I could always go talk to Mason. He actually likes stablework. I’m sure he’d jump at—“

“It’s fine,” he says, interrupting her as he climbs out, “I just wanted to know what I was getting myself into.” Gavin pauses near her, handing her the shovel, and adds, “But if we get in trouble, you’re gonna take the brunt of this, yeah?”

As Ahni takes the shovel, she gives Gavin a considering look, “Just be sure to do whatever the beast manager tells you to do without complaint and no one will think to look at the schedules. No one will get in trouble.” She sounds awfully sure of herself, she realizes, as she watches Gavin leave and then begins to set about this particularly unpleasant chore, trying not to think about Max’s words the night before, and Rocio’s the night before that.

When did life get so complicated?

No matter how hard she worked that day, and no matter how unpleasant the chore, it was clear Ahnika wasn't going to get out of dwelling over her current circumstances and where she stood. She just had no clear indication …

Closing Credits Theme Music: Great Big Sea "Clearest Indication"

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