The Boogerman


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Date: July 9, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Weyrling Barracks
Synopsis: T'ryn practices the weyrling's version of ghost stories. Randi tells Alara that she's fixed a problem.
Rating: PG-13 Language and slight innuendo
Logger: Alara

/Though it is wet and cool at night with a slight drizzle, the Weyrling barracks themselves are quite cozy compared to outside, that is. And a light from a lantern flickers as one rider finds himself alone in the rather spartan living quarters. With the lantern up on one of the small couch-cots T'ryn sets across from it. His hands caught in the shadows as he leans in, eyes watching his own shadowed form on the wall.

"And then my weyrlings, the Weyrlingmaster said…" his voice taking an almost hollow and 'ominous' tone. That is, if his voice can carry such a tone. It might just come out rather mark-low even for a harper'stale. " Someone is going to have to clean up my bronze's shit." a pause "With their TONGUE." And then he leaps up from his place on the opposite couch. "OOooOOOoOOO" Okay, so maybe the brownrider is just being quite…silly.

It is dark, but Alara is still running about, checking on things, making sure everything is in order. She steps into the barracks, just in time to hear the last bit. She recognizes the voice, but merely leans against the wall, arms crossed as she lets him finish. "And then, do they really have to do that, Theron Klanapan?" She shakes her head. "You're a daft one."

She moves to sit down near him. "What are you doing, T'ryn? Are you practicin' to scare the little ones?" She looks up at where he's hovering mid-story. The performance quite throws her off her real purpose for coming here.

Having heard the odd bodiless whispers and moans on her evening jog around the Weyr's upper bowl, Randi's curiosity inevitably beats her into submission. So when a blonde head pops into the future weyrling barracks, the rest of her follows fairly quickly. "T'ryn!" she scolds, unable to hold back a grin. "Have you completely taken leave of your senses, boy?" Alara is spied and her grin widens. "Glad to catch you both, though. I've got news you might be glad you're sitting down for, La." That grin never slips, though, so it can't be anything too awful, right?

Cue his back comin' straight up, as he is turning quickly to see whom exactly has come in on his mock trials of storytime. T'ryn blinks a few times, after settling himself. One hand reaching out to self consciously steady the lantern that was in no shape, nor form of falling off the empty bunk. "Uh." Oh LA! And there a goofy smile comes across his face for but a minute before it's pulled back-restrained into a more practical one. "Well, depends on the Weyrlingmaster..Not me, if I was 'em cause I don't have a bronze."

And then he's relaxing back down to sit on the bed-apparently the Weyrwoman has the abilities to sneak and scare ex traders. "A little. I figure a good boogerman story is what a Weyrling wants to hear. If anything it reminds em of home..makes it home here. AND it is better than telling them that half of them are going to die." Much as his own master told his class. "How're you-Oh." and he shifts to face better "Congratulations, Senior Weyrwoman La."

And no soon are those words out than is the blonde coming in to join in the rest of the festivities. "Oh-No. I am errworkingonmyharperstales." breath. "Lo' Randi." and then though as the next words come out of her mouth and the grin-the brownrider just raises a brow. Oh this should be good. Yes?

Alara is sitting down, and the words out of her fellow goldrider cause her to lift her eyebrows and gaze over at her in consternation. "Good news?" She puts a question in her voice. One can never tell with Iardani. "Thank you, Ther. I appreciate it. It's been a busy seven…" She smiles brightly at the brownrider, and makes herself comfortable on the bunk. "Well, I don't know who's gonna be caring for the little ones." She gazes at the brownrider for a long moment. "Don't think it has to be a bronzer. Just a good rider with a clear head for such things…" Which may or may not be T'ryn, honestly. "Boogerman?" Like made out of snot? Alara is amused. "Ok, Iardani. Let's hear it." The tone is pretty no nonsense.

"I think we oughta all take turns, myself." That's Randi's two cents, anyway. "Since we've got such a small group of riders here - and no set Weyrlingmaster - why not give the class the benefit of everyone's experience?" Her face darkens a moment. "Well, almost anyone. If L'han tells those kids that if they just want it bad enough, they can control themselves during a flight, I may very well rearrange his face; dragon or no." And then, as if it was never there, the cloud is gone and Randi's smile returns in full force. "I've solved our staffing problem!" Pause for cheers and applause, here. "No, really. I have!"

T'ryn grins back that goofy arsed grin, and he is relaxing-yes relaxing right next to his familiar friend. He is even scooting closer, if that could be done. "I can imagine. Ock's had me in th' cold for a few nights. Though Responsibility burdens as hard as a Holder's crown." As for whom the weyrlingmaster is or is not, T'ryn just shrugs softly. "Course not, jus-don't make it a green. They nance too much." gentle teasing before he is looking back to the goldrider to for a long moment. Whatever he is about to say though is lost as he quickly snaps his mouth to let Iarandi speak. He can wait. "Boogermen are err..monsterfolk? Nightmare people..Ghosties..It's all shardin' trader talk. be nice or boogermen will steal you from the wagon…Yer mother's so ugly she had to buy you from boogermen in order to have children…ecetera.." added before T'rynn is nodding to Randi.

There are no claps though. "What are we missing?" T'ryn is unaware of whatelse needed to be filled.

"And just how'd yu do that, my dear?" Alara is really wondering about what Randi's done. She's looked everywhere — well, everywhere a strait-laced harper-child weyrwoman would think to look. "What've you done now, Randi?" She shakes her head. This worries her. "No, I don't think a greenrider would be too appropriate in our case. I'm not sure we've got one with the right mindset. I have met some, though." She fiddles with the buttons on the sleeve of her tunic as she listens to T'ryn rattling on. "See, Papa always called him the 'boogeyman.' Not like the green stuff you wipe of brats' noses." She has been a nanny. It doesn't faze her. "And … what?" She's nonplussed by his examples of 'trader talk.' "Riiight."

Randi looks from one captive face to the other, grinning like a loon and holding her silence until she's fair to bursting. Finally she just can't hold back anymore, she's that proud of herself. "Holdless!" she exclaims. "Rocio gave me a list of some folk and those folk mentioned some folk." Turning to T'ryn, she shrugs and starts ticking things off on her fingers. "Herders, breeders, farmers, lower caverns workers, nannies, fishers, hunters… The list goes on and on."

"Same thing, really. Boogermen/boogeymen. As long as it get you to wet yer naps and stay peeped your parents are happy." given the look La is giving, T'ryn pauses and quirks his head at her before he is looking to a button that she is fiddling with. Cue his had running up through his hair to rag it around, and settle back down in his lap, where they fidget with the hem of his tunic. And with that he's looking back to Randi "Their a pack of Holdless jus' running around though? Or is there an emporium in which we can purchase these fine folks to fill our slots?" T'ryn's eyes buldge for a second. "I mean holes-frickin-Uh…Vacancies." Safe there.

"Holdless?" Alara is worried. "There is a reason they're kicked out of their holds and such, Randi." She shakes her head. "Well, I suppose if we keep a close eye on them, and make sure they're … " She gazes steadily at Randi. "Rocio mentioned them?" Well, that changes things a little. She heard a little of the woman's story, or at least enough to know that she was trustworthy enough to be allowed in their Weyr. "Well… I suppose." She frowns. "We will need some sort of supervision, Randi, and that may be your lookout. Or our new Headwoman. Where did you find her, anyway? She's lovely. So efficient." And there's a bit of a blush and a gaze to her knot. "She reminded me I hadn't gotten my proper knot yet." When T'ryn starts talking, her eyes widen, and she shakes her head, laughing at his words. "Slots?" She vaguely remembers their previous conversation.

At that, Randi's grin widens even more. "You mean Indira?" she asks innocently. "Oh she was in my first load." And suddenly her fingers snap. "Which reminds me, La. If Rauzath mentions that we timed it, don't worry. It was only a couple of days." She didn't want to do the deed with a proddy dragon and by the time Kaseth flew, the band would have already moved on from the location she'd been given to find them. "And no, Ryn." Uh-oh, now T'ryn has a nickname. Flee, T'ryn; flee. "I haven't bought anyone. I've just offered them a new start. Fair treatment for fair work." And here she looks at them both. "One bad deed doesn't evil man make." Alara, at least, might recognize one of Ianti's famous quotes, though T'ryn just might as well.

"I've had a lot on my mind.." mutters T'ryn in response back to Alara concerning his own stumbling words. A screwing up of his face into a small frown, while he let fingers continue to pick and peck at the hem of his blue tunic. Coughing, and bringing a hand up to rub at reddish cheeks, before he is looking back to Randi. "She's right though. Somes got bad reasons fer bein out a hold. If we're gonna recruit Holdless then we better go and talk to their Holders, an figure out why they got kicked out, or left." And he's shaking his head "Not meanin t' sound down on the idea of it. Jus, we don't need someone sharpenin' knives on our brats' gullets." Though he does have better fait in Randi's judgement, it is going to be a valid point of concern for others. Might as well voice it brazenly now. However there's a nod to the quote all the same "True, we should jus' be careful on who we take. All I am sayin."

"Only — Only a few days?" Alara would sit down if she wasn't already sitting down. "Iardani." It's not a reprimand, just a drawn out endearment, full of worry. "Rauzath hadn't seen fit to inform me of that…" Her lips tighten and she gazes off as though communicating with the gold for a short while. "She didn't think it was enough to bother me, apparently." This may merit words later, but for now she's talking to two of her favorite people in the Weyr. "That's why I'm reccommending some sort of supervision until they get settled and proven. Perhaps not twenty-four hours a day, but …" Well, they will need to sleep and use the necessary. She sighs. "It is a good answer to our staffing problems, but I think it's a caution." Something else for Alara to worry about. After she's gone through all of that, she notices the nickname, and merely quirks an eyebrow at Randi.

"Yes, La. Just a few days, no need to worry." And all of this is said so breezily that one might readily believe Randi really doesn't worry. Not about this sort of thing, anyway. "Which is why I made one of their own the Headwoman, La." Really, as if that wouldn't be obvious. "She knows all their tricks. Who better to wrangle them into shape, hmm?"

"A Holdless herder?" said back before T'ryn is stretching his arms and standing. A glance up before a mutter "Yes-coming.." apparently someone has caught a message or it's just T'ryn is quite crazy. A slight smile given to both. "If you both will excuse me, I have some err..things to attend to with a surly brown." and then he is moving for the entrance, only to stumble and hit himself into the wall. "Shards my ass.." a grunt before he is looking back towards Alara. "Oh. er..La. Could I come by for a visit later? Chat an work on where to uh, put my letters?" he might as well ask before he toodles off to take care of his Dragon.

"Isn't that rather like putting the canine to guard the poultry?" Alara frowns. "She seems a good sort. I'll have to sit down and talk to her." Find out why she was holdless in the first place, and whether she can be trusted running the Weyr. "I know she's efficient, but I don't know her well…" She ponders that for a long moment, and then looks up as her friend leaves. "Oh, sure, Ther…" Where to put his letters? Is that the Trader's idea of a pass? She watches him go, chuckling softly at his running into the wall. "Watch out for that wall. Nasty things, walls. Come by anytime. Just ask Rauzath, and she'll let you know when we're in." It's a clear invitation to her weyr. "It was a really good idea, Iardani, I just wish you would have talked to me before you did it." She sighs. "But, what's done is done. The firelizard has gone between." She looks down to her papers, and gazes around the room. "This place looks fairly ready, doesn't it?"

"Oh, La. It'll all turn out right. You'll see." Moving to flop down next to her friend and give her a quick squeeze 'round the shoulders, Randi pops back up again and grins. "And besides, I make sure and ask you about the important stuff." Like holders and harpers and other boring things. "But anyway, Kaseth wants to sit in some hot springs we found in the ranges for a bit before it gets too cold to fly home afterwards. We'll see you later!" And out she jogs, managing to miss Ryn's evil wall.

A fleeting smile is passed towards Alara, as one hand raises back. "Yeah, well when you leave your lantern for everyone else, you tend to get hit by em. Cruel bastards they be." A nod though is passed to Randi as she jogs on out-and apparently is successful in missing the wall. Another cough as fingers raise in an informal salute. "I'll come by soon La." goofy smile as he turns to walk-almost back into the wall. Luckily T'ryn manages to circumnavigate, before scooting out himself.

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