Talking To A Weyrling

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Date: 28.11.2010
Location: Weyrlingmasters Office
Synopsis: V'tol gets his due after weyrling class
Rating: PG
Logger: W'red

W’red walks into his office and closes the door behind him, sits down at his desk and starts to write down notes from the lesson, which Weyrlings were present which were late and making notes on the punishment he had given out to A’kon, this way he can keep track of what each weyrling should be doing. He is also making notes on the Weyrlings progress, commitment and general wellbeing. These notes are updated daily and do not take a lot of time out of his day to complete.

There is a soft knock at the office door to which the Weyrling master responds in a booming voice, “Come!” V’tol sticks his head in the doorway after only opening the door just enough to get his head through, his eyes wide and looking as if he were checking that no other hidden thing may jump out to bite his ass, other than the Weyrlingmaster of course. “Enter V’tol and close the door behind you.” W’red waves a hand towards one of the hard stools in front of his desk, this is not an inviting gesture but a command like gesture, “Sit, I’ll be with you in a moment.” He continues to scribble down a few notes leaving the Weyrling to stew just a little longer before he addresses him.

Finishing the last note he places the stylus carefully in the holder and slowly but purposefully pushes all the notes together in a neat pile then picks up the pile and place it on his left side, never once making eye contact with the now nervous brown Weyrling, who seems to be getting more nervous with each passing second. Placing both hands on the desk and folding one into the other he eventually looks directly at the Weyrling and in an even but firm voice asks, “Now tell me young V’tol, what is it that makes you think that I do not see, or know what you and your friend A’kon get up to?” The question left hanging in the air he continues, “you seem to think that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like, even though for the past few months I have been patient and turning a blind eye to a lot of the goings on, but have consistently reminded –all- of you, that being all the Weyrlings of certain standards of discipline, levels of expected behaviour and expected training routines, but it seems that none of these have settled in that brain of yours at all.” W’red pauses giving the Weyrling a chance to respond if he so wishes.

V’tol, sits there looking at the Weyrlingmaster, shuffling his feet hands clasping and unclasping in his lap, why has he been singled out by the Weyrlingmaster to be the one to have to sit here and get whatever it is that is coming to him, why weren’t the others brought in as well, it was of course not just him that shirks duties and training and teases the blueriders, there were a number of others that did the same yet here he was alone facing the Weyrlingmaster. “Nooo, Sir, I…..I don’t” He doesn’t what? He doesn’t not listen, he doesn’t respect other riders, and he doesn’t have a brain? His answer is feeble and not what he wanted to say at all but words seemed to have escaped him for now.

W’red’s blue eyes seem to be looking right through the weyrling, with a chilling effect, “come now, for someone that always has something to say about everything, you seem awfully quiet, or do you only like to say things in the background that seem funny to some of your cohorts, or when no one of any importance is listening or when you get to make another feel bad?” The big brownrider seems quite nonchalant about the conversation, and doesn’t really expect the weyrling to say much these types don’t unless they have a willing audience to encourage them. “Well seeing as A’kon is on latrine duty and I feel he can do it alone, and you seem to not have anything to say for yourself after deciding to attempt to give your dragonet the firestone to chew I think that, mmmmm.” W’red leans back in his chair with a smirk on his face, “for the next two sevendays, you will do –all- the blueriders duties, you are also confined to barracks for a sevenday at all times when not performing duties. Remember V’tol, you are not just dealing with me, you are dealing with my dragon and all the other Weyr dragons that can hear and see what you are up to, there is very little that happens in this Weyr with one of the Weyrlings that doesn’t get back to me somehow, so be careful how you proceed from here on in, we are starting the parts of your training where injuries and even deaths occur, mostly because some young weyrling decides he knows better. Well let me be the first to tell you there have been many before you with that attitude and there will be many after you, mostly these types don’t last the distance, there have been many a weyrling disappear ‘between’ because they knew better.” The Weyrlingmasters eyes do not waver from the young weyrling.

“Do you have anything to say at all? Or has your bravado disappeared along with your cohorts?” W’red’s query left hanging in the air between them. V’tol squirms on the hard wooden stool and just shakes his head. “Well if you have nothing to say then you are dismissed but take this last thought with you, greenrider, bluerider, brownrider, bronzerider, Thread doesn’t have a preference, you are all as tasty as each other, if you can’t seem to sort out your differences here on the ground, the day will come when someone you pissed off will not be there to cover your ass. Think about it before you do anymore of your pranks. Dismissed!” With a nonchalant wave of his hand the Weyrlingmaster dismisses the weyrling and pulls the pile of papers closer again to continue with his reports. V’tol stands, salutes, turns and walks towards the door, half turning to look at the Weyrlingmaster, “Uuh, thank you sir.” He opens the door and leaves. W’red’s voice follows him out the door, “remember I’m watching you!”

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