Tapdancing Around The Truth


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Date: 2010.11.24
Location: EW - Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: Max having not checked in with Indira since her return, drops by her office with a request.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

"Lomaxin." Indira gave with a patient little smile as she set the stack of hides to one side and folded her hands before her on the desk top when her son stepped into the room.

"Ma." He returned, deliberately not removing his hat in an echo of the rebellion of his younger turns as he parked himself in the chair opposite her.

"How is Ahnika?" Indira asked genuinely interested in the redhead's wellbeing.

With but a second of hesitation, "She's doing the best she can under the circumstances." Max deliberately gave in open ended reply before asking, "How fairs things in Telgar?"

It was Indira that first broke the unspoken game of cat and mouse between mother and son. A flash of guilt swept through her expression before she cleared her throat and answered with a nonchalance she didn't feel. "We have our corridor."

Max's eyes narrowed a fraction and then he gave a satisfied nod. "Good. How's Keane doing?" Showing understandable concern for the older man given the injuries he had sustained.

Again an unfamiliar feeling streaked through Indira but this time she was ready for it and presented a bland smile. She chose her words carefully, "Better than I expected." An odd little smirk reached her eyes but otherwise not showing in her expression.

Coming to the point of his having called this meeting, "I'm sending Lazerne and Elia up North." His turn to pull a mask into place that gave little away.

"Oh?" One of Indira's brows arched upward in prompt for him to explain further as she leaned back in her seating.

"Aye," Max confirmed, "woman and baby in need of having their backs watched." The idea of slow simmering anger held just below the surface briefly ignited his eyes before it was gone again.

Indira put a shrewd look onto her son, "Anyone we know?" One shapely trouser clad leg crossing over the other.

"New interest," Max gave smoothly it not being exactly a lie as far as he was concerned. Not with his mother still being unaware of the situation and the players involved.

She nodded to that and then asked as she reached for her cooling mug of klah, "You're escorting?"

The beast manager shook his head, "Naw. I'll get Yaron to fill him in on the territory before they leave. Gonna need a letter of recommendation for Elia though. Need to get her kitchen work."

The mug of klah was exchanged for a sheet of paper and a stylus. Leaning forward Indira began writing and then glanced upward, "Long term?"

Max grimaced lightly and nodded, "Aye, could be." Unsure of how long he'd need to keep the pair of siblings in place at Tillek Hold.

Nodding, Indira wrote a couple more lines and then signing the name of a highly regarded journeywoman from the Bakercraft who was a silent supporter of their cause, stated without looking up, "Keane has a safe house we can use if need be."

"Good to know," Max remarked before setting a faintly amused look to his mother. "Heard you attended the wedding?" Not hiding the faint smirk that broke out over the Headwoman's unspoken penchant for such things.

Setting the stylus down and folding the letter, Indira shot her son a warning look. Unable to help herself, her mouth curved around a warm line, "Aye. Randi and Alara couldn't get away so I filled in for them" Tone almost lending credence to her statement.

"Rather a sudden decision," Max gave with a faintly perplexed expression in place as he reached forward to take the letter held out to him. "Why the rush?"

"Don't be an ass, Lomaxin." Indira scolded lightly, taking up her mug of klah once again. “It’s what people in love do.” Other people, not her.

Max sent her a dirty look, lips pursing and saying no more on a matter that pressed too close to home for him. Standing he lifted the letter, "Thanks for this." A touch too much gratitude for a ploy commonly used to position their people.

Indira lifted a curious look up to her son for his last but didn't press on the matter. "I'll want reports," she reminded as he headed to the door.

Max lifted a hand and waved it in lazy acknowledgment thereof as he left but was careful not to give verbal agreement. The less she knew right now, the better.

Watching her son leave, Indira's eyes narrowed onto his back. Something was up and she intended getting to the bottom of it.

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