The Ladies and the Handyman


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Date: 13 July, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl North
Synopsis: Two pretty ladies, one charming handyman. Also growling stomachs.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Randi

Set below the highest wall of the upper bowl, this area is almost permanently in some sort of shadow. Only at the sun's zenith does its light flood the northernmost bowl, and only for short periods of time. Due north, there's a shallow scoop in the ground before a set of stairs leading up into an empty ground weyr. Next door, just a bit further west along the wall, is Kaseth's semi-sunny ledge. Off to the east, the weyrling barracks are nestled into the corner of the bowl and if the 'trail' in the otherwise unruly terrain is followed southwards, more of the central bowl can be seen.

Exploration at its best, Merendezen has found his way to this area of the bowl with green eyes constantly scanning. In no way is he shifty, for he is well dressed and walking at a leisurely pace as if he does, indeed, know where he is walking. Both hands are tucked into his pocket to compliment the lazy stroll while gaze is skywards to note the position of the sun. It is afternoon, possibly around lunch time as his stomach emits a soft growl.

Jogging around the bend of the upper bowl - moving counterclockwise back towards her ledge and the hatching caverns - is a young blonde woman. Her hair is braided along her skull and twisted up off her neck. Her clothes are light and easy to move in, but she wears no knot upon her shoulder. Upon spying Merendezen strolling through the Bowl, she slows her pace and turns to move closer. "Don't think I've seen your face yet," she offers by way of greeting, along with a friendly smile. "You visiting on business or one of the incoming?"

Merendezen turns a look to the blonde woman, curious green eyes searching her first before an lazy smile forms upon his face. "No, I can't say you have because I would have seen you and remembered such a lovely face." He dips his head first before a full bow is executed. "I am incoming, I'm afraid. Lost and unaware, I was taking my time in trying to find where one should eat." And the lazy smile grows into a charming one, "Merendezen. But you, my fair lady, may call me Zen."

Laughing and blushing a fair shade of pink, Randi offers her hand to shake. "Well met, Zen. I'm Randi, Kaseth's." Said dragon is sunning herself on the smooths possible patch of bowl she could find. Neither eye opens and nor does she move; napping like the dead is the order of the day, it seems. "Food! What a good idea." And though her tone - and the grumble of her stomach - is in earnest, her smile is sheepish and on the verge of shy. Innuendo she can take, shake off and throw back - that's just the way of things when most of one's friends are saucy male riders - but such smooth and polished charm is quite another thing entirely. "The best place for that would be the Living Caverns. They're underneath the lower bowl."

Merendezen lifts his hand at her offering, gently clasping it with his. "Randi and Kaseth. Well met to you both, it is /quite/ the pleasure. I am, as they say, at your service." His hand is withdrawn while his gaze moves to temporarily find the woman's lifemate before drifting back to her. "It seems that we're both rather hungry, then. My stomach made similar sounds not too long ago. Shall we, then? I would be most thankful for a gracious guide."

A very strange sight can be seen emerging from the stairs to the lower caverns below, far off in the bowl, then approaching slowly, the lady's head shifting from side to side, watching the various dragons sunning or being oiled. Isilna of Benden Hold is escorted by one of the ladies from the living caverns of some note, chattering away while the visitor herself remains silent, and then by the time she gets into earshot, the first words heard from the kitchen worker are, "And here's Randi, Kaseth's rider, she'll be able to help, Lady." A gracious nod and smile is given to the kitchen worker as Isilna stops and holds up a hand in greeting. "Benden's duties to Eastern and her queens," she states formally, her eyes shifting from Randi to Merendezen politely.

Blushing even deeper shades of pink, Randi gestures with one arm for them to walk on. Very few steps have been taken, however, before she hears her name and sees another new face. "And Eastern's duties to Benden and her wonderful vineyards." Business seems to distract Randi from the charm and polish of her companion, at least enough that her blush starts to fade and her tone becomes more confident. "Lady Isilna, I presume?" She grins brightly and folds her arms over her chest in a more comfortable stance. "What could I do for you today?" She glances over to Zen, but carefully keeps her eyes from straying too long - lest she start blushing and tumbling over her own words again.

Merendezen looks up at the sound of another speaking, turning a quick look over to the woman before finding the Lady Holder. Green eyes scan a minute longer before he returns full attention to Randi, turning to walk beside her at a respectable distance. There's no reaction to the lost blush, nor the greetings passed before he inclines his head and dips a formal bow to Isilna, "M'lady." Such is the proper greeting before he offers a charming smile to follow his greeting. No hint of the flirt previously shown, just the charming young gentleman. No name is given, either, in case he is dismissed from the women's company.

Isilna tilts her chin in a gracious nod to the weyrwoman's greeting, a faint smile turned upon Merendezen is one more of politeness than anything else. "I did not get your name?" she asks of the gentleman escorting Randi before resuming her attention on the queenrider, including said dragon in her regard. "My Lord Voronis requested that I seek the assistance of Eastern's fine and capable dragonriders to direct us to local delicacies that may be presented and served to our guests at the wedding banquet."

"Lady Isilna, may I present Merendezen, newly of Eastern Weyr?" So long as she doesn't look at him, Randi can keep her cool. "He will be doing work in - " She catches herself before glancing back in his direction. "I'm afraid I missed that part, too. What sort of work are you trained in, Zen?" And when the Lady explains her reason for being here, Randi raises one hand to scrub at the back of her neck. "Well, actually…" A sheepish smile tugs at her lips. "Most of us here haven't been around long enough to know what's a delicacy down here and what isn't, Lady. I'm afraid you'd probably have to go over to Southern for that." She wrinkles her nose in thought. "Unless someone at Landing would know…"

Merendezen would speak his greeting, but, is introduced by the Weyrwoman at his side. Instead, his smile grows, "Zen, if it so pleases you, m'lady." And he will remain at Randi's side, distractingly so. "I am a fixer, if you will. A Handyman, I'm good with my hands." He doesn't even waggle his brows at that. "I have some training in all sorts of areas and I am at your disposal." Both women are given a look, indicating that both shall ask and receive. Then, he goes back to his silence to be distracting.

Isilna frowns a bit at Randi's statements. "Ah, yes, my apologies," she says as she considers this notion of just how new the Weyr was. "Perhaps my Lord had a secondary reason for my journey," she continues with a slight shrug and unwillingness to elaborate on that neutral and cryptic comment. "A visit to both Southern and Landing were on my itinerary, and Monaco Bay. Apparently a visit from the Tillek shipmasters would be too much trouble, but the one here would not be. I do not understand how the sea is traversed, so I'm taking his word for it." Her gaze once more shifts to the gentleman in their company. "Being good with one's hands is always a welcome trait in a newcomer to any area. Industry is good for us all. It certainly keeps the young out of as much trouble as they would otherwise cause."

Aha! Innuendo she can handle! "There seems to be an awful lot of that going around the Weyr," Randi mutters a bit dryly. "I don't suppose you've a leaning towards tinkering, Zen? I've heard tell of a certain Journeyman Smith posted here who probably wouldn't say no to a pair of … 'skilled hands'." She falls silent again to listen to Isilna, but the longer she listens, the more incredulous her expression becomes. By the end, one could almost read 'Is this chick for real?' written all over her face. Still, Benden is Benden and Randi will never pass up the chance to get more of her favorite wine. "Lady," she begins, glossing over the parts of conversation that went right over her head, "If you would be so kind as to point me in the direction of your head Vintner for business, I'll gladly ferry you about the world myself." What interesting boost to appearances it would be to show up through the routes on a big gold skeerylizard.

"It seems such a shame to send one's intended off to do tasks that he could do himself. Unless he means to surprise you." Zen offers, throwing in his two marks into their conversation. "It is, indeed, m'lady. Things always need to be built and things need to be fixed. Though, I assure you, I make no trouble." Another inclination of his head before flashing that smile that doesn't seem to fade. Randi's dry comments don't even break it, instead, green eyes find the Weyrwoman. "Handymen? Could never have too many. I find myself favoring tinkering, yes. I will seek this Journeyman and see how I can assist in his tasks."

"I have no control over the Vintners, weyrwoman," Isilna points out correctly, but then a slight smile creeps up one corner of her mouth. "However, I have a friend in the craft who graces me with the occasional sample of the white. I would be happy to share, without tying up you and your gracious queen's time with silliness like flittering about the planet." Her tone indicates her shock at the very notion of them frittering away time like that. That shock spills over to Zen's statement, and she answers him calmly, "My Lord has far more weighty matters to deal with. This is merely trappings for our wedding, and well within my capabilities." Her tone is slightly stiff, as if she's imagining a slight to either herself or her Lord, but her polite game face is still present. "Thank you for your concern."

"But of course!" Randi may not be the most diplomatic woman on Pern - far from it - but even she can figure out when a situation's about to go sour. And so she intervenes; clumsily, loudly and rather brash, but with the absolute best of intentions. "I'd be surprised if he came himself! Men always seem to have trouble with getting everything just so, wouldn't you agree, Zen?" Of course, neglecting entirely the fact that he is male. "Oh good, you'll help him?" Nothing like a not-so-subtle change of the subject, either. "Neythan's his name, I think. Came up with a lovely device that makes water spray out in force. Would be brilliant for bathing dragons and washing clothes." Especially with the lake still an empty hole in the ground.

Merendezen bows his head, "my apologies. I do not quite understand what it takes to rule a Hold, that always eludes me when I consider what it takes to lead. I was simply stating that I would much rather pamper my woman than send her away to where I will not be able to see her. Such are my faults." Though, he's not overly upset by his possible slight to the woman or her intended. To Randi, a smile is returned. "Such are our faults, my lady." As the Smith is mentioned the name is quietly added to memory. "Interesting device. I will have to meet this man… That invention is certainly useful. Dragons are large and clothes are difficult to wash." Says the man.

Isilna overlooks the whole discussion of the smith and water spray devices and such, as it's quite over her head. "Many Lord Holders, from my experience, are not so besotted with their Ladies to pamper them. Their… other women, on the other hand…" she adds, perhaps an impolitic statement, but it's an open secret, everyone knows the Lords are expected to be fruitful. She shrugs, well used to the state of affairs, literally, for Holders. "Ah, well, I shouldn't keep you two from your important business. My thanks for both of your assistance."

"Our important business is only lunch, Lady." Randi's smile is warm and friendly, but her manner is far from the quietly elegant composure of her visitor. "And I could use a bit of a break from the Weyr. Kaseth's just now starting to get broody and it's making me crazy. Please, let me know when your business here is finished and we'll take you at least to your next stop." To Zen, now - her confidence restored now that she's settled a bit of business - she offers her arm. "To lunch then, Zen?"

"Ah. I see." The topic is dropped like something smelly, because Zen doesn't want to linger at the implications of /that/ statement. Nope, he'll stand there and look pretty for a moment longer before nodding. "Lunch is, after all, rather important, my dear Weyrwoman." No invites extended because he is the lowest-ranking member in the area. The offered arm is taken and gingerly tucked in close with his hand coming to rest on top of Randi's. "To lunch."

"I couldn't take up any more of your valuable time, weyrwoman," Isilna demurs politely. "But you are more than welcome to visit the Hold any time you wish, especially if it coincides with the wedding. I should have more stores of the white then," she adds with a tight smile, her eyes shadowed, indicating she might have more need of it than most people. "It was a pleasure to meet you both," she murmurs, ducking her chin in a nod as she prepares to go find the watchrider that brought her here.

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