The Importance Of Personal Safety


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Date: 2010.11.20
Location: EW - Weyrlingmaster's Office
Synopsis: W'red and a guest speaker, speak to the weyrlings about the importance of personal safety.
Rating: PG13
Logger: L'ron

It is a clear warm mid morning, all exercises done and the Weyrlingmaster is in his office preparing for the morning lesson, the office has been changed a lot since he took over the training at eastern, it has been modified, with the help of the lower cavern staff, to enable him to give lectures in it, now it is a dual purpose room, office and lecture room, it seemed to be waste of space having such a large office for only one persons use. The shelves are now filling up with a mixture of neatly bound hides and the new books that the Harper Hall keeps sending him. The stools have been arranged in such a fashion that they all now face the wall on the left of the room, this is where an easel stands with papers hanging from it, W'red uses these to explain either in writing or picture form things the Weyrlings don't understand merely from him lecturing. He is seated in his chair behind the large desk which has been moved to the right of the room facing in the same direction as the stools that the Weyrlings will occupy, the door is now to his left. To his right is another easy chair, a comfortable looking chair suited for relaxing in while going over lessons or for reading. Sitting in the chair is another man, a tousle of blonde hair, dark bronze tan, loose fitting shirt, half length trousers and what look like leather slippers on his feet, he has a broad grin on his face and seems totally at ease in the presence of the Weyrlingmaster, a friend perhaps. W'red seems very relaxed and at ease as he waits for all the Weyrlings to make their way into the lecture room area, as usual a lot of whispering and muttering seems to invade the space as it fills up.

Ciara enters the room somewhere in the middle of the class, looking around her as she does. No doubt she's trying to find a friend to sit near to, although who knows how much talking to friends will be allowed in the lecture. She claims a stool in the second row from the front, towards the middle, so that she's got a good view of the easel. The man in the chair gets a long, puzzled look from the gold weyrling, but Ci shrugs a shoulder and turns her attention to W'red instead. Her eyes do flick back to the stranger now and then, though, the girl unable to contain her curiosity completely.

For a change, L’ron is not amongst the last to arrive and is indeed amongst the first few. This however, might have something to do with the fact that firstly, he simply had to step through a doorway to get there, and secondly, his turnip-crazed blue has been left on the other side of it. Being as how he just simply doesn’t seem to stop growing, the blue weyrling reluctantly claims a stool near the back so as not to obstruct the view of others. Something suggests however, by the flick of brown eyes and the smile sent one of the gold weyrlings, that he’d rather be somewhere up front. The stranger in the room is what draws his attention next with him fitting the man with an openly curious look. Perhaps long enough that he might be considered staring.

Having only had time for a loose toweling off after the morning physical training, Ahnika awaits orders or instructions or otherwise permission to step into the office before doing so. She's back in her summer tunics now, short-sleeved and well-breathing material for the warmer weather, and revealing a pencil-thin (now) but long pink scar along her right forearm. There's another scar, less noticeable, on her person, but one would have to see her in the bathing pools to notice it. Once inside, she salutes W'red, gives another perfunctory salute to the stranger - just to cover all bases and be safe rather than sorry - and assuming permission is given or a return salute is given, goes to take a seat. Finding Ciara and L'ron in separate rows, Ahni gives both of them a sly smile and then schools her expression studious once more. She chooses a seat next to Ci, even though her own height for her age isn't something to sneeze at even if it isn't as tall as L'ron. But she claims the stool on the end of the row at least, mitigating any chance of being in someone's line of sight to see the front of the lecture area.

The salutes given by the weyrlings are returned from his chair at the desk, once all the Weyrlings are in the room he rises and closes the large wooden door behind the last, taking a quick peek out at the dragonets all seeming more than a little confused by this new development, today the training is focused on the human half of the pairings. The normally booming voice used for outside training has been softened a little to prevent hurting anyone's ears, "sit wey….students, today you are not Weyrlings, today you are students, this is going to be a little like a Harper lesson." The brown rider moves to the front of the class and proceeds, "today we are going to cover some very basic details which you all need to know and most probably do, but we are going to go over it anyway and perhaps you will learn something new about yourself and your fellow wey…..students." A big grin spreads over his face the lines around his eyes creasing into laugh lines easily for his little slip, he had been repeating students over and over but still seemed to slip into Weyrlings much easier. T'bin on the other hand sits at the back quietly with a grin on his face, it's been a long time since he attended a weyrling class, the stares from the weyrlings only amusing him more.

Harper lesson? L’ron crumples inwardly quite certain they’re going to be asked to write stuff down. Thus far, he’s successfully been able to avoid revealing this particular deficiency of his. His expression however, remains impassive, perhaps even a little intrigued with the idea of getting to know his fellow weyr-students better. The brown weyrling sitting next to him, bumps him with an elbow and leans in a little to whisper, “How about we start with your sister’s name and an introduction?” Because that’s learning something new about a fellow ‘ling isn’t it? Its not a very commonly seen thing but the dirty look the blue weyrling slings his brown counterpart is swift in its delivery before he turns his focus back to the front of the class muttering only, “How about you take that foot out your mouth and do something useful for a change.”

Considering the more recent trouble Ahnika has been in (on top of the older trouble), she's done her best to be the epitome of the 'good weyrling' at least in lessons or generally in the public eye anyway. It's her attempt to get back in the Weyrlingmaster's good graces, as she sees it, whether it's warranted or not. As such, when W'red begins to speak, her attention moves directly to him and no one else. She may hear some whispering, but whereas in previous lessons she might seek the whisperers out, now she just keeps her attention on W'red, nodding mutely.

Once all the murmuring had quietened down the big man starts to unbutton his shirt, and removes it tossing it onto the easel standing nearby, "look carefully at my chest, shoulder, stomach and back," he says as he does a slow turn in front of the class, revealing the two large scars, one runs from the middle of his back around to just above his belly button in front a ragged looking scar obviously never stitched by a healer but allowed to heal on its own, the second covers his whole right shoulder front and back long silvery streaks running in thin lines from it lower onto his back as well as his rather large muscular chest, being the Weyrlingmaster he leads by example and if one could find a dash of fat on his body they would have to look very hard indeed. There are also a number of smaller scars which seem to fade into insignificance compared to the two most pronounced ones. "Looks good doesn't it," a statement not requiring an answer from anyone, however if there is a comment he is willing to hear it.

Ciara gets in a good long stare at W'red's scares. Hey, if he's telling them to take a look, a wide-eyed stare isn't rude. Startled by the sight of it, she looks over at Ahnika with a shocked expression, if her friend should catch it. To say the gold weyrling is stunned is an understatement. The harsh reality of dragonriding is right there in front of them all, and she's starting to realise what she's in for.

Okay, that wasn't something he'd expected. And so as he starts to undo his buttons, L'ron slings a browlifted glance over to a fellow blue weyrling seated on the other side of him. He doesn't however say anything and soon puts his attention back to the Weyrlingmaster. Aaaah, yeah no. No comments from the country boy at this moment in time. Although one can be sure that rather than be put off or shocked by the scars, he's intrigued more than anything else. There's a story there, and he wants to know what it is. Chances are he's likely to track the big brownrider down one day with the hopes of hearing it.

Perhaps oddly, Ahnika doesn't seem ruffled by the Weyrlingmaster removing his shirt. He was a man and men go around shirtless all the time, especially in the summer. Maybe he was uncomfortably warm standing up there in front of them while in this room, since there's no breeze as they'd have outside. It's when he demands they look closer at him and he does a little turn that Ahni shifts a bit on her stool, shooting a glance at Ciara, exchanging that mildly startled look, before looking at W'red once more. It could be the display. It could be the fact that the man has scars. It could be a fear that they were all going to be having a topless runway in the front of the room. Not that it would bug her too much. They live in the barracks of a weyr; she's bathed and dressed and undressed herself in front of her fellow weyrlings often enough, but walking around the front with the intention of being gawked at? Not exactly what Ahni hopes they end up doing as a class. With an attentive air still for W'red, the green weyrling crosses her legs and crosses her arms over her chest. Self-conscious much? You bet. As far as comments or responses to his last, Ahnika has none (not verbal anyway), preferring not to draw any more attention than she may have already. Of course, the man is hot even with his scars. Few could deny that with conviction, but Ahni wasn't going to be the one to say it aloud. Shells.

M'zen was here the whole time, really. Perched somewhere where he could see and remain relatively quiet, which is what he has been and continues to do. Green eyes simply remained focused while he listens. Perhaps it comes as no surprise when W'red begins to remove his shirt, or the fact that he did so does not surprise him. He wears no visible expression as green eyes remain specifically upon the scars on the man's chest. No thoughts are visible in his expression, he simply watches and listens.

"Right no comments, then I'll get on with it, so today's lesson is," wait for it, "why you should avoid getting yourself into predicaments that could have you looking like this in a few turns, firstly it hurts like hell at the time secondly, it never stops, it hurts when it's cold, it hurts when it's hot and is just generally bothersome, you can live with it but it would be definitely better not to." A furtive glance given to a certain greenrider who is unfortunately passed the point of no return on at least one of these issues. "As you know by now riders are different, but as the Harpers have taught you, be polite to everyone, show respect for your seniors, for fellow riders, Hall and craft and most of all, respect yourself……don't put yourself or for that fact your dragon into situations that you cannot handle, don't think you as one are bigger than the whole, as I've said before many times -you- are now part of a team, dragonriders look out for their own first, the Weyr second the rest follows in order of what -we- require."

Ciara puts her hands in her lap, clasping one hand in the other in a nervous movement. This is going to be a chilling lesson, she can sense that already. W'red's words get a curt nod of acceptance, and Ci's lips are tightly sealed. She's got nothing to say on the matter; she'd rather let the weyrlingmaster lead the lecture than speak up with her silly questions.

He might come across as being ‘not with it’ most times, that isn’t to say that the blue weyrling isn’t aware of what’s going on about him. As such brown eyes track W’red’s to where they land and narrow slightly. Though whether to the greenrider having been injured herself, or the fact that the brownrider singles her out with his attention, is probably hard to determine. He does however put a long and intent look onto the Weyrlingmaster, successfully shielding whatever he might be thinking within the benign half-smile he wears. The brown weyrling at his side gives a firm and somewhat smug nod of agreement for the last part of what gets said, an arrogant little, ‘Hear, hear’ muttered under his breath.

Ahnika flushes and looks away from W'red. Oh yeah, it's not hard to tell which one here this hits home to more likely than any other. From the direction of the barracks comes an overly loud warble, punctuated by a snort. Jhath doesn't think it's anything to be ashamed of, but … this is Jhath we're talking about. Jhath who practically drools over heroic acts of martyrdom. Lovely. She studies the floor until W'red starts talking again, and then she looks back at him, but her shoulders are a bit more slumped where she sits and her eyes shadowed. Not only did she get hurt and risk herself and her Jhath, but everyone seems to be of the opinion that it was all for nothing, including herself, if her expression of mild disconsolation is any indication. Jhath trumpets again, filling the barracks with her deep alto in an attempt to offer encouragement and spirit to her rider. Ahni sighs.

M'zen shifts in his seat, only to lean in slightly, looking quite attentive to the lesson. Though green eyes briefly settle on the greenrider who's butt he's had to save. But, like with everything else, he remains silent and allows his gaze to return forward and focus upon W'red.

W'red waits for a few moments before continuing, ignoring the trumpeting from beyond the door, today is about riders and as such not even Tavaith as much as offers a warble, "as you may have picked up, at least those of you that are the least bit observant, I have yet another ailment which is not as obvious as these," a hand moving over the scars on stomach and shoulder, turning his head slightly so that the students can see the left hand side of his head where under the short cropped hair is another rather large scar, "that is from playing the fool and the reason everyone that doesn't know me thinks -I am a fool-, not to say I don't play on this." A grin spreads across the riders face, "I have no memory of anything prior to the day I awoke in the infirmary with one big headache, it's taken me turns to regain a semblance of a life again thanks to some close friends and a really dedicated big brown dragon." It is at this point that the quiet man sitting at the back is introduced, "I'd like you all to meet a friend, former gambler, former fisherman, now a rider as well as partly responsible for this," this time only the long ragged scar is pointed to. "T'bin, the current crop of fine Weyrlings in Eastern Weyr, Weyrlings meet T'bin."

Ciara flinches when Jhath bugles, so focused on the lesson at hand that the green's noise comes as a shock to her. She glances about, faintly embarrassed at her show, before looking at W'red again as he continues speaking. When the stranger in the chair is identified, T'bin gets a long look, but Ci looks back at W'red before too long so as not to seem rude. Is the class supposed to say hello to him? Ci, at least, stays silent, listening.

L’ron looks for all intents and purposes, to have gone into some kind of trance-like state. His gaze straight ahead and barely wavering. What he’s doing in fact, is going over all the collection of anomalies he’s picked up along the way with regards to their Weyrlingmaster and building the mental puzzle. A broad grin (which may seem highly inappropriate) breaks free when W’red hands over the final piece and gives explanation as how the scar on his head relates to his loss of memory. When T’bin is introduced, the blue weyrling turns in his seating lifting a querying brow onto the blonde rider, trying to figure how one makes a friend out of someone that quite obviously, laid a hurting down on you. “Hi,” he gives brightly curiosity burning in brown eyes yet again.

Having finally settled Jhath down enough to be quiet for the time being, Ahnika continues to regard W'red as he speaks, but anyone who stares at her eyes for any length of time might see her gaze darting to the floor every few seconds, somewhat distracted and preoccupied. Instead of looking shocked or sympathetic, she looks rather indifferent about the scar on W'red's head and what it means. Right about now, amnesia is sounding like something Ahnika would like to try. It is only at the introductions to T'bin that Ahni slowly gives the bronzerider a look, purely for show and not really interested anymore, nodding politely to him before looking back at W'red. She shifts on her stool, itching to get out of there, her kneejerk reaction to any experience that forces her to face a past mistake. She could make up an excuse, like suddenly feeling sick, but the greenrider stays for now.

M'zen remains utterly focused, green eyes fixed upon the Weyrlingmaster and unwavering, mostly to figure out the story behind the scar on his head without actually hearing it yet. Lips press together in a thin line before his gaze is drifting away to consider T'bin, examining him with just as much interest as the Weyrlingmaster. Then, without so much as a second glance, he's facing forward.

The blonde haired rider rises from his seat with a wave of his hand the easy grin on his face brightening, "Weyrlings, pleased to meet y'all, I don't know why W'red asked me to be here today, he could've asked many others who would have come along just as easily, but here I am." Walking to the front of the class T'bin stops at the easel, "we, W'red and I have had many adventures together, some good, some bad, before we were riders, we were both gamblers, I was always better at it though," a grin thrown W'red's way, "we were both searched at older ages, and so had many turns to get into trouble, some more than others, your Weyrlingmaster being one of them, unfortunately he can't remember, which is why he asked me to come and talk to you today, as I can." Given a free reign to tell them anything he likes as the brown rider can't remember anyhow. "that scar," T'bin points to the ragged scar across the stomach around to the back of the brownrider, "is from getting on the wrong side of a knife and the wrong side of a trader, and being left on the side of the road to die, no one to call on to help, W'red was lucky enough to be helped by a passerby, but he never saw a healer and that is why the scar looks that way, as riders we are expected to be diplomatic and not get involved in such activities as gambling and trading, but we are only humans and as such look for more exciting pastimes when we are not fighting thread." The grin plastered on the bronzeriders face, may lead observers to believe he certainly does.

Ooooh, this was better than a Harper lesson. It was like story time as a littlie and his turnday all rolled into one. Does that make L’ron a little sadistic? Perhaps. Chances are better though, that it is simply his love of fascinating stories of ‘grand adventures’ at play. Scars to prove them or not. He looks set to ask a question, his hand lifting off of his knee and then dropping again. And then he can’t contain his curiosity and so asks of T’bin, “So how was that one,” the long ragged scar, “your fault then?” Not deliberately making out as if W’red’s not in the room, but you know, sucky memory and all that he may as well ask the one whose marbles haven’t been given a good rattling.

Ahnika returns her attention to T'bin as the bronzerider steps up and starts speaking, and she appears to be listening, but she appears less happy and interested in being here than in previous lessons. With L'ron's question, the redhead glances back at him, and then up front again, seeming to await a response from T'bin. And then she glances briefly toward the door. It's either a glance meant to be for her dragon who awaits her in the barracks beyond it, or it's a glancing in longing to be beyond it herself. Either way, it is brief, and she returns her attention to T'bin once more.

M'zen is suddenly paying attention a little more than before, sitting up just a fraction straighter and turning full attention to T'bin. There's a little quirk of his lips in the littlest of smiles but nothing beyond that.

A smug grin in place on the bronzes face as he recalls last night, quickly dispersing that thought, "that young man," T'bin addresses L'ron, "Is a long story but the short version is we were gambling together, when things turned ugly, I never backed him up, but ran away, and afterwards actually passed him on the road thought he was dead and kept running." This leads to his next, "however if you find yourselves in such a position we have a great advantage called a dragon, a call for help will never be ignored and riders look out for their own first as W'red pointed out, so use your privilege if you need to, just not too often." A chuckle escapes the blonde riders lips, "if you make a habit of it, you'll have to face the consequences," seems this rider has called on help a few times already although running from angry husbands is not thought of as being life threatening all the time. "I understand you have some riders here at eastern that are a bit stuffy, ignore them, most riders are like me and W'red, we live for today, because you do not know what the rising sun brings with it in the morning. Thread," the big blonde rider's grin broadens again, "is why we are actually here and that young Weyrlings is the most exhilarating feeling in the whole of Pern, blasting away at…." W'red steps in here, "thank you T'bin, they are still training I don't want you going into your fantasy world of Thread and the joys you seem to get from it, they are still under restrictions in some areas. Class, a hand for our intrepid friend T'bin."

L’ron’s brows pull together into a frown over the running away bit, that certainly doesn’t sit right with him, even glancing about to see how that might sit with his fellow weyrlings. He says nothing to it however, simply giving a nod. Still chewing on that, he misses some of what gets said afterwards, but catches the bit about living in the moment and a smile is once again his to own. That he gets. T’bin’s obvious glee over fighting Thread sort of rolls off his back. It’s not that he’s not willing to step up to the plate, he just doesn’t seem to suffer from the same sort of hero complex that a lot of riders do. The agitation coming off of Ahnika, doesn’t go unnoticed and one can be sure the blue weyrling will be tracking her down afterward, if only to offer her an ear should she want to talk. Suddenly clapping erupts about him and he blinks a little. Oh right. Clapping. Yup, doing the clapping over here now too. Totally paying attention. Ayup.

L'ron's not the only who is frowning. Ahnika is frowning both for not backing W'red up and for the running away bit. She opens her mouth to say something and then clams it shut again. She glances to M'zen, and then L'ron and Ciara and then back to T'bin. Her interest is piqued a little more at the talk of flaming Thread, but then looks away at the door again when T'bin is interrupted by W'red. Like L'ron, she is delayed in joining in with the applause, but she gets a few claps in before everyone quiets again, and Ahnika looks at the door. Again.

M'zen's smile fades and his general reaction is unreadable. His applause is soft, mild, and generally appears as if he's not interested or simply considering everything on a deeper level. His applause ends after a short while and then be considers the other Weyrlings with a brief glance.

The Weyrlingmaster, nods to T'bin, "we had our differences but we've sorted it out since then and now are great friends," W'red reaches for his shirt and puts it back on, "the thread scars on my shoulder, are a part of our life as riders and I'm sure it will come up again in future lectures, when we start practicing flaming and chewing firestone, you will learn not to make mistakes other riders have made in the past. The point of today's lesson, being this, keep yourself and your dragon above reproach, don't start something you don't believe you can finish, and above all remember -we- are here for each other first and foremost…….look around you these are your lifesavers." T'bin has made his way back to the easy chair and settled himself in it, adds in his last little bit, "oh yes, most important of all you must have fun, lots of it, there is no other reason for living," A big cheesy grin settles on his face. W'red shakes his and smiles at the bronzerider, fun is all T'bin ever seems to have, "any questions?"

L’ron puts attention over Ciara, M’zen, Ahnika and every other one of his fellow weyrlings, even the idiot brown weyrling seated next to him, ruminating on the statement of them being there for each other before anyone else. Brown eyes track T’bin all the way back to his seating, a grin given in response to his words on having fun. Oh he has questions alright. Boatloads of them. But that could take all day just for him to get through. Perhaps he should write them down and….oh wait. Bad idea. Perhaps he can get someone else to write them down and slip the questionnaire under the Weyrlingmaster’s door for him to answer at his leisure? Eyes glaze over as he latches onto that plan and goes over what it is he’d like answered, going off into space somewhere. Uh oh.

Ahnika is still staring longingly at the door, which considering the trouble-magnet she seems to be, this is probably the one lesson she should be paying more attention to. But maybe she's already learned it the hard way, considering how much she doesn't really want to be here. She has no questions, not of W'red, T'bin, or the door.

W'red moves onto the second part of the lecture, "this again is something you should all know by now, but we'll cover it in any case, the weyr supplies all your needs and if for instance you need clean linen if your dragon done shit in your cot or something like that," there is a pause as he waits for the giggling to quiet down, "yeah, V'tol we all know your dragonets shat in your cot, you should treat him nicer then he won't do it so often." A chuckle from the brownrider standing in front of the class for the little brown that has its own way of taking revenge on his rider, "as riders you now earn a small amount of marks, don't squander it, use what you have wisely in weeks to come you will need the marks you have or you will have to be very good at trading. Get to know the cavern staff they will be very helpful when you need items the Weyr does not supply freely and you need to pay for services, do not treat them as lower than yourself many a rider has made this mistake and found themselves in the infirmary with stomach problems." Finishing closing up the front of his shirt W'red looks over the class, "you are all doing well this far, keep it up, we'll be flying soon but before that firestone training. Any questions further comments?"

At first it’s a smirk and then it’s an outright snicker joining with the others as L’ron slides a look over to V’tol, the very one who’d been so full of chirps at the beginning of class but is now hunching down into his seating and trying very hard to disappear into his own boots. Chances are good the brown weyrling’s likely to be fighting Ahnika for first exit out the door. Mention of the marks they now earn, even as weyrlings, for some reason draws a light frown into place, the blue weyrlings lips pursing lightly. There was a comment he was going to make, but he’s now distracted, chewing over the issue of marks earned and spent. Or not spent, as in his case.

It's the giggling that gets Ahnika's attention next, and she turns her head again looking at W'red and then at the rest of her fellow weyrlings, somewhat perplexed, wondering what she missed that was funny. Her attention returns to W'red when he begins speaking again, and she nods a little to his words, having been down in those same Lower Caverns, herself. When he asks for further questions or comments, however, Ahnika remains quiet. Not distractedly eyeing the door this time so much, but she isn't really engaged in the lesson either and it's apparent.

It's for the remainder that Zen remains quiet, not pitching in, not laughing, just listening and focusing on everything that is said in a quiet reflection.

No questions, then class is dismissed." W'red makes his way to the back where T'bin seems to have a lot to say pointing at some of the Weyrlings, perhaps one in particular?

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