The Art Of Zen


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Date: 7/8/11
Location: Lakeshore - Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Rikath totally ruins Zekoith's peaceful zen-like swim by arriving with an injured Maura … who has a story to tel, if only she could actually speak like a normal person.
Rating: PG18 - Allusion to violence and trauma.
Logger: Maura

Wherever Maura and Rikath were during most of the early evening this night, it certainly wasn’t Eastern. Shortly after the dinner hour the pair disappeared ::between:: in a hurry. And it’s only now, many hours later, that they pop into their home airspace again, angling right for the Lakeshore. The dragon of the pair fairly radiates menace and bottled up rage; he doesn’t do simmering anger or mute frustration very well. That’s why he heads right in for the cool water once his rider’s feet hit the ground, though his eyes follow Maura’s every movement and the surrounding area with the eerie feel of a stone sentry. And for her part, well… shoving off her riding jacket reveals some rather nasty bruises on her upper arms, only seen because the shirt she’s wearing is sleeveless. And the act of sitting down is absolutely graceless. She just falls back against the grass and lets out a pent up sigh. With her blue watching *everything*, she pays attention to nothing around her.

With no rider in sight, it might be a little weird that Zekoith is still lounging in the lake; on the other hand, it's /Zekoith/ as opposed to any other dragon, so he may be forgiven this quirk. Rikath's presence is a sudden irritant; while he normally appreciates the smaller dragon this time the rapid mood shift in the area from 'zen' to 'ANGER' is distracting. « What is /wrong/, » the brown asks, mindvoice tinged with half concern and half irritation.

The fact that there is any living creature in the lake at all is an irritant as far as Rikath is concerned. It even takes him a moment to register that it’s Zekoith and not some random brown that he would be tempted to threaten to tail-chomp. He’s just gearing up to snarl when apparently he is reminded of his manners; Maura recognizes the familiar overly large dragon even if her blue does not in his current state of mind. « I would be perfectly happy if Maura had let me chew their limbs off. » Because that makes total sense, right? The only other information he offers is a freeze frame image; a woman slightly older than Maura being helped to walk out of an obviously Igen-built structure, supported by the bluerider, but with two other people behind them that have that unhealthy ‘I’m not friendly’ expression.

It makes just enough sense. Zekoith's tail lashes a little. « Why didn't you? I would help. » He does not require details; he's a very trusting dragon. « She is hurt? Does she need help? » Ch'rii is no healer, but he can yell a lot. To Zekoith this is just as much 'help.'

« She said we aren't supposed to eat people » Well, that /is/ whatshe said. « If she wasn't hurt, I wouldn't want to eat people now would I » Rikath considers this just plain common sense, so his irritation continues unabated. « When she brought her sister to Igen's healers they saw to Maura as well. As if I would bring her back ::between:: otherwise.» Hnph. That's his way of saying Maura is going nowhere near this infirmary.

« No. People do not taste good anyway, I hear. » But Ch'rii has started paying attention, now; he had been doing something involving either climbing or lifting weights, because as he /finally/ gets around to showing up he is shirtless and has a towel around his neck. "What's this about eating people?" he calls at Maura's back. "You okay?"

« Stringy » And he knows this… how? Perhaps better not to ask. "So we've gone from chewing limbs off to eating people Rikath? You're here to cool it, remember." The harsh tone she's using suggests that maaaaaaaaybe Rikath's continued fury is coloring her mood. Maybe. Probably. That she's laying flat and is therefore comfortable is probably why Maura makes no effort to grab her jacket and cover up herarms and lie through her teeth. So, her verbal response takes a few
extra seconds to formulate. "Define okay."

"You're obviously physically harmed, but since that's absolutely none of my sharding business I'm not asking about it," says Ch'rii cooly; he's irritated in general, not at her. Maybe at that someone manhandled her and the rest of the renegades didn't get to team up to kill them /collectively,/ whether or not Rikath got the limbs. "I'm asking if you need pain relief or a distraction. If you're upset."

"Well, isn't that magnanimous of you, not to ask." Maura snaps back, already in a bad mood. Which, obviously, didn't help her in translation of the tone of voice being used. "Of course I'm /upset/. But since you're not asking about it, and you've said it's absolutely none of your sharding business, then why does it matter." Rikath's tooooootally not helping here; that much is apparent. "Or is your method of distraction just to act like an ass and hope I get too pissed off at that to think about whether anything hurts."

"Why would I ask, though — it's your choice whether to tell me things." Ch'rii obviously has none of Zekoith's sympathy. "I strive not to be nosy, and most people I know can't /stand/ being offered help they don't want, so I tend to try /not/ to do that. Or I could pretend I don't care, and just walk away, but since I do? I'm still standing here. Get you anything?" It's a better reaction than 'yes,' which was the first thing he thought to say.

Maura turns a bit towards her side, and then pushes herself back up into a sitting position. The way she has her eyes locked on Rikath for a moment there suggests some internal battle of wills between the two, the red in his eyes slowing at least marginally by the time she looks back over her shoulder. "I don't know many people who randomly offer up information if they don't think someone wants to know." she finally comments, her tone returning to some semblance of normalcy. "No, no. You don't need to go get anything. Just you. Just… stay. Please."

"Well," Ch'rii says, slowly, processing this situation — yes, it's weird, but on the other hand, it's Maura, and she might hate being everybody's baby but that doesn't stop the fact that in some ways she /is/ and anyone she asked to stay would probably sit down. Ch'rii sits down. "Okay. Listen, I didn't mean to upset you — what's —" Handwave at her injuries; unspoken question.

"I… Rikath's temper. When he's this mad it's hard for me to keep it all together. I'm alright. I'm fine." All of which means that Maura is trying real hard to convince herself of that, knowing that she's… not. "My sister. She had the watchrider tell Rikath she needed help. But I thought she just needed money again. So I went without bringing one of you with me." Yeah, it's a start, oh…. only just a start though.She's not nearly as coherent as she'd like to be. "I had to help her out, and then this one guy grabbed me, and the other one had a knife… and then Rikath."

Ch'rii is doing his best not to /look/ as confused as he actually /is/. She's obviously upset — there's no reason for him to actually need to pick apart her statements. Zekoith makes a silent pry toward Rikath for the whole story, in a relaxed, zen sort of laid back way. He doesn't need to cough it up /now/. Eventually, Ch'rii pries, "What did she need?" There's a little bit of a shake in his voice; concern for his own sister, also still at Igen.

Oh Rikath has NO problem, at this point, opening up the floodgates. He's probably going to make it all seem much worse then he has to though. All the way from the blue rider showing up at the 'dancing' establishment and needing to get someone to pick the lock on her sister's door, to shocked horror and fury at seeing how badly beaten she was, down to the terrified moment with a blade a little too close to the artery on her own neck. And then the blue's menacing display that got her thrown aside. It's more emotion than image though, the scenes cut through in jerky pictures. "Escape." Maura finally answers, glancing over at his change in tone. "They tried to force her … I…
you get the idea."

After a moment of conference with Zekoith, Ch'rii blurts, "I liked Rikath's plan."

Well, /Rikath/ certainly approves of that response. Maura, on the other hand, doesn't quite know whether to laugh or cry. Instead, she settles for not addressing the idea of limb ripping entirely. "I need to go get her when her fever's broken. Bring her here. I'm not going by myself next time, though. You'll come with?"

"Sure. I bet Sli's already fussing over her, if she's properly in the infirmary —" Ch'rii only is mildly displeased by the fact he's not getting approval to make sure limb ripping happens!

"She is. That's where I brought her, and she was in no condition to move." Maura confirms. "I'm going to get answers out of her. And names." There. He gets a meaningful glance at that; tacit approval for limb removal. That nearly signals the end of her few moments of lucidity though. "I'm a wreck right now aren't I. I'm sorry. I know you hate dealing with…" handwave; over emotional, teary-eyed women. The words are obviously left unspoken. "I'll go. I'll find something to keep me busy. I… thank you." For liking Rikath's plan, of course. she even steals forward just enough to brush her lips across his lightly. Before she forces herself to stand. And, try to convince Rikath out of the water. He is, as always, uncooperative. And still pissed.

"Maybe you shouldn't be alone." It's perhaps unusual for Ch'rii, of all people, to offer further comfort — but he isn't completely unhuman. Just generally disinterested. "If you wanted to come back with us, or have me stay with you a little while. Help you sleep. Zeko's happy to give you another, uh. Attempt at a lullabye."

Unusual enough, at least, for Maura to look quizzical before turning around to face him. "Alright." she agrees, easily enough. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth and all that. Zeko's offer obviously earns a slight smile. "Appreciated. I've got a few hours left before I'm even allowed to try sleeping though." Her gaze strays towards Rikath for a moment, waiting to see if all of that will make him move. "Any suggestions for passing the time? I don't think I can talk about what happened anymore, for now." Or she'll looooooooose iiiiiiiiit. That would be bad.

From out of his jacket front pocket, Ch'rii draws — a deck of cards. "Game?" he suggests, lightly, as if everything is perfectly normal — which might actually help Maura's situation out, after all.

"Game." Maura agrees, responding to the normalcy of tone with, perhaps, a bit of relief. She folds herself back down into a seated position - if a bit gingerly - and gestures for the deck to shuffle. See? She can act as if there's nothing at all amiss. Just, you know, hopefully for hours!

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