The Trouble With Women Is


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Date: 2010.08.18
Location: Max's Office
Synopsis: Zen drops by with some very disturbing news for Max. The two plot a wild wherry chase in the name of safety.
Rating: PG13 - some language
Logger: Max

Having finished work and the conversation with Ahnika down in the Lower Caverns brings Zen into the Caverns with an oddly expressionless face, set into a blank line. Anyone else in the Caverns is given a brief nod of greeting before he's approaching the office to the Beast Master. A knock is given on the door frame to announce his arrival, and he politely waits until beckoned in.

One would think not being able to leave the Weyr would affect mainly the dragonriders in terms of starting to go stir-crazy. By the annoyed grunt at a sheaf of paper as Max tosses it away from himself and sends it skittering across his desk, it’s quite obvious the beast manager is feeling somewhat like a caged animal. He doesn’t look up at the knock to his door as he rubs a hand across his eyes, merely grunts a low, “Come,” to whoever it may be.

Merendezen steps in easily, "your woman is going to get her ass into trouble." This announces his arrival as he moves to settle easily into a seat near the desk, arms folding and irritation visible. "Wouldn't answer her questions and she seems determined to figure it out on her own, about the body that was found, why the lakebed was important. She's even got some trader making eyes at her." Green eyes find the man, brows furrowing. "She's stubborn, I won't be able to talk her out of it." Also, he's been avoiding trying to sweet talk the teen. "Don't know what you'll want to do about it, but you might want to have some others watching her, too. You and I can't always be around to stop things."

The edge of a smile starts to form when Max realizes its Zen entering but quickly drains away into a tight look, a brow lifting high for the opening words. Reaching for that bottle of whiskey and two glasses he keeps in his drawer, the beast manager in grim silence pours a measure into each and slides one over the other man’s way. “Shit!” finally the lesser of the various expletives pouring through his mind, spills out. Shaking his head in frustration, “What does she want me to do? Tie her down and lock her in the fucking tack room!?” Yeah, he’s pissed off. Straightening in his chair and gesturing to the other if his friend hasn’t already taken it up, a long swallow of the amber liquid is taken, breath hissing through teeth for the afterburn. “I already took her up with a small demonstration of just how incapable she is of defending herself…” words break off and dark eyes narrow onto the other, “Which trader?”

Merendezen takes the glass, remaining in silence as he considers the liquid in the glass. "Yeah." He agrees with the curse and then rolls his shoulders. "Might be worth it. Leave her in there and just hand feed her until the Hatching day. Keep her out of trouble." There's a soft snort that follows his statement before he takes another drink and slowly begins to lounge in the chair. "Even if you taught her to defend herself, no promises that she'll be able to protect herself from someone who is determined to hurt and or kill her… Can't right out tell her 'bout the fights, either…" Green eyes roll and remain up towards the ceiling. "Didn't get a name, yet. She apparently has seen him before… Got real friendly with him."

Mirroring Zen’s stare down into the glass in a similar action, Max barks out a short laugh although there’s no humor behind it, “She’s already pissed at me for doing what I did. Can you imagine the threadstorm she’d raise if I did that?” Though there does remain the edge of approval for the fiery tempered redhead. Tilting his head back, eyes grazing across the ceiling a sigh exhales, “Aye, I know. A few lessons won’t do much good if someone’s determined enough. Shards, why by the first egg does she think I have that jackass Yaron following me around half the time?” Even he knows his own limits if jumped in an unfair fight. Speaking of which, his head drops back down and his mouth twists into thin line, “Far as I can manage it, she ain’t never gonna find out about those.” Right, good luck with that. Irritation with the stubbornness that is Ahnika, is replaced by something else that snaps in his expression briefly, voice turned low, “She got…friendly with him?”

"I can… Shit, she was pissed at me when I refused to tell her. Only stopped her because I thought she'd run off and do something right away." There's a grunt from the man, and he shakes his head. "Your woman is full of fire. I don't envy you." For all the headaches the man must face considering that woman. "Aye… She doesn't seem to understand this is far bigger than just everyone getting along and doing it as a team. That… Likely, will not solve anything." Eyes roll and he shakes his head again. "No one should know about those…" It took a lot for the two to share about it, and to share with the Weyr? Not happening. "She talked with him as if she knew him. Didn't smile like she meant it, but she was being friendly… Not sure if she's the type to just… Be friendly to anyone she meets right away or not. Or if she'd be more wary of a trader who arrived before… This whole mess happened."

Max shakes his head slowly in rueful gesture, "Appreciate your coming by to let me know," knowing full well the candidate to being doing what he could under very tricky circumstances, "But she can't know." What it is the two of them do and the conclusions they've dran. A self-deprecating snort of dry amusement is delivered for his next, "Never could resist the challenging ones." That and Ahnika's already gotten him good and proper under her spell. Another swallow of the whiskey and then his attention settles off into the distance with Zen's agreement on the fights, a hand curling subconsciously into a fist as he remarks with a dark wistfulness, "Could do with one round about now." If no other reason than to channel his frustrations and very real fears into something with a little more substance than rumors and evidence that hovered at the dead end of a tunnel. Snapping back, shoulders twitch in the semblance of a shrug, "She wants to help," he eventually gives back to the other, "Maybe if we could find her a safer way of doing so she'll stay outta trouble, aye?" Probably wishful thinking but worth a try. He doesn't however, seem to like talk of an association with a trader, "Wasn't that big dark skinned fellow that's been hanging around here lately, was it? Dubose his name is."

"You're welcome. Can't do much else…" Lips press tightly together before he moves to drain the glass. "I know. Didn't tell her anything specific, just that she could get herself hurt or worse." Zen chuckles softly, "seems that's your downfall. She's a challenge, alright… Shit." A shake of his head before he settles the glass down, "could use a real fight. Not a spar… Me and a man, both ready to die for that win. The satisfaction…" He sniffs, and then he turns his attention towards the door. "Well, if you can get her in better spirits… We could put her on a chase, leading to nothing but she's finding something. We just have to plant something there for her to find. It'll keep her out of trouble until the Hatching…" Trailing off, he considers, brows furrowing before he shakes his head. "Not sure… Never met this Dubose fellow…"

Max can’t help but to follow suit when Zen chuckles, “Aye, she’ll likely be the death of me yet.” But it’s said good naturedly and with a small margin of pride. His mouth curls up into a deep smirk and his glass gets tipped the other’s way, “I’d offer but I don’t think the Weyrleaders would take too kindly to me pounding one of their candidates to a pulp.” The two are probably evenly matched and he knows it, so it would be safe to assume that was a jest of male ego. Talk of getting Ahnika into better spirits has the beast manager dropping his eyes and laughing quietly, “Think I might have a way,” devilment dancing in those dark eyes of his but not further outlined. As to potentially sending her on a wild wherry chase, he lifts a hand away from himself, “I’m open to whatever suggestions you might have in mind for that but I’m heading in the opposite direction if she figures out it was a set up and comes after you,” grinning slightly at the end there. As to Dubose there’s a light shrug and another chuckle, “You’d remember him if you met him. Size of an ox.” He at least doesn’t seem to hold the trader under suspicion in any of this.

Merendezen grins and nods his understanding about his woman being the death of him, perhaps even agreeing for his own sake. He chuckles again, "doubt they'd appreciate a Beast Master in the infirmary, either. Best we don't piss the 'leaders off too much." He chuckles and considers the man, "good. I've no ideas but I am certain you'll be able to get her on the chase, at least. If you need help planting something, let me know. I can provide details, too… Just let me know. I'm sure she'll come to me for some details after you give her something. Won't tell a soul that I know it's a fake once she finds out… We'll just say we thought it was truth." And maybe if they learn to pull off the innocent look that women manage so well, they'll escape with their manhood intact. "Ah.. Nah. Wasn't him… Someone new. Before the grounding… Can't say I've met him before and I've met my fair share of traders."

Low laughter of more genuine proportions lifts up as Max drains his glass, “Infirmary’s not the worst place to end up,” and that likely only because of a certain healer friend he has over that way, shrugging, “Better than a dirt nap.” A crafty light enters into both expression and tone as he considers Zen’s offer of help, “Think you’re onto something there. I’ll give it some thought and see if I can plant a seed.” Chances are? He’s about to start digging their graves and worse still, hand over the shovel for Ahnika to fill them in. But at least it will have been done with the best of intentions, right? Considering what the candidate then says of this trader, eyes narrow lightly for a moment and then with a nod of head, “I’ll ask her about him too,” pausing and then adding, “Reckon you could point him out to Waine or one of the others?” Because as Zen said, they can’t be everywhere, all of the time, themselves.

Merendezen says, "Aye, so you say. So you say, but, it'll keep you out of work for some time." He laughs lightly before he nods in understanding. "Plant a seed, let it grow and when the time is right… Lay the bait and she'll follow along." Or, yes… They could be digging their graves if it doesn't distract her until those egg crack. "Alright… You do that. I should be able to point him out to the others when I spot him again. I'll take in more detail… I'm worried." To anyone else, he would not admit this. "He was watching her.""

Max shrugs easily on being kept out of work, and grins, “’Bout time I had some time off and at least I’ll have you to keep me company. We can play cards.” Because if he’s going to end up in the infirmary, you can be sure he’s taking Zen with him. A smirk meets the others words of laying a wild trail for Ahnika to follow and then slides off slightly into a frown as he comments, “If they can kill unhatched dragons and whoever that was,” the body in the tunnel, “the Hatching ain’t going to miraculously make it all go away and lessen the danger.” Dark eyes narrow onto the blonde haired man, the beast manager’s jaw settling into a hard line as the words cut out in cold echo, “Watching her?”

Merendezen laughs more freely, "not a bad idea. Cards are a good way to pass the time." It would certainly be an interesting thing, both men in the infirmary. Though it dies off quickly and he frowns, "no… It won't fix it all or lessen the danger… But if we can get her into the areas where we know this person won't frequent, we can be sure of her safety. That and having someone follow her, at least discreetly. And one in the place with the fake leads…" He trails off and nods. "He… Seemed interested."

Listening as Zen explains his way of thinking on how the Hatching could, if not change things, at least go a ways to helping keep Ahnika and the others safe, Max tips the bottle over his glass for a refill and then holds it in silent question toward the other's. Nodding finally to having her followed, "I'll see if I can get Boxtol to send his boy. He's not worth shit in a fight, but he's at least quick enough on his feet to call one of us if need be." Brows furrow deeper for this trader's interest in his girl, a dark oath muttered under his breath, "I'll…deal with it." Which could mean anything to dissuading the redhead from further contact with him or a more physical explanation to the trader to back the hell away from his woman.

Merendezen gives the other a look, shaking his head at the offer. "Good. Keeping everyone else safe, right now, is priority…" He offers a weary grin before pushing to his feet, nodding his understanding. "I'll keep watch still, even if he's not around her… He's suspicious."

Re-corking the bottle and setting it to one side when Zen declines, Max nods and takes up his own glass for a sip, standing as he does, glass still in hand. With a disturbed but grateful look sent to the other, “Thanks Zen. Going to owe you a whole seven down the bar for this.” All the help he’s been able to give and is still offering to give more of.

Merendezen nods, once before grinning widely, though it lacks any humor. "You know it." He chuckles and waves a farewell, "I'll let you know what I find out and if I see anything more." Loyalty is a fine thing, indeed.

Max lifts his glass bearing hand Zen’s way and nods, leaning up against the doorframe of his office a troubled expression in place as he watches him depart. Only once he’s gone from sight does the beast manager move back into his office and slump heavily into his a chair, a wealth of heavy thoughts weighing him down.

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