"You buy all my drinks, I'll let you throw a stool."


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Date: Dec 27, 2010
Location: EW - Jaya's Bar
Synopsis: Nenienne delivers a commission to Jaya while Jonavan and Kaskan plot who's paying for the drinks and throwing stools.
Rating: PG
Logger: Kaskan

It's a busy evening at the bar, a day after its barkeep has returned from her retreat and downtime from the Weyr - although currently at the closing end of it. There's still some patrons about finishing up their card games or getting that last drop from their mugs. Both barmaids, Hayli and Suli, are closing up the area while holding light conversation with each other while Shijan, the barkeep's bodyguard and bar bouncer is at his usual post by the entrance. Jaya - seeming far more relaxed despite the busy night - is behind the counter as usual and busying herself with cleaning out the mugs and trying to eavesdrop on her barmaids' conversation. As usual.

Nenienne walks in, almost tentatively, and heads directly toward the bar owner. She's carrying a small wooden box, plain but well-made.

Although not regular enough to be a regular, Jonavan knows Shijan well enough to give him a nod when entering. In fact, more than a nod tonight: a snippet of conversation. "Had enough of the sun and back to lurking in dark corners?" A glance is given towards the bar, though the healer first lingers to heckle Jaya's bouncer.

Shijan, recognizing Jonavan, gives him a bare nod as if he was going to pass….but then the healer speaks. A brow lifts at him slightly, "Perhaps," is his amused answer, dark gaze falling on Jonavan with faint interest before Nenienne catches his attention. Jaya spots the healer easily enough, but it's Nenienne that draws her from her work. "Long time," she calls, moving close to the counter once she arrives. Her eyes fall on the small wooden box she carries, interest lighting as she asks wryly, "Is that for me, shuga?"

Nenienne nods sheepishly. "Yes, it has been a long time — I'm sorry about that. But this is for you." She approaches Jaya and holds out the box, then glances around toward the bouncer and the Healer, briefly.

"Or maybe you missed Suli," Jonavan muses, scratching his jawline and looking completely serious as he puts the proposal to Shijan. He leans in closer to impart, "I stopped in once while you were gone - she missed you. Didn't even have to tell me; just had that look, you know, staring longingly at your abandoned post." He gives Shijan a meaningful look and never once cracks a smile.

"Clearly," Shijan answers with just a bit of dryness on the account of Suli, eyes flicking from Nenienne back to Jonavan. His gaze then falls on Suli as she continues to make her rounds with Hayli, his own expression unreadable as he momentarily lapses into silence. Back at the bar, "This must be…" Jaya reaches to take the box, opening it as she regards Nenienne in the slight pause before adding, "….she was here, you know? My sister."

The necklace inside is simple and elegant, silver encircling a round medium blue stone shot with small white streaks and flecked in gold. Neni winces at the mention of the sister, and offers a simple "I'm sorry."

Two exiting patrons take a sudden side-step at the doorway giving Kaskan a wider berth than what is necessary. The guard's surly mood of late precedes him and his current appearance does nothing to dispel the reputation. On closer inspection, however, he's not so unkempt as he is dirty, and his expression is more tired than sour. Both are an improvement. Not paying the others any mind, Kaskan saunters into the room and heads automatically for the bar, his thoughts elsewhere and his gaze cast to the side as he scrubs wearily at the back of his neck.

Jonavan too glances towards Suli with the hints of humour starting to touch his countenance. "I think you're in there," he comments irreverently. The healer finishes his dallying at the doorway and turns away from Shijan with no further comments — perhaps mercifully — and moves towards the bar at Kaskan's heels. "You might've considered bathing before you graced us all with your presence," Jonavan says from behind the guard, regarding him with slight distaste, and makes sure that the stool he takes leaves at least one seat between them.

With a flap of fingers, Jaya is easy in her deep laughter as she peers down at the beautiful necklace and replies back, "No need to apologize, shuga! She wasn't suppose to come here. Pissed me off enough to consider not giving her this here gift! Guess I'll have no choice now." She looks momentarily crestfallen at that, though if one really knows her, they would see that it's an act. She was going to likely send it on anyway, regardless. Running a finger over the stones inlaid, "She's going to really love this though," she tells her, sending Nenienne an easy smile before she looks back towards it. While admiring the necklace and talking to Nenienne, Jaya does catch Kaskan approaching in all his shabby glory with a slight frown on her face. She's not going to say anything yet, but the look she sends his way is one of a lifted brow in silent query. By the entrance, "I think it's been you she's been after, actually," Shijan merely says in regard to Suli, though it will be very easy to miss the dark look being sent the barmaid's way as he says it. That expression is there and gone in less than a second.

Nenienne gives a sigh of relief at Jaya's reaction, and a faint ghost of an almost-smile crosses her features as Jaya admires the piece. Still, she asks, "It's acceptable, then?" She turns curiously to see who Jaya is watching and notes both Jonavan and Kaskan, both vaguely familiar faces.

Kaskan casts a dull glance over his shoulder at Jonavan's voice, a dark scowl deepening his rugged features. "Who says I'd grace you with anything anyway?" he grumbles back, watching as the other man takes a seat. Feeling contrary, he purposely moves into the empty seat between them. Seeing Jaya doing some sort of business he saves a greeting but catches the raised brow she directs his way and lifts broad shoulders in a self-indulgent shrug. Sliding his attention back to his erstwhile neighbor he gives the man a closer look - and inwardly groans. A healer. Great.

"Funny," is what Jonavan shoots over his shoulder to Shijan as he starts to stride away, exaggerated in his sarcasm. He fails to catch the other man's expression with his quick backwards glance so likely puts it all down to running banter, his never-ending mission to get under the ever unflappable Shijan's skin. He uses the same tone when answering Kaskan as the younger man slides in next to him; he turns towards Kaskan with a look of mock-hurt. "You wound me." For once, the healer is actually wearing his knot; it must have been one of those occasions when he thought visual evidence would help him bully someone into giving him what he wanted.

Jonavan probably misses that faint smirk that appears on the bodyguard's face, for it's gone by the time a leaving patron passes him. At the bar, Jaya grins at that sigh of relief, and she leans forward to briefly press her hand to Nenienne's if she could in reassurance. "More than acceptable," she says with a nod. "Beddie's going to wear this in her sleep. Anything to keep her pretty, right?" Eyes take in the exchange between guard and healer then, though it lands moreso on Kaskan as she catches that shrug. Once he's seated, she moves slightly towards him and shows the necklace his way along with a diffusing question: "This oughta bring out Beddie's eyes, you think? Or at least have her head getting a few notches bigger?" As for Jonavan, "Here to drink or to show off your fighting skills?" Yes, she can see the conflict between the two, and she's letting them know that she's watching. With a knife on hand just in case.

Kaskan really should cultivate a healer contact since Cheusia is likely to declare him condemned if he goes to her yet again. Perhaps toward that end he attempts to pull something resembling an amiable expression out of his weary repertoire and gives the man a wry sidelong smirk. "Good thing you're a healer then," he points out. Having kept tabs on the barkeep his blue-eyed regard switches to Jaya as she approaches, alighting on the glimmer of jewels instantly. A soft whistle slips past his lips. "What's the special occasion?" He glances over to Nenienne, assuming she brought the item, and recognition connects her to the same dinner as when he last saw Jonavan.

Nenienne almost reaches for the necklace as Jaya heads away, then she seems to remember that it was a commission, after all. Although she wears her usual serious expression, she appears gratified at Kaskan's response.

"Are you aware that dirt infects cuts and such just like that?" Jonavan ignores the guard's retort entirely. With one elbow up he leans against the bar, turned slightly towards Kaskan. He straightens out when Jaya draws near, eying the necklace she holds before glancing towards the craftswoman who seems to have made it. "Pretty," he comments, less forthcoming with his praise. "Think you've got me confused with someone else," the healer replies to the barkeeper's question, his voice a light, warm rumble and affecting an innocent expression, eyes wide in the 'who, me?' sort of way. "But drink, since you're offering!"

"Well, our turndays are coming up soon," Jaya answers Kaskan first as she shows him the necklace, sending him an easy smirk. "Thought I'd send this to her as a nice gift? Something to keep her occupied from thinking about visiting anytime soon, anyway." Eyes on Nenienne then, "Shall I pay you now?" she asks, already straightening with her hands digging into her pockets for the pouch that she keeps all her profits for the night. Jonavan's answer for her gets a loud snort. "Right," she drawls that out, setting the box back by Nenienne as she pulls out the pouch. Eyeing that 'who, me?' look, "I'm offering in the hopes that you'll be drinking a sevenday's worth of it so I can make up the losses for me taking off," she notes to the healer then with a look, but once the pouch is tossed on the counter, she bends to retrieve a clean glass for him and perhaps Kaskan, too. Eyes falling on guard and Nenienne then, "Drinking yourselves?" she adds then, since they're at the counter too. She might as well play barkeep, right?

Nenienne nods to Jaya. "And you can take five percent off since I ended up delivering it so late," she offers. She heads over to the bar and ponders thoughtfully when Jaya offers a drink. "Have you any of that spiced apple juice left?" she asks, hopefully.

"Only the bad dirt," is Kaskan's clinical reply to Jonavan. No, he is not smirking now, though a definite hint of humor plays about the crinkles of his eyes. "This is all good, hard-earned dirt." Most of the bruises from recent fights have healed, his broken nose and dislodged shoulder included. Only the oldest and deepest scars still remain to shadow his darkly rugged appearance. No, his current disheveled state has more to do with mending what was broken during one of those fights than the fight itself. Jaya's comment snaps a look in her direction, over-long bangs wisping across his view. "Taking off?" he echoes, catching the short phrase. Leaving it at that for her to fill in as she wishes he nods at her offer. "Rather drink something you have to offer," he quips back to the barkeep, his tired mind making an attempt at humor that may or may not be too much a leap to make sense.

"Sure." Jonavan accedes easily to the drinking suggestion, but indicates Kaskan next to him with a slight nod. "But he's paying." The smirk intended for Kaskan, along with an expectant look, dares the guard to challenge him on it. A glance serves as scrutiny, enough to take in Kaskan's bruises at closer range. "Ever show up with anything infected and I'm leaving it to rot," he threatens before looking back to Jaya. "Turnday," he picks up and repeats before picking a familiar topic to needle her on. "Does that mean you're hitting the double digits?"

Jaya takes out the appropriate amount for the payment first, then sets them neatly on the counter before sliding them across towards Nenienne. "Consider the five percent for a good job done," she notes in paying the full amount anyway, being that the barkeep must be in a good mood to be giving away marks when she doesn't need to. "And I do, have that spiced apple, shuga." She gets on that once the marks are handed over, eavesdropping on the continued exchange between healer and guard with open amusement. Shaking her head, "You two ought to make fast friends, the way you're talking," she notes to them both, pouring the spice apple into the glass before she passes it over towards Nenienne. The taking-off echo only gets a pointed look as she answers Kaskan with, "It was more than needed. Sometimes you have to get out of the Weyr for awhile, you know?" Pause. "I'll get you something strong," she decides on his drink, now working on his own until Jonavan mentions that he was going to let the guard pay. With an amused snort to that, "If a stool goes flying, I'm going to make you pay," she directs at him then should a resulting brawl breaks out. As for turndays, the barkeep sending Jonavan a look for his cheeky question that only deserves a response in kind: "Sure I am. It also means I'm that much older than you." Kaskan gets his whiskey, and then she starts on the healer's drink without pause.

Nenienne nods solemnly and pockets (or pouches, as the case may be) the marks, then makes a happy sound at the mention of the drink being in stock, though still without a smile. Now that business is concluded she sips the drink and stares off into space, not appearing to be listening to what's going on around her.

It's a good thing Kaskan didn't already have a drink in hand because first it would've been spewed at the healer's assumption that Kaskan was paying, and then again at the man's teasing Jaya. As it is he merely barks a quick cough of a laugh and shoots Jonavan a truer smirk. Not that he'd outright congratulate the man on the latter in front of Jaya. He's not that stupid. If the healer wants to bare his balls to the barkeep that's his business. Kaskan is rather fond of keeping his.

Appendages appear safe though as Jaya adroitly tosses the taunt back and Kaskan nods to the pointed look and explanation of her leaving. Right. He knew that. But he's been pounding nails all afternoon. Coherency is a bit fuzzy. At her threat of making the healer pay Kaskan perks, rounding a perked brow on the other man and lowering his tone, "Now that makes me wanna throw a stool just to get you in trouble."

"Try the cider." An aside to Nenienne down the way. "It's apple-y too." But with alcohol in; Jonavan thinks there's something wrong with anyone coming into a bar and only ordering fruit juice. "Add it to my running debt," the man tells Jaya, smirk coming to the fore; he matches cheek for cheek although the math makes no sense whatsoever. "I always did like older women." A sidelong look to Kaskan is sent for the remark, the healer still in good humour. "Oh, I think I'm perfectly capable of getting in trouble by myself," he says, casual as he shifts on his stool. "Tell you what. You buy all my drinks, I'll let you throw a stool."

With a nod to Nenienne once she handles the payment, Jaya closes the small box finally and pockets it for later. Turning towards Kaskan then at his comment to Jonavan, "You instigate him and I'll send the both of you outside tied and naked down to the ankles holding up two buckets of soured wine a piece." Some would think that she's joking. Some would actually give that pause. The pointed look gets transferred to the healer then as she finishes his drink and passes it over. To his comment on debts, "You wish," is what she says to that, not helping the crooked smirk forming. She hears the last too, and so she delivers that pointed look again, looking between the two men before she flicks a nod towards a listening Suli and states, "Go get the buckets of sour wine. I'll let you do the honors of stripping them." Lips twitch as dark eyes fall back on them both, and the barkeep can't help the wink sent Nenienne's way.

For all she seems not to be paying attention, Neni is looking when Jaya sends the wink her way, and although she still doesn't smile, there is a mischievous look in her eyes.

Kaskan can't help but look interested at Jaya's initial threat - anything involving being naked earning his attention. The rest of her description isn't nearly as pleasant, however, thus simply garnering a long, indrawn breath as he sits up straighter and rolls a look toward Jonavan. With pointed calm he notes to the older man, "I say if we move fast enough the two of us could take her down before Suli gets back with the buckets. Then we can hold her for hostage till we make our escape."

Jonavan plays along, and with his toying smile, the healer does not give the impression that he takes Jaya's threat seriously. "His idea," he points out to extricate himself from the planned punishment. "And you put the idea in his head." He tilts forward to take his drink when Jaya offers it, paying just as much attention to the smile as he does to the words given. "Ballbreaker," he fires back. "Or heartbreaker. Which is it?" He brings the drink to his lips to taste, eyes on Jaya except for the short look to Suli. "You're giving her what she wants you know," he remarks, all too cheerful. "She's dying for the chance to get her hands on — us." A quick modification along with a glance towards Kaskan. "Oh aye, you can have her knife hand," he agrees, sardonic humour coming into play.

Meeting Nenienne's mischievous look, Jaya was figuring notions like getting naked would get their initial attentions. Kaskan's words to Jonavan earns him a look, and the Bitran is really close to making a crass comment to that one but thinks best of it for now. "You forget the tall man at the entrance that's usually by my side?" she notes idly, eyes flicking over towards Shijan in slight amusement before addressing the healer. She almost looks scandalized when Jonavan notes that she had put the idea out there first, a hand stealing to her chest as she states, "Really, Jonavan! Would I push you to do something so that I can really end up seeing you naked?" Okay, so she's going for slightly crass, and the guard's getting included in those words. Eyes flick over both men before she rolls her eyes and leans against the counter before adding, "And I do believe the term is Ballbreaker, yes," cheekily with a smile. Jonavan's words on Suli though earns laughter - enough to have Suli looking in their direction. "She wants you two?" she echoes, flicking glances between the two. "Then maybe you both should consider yourselves lucky. I hear she's quite the fire behind doors?" She turns right when Suli arrives, no smile on her face as she shoots both men dark looks. Yeah, she totally wants them bad. Thumping fingers on the counter, "Ralik's outside," she tells Jaya then, gesturing with her chin towards the entrance. "He says he can't stay." Jaya nods to that and gestures for Hayli to take her spot behind the counter, adding to the small group there, "I trust to find my stools in their proper places when I return?" she asks them in amusement despite the earlier threat, the barkeep moving around the counter and already heading out towards the entrance.

Try as he might, Kaskan can't successfully pull off the innocent look when he looks like something the watchweyr dragged in overnight. He'll give it a shot though with rounded blue eyes and open-mouthed expression, then, letting Jonavan take most of the heat he'll sneak a drink from his mug. Bad timing! Suli?? His own flirtations with the barmaid aside, he's still surprised to hear someone else taking up the game and Jaya's lusty confirmation. Hard liquor goes down the wrong way and he starts to cough, pounding his chest with a fist. Putting the mug down with a solid *thump* he grips the edge of the counter until Jaya goes to leave then he gives the barkeep a finger-wagging wave, too bent on recovering to make any promises concerning the furniture.

Nenienne finishes her juice, then eyes the bottle behind the counter. She turns to Hayli and asks politely, "May I please have another?" She notices Jaya leaving and calls out to her departing form, "Don't forget the necklace. Thank you again." Then she glances over at the two nearby fellow patrons, her gaze vaguely curious.

Jonavan gives Jaya a considering look for her question and lingers a touch longer than necessary before answering. "In order to see me — us — in compromising positions? I'll go for 'yes' on that one." Finding the drink to his liking, he takes a longer sip. "That was my first guess," he says to the moniker. He spares a look for Kaskan when the guard starts coughing, but there's no pounding on the back here; Kaskan's on his own. His sly smile develops into an outright cheeky grin when Suli looks their way. "Well, you'd know," he says to Jaya, then oh-so-solemnly agrees, "Proper places," before blowing her a kiss on her way out - or is that to Suli?

On her way passed, "Thanks again, shuga," Jaya sends to Nenienne for the necklace, the woman pausing long enough to pat her pant pocket where the box is hidden. "Don't be a stranger?" Then she turns to catch Kaskan sputtering over his drink at the crass words involving Suli, the barkeep chuckling low to herself before Jonavan's answer on compromising positions earns him just as much a lingering look as he gives her. With that slow smirk in place now, "Guess we'll never know if you had thrown that stool, now will we?" she seems to tease, and his further taunts regarding Suli earns him the lingering of that same smirk. Suli, still not amused. If Jonavan's blowing that kiss her way? Then he's close to getting decked in the face. As Jaya moves out of the bar with Shijan in tow, she catches Hayli sending the men amused smirks as she goes to refill Nenienne's drink.

Kaskan eventually recovers, casting a glance over his shoulder as Jaya files out and catching sight of Suli in passing. Clearing his throat he faces the bar again and shakes his head lightly, managing to hide his guilty expression with wayward layers and a ducked chin. Wrapping both hands loosely around his mug he leans his forearms on the edge of the counter. Reminded of Nenienne's presence by Jaya's farewell he turns a quick look toward the woman, then slides a look back toward Jonavan. "We could always blame the crafter," he suggests, humor plain for the blatant exaggeration as he adds, "She looks the shifty sort."

Nenienne mmmmm-hmmmms in good humor, at least from the sound of her voice. "Somehow I don't think you could pay Hayli enough to coroborate your claims, and I imagine that she won't leave the bar to us.

If Jonavan's not about to get decked for something or other, he's doing something wrong. Suli doesn't scare him. He meets her look squarely before addressing Jaya one last time before she leaves the bar. "Next time," he says in the tones of a promise. Then, pivoting back round, the healer drums fingertips on the bar counter as he considers Kaskan's proposal of shifting to blame. "Oh, but Hayli likes us," he decides out of thin air. "We don't have to pay her off to, you know, pay her off." He slides a look towards Hayli to see if she'll play along.

Nenienne glances over at Hayli as well, then takes a sip of her drink. "Or she may decide to put my drink on your tabs, if you're not careful."

Kaskan lifts a darkly smoldering look to the barmaid in support of Jonavan's claim, furthering their influence in case there's any doubt. The pretty blond is no doubt used to lusty offers from the customers, drunk or not. The look transfers to Nenienne as she speaks up again, confirming Kaskan's description by tagging her own drinks into the mix. With a muted chuckle he offers, "If you're willing to throw a stool and get naked I'll willingly pay the tab."

"His tab," Jonavan is quick to tell Nenienne. "I'm charging him in advance for all the my services." A gesture towards Kaskan encompasses the guard's multiple bruises, visible proof of injuries; the healer assumes them regular. He doesn't actually expect Hayli to give him and Kaskan more than a snort in terms of encouragement. She does work for Jaya, after all. It doesn't stop him from trying though.

Nenienne says, "Oh, don't worry, it's only juice." As she says this she glances slyly at the one who can't countenance non-alcoholic drinks at a bar, though she still doesn't smile. Then she snorts at Kaskan's offer and says, "Master Jarvys would probably toss me into the forge if he heard I'd done anything like that."

Kaskan rounds on the healer, drawing a pained expression as he sits up straighter and tosses his chin for dramatic effect. "You'd charge me for healing? That's just hurtful! Don't you take an oath or something? What kind of weyr is this?" Turning to Nenienne for support he catches her defense and counters with an easy, "No worries, we won't tell!"

"Nothing's free," Jonavan points out, unperturbed. "Even worse -" He leans in towards Kaskan with the air of one about to impart wisdom or secrets, "- people take advantage of you. Terrible, isn't it?" Making progress on his drink, he echoes his fellow crafter. "Don't worry, it's only juice. Will hardly cost you!"

Nenienne finishes her juice and slides the payment to Hayli, then stifles a yawn. "Speaking of Master Jarvys, he'll have my hide f he finds out I'm staying up late in a den of ill repute, even if I had legitimate business here. I imagine I'll be seeing you two around, unless you," she glances at Kaskan "Manage to get that ride you were looking for."

Kaskan shakes his head, frowning to the healer. "Outrageous!" he agrees. "I'd take it up with Cheusia but based on the frequency of my visits she'd probably agree." Lifting his mug he tilts it slightly, swirling the contents before noting Nenienne's intended exit. "Even if I do it's just for classes. We'll be back," he explains, filling in some blanks while still leaving others. Upending his mug he downs a good portion of the remainder, hissing as the alcohol burns down his throat in one mad rush. Thunking the mug down on the counter he declares, "Good stuff!" and slides off his stool, pausing to give both crafters a nod of farewell. At least coming to the bar accomplished one goal - he's in better spirits than he was on arrival.

"Den of ill repute?" the healer repeats Nenienne for a second time. "I had no idea!" He starts off his stool as if about to leave, but settles back a second later. However, he's only intending to have one as well - or perhaps beat Kaskan to the exit and leave him with the bill as stated all along - so Jonavan sets down an empty glass and does, in the end, stand up. "Cheusia always agrees with me," Jonavan lies to the guard before trying to head out first and stick the other man with payment.

Nenienne has left.

Kaskan was on his feet first but is bone weary with some mighty strong whiskey pumping through his veins now. Tempting as it is to simply outrun the older man, he slides a grin across his lips and eyes the crafter with hues of smug testosterone shading his slate blue gaze. "Arm wrestle ya for it?"

Jonavan gives Kaskan a once-over; there's no doubt who would win in a match of pure strength. His days don't include workouts like the guard's likely do, though the healer does look as if he maintains a good level of fitness. "Sure," he agrees amiably, again a lie, then darts for the door.

"Balsy bastard!" Kaskan yells after Jonavan's retreating back. Any apparent anger is shallow though, a humored grin already settling across the guard's lips before the other man is out of sight. At the pointedly loud clearing of a feminine throat behind him, however, Kaskan's grin melts into a line of concern. "Pay up or you'll be garnishing the bartop with your ass," Suli informs him with a no-nonsense arch of brows. Hayli dutifully wipes down the bar to her side, a smirk plain on her face. Knowing Shijan lingers at the door Kaskan has no doubts as to his success rate if he tried to imitate Jonavan's escape. Grumbling good-naturedly he reaches into a back pocket and produces marks enough to pay the bill, cheekily adding a bit more as a tip before sauntering after his esteemed colleage…. who shall remain free until he can get his hands around the man's sneaky neck!

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