The Dances And Flights Of Humans


Rauzath, Escaeth and Voldrath

Date: Aug 16, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr, various.
Synopsis: During the discussion his rider has with Isilna and Ahnika, Voldrath talks to Rauzath about similar topics. Escaeth reports in.
Rating: PG-13. It's blunt, but it's couched in dragonese.
Logger: Rauzath (Well, Alara-player, but you know.)

Dragon> To Rauzath, Escaeth emerges from her hurt-filled cloud to bespeak Rau. « Oh, for the other day, we saw some people out and about, sniffed them, but found nothing. »

Dragon> To Escaeth, Rauzath accepts the report, and seems to file it. « Thank you, Escaeth. You were a grand help. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Escaeth chimes. « You're welcome, Rauzath. » She then withdraws into a slightly less hurt-filled cloud.

<Weyr> Voldrath grumbles. « Mine has asked me to follow a suspicious herdsman bothering candidates. Anyone know anything about him? » An image of the herder is projected to the minds of the dragons.

<Weyr> Rauzath gives off a pop, like chewing on a rough, raw green. « That one may be one of the Fortians. There are two, and they've sort of got Alara's acquiescence to be here. » However, she leans in, touching the link fully, getting 'closer'. « But if he's being a pain, we'll fly him home. Only takes a couple eyeblinks. » And there's a quiet burst of snickering.

<Weyr> Voldrath projects, « Mine seems to think he's being a pain to one of the candidates, and they might not mind if he accidentally falls off on the way. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath communicates personally. There's the scents of inks and quills and hides, not the old, musty smell of an archive, but the smell of new harper apprentice scribbling furious notes. And the sounds. « Which candidate, Voldy? »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath projects « The one who was almost married? »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath snorts. « Humans and their little games. They should take a lesson from dragons. Just have a race, and whoever wins gets the girl and the hold, just like in the weyrs. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath snickers, liking this idea already. « I know! They take so bloody long to make up their minds, and then, when they do, they dance around each other like headless wherries. Just twine necks and be done! »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath considers the more serious matter. « Well, Mine is aware of this situation. Keep an eye on it though. If they hurt her, they'll definitely go home. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath snorts. « You should see mine. He's practically dancing himself. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath, being the gossip that she is, peers closely. « Ohh. Do tell? »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath snorts. « He's being The Hero, giving her his gloves because she has a blister on her hands. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath snickers. « Who is he attempting to fly with, then? » This is good stuff. « That candidate you mentioned? »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath snorts again. This time with more than a tinge of amusement. « You don't know mine very well. He dances with all the girls, but when it comes to twining necks, forget it. He's only flown a couple of girls. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath snickers, and listens to the commentary. « Finally mine is twining necks. She didn't even dance much. But with Ockath's T'yrn, … » There is a raucous laugh. « Well. She doesn't want me telling details. » Hypocrite.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath sounds a trifle bored. « I've never understood the interest of humans and who twines necks with who. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath is somewhat surprised, and there's a soft « Oh! » as she considers what he says. « It's all so interesting, though. You do have to admit, they look like idiots when they … glow. And it's not only the females who do. » She snorts, and the smells of klah with extra sweetening come through. « The males seem to glow most of the time. » Mental eyeroll for that.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath is silent for a moment, then he finally says, « You have an odd idea of what is interesting. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath seems pleased by this, whether Voldrath means it or not. « Why thank you. It's fascinating. » She seems to give a mental equivalent of an eyebrow waggle. « So, how goes the dancing? »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath projects « What? Oh, she left awhile ago. To eat. You didn't think they were going to twine necks on the lake bed? »

Dragon To Voldrath, Rauzath cackles. « No, you daft brown! I just thought they'd gotten a bit further in the dance. It takes for-bloody-ever, you know. » She leans back from her close scrutiny, and an odd squeaking sound plays for just a second or two. « He should have followed her. Pulled out her chair and filled her juice cup. They love that sort of thing. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath snorts. « Well then, they all love mine. He does that for all of them. If that's all it takes, why doesn't he twine necks more often? »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath projects « Oh, that's not all it takes. That's like … remembering to buckle the straps or something. » The metaphor is a reach, but it's fairly accurate. « He has to say sweet things to her, or something — well, depending on the girl. Mine likes sweet words and doing things for her. » There is a long pause. « Don't forget though, her — wedding thing — went badly, and that was less than a seven ago. So, she's probably not thinking about twining necks much at all right now. Which means it'll take even longer! »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath seems to consider. « I don't know that he wants to twine necks at all. He just dances. He thinks a lot about the little blue's rider that we left in the North. They have a hatchling. »

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath nods. « Their hatchlings take so long to learn to fly on their own, and it complicates the whole mess. We have no hatchlings yet. Well, of people. This is my sixth clutch. So much easier. » There's pride evident in her words, pride for her young, and for the dragons she's been flown by, and also, pride for her rider.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Voldrath seems to be drawing a little further away. « Ah, congratulations, » he offers off-handedly.

Dragon> To Voldrath, Rauzath notices the drawing away, and seems to bridge the gap, not to cling, but to investigate. However, it's just the work of a moment, and she draws back herself. « Well, then. I've eggs to turn. » And with that, the 'audience' is summarily over.

This log happens concurrently with Digging it out.

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