The Peacekeeper


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Date: Sept. 29, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: Jaya and her new bodyguard, Shijan get acquainted. Suli is not pleased with the new addition.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

Once morning rolled around from the previous night's revelations, Jaya was up and about much earlier than normal. She had a whole morning to set up for the day's (and night's) bar shift, with the earliest patron coming in around the late morning to get a nip before starting work. She couldn't blame them. She also wanted to be up and present before Suli came into the bar, certain that the old Telgari will be jarred by the two sudden new additions to the bar. The bar owner was wracking her brains on how best to approach this, choosing to tell the bar's new watchman, Shijan to come in early the following morning so that they could all meet properly. She was keeping the other addition, Hayli, to coming much later, for she was certain the barmaid wouldn't mind the extra help there in manning the tables. Shijan was going to be the problem, and she didn't want the first day of this change to cause any kind of dissension early on.

It's a good thing that Suli's not a jumpy person, for otherwise she would have jumped out of her skin to find the bar owner already present when she arrived at the bar at what she thought was pretty early. She pauses at the entrance, watching Jaya work on going through her lists from behind the counter before she slowly starts to approach. "Morning," the barmaid greets with a bit of grave caution, throwing a glance around as if she were expecting a guards to jump out of the shadows at any moment. "Here early." - "Need to be," comes Jaya's response, the scarred younger woman barely giving Suli a glance as the lists grab most of her attention. It's only when she looks up to meet Suli's eyes that she says, carefully neutral, "You and I got something to discuss. He'll be here shortly." If the first part doesn't have the barmaid shitting herself, that second part practically has her now rooted to the spot in barely contained fear.

It’s about then, on the heels of Jaya’s last words to Suli, that Shijan makes his appearance. His arrival quiet, stealthy even. The tall, broad shouldered man with skin the color of polished teak and a head of ebony hair that curls and waves to his collar is a pace or two into the bar before he comes to halt, his sharp gaze sweeping over the area and then coming to land on the two woman before him. “Morning, Jaya,” his baritone slipping over the greeting with an easygoing smile curving onto his mouth, followed by a polite tip of head the barmaid’s way, “Miss.” Clothing that of a beige loose fitting tunic that is casually laced up the front, trousers of klah brown with black boots pulled over them and reaching to just below the knee, along with his quiet demeanor go a long ways to ensuring (despite his height) that he doesn’t stick out in a crowd.

When Shijan arrives, both women turn at once towards the entrance. Jaya's study of the man is a lingering one, the woman almost missing the sharp look being sent her way from the Telgari. "Got some new help for the bar," Jaya takes that time to announce, nodding her greeting towards the man before she pins a look onto Suli. "Suli, meet Shijan. He'll be working here as a….peacekeeper." Dark eyes seek Shijan's out as she lays on the title, the wry tilt of her tone alluding to some form of irony. "Shijan, this is Suli, my barmaid. The other barmaid you'll be meeting soon enough," she adds this aside to Suli in particular, now coming around the counter to approach them both. As for Suli, she's eyeing Shijan like something fierce now that the introductions have been made. A peacekeeper?? "What do we need him for?" she puts forth aloud, not bothering to return any greetings to the man as she turns to address Jaya. "You and I can handle ourselves just fine." Unless he was put here for her, her mind was practically screaming as she looks back at Shijan coldly.

Shijan remains silent, hazel eyes meeting Jaya’s and the corner of his mouth tipping up into a wry smile in mirror of her tone as she labels him ‘Peacekeeper’. Despite the look he’s currently getting from Suli, the bar’s latest addition remains in that same relaxed and easygoing pose, arms folded over his chest and feet planted hip width apart. He doesn’t however bother to offer the prickly woman a hand in greeting, realizing it’s likely to be ignored and leaves the conversation to the two women as he continues on in silence. To the unobservant he may even come across as a little ‘slow’, if not for the keen intelligence held in his hawk eyed gaze.

"Recent events lead me to hire him," Jaya tells Suli patiently, realizing that the Telgari doesn't know the whole story. In a lower voice as she shoots Shijan a look, "Look, I'll tell you everything later, okay? I just need you to /trust/ me, Suli. That's all." Suli looks right mutinous, her brows furrowed heavily as hard eyes go from Shijan, to Jaya, and back again numerous times. Jaya takes that opportunity to address them both with, "Ground rules. Don't have many," and she fixes Suli in particular with a look. Eyes finding Shijan, "Main rule is no drinking on the job. Not even sure if you should do it even afterwards, but, I'm not one to fault what you do on your own time." Eyes go to Suli. "Second rule is no fighting," she adds, this main one going to Suli since she would know what she meant. "We're all in this together, so there's no reason why we can't all be civil. Third and final one?" Eyes flick between both now, her tone turning heavy as she adds, "What gets said here in my bar, stays in my bar," she lets them both know. "Anything goes beyond that entrance, then we're going to have some problems. Deal?" This last gets focused on Shijan since he's new, her dark eyes lingering over his face. "Deal," Suli breaks the silence coolly, tossing the tall peacekeeper a hard look. This was /not/ good at all. "Need to stop by the living cavern," she announces then, lying smoothly so that she could getaway and blow off some steam. She certainly couldn't think /here/, with this Shijan staring her down. "I'll be back when the other one gets here." Not even waiting for a response, the Telgari turns on a heel and is gone in a dark huff.

Shijan if anything is quietly amused by Suli’s apparent instant dislike of him by mere virtue of his presence, but he doesn’t display as much with just the faintest gleam lighting his eyes. Meeting Jaya’s eyes with a steady look the head of ebony disarray gives a short nod, a corner of his mouth hitching up as he states quietly, “Don’t drink.” Much. Talk of fighting, that brings his hawk eyed gaze to sweep over to the disgruntled barmaid as if sizing her up and then his attention is going back to his new charge a perfectly bland expression in place for keeping bar matters in the bar. He doesn’t give any nod or words of agreement to that, but neither does he disagree, simply stands there with that disconcertingly penetrating stare of his fixed to Jaya. “Agreed,” he gives perhaps leading her to assume he means to all that has been laid down. His head swings and follows Suli’s huff out of the bar and then he shoulders roll as his arms drop from their fold across his chest and he once again glances about the area, “So where do you want me then?”

Jaya certainly didn't want Suli to leave, so she's taking a step forward before she realizes that the Telgari was hightailing it out of there for her to follow. "Excuse her," she says to Shijan without looking at her, her frown and concern for the barmaid pronounced as she watches Suli's back. "She'll come around, once I talk to her." Slowly, she turns to face Shijan then, letting her study of him linger over his face, then his clothes as he studies her. This could probably go on for a good moment, but Jaya's the one to break the study and speak. She nods towards the entrance at his question, answering with, "I'll keep you by the entrance most days and have a stool for you. Others, you can be wherever you please. Some nights are rowdier than others, so you might have to /really/ keep the peace," and her tone turns a little sardonic at this. Stepping to the side of him as she surveys her bar, "You can leave whenever Suli does, or stick around. I'm easy with that." Glancing up at him directly, "Not sure what other business you got, so…appreciate what you can do here, Shijan." She gives this with an incline of her head, the gesture genuine. "Sure we'll get along, so long's you don't piss me off." At least it's given deadpan.

Giving the impression of being unconcerned by Suli’s hasty retreat, Shijan merely shrugs and then gives dryly, “Usually women hang around long enough for me to piss them off before they bolt.” Which given that this is delivered with a dead straight face might give Jaya pause considering her last to him. Either way, he doesn’t seem too worried about any of it. Hazel eyes tighten in their corners and he echoes, “Most days,” and then with a quick lift of chin states, “Indira says I’m to be wherever you are.” Thus making his own orders of having been put on ‘bodyguard’ duty quite clear and giving warning of her now quite likely to have him shadowing her wherever she might go. At a discreet distance of course. As to his cover of peacekeeping a slow grin flashes white teeth, “That happen often?” obviously relishing the idea of getting down and ‘playing’ every here and there. Hands slip into his pockets and gives another easygoing shrug, “Way I understand it,” a vaguely amused smile sent down to Jaya, “You’re my business.”

"I like my privacy sometimes," Jaya gives in her own warning to his words, turning abruptly to reach a table to lean against. "You don't want me walking in on you bathing, so I expect the same." Brow lifts at that, allowing the man to take that however he sees fit. She didn't mind his shadowing, though, it was going to be something she needed to get used to. The men in the past protected her from a far distance, to the point that she would go days without seeing them at all. To his question of trouble happening often in the bar, there's a lift of the corner of her mouth and a wry, "Not often enough, according to some. Already got damages to pay for now, so, not looking for another altercation anytime soon." Doesn't mean one won't be happening, though. She snorts on that, but it's Shijan's later that causes her shoot a long glance up at him from where she leans. Lips part as if to say something, then the scarred woman blinks and looks away. "Whatever you say," she chooses to say dryly, pushing off from her lean to turn from him and walk towards the counter. "Just don't cause me /too/ much trouble, hm?" She looks over her shoulder at him, sending Shijan one of her predatory smirks before looking away. "I'm sure Indira wouldn't like me having to fight you either. I have a temper. Best you know that right off from jump, shuga." Best he knows now rather than later, right?

Taking a step backward, Shijan leans his shoulders against the wall behind him in an indolent pose, amusement gleaming once again in his eyes, though his expression remains deadpan, “You can watch me bathe if you like.” As if offering some sort of compensation in return for what will likely be his hovering outside of the bathing caverns whether she likes it or not. It might be that he looks a little disappointed at there not being many altercations that’ll need his help in sorting out, but it’s fleeting and likely goes unnoticed as he watches Jaya move toward the counter. At the appearance of that predatory smirk and the words tossed brows lift slightly, “Give me enough to keep me interested and I’ll be no trouble at all.” Probably meaning work wise but given that his expression and tone of voice are often hard to read, it could have been intended as a double edged comment. And then his hands slide from his pockets and are held out at his sides, “You’re welcome to try,” and fight him. But then he’s pushing away from his lean and moving after her with a feline grace of movement that might seem more fitting on a dancer than a bodyguard, “She got a worse temper than you I’m sure and I’m still alive.” Apparently having pissed the Headwoman off a few times in their association. Shijan’s head turns toward the exit where Suli had left and then his gaze settles back onto his charge, “Anything I can do to help set up?”

Jaya is watching Shijan's every move, and it's most likely because she trying to figure him out through body language alone. She catches that amusement along with his response to her privacy, her outward expression looking none too impressed. "Yeah, I'm sure you say that to all the women, shuga," she says dryly, lips pressed together. "Still. I'll keep you interested. Busy, too. Never you fear on that." One could take these words any number of ways, especially with a speculative look she sends with them, but the woman's not elaborating. Looks like both of them are tossing words that might not be what they mean in this conversation - which is something Shijan better get used to for the scarred woman's sake. As to challenging him, she eyes those hands he lifts along with his daring words, allowing a considering look to pass over her at them. At the counter, she merely shrugs and adds, "I have a feeling I will, someday," in admittance to perhaps them sparring - whether for a pasttime, or not. "And well, I'm certain Indira does have quite a temper. I'll probably get the brunt end of it one day," she adds that with some amusement, barely there. "But she ain't me, shuga. You haven't met someone like me." Arrogant much? Dark eyes flick towards the entrance, then back to him. "Suli will be back," she sounds certain of that, even though she's not, "but there's a shipment of boxes outside the bar I need moved into the back storage room. I usually wait for one of the boys to pass by to help but, since you're here now…" the smile spreads slow, nodding towards the entrance where there's stacks upon stacks of crates against the walls. "Do you know Hayli?" she switches subjects quickly, straightening up her posture as she herself pulls out a rag and puts it to the counter. "Apparently she works for Indira as well. Like you." Eyes seek his, intent. Looks like the bar owner will be grilling them on their associations with the Headwoman throughout their working there, the bar owner just not being able to resist. Her nature, after all.

Shijan’s smile is slow to come but when it does it lingers a while before retreating back into that placidly composed expression, a brow lifting slightly in it’s wake for being kept busy. “I fear nothing,” his baritone stroking over the words in lazy statement. Low held laughter spills easily in response to her rising to the challenge of sparring with him one day; ebony curls falling across his brow as he tips his head to one side and flicks a wink her way, stated with certainty, “You’ll lose.” As to the matter of tempers shoulders roll in nonchalant gesture and hawk eyes regard Jaya in silence for a moment and then he’s off to where the crates are stacked without so much as a word. Returning moments later bearing one of them as effortlessly as if he were carrying a child, he comments as he passes by on his way to the store room, “A thief in the night meets many things new and interesting. The trick is to know which is the most valuable to steal.” And then he’s gone into the storage room to deposit his burden leaving her to ponder the meaning behind that. Back out to the corridor and returning with another crate, he meets that intent gaze and question steadily but doesn’t answer just yet. Only once he reappears from the storage room long, almost elegant fingers rolling his sleeves up, revealing finely toned forearms does a short flash of teeth appear in a smile, “Met her a few times.” This to the question of Hayli and then he adds, “I don’t work for her. I work with her.” This to his association with Indira.

"Good," Jaya drawls that out at his fearing nothing, a small swagger to step as she wipes the counter down. "Keep up with that confidence, shuga. And I hardly lose." Well. The last time she lost earned her that knife slash down the side of her face, but she's not saying it. As she works on getting the bar ready for patrons, she watches Shijan like a hawk as he gets to work on those crates. When he passes by her with a crate in his hands, his comment getting a dry, "Don't think I know that?" Blithe. But the comment is warranted a longer study from the bar owner, for when he returns she predictably asks, "What did Indira tell you about me?" Might as well get such pleasantries out in the open, if they were to be seeing a lot of each other from now on. She keeps her tone level as she pulls out her lists and a writing stylus as he goes on by. Eyes drop to those fingers, then his toned arms with a straight face before meeting his gaze again. She nods once to his answer, coming belated as it does, but his last gets comment. "Work with her. How come?" Dark eyes follow him as he move, not letting off on her impromptu interview. Or rather, this is her way of getting to know the man. "Couldn't find better? What is it you do?" She's intrigued by him, she'll give away that much, eyes narrowing slightly as she tries to continue to get inside Shijan's head.

To her losing a bout of sparring to him, “First time for everything,” Shijan comments passing by with yet another crate, making short work of shifting them from the hall to the storage room. The last crate stacked neatly he steps out of the storage room dusting his hands together, a light smirk in place, hazel eyes stroking over Jaya in idle study for her return on not knowing what he was talking about with regards to thieves, “You’ll figure it out.” And simply leaves her hanging for any further explanation as he continues on passed her and starts to take a slow tour of the room. Running his hands through his hair he drops them to his side and turns back toward her with an unusual grace of movement, teeth baring in a grin, “Told me you needed my services.” In a nutshell. Sliding his hands into his pockets he takes two steps to the side and then one back again before moving forward again as performing the beginning of some or other dance and seemingly a man with far too much pent up energy that he continually fights to contain. Shrugging easily as he approaches and then takes to an indolent lean against the bar, “She helped me out of a situation once. I returned the favor.” That grin flashes again, “What do I do?” suddenly pushing away from the bar raising his arms above his head in what might look to be a lazy stretch and then executing an intricate pattern of boot steps that turns him in circle before he flops back down into that lazy lean against the bar once again, “I dance, I fight, I love, I eat, I sleep…I live.” All said as if this were nothing special or new because that’s what all people do, right? “What do you do when you’re not here?” his turn.

"Mm," is Jaya's non-commital response to the sparring, though she seems ready enough on the verbal sparring front. Once the crates are done, a slow smile makes its way onto her face, tapping the writing stylus against her lists and sending Shijan a wry, "Thanks. Trying to tell me you'll steal from me if I don't keep an eye on you?" The question's abrupt, the woman not looking the least bit daunted by his study of her. Flatly given, "Can't steal from the best, shuga." It's a light challenge, the bar owner making he own conclusions to his cryptic words on thieving. Her eyes drop back to her lists briefly, then she watches his graceful movements with a press of lips before he answers about what the Headwoman told him of her. "Services. Heavy word," she puts forth lightly, not hiding the scrutiny she gives his frame. The rest gets her silence, but it's clear that his words only further intrigues her. "I'd like to hear about that situation she helped you out of sometime," she notes, putting stylus to hide as she begins writing. "Something tells me, with you, that there's more to you than just…living." Dark eyes flick up at that, meeting his pointedly. As to his question for her, that gets a long pause as she seems to have not heard it. Stylus flying over the hide, "Can you make drinks? Serve them?" Odd, this question suddenly given, and she's not looking his way as she asks it. It's only then, after the questions are put forth that she answers his own. "Don't get out much. Got some trouble I'm keeping from. Hence why you're here." That gets another look to his face, not seeing any point in hiding her reasons for needed him around.

“Maybe,” Shijan openly gives on possibly thieving from her though it might be that they’re now talking at cross purposes. Deliberately so, on his part. He continues on in that lazy lean against her bar, his weight going to the elbow he has hiked up on it, keen gaze following the movements of her stylus as if he’s reading upside down what it is she writes down. “Not necessarily,” the dark skinned bodyguard puts out flippantly on his services. If he’s noticing the going over she’s giving him, it’s clearly not bothering him much. Neither is he one to primp and preen under such regard either. He just is. As to the situation Indira had helped him out of, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” He could be joking, then again maybe not. Hard to tell really. A small smirk is all she gets on there being more to him than just living. Dubious, an expression not often seen on his smooth teak colored features is what gets sent Jaya’s way at the idea of him mixing drinks and serving them. But he's here to do a job and that involves blending in and as such he sends one of those shrugs out again, “Show me how.” Coming more as an order than a request as he meets her eyes steadily on why it is he’s come to make her acquaintance. “I go where I’m sent,” his baritone fitting around the words with casual ease, “here this month, there the next,” not probing, or maybe not wanting to know the exact nature of her troubles. Indira said watch her back. He’s watching her back. No questions asked.

Cross purposes indeed. "We'll just see about that, then," Jaya says all-too casually, sneaking a look out to him with her head bent to writing down the tasks of the day. His own flippant response to the talk about his services earns him another look, then her head comes up completely at the next. "I'm almost tempted to take you up on that," the scarred faced woman notes sardonically on if he told her the deal between the Headwoman and him, the glint entering her dark eyes as she says it. If it were up to her, they could play this particular game all day. "It's not like I've got anything else here for entertainment. I'll show you how," she switches topic without warning, straightening up to send Shijan a curt nod. "Not that hard to tend drinks back here. Keep you by the entrance mostly, but, just in case. Most people's tastes are quite simple, here." Since he answers her last on nature of his being there, she doesn't give in to question further as well. Not today, at least. The arrival of a non-descript dressed man signals an end to her casual little interview, the man walking right up to the bar as if he has done this plenty of times before and passes Shijan a startled look once he arrives. "Got a few cases for you," he announces without greeting, nodding towards Jaya as he interrupts them. "Ale from Telgar?" The bar owner nods to that, sends Shijan a look and moves to get from behind the counter to approach them both. "We'll all go outside together and get them," she includes Shijan in this, her hand brushing his arm as she passes him by. "We'll open those up and then I'll go look for Suli before Hayli gets in." Or rather, her and Shijan would since he was to trail her, but she merely looks his way when she says it. She's heading for the entrance and not looking to see if the men follow behind her, her tone all business despite the earlier casual conversation.

Hawk eyes glitter with threat when Jaya refuses to back down from trying to extract that particular information from him and has the man withdrawing from his idle lean against the bar and straightening to his full height. “Let’s get one thing straight, miss,” purposefully not using her name, “I’m here to do a job. Playing twenty questions with you, is not a part of that. I am nobody. I come from nowhere and I'm going, nowhere.” All delivered in a silky smooth tone. The head of ebony curls dips once in agreement to her showing him the ropes of mixing drinks seeming to be listening with only half an ear as she speaks and then his attention slides to the newcomer and Shijan goes quiet-er. The brush of hand to his arm appears to go unnoticed for he barely reacts other than to slide his hands into his pockets and follow along a good few paces behind the ale delivery man and the bar owner, playing the role of reluctant barhop instead of that which he is. Though one can be sure that everything is being studied and filed away for later report back to Indira.

Perhaps Jaya wasn't expecting the man to actually parse together something longer than one sentence, especially since his answers have been short up to this point. So, it's in that that the scarred woman actually blinks and is slow in bringing her gaze to Shijan's face. Her eyes settling on a point just above his chin, "It's Jaya, first of all," she supplies first, letting the first glimmers of that temper she was talking about earlier simmer to the fore just a bit. "And second…" she pauses, taking a step that purposefully puts her in his personal space before continuing with her eyes meeting his now. "You and I? We'll be spending a lot of time together," she adds with open dryness. "You're in my place, shuga. Ain't no stranger playing my shadow up in my place. Got an issue with that, then we're going to be having some 'interesting' times together. Darlin'." She lingers another moment for his response before turning from him, moving onto the new arrival with the ire leaving her voice in an instant as the three get to work.

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