Portrayed By Lea Michele
Position Candidate
Former title(s) Sr. Apprentice Harper (Landing), Apprentice Harper (Harper Hall), Harper Brat (Harper Hall)
Sex Female
Age 17
Place of Birth Harper Hall
Family Mother: Fellan, Father: Tandrel
Faction Neutral

Character History

Born to a couple of Harper Journeymen, it was fairly obvious that Teallan would follow in their footsteps. Of a certainty, not all children simply grow up in the ways of their parents, but Tea certainly did. With a composer for a mother and a father who had crossed into the Woodcraft to make instruments, both were fully in tune and understanding of music. They passed this on to their daughter starting from a young age.

One could say it certainly worked. One could also say it made Teallan neigh unsufferable at times. The girl developed an amazing singing voice and had perfect pitch. The latter may have been partially a natural trait, but her parents certainly fostered it. While she learned numerous instruments, it was her voice that was her primary source of growing fame throughout Harper Hall.

The other source was her entirely self-centered and rather narcisstic attitude. Teallan spent much of her time completely wrapped up in herself. Unfortunately, her parents never did anything to combat this growing sense of self worth. Since it was ultimately decided by Masters and the like that the behavior wasn't damaging to anyone, just annoying, it was let go.

However, when a new batch of Apprentices and Senior Apprentices (Tea being one of the latter) were sent to Landing during efforts to ramp up support for AIVAS (as the Harpers, with their newfound knowledge, were one of many crafts that greatly benefited), Teallan was sent along. Mostly to get her out of some peoples' hair, but to also forcibly cut the apron strings. So long as she was in close proximity with her parents, her ego would only continue to grow.

Teallan, ever the optimist, saw it as a kind of promotion. To be able to be near AIVAS and the new Weyr that was opening. Certainly there were great events occuring that were shaping the world both literally, figuratively, and politically, but she had little care for that. All that mattered, when it came to it, was her own success.

Settled in at Landing, Teallan is focusing on becoming a Journeyman in the hopes that she can someday be posted at one of the Great Weyrs. Like many, dragons hold a fascination for her… if she could be said to be fascinated by anything other than herself.

Recent History:

Teallan was brought to Stand for the two clutches by her childhood nanny, Alara. The girl threw herself wholeheartedly into the position, one of the few who did not complain and protest about the many difficult chores. To be certain, she did not enjoy the hard work and was more than grateful for the unguents given to them to ease the pain in the muscles.

She has also taken it upon herself to write a ballad about the historical aspects of Eastern and can often be found working on it in her spare moments. The young woman is very narcissistic in many ways and though she cares for people, she's often so insular that she has not noticed just how many keep a close eye upon her.


Ahnika - Fellow candidate, Teallan likes the girl. She's night, bright and cheerful. The kind of person Tea feels everyone should be.
Alara - Teallan knew the Weyrwoman way back when. When she was much younger and before she was snatched up to be a Candidate. Alara was a nanny while Teallan was a brat at Harper Hall. The girl has very fond memories of her, for Alara was followed by many a miserable nanny.
Atsya - This greenrider was the first person of Eastern Teallan met, when she brought rocks to Landing. Sometimes she seems odd to Tea, but she's from a Weaver family and thus a path to fashion.
E'ro - Claimed for a day of work, Teallan found herself cleaning the rider's Weyr. He's a strange sort and he rather unsettled her, but she can't bring herself to dislike him, per se.
Isilna - Most of Teallan's fascination with the former Lady Holder is honestly in the tale that is her. Fleeing a wedding and being outcast, only to be Searched. It's something Harpers can often only imagine. Plus, the woman has a firelizard, and Tea never gave up the child-like fascination with the miniature dragons.
Kestian - Fellow Harper. Unlike Uveline, Teallan barely knows him. He's a Recordkeeper, which isn't something she has much of an interest in at all. Still, he's from her Hall, so she feels a certain kinship.
Lexi - Teallan isn't sure what to think of this girl at all. In many ways, she finds her silly and in truth, they may be more alike than she knows.
Mohria - Such a nice rider, Teallan definitely likes her and would like to spend more time around her.
Merendezen - Tea just doesn't at all understand why most of the girls either love or hate him. She thinks it's silly.
Nenienne - Teallan likes the Smith, however odd she may be. Likely due to the fact that she crafts jewelry, which Tea always loves.
Uveline - Her nearest and dearest friend at Eastern. Teallan dotes on the Harper Journeywoman and hangs onto her every word. There is a bit of hero worship, to be certain, found there.
Vanielle — The woman is a mystery to Teallan and sometimes frustrating for the moods she gets in, but Tea is convinced to be a friend to her.


Trivia and Notes:

- Yes, Teallan is based on Rachel Berry of Glee in many ways. Prepare your slushies!
- Teallan is nice, to a fault. She puts herself first and foremost and everyone else is second. She's a good person, to be certain, but she thinks about herself so much that it's difficult to see others first.
- Teallan is ever an actress and singer. Everything is a show. The world is a stage. Fashion, your voice, your lines, it's all very important to her.
- Sometimes Teallan tries too hard to get people to like her. She's very fragile underneath and seeks confirmation of self constantly.
- She loves fashion and shiny things very very much.
- When there is a worthy outcome, Teallan can be a very, very hard worker. Though it surprises some, she almost never complains.
- Teallan has never been with a man and the fact embarrasses her thoroughly.

Teallan's Logs


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