The First Cut Is The Deepest?


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Date: 2010.08.09
Location: Eastern Weyr: Infirmary
Synopsis: Max comes to see Che for the letter she sent him after the incident with Ahnika.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Cheusia

Long beds and examination tables are placed strategically throughout this room, each having its own set of curtains to give some sembance of privacy when needed. The walls are lined with counters, each housing cabinets containing the necessary items Healers need to do their jobs. A small sink fills the east end of the counter: the one nearest the entrance to the bowl. The entrance is sloped so as not to allow the sun to shine in the patients' faces. At the far west end of the Infirmary, a small darkened tunnel curves around to the larger rooms where the dragonhealers take care of their draconic patients.

It's night time, the time where not many linger for late shifts but Che is doing exactly that and one can only hope that nothing serious comes in otherwise many of the others will have to be roused from where they sleep. Swears fill the infirmary as the healer attempts to bandage her hand on her own, the cut is looking rather fresh, still, having been poorly treated (on accident) the day before.

The only one 'brave' enough to enter the infirmary uninjured this night, is one that definitely looks to be anything but serious. However, Max's expression does hold a light frown to it as he doesn't even bother announcing himself before striding over to where Che is trying to bandage her hand. Setting hat to empty cot, he reaches for the injured hand, "What the blazes of have you been doing to yourself, woman?" Hi, how are you? I'm fine thanks. Er, no. Just that dark gaze pinning onto the healer instead.

Cheusia looks up as Max takes her hand, blinking in surprise before grey eyes searching his face. "Oh…" Blinking continues, "hi to you, too, WM. I was trying to see what she'd do if I cut myself and… Well, I guess I went a little too far with how deep I needed the cut." Oops. Cause people totally do that all the time, right?

With Che's hand held lightly in his own, the cut is examined (not that he's a healer or anything) and then Max sets an incredulous look onto the healer. "You did this on purpose? What kind of a wherry brained, egg cracked idea was tha…" dark eyes roll and he sets aside the chastisement as he holds out his hand for the bandage roll. Lips pursing lightly together, his tone apologetic, "Sorry Che. I had no idea" shoulders shrug at a loss to explain Ahnika's reaction to the opportunity put before her. "What happened?"

Cheusia watches him examine the cut, making a face. "It's clean… Want to help me wrap it?" She gives him a look at his chastising, nodding along. "It was to prove a point, Max… She reacted when she could have run away, she has potential and… I don't know why she is running away. There is something greater to why she doesn't think she can, it's not just… Uncertainty. She's making it out to be that." Mindhealer dabblings? Indeed. "She came in when I called her in and offered it to her. She seemed… Happy, briefly, and then promptly rejected it. I wanted to see if she had it… And, she did. I told her that the only restraints she has are the ones she puts on herself, she could do it if she put her mind to it."

While he's not the gentlest of attendants, Max does a fairly decent job of wrapping the bandage in place. One can only assume it must be something picked up from having dealt with injuries in the stables. He's quiet while he works, listening to Che's assessment, his frown growing deeper for it. Finally as he tucks the end of the bandage in place (it could all look a little neater) the injured hand is lifted and a kiss place on its back in mirror of the kiss to abused nose he'd received from the healer a while back. Releasing her hand he takes up a lean against one of the cot ends, arms folded across his chest, a troubled look in his eyes, "So…she reacted as you'd expect to her and then just…shut down?"

Cheusia is more than happy for his work on his hand, because that way, it's being done somewhat properly and by two hands rather than her one and cause more damage than help. A soft laugh follows as he presses the kiss to her hand. "Am I going to get candy now?" She teases before she sighs. "Reacted perfectly… Then shut down, yes. She dropped everything and walked out, she told me she didn't want me to bother her again… Not sure what you'll want to do with that, Max. Whatever you do, be gentle."

Candy? Max makes a show of patting himself down and then puts chagrined look out to Che, "Sadly, I seem to clean out. But I know this really nice healer lady that has some?" A grin edging out for that and then dropping away again. Arms that had folded back over his chest again, untuck a hand that rubs along his brow with increasing concern as he puts out ruefully, "She's going to be -so- pissed at me." Assuming Ahnika to know of his hand behind the whole affair. "I don't get it. She spoke almost wistfully of having wanted to be a healer but now with this." A short smile to words of being gentle with the candidate. "Not sure I should bring it up to be honest. Something must have happened somewhere along the line. I dunno. I'll have to see how she is when next I see her." In an attempt to change the conversation, an edge of a smirk appears, "So…that Kason journeyman fellow came round the stables asking where he might find you…" open prompt lift for the healer to fill in the blanks.

Cheusia's lip quivers a little before she laughs. "Shame… I'll have to see if I can find this healer lady." She teases back before she leans back, eyes closing as she takes a deep breath. "Your name was never dropped, ever. I made it seem like I had heard people talking of her work. She likely won't trace it back to you for awhile…" Grey eyes peek over at the man for a moment, "you'll figure it out. Or, maybe she'll approach you about it. I hope that you'll be able to work it out…" She trails off, watching him still and that smirk is given a slightly wary look before cheeks flush a dark shade. "Oh… Yes… Ah… He showed up. Yeah…"

Che's act draws a short laugh from Max as he shakes his head in amusement. But then more seriously, "Thanks Che, I appreciate. And honestly, my apologies for having put you in the position in the first place." It's the blush coming off of the healer that draws a low chuckle from the beast manager as he leans forward to brush a knuckle lightly over one cheek. "Ooooh," sounding far too wicked, "Do tell my, dear healer. Did he take you in his arms and show you in no uncertain terms his…feelings for you?" Such a teasing brat!

"You're welcome. And, it was not a problem… It's a shame, though. I was looking forward to getting a new apprentice." Che smiles nonetheless before he leans forward and touches her cheek. They grow darker at the touch, "/Maaaax/." Grey eyes flicker away and she keeping her attention away from him. "Well… Ah. Yes. And… I saw the beast."

There comes a small wince and then Max tries for a positive spin on it all, "Perhaps if I can get her to talk to me and we can figure out what this is all about, she might be willing to give it a try?" And then going quiet as his brain is already starting to throw out possibilities and situations that could behind Ahnika's reaction. But then Che's blushing even deeper and there is no way he can leave that last bit of information untouched. Lowheld laughter fills the air around the beast manager for a moment or two before he's putting an entirely smug look onto the healer, "Told you there was a beast in there somewhere." Leaning forward to further his good natured teasing, "So go on. Did you like what you saw, hmm?"

"Maybe… Worth a try. But, don't push her too hard on it. Wouldn't be good for either of us if she takes off running from you." Che tilts her head slightly at his laughter, giving him a look in response for that smug one before her tongue goes out. "Yeah. You did…" A sigh spills from her lips before she nods. "Yes. I did… Though I feel sorry for anyone who was trying to sneak a late night bath."

That definitely gives Max pause for thought with his sending a wary look Che's way and probably deciding the best course of action might be to keep his trap shut for a change with regards to his not approaching Ahnika about any of this any time soon. Amusement wells up and he makes a half-hearted attempt to catch that tongue stuck out at him with his fingers. Approval lifts up in the hike of brows, "You and he…took a bath together? Had yourselves a little…" cue the brow waggle, "good clean fun?" ending on a wink.

Cheusia shrugs at that look, "just saying… It's a possibility with how fast she got out of here." Her tongue quickly pops back into her mouth as he attempts to catch it, nose wrinkling up just so before she laughs. "I don't think the bath was our original plan, but yes… Good clean fun."

Max's lips purse briefly, "Aye, well I ain't doing nothing to give her reason to go running off neither. One day she's this confident outspoken woman, next she's scared a scared little kitten." Women! Go figure. Though he doesn't seem in any way to be put off by these flipside views of the redhead - simply intrigued. Aaaand he's not buying Che's version of 'clean' fun in that particular scenario, "Mmhmm." Relenting a little with a chuckle, "Ain't nothing wrong with just enjoying the man, darlin'," a pointed look being sent the healer's way.

Cheusia shrugs, "she's young. Young women have the tendencies to be whatever they please to be. One emotion one day, another emotion the other day…. Then again, that could be said about a lot of women as well." There's an innocent look put up in response, "really." She promises, falsely before laughing. "It was good."

"Aye," Max nods to Che's response, "that she is. But, she ain't stupid and has a good head on her shoulders too," small pride filtering in there for his girl. A short chuckle greets the healer's admission on this applying to most women. Dark eyes flicker with amusement for the healer's false pretences before he waggles a finger in her direction, "It better have been or I'll go over there," all the way to Landing? "And kick his ass for him." Protective in an odd sort of way.

Cheusia laughs, "I know she does, otherwise I wouldn't still be interested in having her as an apprentice." She teases, "she'll do you good." That's decided with a firm nod before she laughs outright at his declaration. "Of course you would. You're such a dear, Max. It was good… Great."

Max tries for a light scowl over words of Ahnika doing him good, but he can't rightly deny it, so that just morphs into a goofy grin instead. Che's laughter and final pronouncement draws a wider grin. Great, he'll accept for her. Good, not so much. Pushing away from his lean, the beast manager takes a step forward to place a kiss to her cheek and a warm smile afterward, "Only the best for my favorite healer, eh?" Straightening and rolling his shoulders loosely, "And now, I fear I must bid you farewell and try and hunt down that elusive beast known as sleep." Too many late or restless nights of late?

Cheusia smiles at that goofy grin on his face, nodding to reaffirm her previous statement. And then he's pushing up and she returns the kiss on the cheek. "Of course. Faranath forbid that he's not the best." A teasing smile lingers on her lips before she nods. "Sleep well. And if you need something to help, come right back and I have a tea that works wonders."

Having taken up his hat and turned to take a step toward the door, Max sends a rueful chuckle Che's way, "Not exactly the kind of 'help' I was looking for, but beggars can't be choosers, aye?" a wink for that and then hands go to pockets as he heads on out calling out quietly so as not to disturb too many infirmary 'guests' as he does, "And no more slicing up of your hands. That's not quite the finger food the cooks have in mind for buffets." Gross!

Cheusia laughs and wiggles the fingers of her uninjured hand in farewell. "No, you can't choose. It'll knock you right out, at least." She returns the wink before laughing softly in response. "Good one. You're lucky I'm too tired to think of a proper response." It would likely make those faint of heart rather sick. And since her hand is now properly bandaged, she'll return to the previous work of the night.

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