W'red and Stately Burnished Brown Tavaith
Lhiannonth leaves the pink and white egg for Leiventh to deal with, taking some time to scoop out a deep cradle for the imminent third egg which, once laid, appears disproportionately small for its nest, orange and gray sides nearly hidden by sand.

Overwhelming Odds Egg
Strikingly bright orange streaks swirl across this egg, a fierce contrast with the dull gray underneath. Buried deep in the sands, its apex barely rises three quarters of the height of the eggs around it, though the gaudy coloring makes up for the lack of size. On closer inspection, the egg is not only buried deep in the sand, but it actually is smaller then the other eggs.
Another shudder races through the Overwhelming Odds Egg, creating a series of cracks down the middle. A pause follows, and it seems like the occupant might take some further time, before the ovoid splits neatly apart, leaving a damp, imperious looking wiry brown in the midst of the shells.

Stately Burnished Brown Tavaith
Rippling crests of burnished brown cascade down the shoulders and back of this larger than usual brown dragon. Angular frame and pointed snout give him the appearance of being constructed. The shimmering gloss of the hide is contrasted evenly with an ebony stripe starting from his stomach and concluding at the nape of his neck. Bursting out from this streak of darkness, a halo of incandescent light splashes over onto his forelimbs and fading into the shadows of his underbelly. Holding an imperious air, this self-assured dragon's movements are deliberate, no stamina wasted on purposeless action. Perhaps his most unique attribute is a pair of multi-faceted eyes, holding an almost unnatural corona of reddish light, seeming to bore into the deepest recesses of the essence.

He'll be a handful for you, no doubt. Tavaith will be, even when young, very certain of himself and his place in the world. He is, after all, a dragon, and shouldn't others be very aware of that? Even you'll have to concede that he is a little -too- sure of himself. Tavaith will prove himself willing - actually eager - to be the first in his class to try everything, with an inborn confidence that will infuse you, too. Everything will be done, however, with -just- enough energy, an efficiency that is calculated fully and might result in a few sharp landings for you. You will quickly learn that you must become a tempering force on your Tavaith, lest he run away with an idea. You're the heart to his ineffable logic: you know that, should he try -that- stunt, he could well tear a wingsail and be injured for months while it heals. « But I will not make a mistake. I cannot. » He will concede to your insistence eventually, but you will learn to grow very persuasive in order to get your way in this new partnership.
As he grows, Tavaith will become your voice of reason. And, indeed, the voice of reason to many others, given time. His gently voiced, yet determined view of the world is so impeccable that the less certain might be inclined to simply fall into step with his thoughts. Of course, others will simply find Tavaith to be a cocky, arrogant personality - far too sure of himself, and unwilling to admit any error on his part. But his curious side could prove to be what breaks the ice with others. « What are you doing, Kaylith? » Of course, his bland dismissal could just as likely cause aggravation, « That serves no purpose. We are dragons. »

He is, at heart, a dragon's dragon. A dragon's purpose is to fight Thread, and without Thread, he is unsure what they do. He knows he is here for a -reason-, and he's reliant on you to find that particular reason, and to assist him in this mission. Humans - other than yourself and those you show particular interest in - are of little concern to him, and he tends to be aloof around them. That aloofness extends at times to some of the other dragons, especially those who demonstrate a broad array of emotions: he finds it difficult to comprehend their wild, intuitive logic, and would much rather withdraw than concede confusion.

Flights are what really undoes Tavaith. Oh, his confidence is a boon to start with, to be sure, for he always begins any flight - be it green or gold, for he has a penchant for both - with the absolute certainly that he will win. As the flight continues, however, doubt will begin to creep in, and he'll become less sure, less like his normal self under the taunting of that ever-elusive glowing tail. When he loses - and it'll happen despite his self-assuredness - he'll have a tendency to mope for a day or two afterwards, until the memory of the loss fades and he returns to his normal self.

Public Impression Message
The Stately Burnished Brown Hatchling appears to have finally made his decision, if the purposeful way in which he stalks towards the grouping of candidates is any indicator. He stops in front of a small clutering of white-robed figures, imperiously regarding them all before making himself known to his chosen, all his attention fixed on a tall young man.

Private Impression Message
« Look at them. » The words are in your head, and you think it might be you thinking, though it's a strange feeling indeed, accompanied as it is by the distant chords of a distinctive tune. « They waste energy with their running, tumbling about. » There's a flash of an image of the hatchlings bumbling about, stumbling into each other. Bemusement laces the melodious tone, soft despite his derision. « It does not make sense at all, W'red. After all, I found you easily enough. Process of elimination. » You can almost feel a splash of red accompany his thoughts, as the Stately Burnished Brown's attention focuses in on you, sharply. « I am Tavaith. You and I belong together. »

Tavaith's mindvoice is richly melodious; he is always soft-spoken, accompanied by orchestra-like notes of pure harmony. There's no hesitation in his voice, no uncertainty, for he is always confidant, and this reflects within the mental images he projects with his thoughts. Visually, his thoughts come across as pulsating red on a velvety black background, the occasional spark of stars lighting here and there to vary the landscape.

Tavaith is approximately 36.7 meters in length and 24 meters to his wing shoulders, with a wingspan of 61 meters.

Dragon Inspiration: Tavaith is based on the HAL 9000 computer, from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The 9000 series computer was perfect: it never made a mistake, and was absolutely foolproof. Of course, things go horribly wrong in the film, but the idea of a cocky, confident dragon fit in perfectly with Tavaith. / Tavaith (pronounced Ta-VAY-eth) came out of a complete mangling of the Finnish word luottavainen, meaning confident.

Egg Inspiration: My inspiration for this egg is the Ender's series by Orson Scott card. The egg itself is based on the main character of "Ender's Shadow" And the uniform of 'dragon' army.

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