The Rules Of The Game


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Date: June 3rd, 2011
Location: Landing: Main Square
Synopsis: Aemos happens upon the Landing children playing a game, and Gaelene tries to help him figure out the rules.
Rating: G
Logger: Gaelene

Landing is surrounded on three sides by water and stone, but there is ample room between her buildings for a wing of dragons to land easily. To the north, the land becomes sandy and leads out into the open seas, where dolphins play. To the west, the Black River flows from the Southern Mountains into the sea. The Eastern Barrier Range winds across the southern side of the complex. One of the closest peaks is the Two-Faced Mountain—the volcano that buried the place in lava and ash thousands of Turns ago.

The complex itself contains four parts: the famous AIVAS Complex, containing the Automated Intelligence Voice Address System, classrooms and conference center; the Archives, which houses all the information gained from the computers and all the contributing Halls; the Dining Hall, where the residents of Landing eat; and the Barracks, the cluster of buildings where they sleep. At certain times of the day, the solar panels on the tops of the various buildings reflect down into the square, making the dragons' ability to land without visual cues nearly invaluable.

It's late afternoon on a cool day, though there is, as yet, no rain, nor even any clouds which might herald it. Classes are letting out for the day and while the apprentices are heading toward the dining hall, the younger children are enjoying a game of something similar to hopscotch. Among them is Gaelene, though it's currently not her turn.

Watching over the children is Aemos, he stands watching his hopscotch like game trying to puzzle out the rules. "Perhaps. No wait she didn't…" he's heard muttering to himself. "Maybe. Wait no that doesn't work either." And ofcourse being a child has everything to do with understanding the game so Aemos has no chance.

Gaelene glances up and notices Aemos. Since it's still not her turn, she skips over and says politely, "Hello, journeyman."

Aemos smiles at the child. "Well, Gaelene, but how are you today? Enjoying the game?" he says turning his eyes back towards the other children.

Gaelene grins. "I'm doing well too, although Jesalyn is currently winning. I probably won't get another turn until the next game." For all that, she doesn't sound very sad.

Aemos tilts his head at the girl. "How is she winning? And why wouldn't you get a turn until the next game?" he says gesturing towards the others.

Gaelene begins a Calvin Ball-like explanation of the rules, such as they are. "She managed to hop all the odd numbers and pick up the rock. I accidentally stepped on an even in an odd round, so I'm out unless two others make the same mistake."

Aemos shakes his head. "I'm not even sure how you could sort that out. But okay. I'll watch the next game and see if I understand." It seems his memory won't help in a game with ever changing rules. "You girls should get these rules written down."

Gaelene giggles. "We might if they didn't change according to whomever won the last game." As they watch, another girl picks up the rock but overbalances and drops it, just managing not to fall herself. "Oh neat!" says Gael. "One more goofup an I'm back in the round! I'm glad Hilei did the mess up clause."

Aemos says, "Wait, so the rules change each round based on the winner?" he blinks. "That means this game evolves, changes, grows."

Gaelene cocks her head. "It does change based on who wins. I couldn't say either way as to the rest."

Aemos smiles. "So if the next girl messes up your back in right? What's to stop you from making her mess up? Shouting boo and such?" Seems that playing devils advocate is fun as he start getting into the conversation.

Gaelene checks out the line of girls. There are six, and she says, "If any of those six who still have to go mess up, I get to take a place in the end of the line, since I was the first one out." She listens to his strategy and shakes her head solemnly. "They wouldn't let me play again for a sevenday."

Aemos raising a brow. "Sevenday? Is that in the rules?" he says watching the next girl taking her hops. "That was close" he comments as she wobbles but continues along picking up the rock and finishing.

Gaelene nods solemnly. "And sometimes more than just this game, too. They won't let you play in anything."

Aemos says, "Wow. That could be bad. How long do you keep going before you restart all over again?""

Gaelene says, "The game, or the time off for being a bad sport?"

Aemos shrugs. "Both? I guess you guys can be worse punishing yourselves then we are."

Gaelene says, "This game will be over if the rest of the girls remember to go even-only and pick up the rock. Otherwise, it'll go another round with those of us who were eliminated in round three. And for being a bad sport, it's usually just a sevenday unless you do something like trip the other person."

Aemos ahhs. "Why don't you remind them and restart? Or does the game get more fun when you've more mroe rules?"

Gaelene says, "More fun when there's more rules. At least if you can keep them all in your head. I just got careless when I hopped on an odd in the even round."

Aemos ahhs, wincing as one of the girls fall. "Well, I guess you back in." he comments gesturing to Gaelene.

Gaelene ooohs. "See you later, Journeyman!" She skips off and joins the end of the queue without further ado.

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