The Idealist And The Barkeep


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Date: 2010.08.01
Location: Lower Caverns
Synopsis: Leron, supposedly on an errand, meets Jaya and completely forgets what he was supposed to be doing.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Leron

The lower caverns was a busy place to be since it also acted as a dorm for those weyrfolks in need of cots. With the rushing and coming and goings of such folk, one would be hard-pressed to notice anything out of the ordinary going on in their midsts. The scarred, dark-haired bar owner is among them - leaning against the wall next to a cot that seemed home to a tower of a woman. The two look to be deep in conversation as the older one passes the younger one a small box from under the cot before she turns and leaves the bar owner to the wall.

Leron, with the straw sticking in his hair, is supposed to be carrying out an errand for the beast caverns. Instead, he’s gotten distracted by a game of tic-tac-toe- going on between a group of children. Suddenly, he seems to remember his task and jerks back to reality. Turning swiftly to continue back on his path, he almost collides with lady-tower. Brown eyes start at her feet and then slowly make their way aaall the way up to her face and he swallows visibly. Not too sure whom he’s addressing but he’ll produce a broad grin for her nonetheless, the next words tumbling out before his brain fully engages, “Jays lady, don’t step on me.”

When Suli turns from her cot, all she sees infront of her is some straw stuck in hair and big brown eyes. His words causing the towering barmaid to narrow her eyes and glower, "A bit jumpy to not be watching where you're going, aren't you, shuga?" comes the cool rich alto from lips that clearly weren't this lady-tower. If one were to shift to the side and look behind the older woman, one would see dark eyes staring right at them from against the wall - arms folded and everything. The small box she was given is still being held in one hand, and the look the young man's being rewarded is one of guarded indifference.

Leron glances about him as if to check the woman were indeed addressing him, spies the other dark haired woman eyeballing him and then shrugs, “Was just…” he gestures vaguely in the direction of the children at play and then back up to Suli with a cocky grin, “Bit big to be sneaking up on people aren’t you?” he eventually quips back and then dodges round her for the smack to the head he’s sure is coming. Which sets him on a path with Jaya, the note in his hand all but forgotten, “You’re new,” he states simply as curious brown eyes stray openly to the box she holds.

"Sneaking?" Suli drops this word on Leron heavily, her frown deepening. The craggy-faced woman looks him up and down then before indeed lifting her hand in an attempt to deliver a blow to his head as he skirts around her. Whether it actually connects or not, "Fucking brat," gets muttered from her lips before she throws Jaya a look and lumbers away. "You've made an enemy of my barmaid," Jaya suddenly decides to say as Leron approaches her, her lips twitching as if trying to hide her amusement of the altercation between the two. Watching him critically, "Don't think you'd want someone like her on your bad side, shuga." His eyes on her box gets a shift of her body, the move effectively dropping the small box into a pocket on the side of her trousers. In her response to his observation, "You're clumsy," is given right back.

“One minute you’re over there,” pointing to where the woman had been (he’s clearly not that unobservant), “and the next, you’re here,” pointing down at the ground at his feet, shrugging next, “sneaky.” His brilliant deduction. The words tossed out of him and the lifted hand he’d just missed have him turning a grin onto Jaya, “Not my type.” He gives with a self assured little smirk. Another glance going the way the big woman had departed, shoulder’s twitch again, “I’ll send a gift and she’ll have to like me. You’ll see.” Just that simple. Back to that box the woman secrets into a pocket, his eyes following it all the way until its gone, Leron chuckles, a hand rubbing the back of his neck, “Yes,” he agrees, “and you’re grumpy.” We all have our burdens to bear.

"You're crazy," Jaya quips, seeming perfectly fine with tossing out names now when Leron speaks on sneaking. With Suli long gone now, "She likes sugar-covered tunnelsnakes and wilting flowers from her suitors," she adds on gifts, letting the sarcasm settle easily into her husky voice. A little smile appearing now, "And sweet little kisses. She -loves- sweet little kisses. What woman doesn't?" Beat. "I'm not," she finally addresses the grumpy bit, the box making an imprint on the side of her trousers where the pocket is. "I'm Jaya. That," and she nods towards the stairs, "was Suli, my barmaid. We run the bar we're opening here." She explains her newness, her gaze travelling over the straw in his hair now with veiled interest.

“As a flit on fellis,” Leron quips good naturedly on his mental state. His grin widens and something about the glint in his eyes would suggest he might actually be toying with the idea of sending such gifts to the taciturn Suli. “All women like soft little kisses, huh?” taking that in before venturing with a smirk as he tries out his version of charm, “you one of those women Jaaaya,” drawling her name out in lingering fashion. A bar? That draws his interest for sure. “Need any extra help? I’m real good at running errands and such,” right, like the one he’s supposed to be running right now but has completely forgotten about, “So what’s that then?” the box that had disappeared, “present from a lover?” Sly teasing.

Jaya openly studies that glint in his eyes, one brow lifitng slightly at his teasing words. "I'm clearly not," she drops on being that type of woman, her words far more edgy than perhaps intended. "Isn't it obvious? I like it rough." She's joking, right? It's said with a straight face at least, and the dark-haired bar owner moves on at his interest in her bar. Nodding once, "I could always use extra hands and backs," she drawls, looking Leron over as if to see if he were capable. "I see no candidate knot on you, so I venture to ask what is it you do around here, exactly?" Beat. "It's trouble," it's all that is sardonically given on the hidden box seen in her pant pocket, both brows lifting and falling in an seemingly suggestive manner.

Brown eyes run an assessing look over Jaya and then return to her face, “No, you probably just don’t know how to let someone be kind to you.” His smile open and friendly. The question put to him draws a light wrinkle of nose as he gestures behind him, “Work down the beast caverns. But I don’t think I’m very good at it.” He doesn’t elaborate on why. Trouble? Cue the high interest as he steps closer as if doing so would give him a closer look at the pocketed item. Catching that suggestive waggle of brows coming from the woman, he stops, puts a hesitant look onto her and believe it or not, blushes slightly. “Trouble’s my middle name,” he claims stoutly. No kidding.

Dark eyes narrow immediately on Leron's assessment on her, quiet for a moment as she stares him down. Then, letting her hands fall from their hold across her chest, Jaya pushes herself off of the wall and looks away with the dry muttering answer of, "Like -you'd- know." Something settling over her features at the mention of those beast caverns, it's gone in moments when she addresses him again. "I think…I've seen you," she says, her gaze studying him and his clothes once more. "You were talking with the headwoman when I came in. She had you by the ear." How she remembers that and yet fails to remember his name, clearly…. When he steps closer, Jaya's hands settle protectively on her hips in a gesture of challenge. Her gaze pointed as she takes in the flush that appears, "I seriously doubt that, shuga," she drawls on trouble, making a show of skipping a glance down his frame. Lastly settling on his flushed face, "This isn't no tic-tac-toe game." It would seem she did indeed notice him watching the children's game earlier, perhaps alluding to the box she hides. Or not.

Leron stands quietly under the woman’s eyes, his own roving over her face with curiosity. Not one to be easily ruffled, he states simply, “Maybe I do.” When Jaya’s attention goes over his clothes, the young stablehand’s does too, his nose wrinkling when his head lifts again and he’s stating in conspiratorial tones of the headwoman, “She’s a right watchwher she is,” though no true ill will sits in his tone. The flush having receded he puts out easy laughter, glossing over her apparent putdown to give instead, “You don’t like playing games and having fun?”

"Such confidence for one who blushes so," Jaya states dryly, perhaps looking to disarm the young man by pointing out his emotions to him. Or perhaps, to deflect him from something said hitting too close to home? "I don't know her well," she goes, talking about the headwoman, "but if she's…anything like her son…" she lets that fade, lips drawn into a hard line before she shakes her head and continues. "Seems like you're trouble enough for -them-, anyway. If I were to let you run rampant in my bar, should I be nervous?" A brow lifts at that. His easy laughter gets a snort from the bar owner, pretty much shaking her head again at him and the easy way he speaks. "Depends on the game," she decides to say, injecting just a little bit of seriousness into her husky tone. "Depends on the fun. Where I come from, there's too much of one, and too little of the other. I suppose, you do?"

“What’s wrong with blushing?” Leron puts out quite aware of the way his cheeks tend to betray him brown eyes again fitting to the woman with open curiosity, as if he’d never seen such a creature before. Her return on his boss brings with a slight grimace though probably more for her reaction than her words. Shrugging congenially despite the cuffs he gets regularly from the beast manager, “Max is okay when you get to know him.” Setting that aside Jaya’s snort earns her an impish grin, “All games are fun,” he notes, “except the ones where people get hurt. Those, not so much.” Twisting to where the children are still at play, “It’s a simple game, but look how much fun they’re having. Don’t you wish you could have fun like that?” his head tipping back to the bar owner as he goes silent when he drops into thought. “I tell you what. When I’m finished my duties,” or when he can shirk them, “I’ll come by the bar and you can teach me one of those drinking games, and I’ll teach you how to play that. Deal?”

"Didn't say there was anything wrong with it," Jaya, even as always, allows a little amusement enter her dark features. "Just. It's different. I haven't seen a man blush in turns, shuga." Perhaps realizing that her stoic facade was slipping, the dark-haired woman turns from Leron and her voice returns to his brisk-like demenor. Toeing the bottom of a nearby cot with her back to him, "Whatever you say," she seems only able to give on the beast manager, though, perhaps it's a good thing her face is hidden. Then, looking over her shoulder at him, "I don't want you getting in trouble with him," she states perhaps seeming to read in between his words. "Finish your duties, and then I'll have some lifting and moving for you to do. Not a moment early, or I'll be force to drag you by the ear back to your beast manager. Deal?" Since they're on the ground for handing out deals. "And, I'll drink you under the table, stableboy," she adds with Dicori cockiness twinkling in her eyes. "Haven't met one I haven't bested there. But. Since trouble's your middle name…." a slow, steady smile appears then, amused with him and his words more than anything else. It fading on games, however, the bar owner allows a nod and a brief, "You're right. Don't particular like playing the type of games that hurt." Hesitating as if thinking this too forward, "Been through it?" she asks.

For some reason, rather than be insulted, Leron seems to like being called different, his easy smile appearing in response. However when Jaya turns, he simply hooks his thumbs into his belt and waits to see if she’ll turn back, the message in his hand crumpling. “You don’t like him,” he surmises by her words of his boss, “That’s okay, I won’t tell him.” His smile turns crooked when she catches him out but lacks the sheepishness one might expect he should wear. “Whenever,” another shrug turns out for the threat of being hauled back to the beast manager by his ear. And then, “Deal, but only if you promise to drink me under the table,” rather liking that idea or possibly not entirely understanding it? Probably the former. Unhooking a hand and tipping his thumb toward his chest when it appears the bar owner seems to like that, “Trouble,” he says again. Now his expression lapses into one of a less jocular nature, though a small smile still hovers, “Those ones aren’t fun.” As to whether or not he’s been through it himself there comes simply a short shake of head and a little quieter, “Don’t have to have to know it’s not fun.” Because fun, is what he’s all about.

That easy smile, finally, gets some kind of laughter from the cold bar owner. Dropping herself onto Suli's cot to look up at him, "You let nothing crack you, do you?" she muses, letting her curiosity on him color her words. "That's good. That's -real- good, stableboy. I could have used someone like you back over in Bitra turns ago." For what, she doesn't say. His surmise lets some of that amusemetn fade, her eyes dropping away from him again briefly before she seems to force herself to meet his gaze. "Had a….falling out," she carefully chooses her words, nodding once. "And, he knows already. I'm pretty vocal." - "So you -want- to lose to me?" the drinking under the table response getting low laughter from Jaya. "Really? That's….okay. That's weird. I'm tempted, though. Maybe I'll get to hear what secrets -you- got hidden in that easy head of yours." She makes it sound like she's joking, even though words don't match the gaze at all. His later on games draws brows together, her lips pursing before she gives and bare nod. "Then you're lucky, darlin'. Hope you don't ever have to."

Thinking a little before answering, Leron offers forward, “I don’t like when things get complicated.” Though he fairly preens for the woman speaking of having been able to make use of him in Bitra. “Never did get as far as Bitra,” he muses, “always wanted to see it though. Find out what all the fuss was about.” But he doesn’t seem too distressed by that, just vaguely wistful. The teenager puts a small smile back onto Jaya, “You should try talking to him. That’s what I did when I took his marks. He was pretty pissed at first but after that…” the shrug ending that off. Perking right back up again, “Aye. If losing means you and me under the table,” venturing a cocky grin for that daring statement. On the topic of secrets, “Don’t got none. But you can tell me yours if you like? Asera says I’m a real good listener.” It’s her last that draws him a step closer and has him reaching out solemnly to lay a hand at her shoulder if she doesn’t slap him first, “I’m sorry that you have.” Genuine sympathy in his quiet words.

"Sometimes, things have to get complicated," Jaya, after taking a moment for her own thoughts, answers him. "How else do you learn tough lessons, hm?" Beat. "You'd like Bitra," she continues on in a neutral voice, perhaps a small detection of wistfulness in her own tone. "The games -there-? Ahh, there's nothing in comparison, shuga." The wistful smile grows on that, but it wanes on his advice on the beast manager. She blinks once, keeping her face carefully controlled as she gives pause to his words. Then, her brows furrowing, "Dunno if I should," she responds finally, her guardedness showing in taut features. "Dunno what to say. 'Sides. Now I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't think to steal -his- marks while I was dealing with him. At least I would have gotten paid." Double meaning here? It's likely to go over the other's head, for the dark-haired woman's doesn't linger on her own dry comment. Leron's comment on drinking her under the table, and the tease at that, gets a roll of her eyes and a smile that is quite obviously trying not to come forth but does so anyway. Shaking her head, "As if you could handle me, darlin'." Eyes roving over him, "You shouldn't make such statements," she drawls idly, brows lifting in their suggestion. "Girls like me might take that as an invitation." The guardedness settles like a cloak over her as she says it, which perhaps, ruin its delivery. Leron's touch to her shoulder is something she -surprisingly- doesn't pull away from, the bar owner regarding him with a small frown for a few moments before she gives a cold smile. "Don't worry about me," she drawls with non-chalance. "I always land on my feet, shuga. Always will." Pause. "Everyone has secrets," she is quick to change the subject, the rolls of her shoulders probably dislodging his hand from her now. "And nice try, buddy." The smirk sent his way for asking for her own is one of cool mockery.

Leron listens though its either that he doesn’t understand, or its just his easygoing nature that has him passing a skeptical look onto Jaya on the topic of complications. Bitra however, that turns his smile right out again, “Perhaps we could go there some day and you can show me around, yeah?” quite happy to let her take the lead. Unusually for him, his lips twist into a show of deep contemplation for what she says of his boss. Therefore it’s a while before the usually talkative chap has anything to say in response. When he does it’s carefully said as if he’s weighing each word against the other, “Hello, is a good way to start,” he offers on what to say and then adds quickly, “I don’t suggest taking his marks, he was worse than a dragon with a sore head when he found out,” dropping silent and then adding with a shrug, “But he gave me a job anyways, even if I do mess up all the time.” Quite open about his failings. Grinning crookedly in response to her next, “How do you know how something is going to be if you never try it. Like squishing your toes through mud. It sounds horrible at first, but when you actually do it? Its actually kinda nice in a way.” His philosophies on life, simple. With her not having shied away from his touch, he leaves a little squeeze of fingers before pulling his hand away and hooking it back to his belt loops answering quietly, “But its nice to have someone there when you land, Jaya.” The mockery draws just the faintest hint of hurt before he turns out a smile, “Then don’t tell me yours. I don’t mind.”

"Go? Someday?" Jaya is all kinds perplexed. "You're a forward one, aren't ya?" Which, perhaps that's something she's not used to. In either case, she's watching the myriad of expressions going through Leron's face, seeming to find them more interesting than she wants to think. "I can say 'hello', and then go for his marks?" It's a small tease for a serious discussion, one corner of her mouth lifting. "I'm not worried about ol' beast manager, shuga. I decked him one in the nose before. Can do it again." Leron's openness with his failings, however, draws something from within the bar owner. She drops her chin a little, pinning her intense gaze on the young man before she allows herself to say, "Given the chance to fuck up is all that matters, right? It'll get better, stableboy. Patience." Jaya, the advice-giver. And then, Leron speaks of toes being squished in mud, and that has her brows lifting. "Are you comparing a roll in the hay-" and at this point, her eyes fall on the straw seen in his hair "-to squishing your toes through the mud?" And it's asked with such gravity, as if the question was Serious Business. She sees the touch of hurt in his eyes, however, and that does something to her. It does something, and she's not liking it. A look of guilt washing over her face, she seems to try and recover it by answering with, "You're right again, Mr. Philosopher. It -is- nice to have someone there." Beat. "My…secrets aren't…they're not good," she stumbles on words a bit, then coming awkwardly to lips before she fully recovers herself with a sigh. "And, I hardly know you. You might go tell on me, or get me in trouble, or something." She tries to inject amusement here, perhaps to keep from seeing the hurt that was there before. "I don't like tattle-tellers. I don't even know your name, other than you -think- you're trouble."

“I’ve never been there before, and you have,” Leron rocks back on his heels. It all seems simple enough to him. The smile that was making its appearance again draws broad for the revelation given, laughing, almost crowing in delight, “You did that to him?” He looses a hand from his belt loops and closes it into a testing fist and contemplates it for a while, then with a shake of head and a chuckle hooks it right back where it had come from again, “Nah, he’d break me in half if I tried that.” Again, knowing his own limitations or just not arsed enough to give it a try. Shoulders roll in response to things getting better, “Every day is another day to try again.” Ever the optimist. Brown eyes blink a moment or two and then go wide for the misunderstanding, “Oh. No. That’s not what I meant.” Though he seems to have lost track of what he had initially meant. The short silence that envelops pointing to that until a smile is breaking free for the agreement given on having someone there when you fall, or land. “Anything that’s a secret is a secret because someone feels bad about it. But sometimes telling someone else takes some of the bad feelings away.” Yup, Mr Philoshoper. Or Mr Daydreamer. Whichever fits. Honestly given, “I don’t know anyone to tell secrets too. Besides, I like you, so I wouldn’t tell yours.” A hand lifts and scratches to his head for his lack of proper introductions and then tips a thumb toward his chest, “I’m Leron.” Cue that annoying happy-go-lucky smile.

Leron's happy-go-lucky demeanor has the bar owner trying hard now not to laugh. "Well, you'll have to ask one of these dragonriders to take you there sometime," Jaya says on Bitra, shaking her head as one hand idly goes to the hidden small box. "I can't go back." It's stated simply, easily. Of course, she feels pleased at his acknowledgement of her prowess, balling a fist up and sending a wink his way. "Yep. Broke that shiny nose of his, too. You might want to try for the gut if you want to get a good sucker punch on him before he recovers enough to retaliate." Probably bad advice considering, the woman looking at the fist he makes with a wry grin. She's further amused by the shock on his face on the misunderstanding, and she lets the matter drop. "Bad feelings won't go away from these," she speaks now, neutrally on her secrets, drawing a hand over the scar on her face. "You like me after a moment of meeting me?" This gets a guarded look from her, regarding him closely now. "You must trust me, too. Think I will have to take you up on that drinking offer after all. Take you for all you're worth. You'll be an easy mark." With her saying it so matter-of-factly, it's probably likely that she wouldn't fleece him under the table. Still, "Well met, Leron."

Ask a dragonrider for a lift? No problem. That clearly expressed in his features. Brown eyes watch Jaya carefully and then fall to where the hidden box is, “Because of that?” he asks quietly. That slight sobriety trickles off and leaves a grin in its wake, but he’s quickly shaking his head, “He’d send Waine after me, or come after me himself once he can breathe,” mischief lights up his eyes, “I could always just lock him in his office one night and throw a tunnelsnake in there?” the tip of brow sending query after gaining the bar owner’s help with this. Shrugging easily, “Sure, why not,” this either to liking or trusting the woman. Now hands move to his pockets and turn them inside out. From one a piece of wire falls out, from the other, a mark bit, “Don’t have much to take.” Either that’s true or being the pick-pocket that he had been, he knows better than to carry anything of value upon his person. Only now does he wander back to the subject of her scar, “I think it shows…” again with the measure words, “that you’ve had a hard life but you’re still here and can make things better for yourself. If you want to.”

Notice of the box again get the dark-haired woman to pause for a few moments. Eyes seeking his out, unreadable in his study as she chooses her words carefully, "Not ….exactly," Jaya answers slowly. "It's a long story." But her grin is back in place on talks of doing some kind of harm or jokes on the poor beast manager. "Tell you what. He comes after you, I'll back you up," she states good-naturedly, nodding with a thumb going to her chest. "He can't put down the both of us, right? And I'm with you on the office idea, too. Maybe we'll just dump a big pile of runner dung in there with him instead. By the time we let him out, he may not be giving you anymore problems." There's a conspiratory wink here, perhaps knowing that likely, Max -would- retaliate should they go through with it. Her gaze then drops to Leron's pockets as he pulls a few things out, settling a make-believe look of disappointment on dark features. Sighing dramatically with a hand stealing over her heart, "You wound me, Leron. I have been beaten before my fingers can even graze your pockets." With his last, his gaze on her scar getting some self-conscious movement from her, "You assume the good in everyone, Leron." This is given quietly, evenly-spoken. "I'd like to think different."

Nodding his understanding over the box, “Perhaps you can tell me while I move those boxes for you.” Leron leaves off of that topic, his grin stretching wide yet again at talk of pranking the beast manager, though he does note with a lift of brow, “Not going to hide behind a woman’s skirts,” this rather stoutly announced, “But you can distract him, while I get away.” A chuckle falls from his softly shaped lips for Jaya’s pretence at hurt, “I promise next time to have something more interesting for you to find in my pockets.” Perhaps a bit of a hopeful note stitched into those words. His experience in life may not reach to encompass women just yet, but enough time on the road has taught him a thing or two. With a tip of head to one side, “If you assume the worst of someone, then that’s usually what they’re going to give you,” he says a small smile appearing, “A friend,” he notes, “is simply a stranger in disguise.” Such an idealist.

A hand settles almost possessively over the hidden box, Jaya leaning back against the cot with an almost pensive expression across her face. "I'd rather hear about you and yours," she drawls on tales over boxes, letting a casual air flit through her husky voice. "You may not have secrets, but you have an origin. Perhaps we'll discuss that instead while you work for me." She matches Leron grin for grin even, when discussing the beast manager - which, is probably a small improvement from other expressions tied to the man whenever he was brought up. Balking, "You mean to -leave- me with him? So -I- get in trouble? Fuck no, stableboy!" She laughs aloud, something loud-sounding enough to cause those lounging on cots paces away to look their way in curiosity. Slapping her hand on the cot, "Noooo way! Then I'll have no choice but to deck him again, which will probably land me in hot water with his mother. Haven't decided how to deal with -that- one yet, but I will." Beat. "If I lift some jewelry off you, or a pretty hairclip, then I might have to call you my favorite friend," she drawls on pick-pocketing him later, her smile easy to come forth now. With his last, there's a solemn nod of agreement, though a bit reluctant. "And if their worst is all they got to give?" she asks in all serious, eyes meeting his own. "You have holdbred notions," she suddenly lays on her judgement, though it's noted that it's without its usual touch of mockery or malice. Just an observation. "An enemy could be seen in the same light, from a different angle."

Shrugging easily for revealing his own origins, “Okay.” Leron unhooks a hand and points a finger toward Jaya, chuckling, “You said you could sort him out again.” Amusement tips into curiosity and a slightly wary glance to one side as if Indira might just pop up out of nowhere, “She’s scary,” he says of the woman again, “But I don’t think Max is scared of her.” His tone denoting some small semblance of hero worship for the complex beast manager. Brown eyes light with interest. A hairclip would make him her favorite friend? His open expression telling of him filing that particular piece of information away for later use. Rocking back on his heels once again, his upper body leans away from the woman as if requiring space to think upon the question presented to him, “Everyone has something good about them.” Holding stubbornly to his theory. A snort spills out for these being holdbred notions, “Been on my own traveling the roads for two turns now. Nothing holdbred about me.” Mmhmm. He does however take in what is noted of enemies at the end, “Don’t have any,” quiet for a bit and then, “Sounds like you might though.” Not really a question, simply an observation.

The easy way in which Leron agrees to tell her -anything- she seems to be asking is of much amusement to the bar owner now. It's probably odd, considering that she's even talking to him this long enough when she usually dons her shroud of intimidation wherever she goes. "Now you're trying to start trouble between me and beast manager, shuga," Jaya drawls, lifting and waving one finger from side to side infront of him. "I don't like him enough. Don't tempt me." It's a tease, and there's something serious in the way it's delivered. She lets the easy smile fall for latter words though, settling her hands over the top of folded legs while she listens. "Two turns on the road and yet you're more easy than half these strays in this Weyr," she states with just a hint of sarcasm, tempering it with a lopsided grin. "Maybe you and I must have travelled two different roads, darlin'. The roads I travelled weren't so cut'n'dry where everyone had something good about them." She pauses, letting that sink in, before she continues on blithely. "Not surprised," she drawls on him not having enemies. "And me, well…" there's a shrug, making it the facts of life. "You call yourself trouble. Well, I've been trouble for turns a lot longer than you, I'd wager. One's bound to make enemies in that case."

“No ma’am,” Leron shakes his head slowly from side to side, his mouth opening to make further comment on his boss and the woman that obviously holds intense dislike for the man, but he thinks better of it and ends up just blowing a puff of air out through his lips instead. Brown eyes take Jaya in, touching and flicking over her posture as if somehow he could divine what’s going on in her head, that way. Putting an indifferent look around the cavern and the other Weyr ‘strays’, “Just don’t see the point in wasting my time worrying about something I can’t change when there’s more out there to see and do,” smiling at the end. Perhaps he names himself such due to the simple fact that most have trouble figuring him out. Either way a grin pushes through, “Don’t look much older’n me,” this to her statement on turns worth of being trouble, “You’re here now, so a fresh start, yes?” hesitating and then putting a slightly pointed look onto the bar owner, “Unless…you’ve got enemies here already?” Because that would be unfortunate. Closing the other hand that had been hanging limply off of his belt, the message in it crumples a little more and suddenly draws a wide eyed look of near horror from the idealist, “Oh shards,” he breathes staring down at his hand, “Max is gonna tear a strip off my hide.”

Leron's study of her definitely gets noticed from the bar owner, and a brow lifts idly as she's less intense in doing the same. His comment gets a twitch of her lips, "Ever the optimist," Jaya is commenting back on it. "I'm here, yes. Don't know about a start, but… to make profit. That's always important, shuga." Meeting his pointed eyes then at his question on enemies, there's only a rather flat, "Give me more time." She straightens up on the cot when Leron realizes he did indeed have other places to be, the dark-haired woman getting to her feet then. Her gaze falling on that crumpled sheet, "Better you than me," she drawls on Max tearing anything, letting a faint smile settle on her lips. "Don't let me keep you, shuga. Come on by the bar when you think you have the time to help out. Suli and I would appreciate it," and a joining nod is given.

“A new start can be profitable too,” Leron counters with before a cheerful smile blooms once again despite the imminent ass kicking that’s sure to be his soon, “Sure Jaya, you take your time.” Confidence in his tone suggesting he believes her capable of looking at things differently. As to her comments on his boss, an impish peels out, “Nah, he’ll be pissed and then that girl will come round again and he’ll forget all about it.” Hopefully. Before he scurries off however, the irrepressible teen steps in and holds out his hand, “I’m glad I met you. You’re nice,” obviously holdbred to the point of wanting to shake her hand in farewell.

"You're weird," Jaya is passing judgements again, but at least it's with a smile, right? Brushing something off her trousers, the mention of the beast manager and his girl gets motions to stop immediately. Sharp eyes look up to find his own, then the bar owner is recovering herself by forcing herself to smile and take his hand without thinking. Her hold on him firm before she gives him a single shake, "You're…interesting," she grudgingly gives herself, probably the most genuine thing said this day. "Mostly strange, but, interesting. Harmless." Whatever she means by the last, she doesn't choose to elaborate as she releases his hand to let him be on his way.

Apparently, he doesn’t mind those titles and in fact fairly beams for them as he meets her hand and gives a surprisingly firm shake despite the lankiness of his frame. As to harmless…well, she might just find out otherwise when he’s dropping glasses, tripping over chairs or even his own feet when he swings by to help out at the bar. For now though, Leron tosses Jaya an impish wink, “See you later, Jaya.” And then he’s ducking and diving through the Weyr residents to deliver a message that is by now, probably defunct.

Talking Heads - Road To Nowhere

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