The Theory Of Motive


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Date: August 11, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Living Caverns
Synopsis: Alara speaks with a group of residents and candidates about the precautions in place, and the Masterharper and Fort's Weyrleader weigh in as well.
Rating: PG
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
The main Living Cavern at Eastern Weyr is a near replica of the "Lower Bowl" in shape. It is circular, with ceilings sloping up into a gentle cone shape. There are a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling, from which the Weyr's few firelizards may perch. Between these, there are a few inverted "hills", showing exactly how quickly the workmen finished this job. It lends an eerie quietness to the place, as the features cut the sound more effectively. The glowbaskets on the walls highlight the tables of all shapes and sizes around the room. The Head Table appears to be more traditional in place and kind, but the rest of the tables are variable. The east side of the room boasts larger rectangle tables suitable for whole groups of riders, while the middle holds smaller circular tables more appropriate for a family with children. The west side of the room has small square tables which often double as gaming tables on lazy days and most evenings.
Near the Head table, off to the East side, the double doors of the kitchen swing open. Near those doors, two long rectanglular tables are set up for food and drink service. On the eastern and western sides of the room, the stairs lead up to parallel hallways which connect to the rest of the Weyr. A third, smaller set of stairs at the southernmost end of the cavern leads to the Weyr Entrance.

Shortly after dawn, Randi returned, allowing Alara to escape the unfamiliar sands. She hurried quickly through the large Weyr, back to her own gold's side, and curled up for a short sleep, before the sun peeking over the mountain woke her up. Now, she's come to the caverns to finally get some food and drink, and to have a few minutes to herself, maybe, to process all that's happened. She steps into the caverns, fully aware of her disheveled appearance, but not really caring. She finds a seat, and beckons a drudge over to get some food and drink.

Zhia hurries forward, mug of klah in hand, "Can I get you something Weyrwoman?" is asked as the steaming beverage is offered. "They've brought out a bunch of fresh foods, some fruit and breakfast meat filled rolls." The girl fidgets a little as she stands there, gesturing towards the serving area with one hand. "There should be some hot cereal as well if you'd like that instead." She pauses, "If that doesn't sound good I can check in the kitchens to see what else I can find for you."

Morning. Blessfully quiet so far. Teallan is attired and ready for the day, but still not fully awake. She shuffles into the Caverns, splitting off from a few other candidates to find her way to the klah. Blessed, warm, wakening klah. The Harper-candidate sips at it slowly, blinking a few times around the caverns. Then, Alara. She scuttles over towards the Weyrwoman. "'La," she says quietly, looking towards the others. "Was in the laundry the other day, heard what they're hunting for.. How is she?" Meaning Randi or her lifemate. Maybe both.

Andi is still free of her bulldog, the elder brother Liril still sulking as the cards seem to continue to stack against him, as first he was sent to the Weyr, and then his sister just -had- to accept Search, and now he's stuck there while no one is going in or out. Luckily for Andi however, it seems he's found another way to entertain himself, leaving her to her own new role - albeit with sharp words whenever their paths do cross. And so, said candidate is currently lingering in the caverns, her breakfast apparently finished, but making no move to disappear to whatever distasteful task awaits her today. She shifts slowly on the bench, glancing over at the Weyrwoman and the other candidates, lips squeezed to a narrow line as she tries to listen.

Nenienne walks in, her eyes half-closed. She pauses partway across the cavern, as if she's forgotten what she was here for. Finally she appears to remember: klah. She heads over to the pot and pours some milk in, then opens her reddened eyes and looks around.

"Shattered." Alara says, replying to her charge's comments. "She's completely shattered." She nods as she turns toward Zhia. "Just about anything'll do at this point. I'm famished." It's been a long hard night, and she's hungry. Nibbles at the wedding, and small meatrolls while watching Kaseth weren't much for a day's food. She glances around, and notices Nenienne. "Did you sleep well, Nenienne?" She asks, leaning forward a bit to see the young woman's face. "Thank you," she takes the klah from Zhia, and takes a long pull of it before setting it down in front of her, in its proper position almost automatically. "I think we're all in shock yet." She refers to herself, Rauzath, and the other goldpair with her words.

Zhia offers a quick nod before heading back to the serving table. With quick hands she fills a plate with a good amount of fruit, breakfast rolls and a few other things before grabbing a bowl of cereal and adding a bit of milk to it. A slow growing crowd slows the girl as she heads back to where the goldrider sits, a few words are exchanged with this person or that before she can set her offerings down on the table along with utensils. "Your welcome Ma'am. If there's anything else you need or want…" she leaves the rest unsaid before stepping back as Alara speaks with the candidates.

"I-I can't imagine who would /do/ such a thing," Teallan says in a voice barely above a whisper. Hands wrap about mug as she sits down near to Alara, eyes wide. A glance to the food and there's an audible rumble from her stomach, but she seems to be waiting for the initial rush to finish. "How did anyone even get in there with no one noticing?" She takes a sip of the klah, glancing to the food Zhia has brought, then back to Alara. "I… I would like to write a song in their memory."

Pale gaze slips from candidate to candidate, watching, waiting, listening, and taking in each piece of information that is divulged, carefully storing it away, slowly shifting to slide down the bench just a bit further, putting her in range. "Ma-ma'am?" She questions softly, ducking her gaze as she dares to pipe up, a question that seems almost callous given the conversation currently at hand. "When.. When do you think people may be allowed to leave?" She asks, biting her lip as she does so, the question likely as much out of her own eagerness to be rid of Liril as the man's own desire to be gone.

In a flat voice Neni says, "I slept as well as could be expected, Weyrwoman." There may even be a touch of humor in what she says, or it may just be that her voice is faintly animated, "And some friendly colleague kept nudging me awake every time I snored."

"Thank you. Again." Alara's tired expression turns for a moment into a smile, and she begins eating. She keeps her manners, mostly, but the food seems to disappear rather quickly. Her movements will probably look pretty familiar to Teallan, as they resemble a Harper Apprentice's first few meals, until they get the rhythm of the hall down. She's clearly gone back to what she knows in her troubled time. "I think this will do nicely." She pauses in her inhalation of her breakfast to remember to reply to Zhia, letting her go on, or remain, as she needs. "I can't either. They were so … small…" She got the pictures via link, as both golds grieved in their own ways: Kaseth curling up around her eggs and blocking out the world, Rauzath going over things again and again in her mind, and probably, across the Weyr's links for the dragons to hear. "That would be brilliant, Little Tea. Maybe after we find out who and why." As to the logistics, she shrugs. "We were all away a tthe wedding. She'd had bronzes posted on the outside, and we gave them all the afternoon off. Someone stole K'rall's overalls…" The bronzerider hardly ever takes them off, it seems. "They smelled like him, so Kaseth, who was dozing, wasn't too worried. Randi was working on a dragon in the Infirmary, and the rest of us were in Benden." Leaving the babies wide open for this. No more. Her face tightens, as she considers all of this. "I don't know, Candidate." She hasn't met this one, though she does look familiar. Perhaps a bit out of place? Like she belongs somewhere else. "I am not releasing the grounding, and neither are Cosima and Feyrith — barring Threadfall — until this is taken care of." She's been in contact with Southern Weyr at least once. "So, you'd best be settled in. And everyone else who's here."

Zhia takes a few steps back, looking at the weary candidates, "HOw about I fix a large tray with stuff and bring it back for you all along with a fresh pot of klah? Y'all look like you could use it." Before a word can be said, Zhia is off disappearing into the kitchens only to return with a tray in hand before moving back to the table to fill it. She cocks her head just enough to keep tabs on what's going on, ber forehead wrinkling with what is being said. A final meatroll and more fruit and a klah pot, then she turns and moves back to the table, setting her offerings within reach before jesturing to the other girls, "Eat, you won't be any use to the weyr or the hatchlings if you fall ill."

"I do so hope the person is found," Teallan says with a clouded expression. "Is this going to change things for the Hatching at all? Will people still be allowed to come see?" She sips her klah again, glancing to Zhia. Eyes widen. "That'd be wo-" and the girl is gone, but once she gets to the table, the Harper girl is gushing. "Oh thank you! I usually wait until people aren't so /pushy/ up there." She's grabbing some various bits of food. "I really hope my parents can come to the Hatching," she says to Alara after a moment.

Alara's details draw a little gasp forth from Andi's lips, one hand hurriedly lifting to cover her mouth, attempting to pretend that the sound came from anyone but her. Each word is given the attention as the one before it, a hand lifting to brush over her hair as it sits settled at the back of her neck, words escaping her lips - merely thoughts that happen to be said aloud. "As if there wasn't already enough pain at Benden that night." And then she blinks a few times, lifting her gaze back to Alara, slowly nodding. "Yes ma'am.." She murmurs. "I.. If.. If my Lord brother protests… Who.. Who shall he see?" She winces a little, just imagining the fuss that is likely to follow.

Alara nods, gratefully at Zhia, and continues to eat a few moments, while she listens to the candidates talk. When Teallan speaks, she blinks, not sure she's heard right. "We have candidates, we have eggs. It matters not if no one but the Weyr's own are able to watch." She's run into this with the girl before, and mostly kept mum, but today, it grates on her horribly. "If we find the person, then, yes, they'll all be able to come again. Otherwise, I can't promise." It may well depend on the wishes of the queen; safety is definitely preiminent over popularity. They all sit around the table, consuming breakfast, and Alara is explaining the situation and policy to the candidates around her, Zhia popping in and out with food and drink for them all. "If he complains, send him straight to me." And the expression is firm. "I shall explain the necessity of obedience in this matter."

Nenienne blinks at the food, as if sudenly remembering that klah isn't a complete breakfast. "Thank you," she says to Zhia. Then she says, "One thing which bothered me about this last night — how did the person get K'rall's overalls? Does he have a ground weyr or something, or did the…" she searches for a strong enough word, and fails, instead saying, "thief get up to his weyr?"

Zhia says, "No worries." is offered before Zhia moves away, pulling a rag from her pocket to wipe off a few crumbs from a little further down the table. "Maybe the overalls were in the laundry waiting to be washed." she offers with a small shrug of her shoulders, "Maybe someone had the audacity to go into his weyr when he wasn't around and get them." she adds as she looks from the weyrwoman to the candidates before Looking directly at Alara. "I could make a basket of food up for Randi ma'am. Something that wouldn't go bad on the sands? Not sure how well she ate earlier if she did…"

Teallan looks to Nenienne with a brow that furrows, then raises. "Unless they took it from the laundry," she says swiftly, almost breathless as the other candidate brings up the relization. "Could… could it be someone who works in the laundry? They'd be able to cover their tracks." She exhales and leans back a bit, giving a little sigh. A glance to Zhia, then back to the food that was brought for the table and Tea devours a bit more. Preparing for the day.

"Yes.. Yes ma'am." Andi says with a sharp little nod, obediant to the Senior's orders without any further questions, though she does give an awkward look over her shoulder, as if attempting to figure out if the young man has decided to show his face. As the coast still seems to be clear, she's giving Zhia a smile as the girl moves off, almost nervously, before she's glancing back to Alara, eyes lingering before they go to each candidate in turn as they question the Weyrwoman. There's no move to touch the offered food, and she shifts a little, resting her hands on the edge of the table, folded neatly as she perches straight in the chair once more.

Nenienne nods at what Teallan said. "They could have stolen it from the laundry. I should have thought of that. I wonder…"

A tall man comes into the living cavern, someone who wasn't present before the lockdown was instituted. Masterharper Gallifren has a rather grave expression on his face. Senior queen Rauzath must have permitted the Fort Weyrleader to deposit this very important visitor, and indeed, shortly on the heels of Gallifren is T'mar, his expression one of restrained anger and sorrow. It wasn't his Weyr, but sharditall! "My dear Alara," the Masterharper begins, while the Fort Weyrleader nods politely to the Senior Weyrwoman as the two men approach. The bronzerider looks intently at the gaggle of candidates nearest Alara, but says nothing. He's only here to ensure the Masterharper isn't stuck here either, his dragon patiently watching the antics of some weird blue out in the upper bowl… digging?

"I'm pretty certain she hasn't eaten." Alara pauses, fork midway to her mouth as she considers what her best friend would do. "She's been running on … agenothree all day, and is probably about to the bottom of the tank." She continues to eat for a moment, considering the issue of the overalls. "Knowing K'rall, he probably changed right there. He probably wanted to wear the things to the wedding." She begins to say more, but then a familiar voice cuts through her thoughts. Immediately, she sits up a bit straighter, and runs her fingers through her hair, then realizes what she's attempting to do. "Master Gallifren. Welcome to Eastern. I wish it were…" She cuts off the 'polite phrases' she was going to say, and stands, moving toward her parents' Master swiftly. "And T'mar. Hello. Thank you, and my duties to Craylioth and Brenzith. I did see Parna yesterday. I do appreciate you bringing Master Gallifren to us." She motions to empty spaces around the table. "Join us? If you care to eat, that is."

Zhia nods abruptly, backing away before stopping to look at the Fortian Weyrleader. A little jostling from others moving to and from the tables sets her into motion again. "Andi you need to eat something." she whispers to the girl in passing before motioning to Neni too. "Eat. If I remember right y'all still have chores today right?" Turing it's back to the kitchens and out again, a thermos of sorts in one hand and a basket over the other. There's not stopping at the serving tables this time, as the basket is clearly brimming full of enough food from not just Randi but for at least three or four more bellies ontop of her as well. "Cooks had one all set up and ready to be delivered ma'am." There's a brief nod to both men before she speaks up, "Can I get either of you something to eat or drink Sirs?"

That voice. Any Harper would know that voice. Teallan sits up straighter and cleans crums off of her fingers and rubs at her mouth to ensure that nothing is stuck there to embarass her. The girl watches the Masterharper with wide eyes, but she doesn't speak. Instead she just stands and curtseys in his direction, old training returning easily to her. T'mar is given a salute once she straightens and the girl soon finds herself grabbing up her klah to take a drink and soothe her parched throat.

Andi continues to try and listen to the quiet conversation, but then there's a louder voice, and Andi is frowning - forehead creasing just a bit as she has to turn her attention towards the new voice, the junior lady of Boll hurriedly shifting her chair back, shuffling to her feet to offer a quick curtsey to her own Hold's Weyrleader and the Masterharper, blushing briefly as she ducks her head, gracefully settling herself back into her seat, hands settled into her lap, waiting until Alara has finished her own greetings before offering a breathless, 'Good day, lord sirs.' Manners, certainly, are impecable, even as she blushes at Zhia's urging, shaking her head hurriedly, with a whisper of 'Not hungry, anymore'.

Nenienne too stands as she recognizes the visitors, or at least their knots. She's silent, though, as she bows her head in their direction, then sits. At Zhia's urging she takes a breakfast roll and begins chewing on it absently.

"Fort's duties to Eastern and her queens," T'mar replies tersely, nodding to the offer of a meal, since the Harper insisted on coming here right now, and Faranth only knew what time it was back at Fort. "The situation is why I'm here, dear lady," the Masterharper insists, shaking his head at the offer of food, eyeing T'mar's burgeoning girth. And the tall and toothy Masterharper smiles pleasantly to Zhia's offer of hospitality. "Thank you, but I've already eaten. Many of us who were at that wedding are still dragging from all the fine food the Bakers plied us with." And now the Harper notes one of his own in the gaggle, and a muted grin is given to Teallan. Meanwhile, T'mar focuses his attention on Andi for a moment, but says nothing to the matter. "Is there any news?" he asks of Alara, once more getting down to business.

"We found K'rall's overalls covered in ichor and egg… remnants, and Randi discovered the dragonets inside. There was a bronze and a green." She frowns, and closes her eyes, forcing the images to the back of her mind again. There is a loud bugle of frustration, and Alara inhales, composing herself for both of them. "We had teams going all about the Weyr, and some at Landing, too, I think. That would be the only places they'd be able to get, I think. There isn't much between here and there…" And it's two days' or so wagon ride to Landing. One day might be possible on a fast runner, if someone was really pushing it. "We have several people checking and listening to the rumors in the caverns folk and drudges. Many times, they know …" She stops, sheepish, surely the man knows the value of talking to the people who work in the depths of the Weyr. "We were just discussing how they might have gotten a hold on K'rall's dearly beloved overalls." He may be well known for his ideosyncracies.

Zhia is off and running again, fetching another plate of food and a mug of klah just incase it's needed to wash down the meal. "Here you go sir." comes softly as both are offered to T'mar before she turns a grin to the Master Harper. "I think getting them from the Laundry is still a plausiable idea." she notes before turning away to stand behind the chair where Andi perches. "Come on girlie you need to put somethin besides klah in your belly." she encourages. "I've got a few sweetrolls in the kitchen…"

Teallan is eating once again, but slowly and very carefully. Super self-conscious at this point. She watches every move of Alara, T'mar, and the Masterharper. Sure, they're distracted, but it's obvious that the girl is doing her best. Almost painfully obvious. She starts to say something after Alara speaks, but her teeth snap shut with a click as, for once, her brain gets ahead of her words and she decides better of it.

Chin lifts and Andi's eyes meet those of the Fortian Weyrleader for a long moment, a hint of pink gathering over her cheeks and nose, and she's hurriedly looking away, eyes closing lightly as she listens to Alara retell the situation once more, biting her lip yet again. And then her eyes slowly open to glance at the other candidates and those ranking members who have gathered. "What if.. It was an accident, ma'am? Sirs?" Andromeda whispers softly, nervous as she dares to bring another idea to the table, an idea which certain is still quite abhorant to consider. A long look to Zhia, and the young woman slowly nods, giving into her urgings.

Nenienne listens silently, eyes briefly tearing up as the casualties are mentioned. She looks from face to face in a rare instance of not looking past people, or at the ceiling.

The Masterharper nods to the Weyrwoman's rundown of events, his eyes fixing on Nenienne, because as he was coming in, she was the one who brought up that question. "Did the man have a ground weyr, or a regular one?" T'mar frowns, his eyes shadowed as he considers the implications. "We don't need this to get out… that a rider helped these scum perpetrate this crime," the Fort Weyrleader points out. However, the Masterharper isn't the Masterharper for no reason, so he quirks one of his bushy eyebrows at Teallan, pointedly inviting her to speak up. T'mar scowls at Andi's suggestion, but he holds his peace when Gallifren holds up his hand to allow the others to speak first.

"Everything goes through the laundry," Teallan says, quietly at first. But she clears her throat and speaks a bit louder, "And…" a glance to Alara. "K'rall was at the wedding. He had to remove his overalls. I imagine someone had them quickly sent to the laundry, because… I've seen them in there before. They ought to be washed more." She fusses with her mug, empty as it is now. "If someone… wanted in to get at the eggs, all they'd have to do is wait for K'rall's overalls to end up in the laundry and run off with them. There's enough going on down there that someone could slip in and out without much notice."

Zhia backs away with her things delivered, but instead of going about duties she should the drudge settles at the table after thunking a plate with some sweetbreads almost directly before Andi. "Like I said the laundry seems the best and easiest place to get those things." she says with anotehr shrug.

"I'm loathe to think that K'rall helped, T'mar." Alara says, straight out. "I hadn't thought of that, Candidate," she gazes over in Andromeda's direction. "But even if it was unintended, someone was on the sands while Kaseth's guards were at the wedding, and Randi wasn't there, and Kaseth was at rest. That sounds very suspicious. And they took the time to smell like someone who was well-known." She gazes over at the Masterharper, silently asking for his opinion. Teallan's comments get a nod. "We ought to post someone in the Laundry and wait to see if someone comes back for his clothes."

"I.. I just thought perhaps.. Someone.. Someone might want to see what the candidates saw." Andi blushes with a little wince, dropping her gaze again as she catches T'mar's scowl out of the corner of her eye, taking another moment before daring to elaborate. "I.. There were.. There were others around when.. when some of the candidates were talking about what the eggs were like." And then as Alara comments on the true issue at hand, she blushes even darker, nodding again and falling into awkward silence, eyes lifting to dart to Zhia before a sweetroll is taken, her attention focused there rather than having to meet the looks of any of the others.

Nenienne nods, her eyes dropping to the table and the nibbles roll in front of her. She says absently "I wonder when those two from Fort got here. They've been awfully nosy about us. The one even offered to help with my chores the other day when I was mucking the stables."

The Fort Weyrleader absently thanks Zhia for her kindness, and ignores the Masterharper's scowl as he helps himself to a little nibble from the plate, and of course, a mug of klah never goes amiss. "I hate to suggest this," the Harper says as the theory of an accident is brought up. "If this was a mere accident, I can imagine someone being so distressed by their actions that they would do anything to cover it up. An honest person would probably admit their misdeed, but even they would be tempted to hide it. Who but the most vile personality wouldn't?" the tall man asks rhetorically with a shrug. "No one in their right mind would want to have the death of a dragon on their conscience, particularly a bronze." And when Nenienne mentions two from Fort, T'mar focuses on her. "Two from Fort?" he queries sharply. "We haven't sent anyone here in the past two sevendays."

Alara isn't ready to consider that it's an accident yet. She's still in 'Protective Queen' mode. "Perhaps." She'll give the Harper that much. "But, Master Gally…" She flushes bright red. She hasn't called him that since she was the brat in the bunch, not the nanny. "Sir," she attempts to correct herself. "I don't think so. And especially not Kaseth's eggs. If they wanted to touch some, they could've much more easily gotten to Rauzath's eggs. She had no bronzes at her door — ever — and she's forever dozing off, or getting lost in conversation with the dragons of the Weyr. To me, this was a deliberate attack on Kaseth." She purses her lips. "Like they wanted to get in to the darker, more secret room, and hurt us there." Neninenne gets a look. "When was this? I don't recall any visitors from Fort. And which? Weyr or Hold?" Her food is forgotten for the moment, in light of the new information. If they're involved, well, Parna will hear about it.

Zhia frowns at the way the conversation has turned, fidgeting in her seat. "I haven't seen any faces that from Fort and I came from there with my Aunt." she say quickly before hopping up from her seat to move quickly to the serving tables where she hastily fills a bowl of cereal and milk before returning. "Why would anyone want to do that? I just don't understand at all." these last things are said rather softly, almost timidly as she stirs her spoon round and round, her face draining of color to become almost chalky in appearance.

Andi brightens just a little, perhaps, as the Masterharper seems to ponder her own suggestion, the corners of her mouth twitching just a bit into a smile, opening her mouth to try and add, before Alara's effectively squashing the possibility, and the half-finished sweetroll is settled back on the edge of the mug that was once full of klah, and she's wincing. "They.. People.. always claim responsibility." She whispers, letting the words linger even as the conversation turns to talk of visitors from Fort, a topic that Andi at least has nothing further to contribute.

Nenienne says, "I'm sorry, Weyrleader. I meant a kitchen worker and a herdsman, not riders." To everyone in general she says "When he introduced himself to me he said he was from the Fort area. He said he wanted to help out in a new Weyr, which is why he offered to do the mucking for me. Odd, though, now that I think of it I don't think he ever said a name."

Gallifren smiles fondly, an honest smile, toward the Weyrwoman whose diapers he once changed when she was a wee one. "Those facts, my dear Alara, is why I do not believe it was any kind of accident. Not even the most daring weyrbrat would have sneaked into the sands and risk Kaseth's wrath, no matter how put upon by his peers. And even a Holder-boy, standing for the first time, would risk it either." T'mar rolls his eyes at the mention of the herder and kitchen drudge. "Gregor seems to think that new candidate of yours is going to go insane and start thieving and killing or something like that that girl from Telgar did decades ago. If they don't do good work, send 'em back," the Weyrleader says laconically.

"Gregor's always been a bit…" Alara comments idly, nodding along with the Masterharper's assessment of the situation. "Sure of himself." She'll settle for the polite euphemism. "Oh." Something strikes her. "Those two. Someone asked me if they could come over to the Weyr and help, after the wedding in Benden. I figured it couldn't hurt. But if they're asking questions, perhaps we need Max or some of the other people in his crew to keep an eye on them as well? Or we could just send them home with this lot." She gestures toward the bronzerider. "But that would probably offend Gregor, if I know him." Which she does, somewhat. "I just want this taken care of." She crosses her arms across her chest, hugging herself with frustration.

Zhia stirs her cereal still, playing with it in an odd fashion over eating it. "None of this makes sense at all." she mumbles. She looks towards Andi, offering the girl a small smile as the eating of the roll. "You'll feel better with all that in there with the klah." she whispers again before taking her own words and actually beginning to eat her own breakfast.

As different names are shared and repeated, Andi carefully follows the train of conversation through half-lidded eyes, gaze shifting to each major player in turn, nodding a shy nod to each point that's raised. "Can't you.. Can't you send Lord Liril with them?" Andi asks quickly as the option for the others to return with the Fort Weyrleader, a question which she's instantly regretting actually asking, lifting a hand to cover her mouth, suddenly finding a spot on the bench between her and Zhia quite interesting indeed.

Nenienne seems not to care about the two Fortians any more, once Alara has vouched for them. She fidgets restlessly, then finally picks up the poor tortured breakfast roll and actually takes a bite of it. When Andi mentions Liril a light goes of, and Neni glances hopefully toward the leaders.

"The Lord of Fort does not dictate who staffs your Weyr, my dear," Gallifren points out with one of his sly and toothy grins. However, it fades as he runs a hand through his brown curly hair, only the first few strands of grey peppering it vaguely. Before the Fort Weyrleader can ask for a refill of the klah mug on the table, the Harper appropriates it for his own use and slips a little something from a hip flask into it before its refilled, declinding to return it to the Fortian, reaching out with his free hand to squeeze Alara's shoulder paternally. T'mar's gaze falls on Andi again, and his brows furrow, as if he's trying to place exactly where he might have seen her before. "I'll bet Liril would adore getting set loose. But… that's not our call. If you agree they should be allowed to leave, then they would've been gone already, I take it…?" The Fort Weyrleader's lips quirk in a grin. "Everyone is a suspect until they're not."

Alara nods. "This is true." It sets her to thinking, which pulls her out of the spiral of worry, anger and frustration that she had been feeling. "I'm just well aware of the line we're walking." The thought occurs to her that this might help in that regard, garner sympathy in the North, but she pushes it aside. "'I'd rather keep them here until we've apprehended the criminal." She gazes over at Andi. "Oh." She's placed her, but doesn't remember her name. "If Liril is causing you problems because of your choice to stand, then, also tell him that I reiterated …" She looks away, asking Rauzath something. "Twylaeth's judgment in Searching you. It is completely your choice when you are not there." True, it may have been different had she been home and searched, but in the Weyr, it's up to the Weyrwoman and her Searchriders. "However, because of this…" She lets out a long sigh, "I would like even him to remain here, and help if he possibly can."

Zhia looks down towards where Andi is staring, "If I could help you with him I would Andi." is offered to the other girl, "And any of the others he's pestering." A hand reaches out towards the other girl as if to offer her a reassuring pat on the shoulder but she stops and withdraws the hand. "It'll all work out, don't let one fool like him get ya down." Straightening, Zhia rises from her seat and moves to begin collecting dirty dishes. "May I take your plate Weyrwoman? Weyrleader?" are asked of the gold and bronze riders respectively before she reaches out for the dishes.

"He.. He's not the only one who would prefer him… In a situation he knows better." Andi says softly, sheepishly, met more for her fellow candidate and Zhia than anyone else - certainly not for the Weyrwoman or Fort's Weyrleader. And then Alara is addressing her concerns, hitting one of the issues at least on the head and she sighs softly, seeming to wilt just a bit, even as she's still sitting rather primly on the edge of the seat. "Of.. of course ma'am." She replies softly, shaking her head to Zhia hesistantly. "He.. He's only following my father's orders." She offers under her breath.

Nenienne nods in agreement with Zhia's words, but snorts softly at Andi's. She seems somewhat at loss for what to do, and settles on getting herself a refill of klah and finally finishing that darned breakfast meatroll.

T'mar lets Zhia take his plate, frowning at the Masterharper's appropriation of his klah mug until someone gets him another one. "I trust we're allowed to leave when the Harper wants to go, since neither one of us had anything to do with this mess?" Gallifren frowns a bit at Andi's statement, mulling it terribly, and then he says, "One of these Turns, parents will learn to stop being such interfering souls, letting their children make their own choices. But by then, I'll have learned to stand on my head too." The silliness of such a visual is enough to make him grin, his eyes twinkling, but he nods to himself. "I'll keep you posted if I find anything out via my crafters, Alara. And what's this about Liril?" he queries, inviting anyone to answer the question.

The picture of the distinguished Masterharper of Pern standing on his head makes Alara smile. "And Rauzath will turn away a gossiper." She comments, nodding, understanding what he's trying to say. She falls silent on the issue of Liril. "Thank you, Masterharper. That will help immensely. And, yes, Rauzath will let you return home. Just let her know before coming again or sending anyone." She makes that clear; they are serious about the security.

After being dragged off to help in the kitchens for a bit, Teallan has rushed back in to see if the Masterharper has departed yet. The young woman comes up short nearby and quickly smooths her clothing out and touches at her hair. Making sure everything is in place before she approaches nearer where Alara and the others are.

Andi blushes as Master Gallifren's words filter through her somewhat withdrawn state, lifting her chin lightly. "My, my brother sir. He.. He returned with me after the wedding." She offers simply, cheeks darkening as she noticeably avoids commenting at all on the purpose of Lord Boll's son accompanying his sister back to the Weyr. She hesitates before commenting further, swallowing as she shifts, hand slipping under her thighs to avoid fidgeting.

Zhia can't help but giggle a little but it's hidden behind a pile of collected plates as the drudge takes them back to the kitchens instead of the basin. Upon return she uses her rag to start cleaning up a few nearby tables. "Wish my parents were more concerned about me at times but…it's all good. WOuld rather be here anyways." comes as a quick burst of tightly strung words as she again nears the small gathering.

T'mar has no comment about the Boll spawn other than a grunt of annoyance. He refrains from speaking his mind in front of Alara, but his expression is somewhat plain: such shenanigans would not happen at his Weyr. "If the boy isn't a suspect, we can take him back with us, can't we, T'mar?" the Masterharper asks cheerfully, ignoring the dark look shot at him by the Fort Weyrleader. "And if we need to come again, I'll have someone send a firelizard your way first to warn you, or have the dragon bespeak your lovely queen. And if you need me, just end one of the firelizards my way, surely you've got one or two that are trained well enough around here?"

Nenienne hmmmmms at the Masterharper's question, but keeps her council for now, fidgeting slightly.

There's a quiet snort. "If you think that best, Master Gallifren." Alara says, liking the idea. "And well, we do at least have Lady Isilna's Mellon." Who became famous at the wedding for clawing at Voronis. "And I think he knows you, doesn't he? We don't have many around here, but yes. We'll get a message to you. If nothing else, through our own harper." She knows they have ways of getting information around, even across the wide sea. T'mar's expression gets the slightest tilt of an eyebrow. She's heard stories about some of the goings on at Fort, some from listening to Harpers, some from Parna herself in conversations with the other Weyrleaders. "You do know Iar — Randi's opinion of the little creatures, don't you, sir?" It's her own moment for levity. "What do you think, Andromeda?" Yes, she's finally remembered Boll's daughter's name. "Do you think we ought to send him home?"

There's a faint squeak from somewhere. It's Teallan, from where she's stopped. Firelizards, right! There's one right in the barracks now and everything. Her eyes gleam briefly at the idea, since she, like many, would try to find them for capture when little. Not that there was ever any possibility of being successul as a child raised within Harper Hall. However, with a hand clapped over mouth and eyes wide, she lapses back into a waiting silence.

Ther's a brightening look at the Masterharper's suggestion, Andi's appreciation of the man growing with each moment, sparing a long look to Alara, blushing briefly as she's addressed by her full name. Gaze slips from one leader to the next, before returning to Alara. "Ma'am, he.. He was at Benden, and then with me. There's no way.." She starts slowly, before dropping her chin, taking a moment to gather her thoughts before she's continuing. "He.. I think he's as upset as.. as the Weyr is." And while she does not blatantly include herself in the group, its definitely implied. "He.. He might be useful, in listening for.. For news amongst the young Lords."

Nenienne nods at Andi's words, but remains silent otherwise, not being the one addressed.

"Yes," Gallifren answers, giving Teallan a pointed look. "I look forward to hearing more of the doings here from Eastern, if you're not working her to exhaustion digging that hole in the ground, my dear Alara," he adds with a dry tone of voice. "And I believe I've had the pleasure of meeting, ah, Isilna's bronze fellow." Unlike Alara, he doesn't use the title, since it's no longer appropriate. And then with Andi's suggestion, the Harper actually grins, a proper toothy grin of delight. "What a splendid idea!" he enthuses. "Yes," T'mar says sourly, "Like we need the Lords nosing about Weyr affairs any more…"

"Well, with Orralth's help, we hope to get the lake dug, freeing the candidates somewhat." Alara grins, but pointedly does not say anything about that meaning that Teallan can write. "But perhaps she can use a little time…" She gives a mild shrug, which doesn't give anything away. She inhales and turns around to T'mar. "If it means we find out who is threatining my dragonets, then, damn right we need interference in my Weyr." It may be an unpopular sentiment, but for this situation, it's how this Weyrwoman feels. "That is a splendid idea, Andromeda." She agrees.

Attention shifts to the other threads of conversation that are being carried on amongst the group, before the Weyrwoman is addressing her directly, and she's looking quite pleased with herself. "Th-Thank you ma'am." She says with a look of shock, swallowing, and hurriedly slipping to her feet, inclining her head. "If.. If I can ma'am, sirs.. I.. I'll go find him." Andromeda hesitates, waiting for permission to escape, hands settled, folded infront of her.

Teallan glances sharply to Alara, but back to the Masterharper and the Fort Weyrleader. She's being good and quiet now, even if it does require hands clenched in front of her mouth, wide eyes peeking out above them. It's /very/ difficult for this Harper-Candidate to hold her tongue, but at the very least she is trying.

Nenienne doesn't quite smile, but her expression lightens and perhaps is a little relieved as she looks over toward Andi. "Congratulations," she mouths, putting no voice to it.

T'mar shrugs. "I suppose I'd take any help to figure it out if it'd happened at Fort," he allows, not graciously, but then he's never been known for the best or smoothest manners of the bronzeriders who've been to the Weyr. "Sure, if you want me to take him off your hands, Weyrwoman, I can cart him back to Boll. It's up to you."

"Please, if you would, T'mar. That would be extremely helpful. Thank you." Alara nods, and moves to finish her food, or at least grab a little more. "Thank you for coming all this way, Master Gallifren. And thank you for conveying him." She gives a dip of the head in respect to T'mar.

"Thank you.. Thank you." Andi murmurs, and takes the responses of the trio as approval, and she's disappearing at a pace totally inappropriate for the daughter of a Lady Holder, off to find her brother and get him gathered before the Fort Weyrleader can leave without him, and he continues to be her problem.

Nenienne takes Andi's departure as a chance for her own escape. "I should get to my chores, unless you need anything else, Weyrwoman?"

The Masterharper bows to Alara quite formally, before he bundles T'mar up and goes in search of Andi and her brother to pack Liril off back to Boll. "Clear skies to you and your Weyr, Alara," is the Masterharper's parting comment as they head out of the living cavern, following the way Andi left.

Teallan watches the Masterharper go with wide eyes as people depart. She squeaks again once he's gone. "I didn't know when I'd get to see him again after being posted to Landing and he remembers me and listened to me and…" she realizes no one's really listening at this point, so blushes furiously and decides to make herself useful by grabbing empty plates and the like off a nearby table.

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