The Cheek Of It All


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Date: 2010.11.19
Location: EW - Lakeshore
Synopsis: Max finds T’bin, the Reachian rider who had carried a message for him up to Tillek Hold, down at the lakeshore at Eastern Weyr, apparently with one in reply. When greenrider Nara happens along, things quickly go from bad to worse. As far as the beast manager beating a hasty retreat is concerned.
Rating: PG18 for heavy adult innuendo and situations.
Logger: Max

Morning, around the time most are taking their first meal for the day means that the beast caverns are already a good few hours into their working day. As such, with duties already distributed and having just completed his first rounds of checking up on how work is progressing, the beast manager is to be found along the shores of Lake Hopeless, a mare showing the distinctly swollen sides of pregnancy in tow. Out of deference for the runner the pace is kept to an easy amble, every now and then his hatted head lifts and does a quick sweep about the area as if in search of something, or someone.

T'bin has been awake for an hour or so, his makeshift tent on the lakeshore, his home away from home so to speak, nearby lies a large bronze dragon enjoying the warmer weather of eastern Weyr. T'bin is as usual naked and in his right hand is a bucket that looks as if it carries a liquid of sorts, could be oil, seeing as he is heading towards the large bronze with some intent. Turloth rumbles at the sight of his rider and the bucket, he at least seems to know what is about to transpire, « I'm a getting an oiling T'bin » is sent as a question, although not quite. T'bin answers aloud, "Yes, you lazy lump if we want to lie in the sun all day again then you need an oiling and we best get it done before to many of these Easterner folks wake up and get their tethers in a knot again, you'd swear they've never seen a naked man on their precious little lakeshore before." The blond rider dips his hand in the oil as he nears the dragon and is about to slather the first good dollop onto the shiny bronze hide.

Sadly for T’bin, one of those very Easterner folks is already awake and coming up on he and the big bronze. Dragons on the lakeshore being oiled? Nothing new. Butt naked man, oiling his dragon? What..the..shards!? Max comes to a complete halt, having chosen just that moment to do another sweep about the area and does a bit of a double-blink before a brow hikes up waaay up high and then a wide grin peels out when the Reachian bronzerider is recognized. Chuckling he changes he and Spring Breeze’s path, tracking inward toward the nudist, calling out as he does, “T’bin! Put that tunnelsnake away before a canine mistakes it for a meatroll!” The first time he’d encountered the man back in the Reaches, had been one shell of an eye opener (no pun intended), at least now he’s prepared enough for the butt cheeks and dangly bits on display.

Not missing a stroke T'bin continues spreading oil all over the area on the bronze where he was busy, blonde head turns nonchalantly, blue eyes seeking out the face behind the voice, recognizing the young Beast Manager, he lifts a brow, "tunnelsnake! There is no tunnelsnake that could even nearly match this monster," with that he gives a thrust of hips and said dangly bits swing to and fro. The bronzerider laughs, "it seems the dudes down here are not used to seeing such fine specimens on display however, been getting a lot of comments from your folk here, not that I care really if you don't want to see, don't look, simple as that." Sliding his now very oily hands over the bronze hide in front of him the dragon grumbling and groaning, and if he could, would have been smiling broadly too. The bronze tan of the rider almost matching that of his dragon, proof that he seldoms wears clothes at all. "You dudes have the best weather on Pern, no wonder that big lazy brownrider moved down this way so eagerly, perfect weather for old has beens."

Using the thumb of his free hand, Max tilts his brimmed hat back from his face and then palms said hand down over it in amusement at the bronzerider’s antics and his return quip. A brief glance goes the way of a certain junior weyrwoman’s weyr and low laughter is in play, “Randi catches you strutting your stuff and her hunting canines will be given fine dining, bronzerider.” Spring Breeze the amiable creature that she is has found something interesting on the ground to snuffle at, and so Max takes to leaning a shoulder in against her solid one, arms folding across his chest, lead rope still held lightly in the one hand. A soft snort comes into play for W’red being termed as lazy, and then interest colours into his expression, “You planning on transferring down this way, or just here to visit with the Weyrlingmaster?” Because that would certainly make life interesting about the Weyr. A mental image of weyrlings on their morning jog about the lakeshore and encountering T’bin suddenly fits into place and out of nowhere, the beast manager is laughing, picturing the various reactions that’s likely to engender.

The bronzerider looks the way Max is indicating and laughs, "many a hunting dog has tried it's luck near this lump," he slaps an oily hand against the bronzes hide, "this one will have them flying through the air like he was do a juggling act the harpers would be proud of." Moving along the length of the dragon, slathering more oil onto the shiny hide, "we've been in a few tight spots, not all of them caused by my undressed state though," a chuckle emits from T'bin, "been a few times that quick exits have been needed, still don't understand why men get so upset when you are helping out with the chores when they've been away a long time." The oil is now getting spilt onto the riders own body as well as the dragon and can be seen running down all over his body making it about as shiny as the dragons, "yeah, well here to see W'red, find out what is so attractive 'bout this place, transferring, nah doubt it, ain't yet seen anything here -that- attractive, some nice ass sure but nothing different from anywhere else I've been." The dragon and rider now seem equally oiled, but it seems that this is the norm and the blond rider doesn't even seem to bother to try to keep the oil only on the dragon.

Laughter once again greets T’bin’s words, “I’ll be sure to stay Weyrbound whenever I know you’re likely to be around.” Giving open hint that there’s quite likely a woman he’d prefer not be left alone anywhere near the oily bronzerider. Cue the low chuckle that fits around a faint smirk, “Take it you ain’t met Nara yet.” Because that’s likely to change the man’s mind, or at the very least, give him pause for thought. All joking aside, Max’s tone turns more toward sincerity though he’ll keep the easygoing expression in place for the sake of any that might pass by, “You, uh…have any luck with that delivery?” A brow going up in pointed manner for the task entrusted to the Reachian rider’s care when he’d been up that way a while back.

Moving back towards the dragons head Turloth lifts a forearm that the now slippery rider half slides half clambers up, but seems not fazed by any of this as this is how he oils his dragon, always has and always will. T'bin half smiles, his head turns slightly the way of Max, "why? You got a piece of ass around here that you would be afeared of leaving me with?" Grinning now he turns back to the job at hand, but carries on speaking, "never fear Max, if she is marked as a friends piece I don't touch her, but we are not yet friends are we, so keep your girl out of my reach for now or make damn sure I'm your friend." Reaching up to rub oil up on the ridges of the dragon his arse displayed for all below, if you happen to be looking that is, or if you wanted to look, "Nara, nope haven't met her why she a good looking piece?" the blue eyes twinkle a little and the naughty grin replaces the broad one, "well if I'm here long enough I'm sure to meet up with her, she belong to anyone I know?" A question always asked, but if the rider takes a fancy to a girl it don't really matter who they belong to except as he said -friends-. Keeping up the good rubbing of the dragon hide T'bin nods, "yep delivered and that is some the reason I'm here, pretence of seeing W'red, looking for some ass and a good time, and I got a delivery for you, but as you can see you sort of caught me at a bad time, unless you want to go scratching through my stuff there," blonde head pointed in the direction of the makeshift tent affair, "otherwise you will just have to keep me company until I'm finished sliding around up here, then I'll have wash, then I can look through the stuff and find the delivery for you." Long winded somewhat.

A smirk slips toward a low chuckle, “I’ll lay good marks you won’t get passed delivering your best line and she’ll be twisting your ear before rearranging your junk in a way you ain’t gonna like.” And then Ahnika would likely have to try ‘please explain’ to her weyrlingmaster why his mate’ss lying on the ground in a little heap. Aheh. Almost amusing enough to tempt Max into setting up such an encounter. However, he’s not an idiot and knows the wrath of the redhead would be turned his way soon thereafter. Snorting through amusement over whether or not Nara is good looking, “My lead ‘hand seems to think so.” Brows go up and a crooked grin splices in as he recalls his recent and rather…uncomfortable experience with the greenrider, “Not as far as she tells it.” This to her being claimed by any one person in particular. There’s only so much any one red blooded male can take when it comes to another man, in the buff, covered in oil and slipping and sliding all over his dragon in front of him. Although still amused by the somewhat eccentric bronzerider, the beast manager’s arms unfold and he leads the mare over to a nearby boulder not quite up to scratching through T’bin’s personal effects and possibly coming across something that might scar him for life. Stretching his legs out before him once he’s taken up residence on said boulder a brow goes up, “You found her?” Surprise followed by a pleased nod. “Good woman that.”

T'bin is now entrenched in the neck ridges of the bronze rubbing away happily on the hide, although seemingly a little sad that he is almost finished as he thoroughly enjoys the time spent with the bronze, when doing the oily thing, strange as it may seem to others. From his vantage point he looks down at Max, "Haven't found one that I can't handle, the ear twisting thing may just be foreplay, that leads to something more, perhaps she wants you to twist her ear too, maybe likes the pain thing and here you are missing all the signals." The rider shakes his head the younger dudes don't read it right, "well if I bump into this Nara, I'll certainly mention you as a lead into talking with her, she a rider or what?" Looking over his handy work on the bronze it seems he is finished with oiling for today, swinging a leg over the neck ridges he slips and slides his way off the dragon onto a foreleg and back on the ground, covered in oil himself, he walks towards his excuse for a tent although before he gets there he stops and picks up a bowl full of sweetsand and heads to the lake. "Yep, found her, gave her the package told her how to get hold of me and left, a sevenday ago Turloth told me there was a package for returning so went picked it up had duties at High Reaches, then came down here on the pretence I was checking up on W'red, and here I am." With that the bronzerider wades into the lake, tanned skin glistening with oil, dangly bits dangling, he dips his body below the water one hand holding the bowl above water for now.

Max seated on a boulder between where T’bin has his tent set up on the lakeshore and the big bronze that the man had up until just a few seconds ago been slithering all over, naked whilst oiling the dragon, is keeping his attention carefully set to the pregnant runner mare standing patiently at his side. A snort and then he erupts into laughter at the quip given in return, “I like my junk just the way it is, mate.” So maybe he’s missing a signal somewhere but he’s not about to find out with the hard edge of the redhead’s right hook either. Not that that is even a consideration at this point in time. An internal cringe for the sight that swing of leg over the bronze’s neck presents him with and then a small modicum of relief fits into place when the oily one deems his task done and heads toward the blessedly covering waters of the lake. “Greenrider,” the beast manager gives in reply on Nara’s designation, now quite prepared to turn his attention back onto the visiting Reachian. Waiting until T’bin resurfaces, his bowl of sweetsand so carefully held above the water, Max sends him a grateful nod, “Much appreciated, T’bin. Let me know what I owe you.”

As if on cue, from out of the morning sky above the Lake comes a distant but gleeful dragon screech, slightly echoed both from the acoustics of the bowl-like terrain as well as echoed by the dragon's rider who is, obviously also quite filled with glee. Nara keeps anything but 'normal' hours. Until they start drilling and doing sweeps, that is, her hours are her own and she intends to take full advantage of it. Some are just starting their day, while Nara is on the tail end of hers. A couple of heartbeats after the dragon's cry - perhaps an attempt to warn anyone taking a swim - the slightly under-average sized green Inefredath comes gliding in over the lake. Instead of where riders usually are, however, Nara trails behind and beneath her green girl in some kind of leather swing-like contraption wearing nothing but her swimming skins, "Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!" She screams and laughs, her bare feet hitting the lakewater in front of her with a skidding spray and the previously Istan-weyr rider skis a few meters before losing her balance, tucking and rolling a few feet across the surface, like a very large rock that's been skipped, and then slipping under. Inefredath pumps her wings at the end of the lake and rises, the swing-like contraption, now riderless, trailing behind and under her as she gains altitude. Enter Nara.

T'bin gives a shrug at the Beast Managers reply, "you'll never know until you try dude, if she likes a bit of the rough stuff, perhaps a good spanking will flatten the wrinkles out a bit." T'bin stands up straight again water runs in streaks off his well oiled skin and he slowly begins to rub sweetsand all over his body, the fact that Max is sitting there watching or not doesn't bother him in the least and he keeps talking as if they were sitting in a bar having a chat over a glass of whiskey. "Aah a rider, that makes it a little clearer, us riders seem less bothered by the norms that seem to be instilled in others," the rubbing of sweetsand continues, creating a lather of sorts that falls down into the water surrounding the rider. Turning his head slightly to look at Max, "at this stage you owe me nothing but if something comes up be sure I'll come knocking." Hands are now rubbing places that perhaps Max doesn't want to see, but a wash is a wash and everywhere needs to be washed. T'bin is enjoying his impromptu wash when the morning air is filled with yelling and a Green dragon with some sort of contraption hanging from it comes flying across the water, followed by what seems to be a flying rolling missile, this attracts the bronzeriders attention, seems there are some fun people in this weyr after all.

Max nearly chokes with laughter at T’bin’s next little ‘pearl of wisdom’ trying to picture how that all would be likely to turn out. Not that he’s adverse to such things. However, he likes his head in one piece with both ears, still attached to either side, thank you very much. A crooked grin follows the laughter, “And how many times you got decked trying that one, huh?” Men bathing, that he can deal with, he is weyrbred after all. It’s the whole slippery-slidey-naked-dragon-oiling thing that is a sight probably best left for the ladies to appreciate. Uttering a snort of disagreement, “Reaches weyrborn and bred and I met a fair few of you lot that was stuffier than a harper’s best Gather shirt.” Take that! Dark eyes narrow slightly at the corners and then the beast manager is shaking his head, “Prefer to keep my debts squared away and up to date.” He looked set to say more, that is until one greenrider makes a grand entrance. At first a brow goes up for the odd swing affair and then a low groan spills out once he recognizes what just happens to be the very greenrider that had been under discussion. His life…is now complete! His attention does however track the woman all the way to her abrupt and watery end.

Completely unaware of the conversation going on, especially its topic, Nara remains under water for a good bit. Being from Ista, however, one can be certain her swimming skills are probably well-honed. Inefredath swoops in for another run across the lake, the leather sling skipping empty across the water, appearing to be trying to pick her rider up, but when no greenrider fish catches the hook, the green dragon lifts up once more, now turned around in the opposite direction, and pumps her wings skyward. Just about when someone might start getting uncomfortable for the fact that the greenrider is still not surfacing, a head of dark, saturated hair pops up a fair distance from where she went under, and closer to the shore now, where Max and T'bin are. After pushing her wet hair from her face, she grins brilliantly and waves at them before swimming toward them. Inefredath circles around over head before coming in for a landing. However, she seems inclined to keep a shy distance from the bronze dragon, not even saying hello. Anti-social much? Quirky for a green, that's for sure.

T'bin laughs at Max, "decked more than once certainly but always worth it, once you've tamed them though not at all as interesting, so I'll keep trying it and moving onto the next, best ones are always the attached though, seems once you are bound you are bound in more ways than one." The washing continues although a keen eye sweeps the water's surface for movement, the green once again swooping down perhaps now trying to catch fish in the harness contraption. The bronzerider, grins broadly at Max, "stuffed shirts and dragons, seems I've been hanging with the wrong crowd," T'bin chuckles, "unpaid debts dude are like having marks under your bed always a good thing to have handy, so for now we'll leave it like that, I don't need anything now so, there's no payment required -yet-" The waves as the woman breaks the water surface, gets returned by T'bin, although with a hand covered in sweetsandy stuff, he doesn't however even make the slightest move to cover up exposed parts, as before look or don't look choice is yours. The green landing a distance from the freshly oiled bronze has the big dragon rumbling softly and making small movements to where the green is, seemingly looking the green over carefully, perhaps a glowing tail? The bronze and rider are very much alike it seems.

Smirking, “Had my fair share of that too,” being decked by women whom he’d misread along the way. “Prefer to keep it simple these days.” Interesting concept of simple he has. With the green sweeping her harness type affair low across the water and coming up empty, Max does indeed start to grow a little worried. Which is when Nara’s head pops up out of the water, closer to the shore. Wry amusement settles into place and rather than do the cheery wave thing himself, the beast manager simply dips his hatted head in greeting, “Nara.” Thus lending T’bin clue that this is the woman he’d just earlier made mention of. Made mention of? All but sold out in a bid to keep the eccentric Reachian’s attention away from a certain redheaded weyrling. Slowly but surely a sly smile pulls into place and his attention goes to the bronzerider, “How ‘bout I introduce you to Nara there, and we call us squared away, hmm?” Anything going on between the green recently settled and the bronze, is either not noticed, or ignored for the time being. Though if Inefredath goes up, the bronze chases and their riders start getting kinky right there in the lake in front of him, you can be sure he’ll be hightailing it out of there, faster than you can say, ‘Flight alert’.

A naked man is bound to attract Nara like a magnet finds a knife … or in this case would a sword be the better analogy? She swims until her feet meet sandy bottom and then she starts wading out, a bit of her wet skin becoming more and more visible as she emerges. Swimming skins (perhaps Ahni is having a maturing affect on Nara) amount to a swath of cloth over her bust and across her hips and thighs, leaving her midriff bare and visible, her navel a center-point amidst well-toned abs as most riders are fit for service. "Max," Nara grins brilliantly, knowingly, and to the outside observer, Nara might look like she's making possessive eyes on Max, but a moment later she chuckles softly. Something said? Apparently so, because she follows with, "Jhath sends along that she and Ahni are better today." Complimentary check-in apparently there. Then she turns her eyes on T'bin, raking him with her gaze in a slow meaningful gaze, including all the parts, and her smile deepens, "Oh yes, introduce us, Darling. By all means!" Inefredath does not appear terribly comfortable, though she doesn't seem cranky and threatening either. More skittish, and as the freshly oiled bronze rumbles and makes small movements toward her, she makes larger, skittish movements away, the leather sling trailing in the dirt and gravel behind her as she makes to put the tent between her and the bronze for some odd reason. Too all of this, Nara is either used to Inef's shyness and lack of manners or she is just oblivious, too taken in by the naked bronzerider.

A clear chuckle can be heard from the bronzerider, "I used to be simple too Max, but soon wizened up to the fact that you only live once, and living is fun, me and the lump we are all about living for today, 'cuase you never know what tomorrow brings." T'bin seems to be all soaped up and so lowers himself into the water ducking his head under and coming back up still rubbing himself to get all the sweetsand off, it does not however seemed to have worked all that well as he still seems to be well oiled, as the water streaks off his body again seeming to glint in the sunlight. The offer is considered for a moment, although she is now here and the T'bin is quite capable of introducing himself, he does agree though,"Okay dude, if that will make you feel better." T'bin is however now distracted as Nara exits the water little by little slowly revealing what she is nearly wearing, blue eyes take in the form of the woman as she gets closer. A brief mental note made of this Ahni and Jhath, must be Max's ear twister, however no mention is made of it by T'bin, instead he turns to Max, "Well c'mon dude introduce us already, what's the problem?" The bronze seems a little disappointed that there is no evidence of glowyness from the green, this however doesn't stop it from continuing the slow sidle to get closer to the green.

Max, having come across the greenrider’s feminine wiles all too recently, puts a dry smirk onto her for the knowing look sent his way. That flattens into something of a more genuine smile despite the flash of a shadow behind his eyes when the weyrling green pair convey their being better this day, “Much appreciated, Nara.” Then he adds in what might appear to be musing tone, “Reckon I’ll take Renegade up to the top paddocks this afternoon now that his leg’s all healed up.” One can be sure he intends trying to get a moment alone with Ahnika at some point in the day, and as such he’s likely hoping Nara will catch on and convey his whereabouts for the afternoon. Spring Breeze, unconcerned by the dragons nearby, tugs at the lead rope, wanting her head in order to be able to go and investigate the water lapping at the shore edge, which draws the beast manager to his feet. Dark eyes take in the two openly giving each other the eyeballing and he can’t help the chuckle that escapes, “T’bin of High Reaches,” a nod going toward oily-naked-guy over there, “and Nara formerly of Ista, now gracing Eastern with her presence.” Was that sarcasm there? Likely more of a dry tease. Introductions done, as short and simple as they are he turns a meaningful look over to the tent, “Reckon I could that message before you two start playing shake the tent?” Amusement evident in his expression.

In openly admiring appraisal, Nara's eyes remain on T'bin. It's as he resurfaces and the oily look remains, water trailing down his form, that Nara tugs her lower lip in between her teeth, still grinning. Distractedly, and still eyeing T'bin like a feast to her famine, Nara lets go of that lip to respond to Max, "Mmhmm … Paddles …" not paddocks, "Renegades … in the afternoon … got it and passed on." So not. One can only imagine Ahni's expression when she hears that one. She stands where she is, about thigh-deep in the water now, dripping from every edge of flesh, "The pleasure is mine, I assure you," without blinking, that to gracing Eastern with her presence. "And a pleasure to meet you as well, T'bin of High Reaches. Just how long is your reach, exactly?" she asks playfully, her eyes darting to his groin, or in the general direction if it isn't above the water right now. "I adore the philosophy. Only live once and never know what tomorrow brings …" the greenrider smiles more winningly, her lashes batting a little, "It could bring a lot of things … all good things if you play your cards right." Then she tugs her swimwear top off, casually tossing the wet and heavy piece of garment on the beach, "Max, we're obviously overdressed here in T'bin's company. If you're uncomfortable Darling, you can always lose your clothes." Who said he was uncomfortable? Whatever. Nara seems to go with it. Inefredath sidles away from T'bins bronze once more and then is stopped short as in his progress, he's apparently gotten onto the leather netting of sling she had been dragging behind. Inefredath does a draconic little squeaking squawk of distress, which gets Nara's attention next, "Coming Darling," and then an apologetic look to T'bin, "She's shy around the fellas. I'm not, though." And winks as she moves out of the water more fully, topless and all.

The exchange between Nara and Max is heard but not really more just some background noise as the blonde rider's eyes are taking in the greenrider more fully, hearing his name mentioned though brings him out of his devilish thoughts, "Nara, pleasure willis all mine," a grin spreading across his face as he watches the greenrider taking in his package, and it is quite a package. T'bin chuckles, "well didn't you hear Max, he did say High Reaches, didn't he, and he was right in more ways than one." He starts to move out of the water which isn't far at all, when Nara removes her top and tosses it, an appreciate look given to the freed breasts, "there is only one way to live love, and that is with the freedom we were born with, clothing just gets in the way, if I could I'd just stay permanently naked, so much nicer than being tied up in clothing, although being tied up in itself can be fun." Water streaming off his naked body he steps onto the sandy shore, "C'mon Max get yer, kit off," he laughingly eggs the woman on to give Max a hard time. "Well, love if you play your cards right you could even have yourself a little of this," with that T'bin stops and does a slow turn to allow Nara a good look at the tanned body. Watching as she walks out of the water towards the green, the bronzerider smiles, " we'll get on well then, if you are not shy around fella's as you put it, Turloth is always waiting for the next chase and he loves the little greens, never caught a gold, but has had his fair share of greens." He is moving towards his tented effort, although probably not as fast as Max would like him to.

There’s low groan as Nara gets it all arse about face, knowing exactly how that’s likely to sound once conveyed to Ahnika. “Jays Nara, focus for two minutes,” and just in case she comes up with some clever quip, “and not on his package either. This is important…” Realizing he’s likely speaking to what is now clearly a thoroughly lost cause, Max gives up muttering something along the lines of a one track mind drowning in the rainbow of an oil slick. Instead he turns to T’bin, “Mate.” A sharp whistle with a snap of fingers in the air to try and gain the bronzerider’s attention, “Over here, the one still wearing clothes. Message. Now. Please?” The last almost pleading because he’s growing more and more antsy by the minute what with the way these two are looking about ready to throw down on the shoreline regardless of the sadly celibate beast manager trying very hard to keep his mind off such activities. The greenrider’s attempt to get him to strip earns her a narrow eyed look, “In your dreams, darlin’.”

As T'bin talks of living life without clothes and the freedom they were born with, Nara's smile warms, "I think I'm in looooove," she coos, running a hand down her chest and over her curves suggestively before another squawk from her lifemate gets her moving again. If her hips swing a little more pronouncedly as she moves and her breasts bounce a little more along the way, it's just an accident, right? Right. "Cards for both of us then? Sounds like a round of strip poker is in order," she says over her shoulder, "Oh wait, we're already stripped, aren't we Darling? Well, almost." Nara pauses and slips out of her bottoms, tossing them on top of her swimwear top on the beach with a little wet slap of sound, and then she hums softly as she finishes the little distance to Inefredath and unhooks the leather harness from her while saying, "If Turloth's truly interested, I think another two weeks or so and he's welcome back to chase, unless I have my dates wrong. What's today?" Oh boy. To the bronze nearby, Nara gives him a grin and a charming wink on behalf of her shy green. "We'd love to have you back, Turloth," and then she is moving away, just as Inefredath moves away, though not as far, fixing the bigger bronze with an uncertain look, her eyes swirling blue. She tries a croon in greeting mostly at Nara's internal encouragement. She is not nearly as smooth with the men of the weyr as her rider is, that is for sure. As she heads back to stand in front of the tent (presumptuous much?), Nara puts her hands on her hips and strikes a provocative pose, grinning at Max, "Actually, quite so, yes," to him being naked in her dreams. "Where do you think I got the idea for the leather sling there?"

The whistle from the Beast Manager does snap T'bin out of his reverie for a brief moment, "Calm down dude, that message is there now, will be there tomorrow, this however," a wave of his hand in the general direction of Nara, "dude this is here now, you've got to appreciate the finer things in life, live today for today." Blue eyes twinkle as they once again move slowly over the greenrider's body, not knowing of Max's plight of non sexual activity and it not being his problem either. "We could all have a bit of fun, -if- of course all parties are willing, then you can have your message and we all go off happy." T'bin grins and looks from one to the other, seems like a reasonable suggestion to the blonde rider if all parties are willing participants, he is already naked the greenrider well on her way to being so too, now all it needed was for Max to get naked too. The bronzerider watches as Nara makes her way towards her green the hip swinging and bouncing breasts not lost on him certainly, "Strip poker would be of little use unless you want to get dressed just to get undressed again, seems a waste to cover that up," he indicates with a hand towards her. The removal of her bottom piece of swimming attire only makes T'bin's grin broaden. The offer to chase is not lost on either the rider or the dragon, "We may still be here in two weeks depending on fall in the Reaches and whether or not we can find enough to entertain ourselves with." As to what day it is T'bin is the wrong person to ask he never knows what day it is, is there fall no, then it is a good day all he needs to know. Seeing where the greenrider has stopped and the provocative pose, T'bin chuckles and again moves toward the tent, "See dude she even dreams of you, why you haven't had a go yet is anyone's guess, leather slings and stuff." T'bin shakes his head as he ducks past Nara into the tent to try and retieve the message which is in there somewhere.

Any other day, that comment of Nara’s might have drawn a smirk from the beast manager, perhaps even stroked his ego a little. Right now though, he just wants away. Preferably somewhere cold with huge big chunks of ice tossed in for good measure. And he doesn’t event want to begin to think how she correlates that leather sling with his person. Sucks to be him. Poor baby. As such Max almost misses T’bin’s comment and ends up blinking openly at the bronzerider. Incredulous, “What the fu…” blink, “You’ve been sniffing your socks if you think I’m gonna…” glancing at Nara and then back again to the Reachian. Uuuuh…yeah no. It’s that last remark coming from T’bin that has his eyes narrowing and he stalks a step closer to the other man as if he might indeed have a go at throttling him but then he’s scuttling off into his tent for the message responsible for having kept the beast manager hanging around for as long as he has. Turning a scowl onto the greenrider, because she happens to be close at hand, “I hope to Faranth, you two never have children.” Because that might result in Pern’s first nudist colony if these two had anything to do with it.

To T'bin's suggestion that Max join them, Nara grins even more, "I could ask Inefredath to bespeak Jhath again, Max," her voice a mild-sing-song with the invitation. Max is off-limits to Nara, as far as she is concerned but only so long as Ahni wishes him to be. She does have her boundaries. Should Ahnika ever give her permission, one can be sure Nara will make an attempt to 'tap that' Beast Manager. Her attention turns to T'bin then and she looks genuinely excited at the notion they may be here for another two weeks, "Fabulous! I'll do everything in my power to keep you entertained while you're here, Darling." Her voice drops a little, affecting a sultry tone to go with that bedroom look for T'bin, "I can be quite creative." Especially if that leather sling is any indication. She watches him as he ducks into the tent, her gaze lingering another moment before she looks back at Max and arches an eyebrow, "Don't you know, Darling? I'm saving my womb for your seed," and she pats her lower abdomen a little in emphasis, grinning, "We'll make fabulous babies."

Backing out of the tent with the rolled up message arse and other bits displayed to whoever maybe looking in that direction, T'bin straightens up, "Dude you need to loosen up a bit, fun comes in many forms you know, three of us here and now is all fun..or are you heading home to the ear twister? Nobody should be tied to one piece of ass all their lives dude, you need variety, a change now and then has never killed anyone that I know of." The message is about to be handed to Max when he makes that last statement, the bronzerider laughs out loud, "children dude, we only just met, we may be going to party a bit but carpet crawlers are -nowhere- on the agenda.You certainly could do with some partying yourself." The message roll is put forward for Max to take while T'bin's attention is already being distracted, once again by Nara, "seems to me you are quite entertaining love." Again the mention of a dragon and it's rider, T'bin looks over Max, "don't tell me you are sweet on a gold rider, dude they are normally so stuck up that to bed them is a painful experience." A chuckle from the blonde haired man for Nara's last, "See dude she is all kinds of hot for you, seems that you need more than an ear twisting, go on off you go, go and spank that gold rider of yours, she may just enjoy it."

Bespeak Jhath…Er what? Her womb…his seed…babies? The woman was getting crazier by the minute in his estimation. Which has the effect of Max stepping backwards away from her, lifting his free hand up in the air in a warding gesture with Spring Breeze simply plodding along to wherever that lead rope in his other hand is taking her. “You’re a sharding card short of a full deck, you are.” – “T’biiin! Get that naked ass of yours out…!” That last bit falling off as the bronzerider backs out of the tent, presenting his arse almost as requested and having the beast manager even more grateful for having backed the hell away from the opening. Unimpressed he all but snatches the message up, glaring at T’bin openly, “You don’t know the first thing about me, bronzerider. But I’ll tell you this much. The day will come when you get that pecker of yours caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time and I’ll be the one standing right behind you laughing my head off.” Jays, someone seriously needs to get leg over! Tugging the mare with him as he backs away, the pair of riders are given another tightlipped look and then Max turns and stalks off. Probably to go and read his message and sulk somewhere in a corner.

Nara is, unfortunately for Max, no help with regards to the notion T'bin puts forth about not being tied to any one piece of ass all their lives or the fact that Max could learn to loosen up and do some partying. She is nodding in agreement, even moving up to stand beside T'bin and declaring with glee, "We can have a Nara-sandwich!" One can only imagine which parts are going where in that scenario. When he compliments her, Nara leans in even closer to T'bin to slip in and up against his side, rubbing up against his oily skin with both her hands and her front, thigh sliding a little along his, all while grinning and making a sort of growling purr with her throat. It's as Max makes his exit that Nara gives him a brief grin full of promise and waggling eyebrows, but she leaves the teasing at that, and returns her attentions to T'bin, "Now, Darling, where were we?"

T'bin is unaffected by Max's apparent glaring, and grins even more at his outburst, "Hey dude at least if you are right behind me you may actually be enjoying yourself." This bronzerider is not adverse to a little backdoor action if that is what will loosen up the uptight young man. "And if you are laughing that will mean you are eventually having some fun, and my pecker has forgotten more places than you've been, so don't have to worry about my pecker." The stern look as the young man backs away, just makes the bronzerider have to laugh, he's oh so scared, he'd be shaking in his boots if he had any on. The attentions of the greenrider far too distracting for T'bin to give Max another thought right now, later perhaps when he sees W'red he will ask a few questions but right now there is fun to be had, "well love, we had only just started so the opportunities are endless as to where we go now, do you have a weyr here close by, probably more comfortable than this," He kicks a foot out in the direction of the little excuse for a tent.

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