Portrayed By Karl Urban
Position Wingrider
Former title(s) Trader (Klanapan Caravan), Candidate (Telgar Weyr), Weyrling (Telgar Weyr), Wingrider (Telgar Weyr)
Sex Male
Age 27
Place of Birth Keroon Hold
Family Mesaline, Tarakin
Faction Neutral

Character History

Theron Klanapan comes from a long lone of Klanapans, whose own progenitor's namesake derived from a hapless cook who was ousted from one of the early holds, with nothing but a pan to his name. Or so the story goes. His father Tarakin and mother Mesaline were traders which followed the North Eastern route, and it would be along that eastern route at Keroon Hold, where he was born, before life took him right along with the rest of his family, both blood, and trade related.

Growing up on the road had it's benefits, such as an education which didn't come from a harper so much as experience and witnessed events. While young he clung to his mother, and that's where some say his kinder touch came from-whereas as he grew older, tutelage came from his father, which would come to fighting, haggling, and what could be learned while selling their various wares. As it came he was literally brought up in a culture where there are no permanent homes, and where fights, laughs, and gatherings were all too common.

At the age of 16, like his father before him, and before him, etc. Theron was tattooed with the family mark under each eye. Three black lines to symbolize the pan, their forefather was left with. By this time Theron had developed his own humor- and a way of weaving a story,that his parents had almost thought he would remain behind at the Harper's Hall and become an apprentice harper, and thus leave his traveling life. However much to his mother's surprise he elected to stay within the Caravan, and learn his father's trade. His mother just assumed the boy wasn't ready to leave them just yet.

At the age of twenty three, his family was in their winter trading and thus held up at Telgar Weyr for a few weeks, during this time, when he was not helping the family he was running around with a few of the riders, either intrigued by the riders themselves, or the dragons he found himself in their company daily (but, what else is there to do in a weyr, when you're not moving on?) Before the family was to move on, the Senior Weyrwoman approached his father, seeking permission to keep Theron on as a rider. His father at first was reluctant, but after a lengthy argument with the young man's mother, they both agreed that Theron needed his own life. And so, they ousted the boy and left him in the care of the riders of Telgar Weyr.

His candidate years seemed to go by in a daze. Lots of training- and the chores. Theron was lucky during his period as a drudge-gien the lifestyle of the trading caravan, the young and unexperienced often had to do the menial and daily chores, as the elders ran the stores. It was during this time that Theron earned a reputation as a joker. Often times he was found by the weyrling master, doing impressions of various riders and of course the candidates' fearless leader. Needless to say Theron, though well liked often found himself mucking out the latrines or even clearing out the stables as his penance.

At the age of Twenty five he was Impressed. This was down the the wire, as there were two youngers with the older Theron and only two dragonets left. It was out of the blue that he heard his name. Clear as a bell ringing in his mind, however his own voice came out with a bit of a question. "Ockath?" had he heard right?

It appears he did, and Theron would come to find his way with the smaller brown that was still free.

Ockath's own personality seemed to mesh right in with Theron, now called T'ryn,as the dragon's gruff exterior would often find a way to reign in the joking and keep his rider on track. Now a Wingrider with Teglar Weyr, T'ryn had his place, and Ockath to keep him in line-when the call for volunteers came out to go to the Eastern Hold, there was no hesitation. Possibly because Ockath made sure the jokester would move out of the nest, or both knew that duty needed them there as well.


Alara — Alara was one of the first riders he was able to get along with once he moved up from being a weyrling. Being a Harper, or having been born in the hall T'ryn gravitated to her and became friends. During a rise back when they were in the Telgar Weyr, his dragon was lucky and worthy enough to catch Rauzath. As it stands she holds a special place in his life.

Ockath — This growly, grumbly and usually brutish brown is in a complete opposite from T'ryn. Still T'ryn would not trade his grump for the world. He loves his dragon fiercely, perhaps just as fierce as the dragon feels for the rider. He also proves to be a great straight man for jokes.

Memorable Quotes:

"Have a nice Oiling!"
"I'm not going to be singing to my pan."
"If I knew that socking the Weyrleader would get me the attention of pretty riders, I'd pound him every day….Wait…That sounded better in my head. Nevermind."

Trivia and Notes:

  • He has tattoos under his eyes. Black thick lines, that denote his family in trader circles.
  • He has a pan hanging on his wall in his Weyr

T'ryn's Logs


I gots pictars

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