The Weyr's Ways


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Date: 23rd July 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Ciara meets Nenienne at the lakeshore. The two Holdbred women discuss Nenienne's potential Search, and learning about Weyr life.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ciara

At present, this large scoop in the ground - which only grows larger each day - looks a bit odd. There's a string of makeshift fencing around the edges to try and keep those without business there out of the way. However, small wooden poles and three lines of twine are more of a suggestion than a deterrent, and weyrbrats can often be seen playing in the sections not filled with digging workers. A small sign hung on the highest bit of twine states 'LAKE HOPELESS' in forcibly fancy script, yet there's not a drop of water to be seen anywhere in the scoop.

It's early morning, before the proper heat sets in. Neni heads over to the not-yet-man-made lake and watches the workers as they toil. She enters into the work area and begins inspecting something there.

Ciara is hanging around watching the lake being worked on, looking the very picture of interest. She's kept back out of the way for now, but when she sees a more familiar face enter the work area, the girl moves closer, until she's sure of who she's seeing. "Nenienne? I thought you did gems?" Ci now stands right at the edge of the work area, sensible enough to know she shouldn't let curiosity take her where she's not allowed to be.

Nenienne brightens as she sees Ciara. "Hello there — not quite ready for fish yet." Even though she's talking at the same time as Ci, she hears the question, since she answers "I do, but since there's none to be made, I'm earning my keep by helping out the other Smiths."

Ciara tries out a grin at that quip, but the expression falls short. Something on her mind's stopping her from finding the real humour in the sentence. Instead, she responds more properly to Nenienne's reply to her question, looking curiously about the "lake". "Oh…is it boring compared to what you usually do?" Never mind that there may be a smith to overhear whatever Nenienne says to that - Ci's asked it now!

Nenienne either doesn't notice or doesn't mind that her joke fell flat. Instead, she answers the most recent question with "Actually, it's fairly interesting. I'm using skills I haven't really had a chance to practice since before I specialized. I'm just glad I'm not one of those who is digging!"

"I dunno," and Ci surveys the digging folk with interest, her gaze lingering just a fraction longer on the younger men, "it looks like good exercise." She rocks briefly on her feet from heel to toe, finishing with her weight rested back on the heels and hands going behind her back for something to do. "Do you have a workshop here?"

Nenienne says, "Not yet. I think I would have to beg a ride to Landing to use theirs." She glances at the other young woman's target and asks "Why, do you want to commission something? Atsya is taking me there today to ask Jarvys about search, so I'll be near the latest and best equipment."

"Oh…sorry, I'm not." Ciara looks apologetic now, for leading Neni on like that. "I was just interested in what you do…." She trails off as the gemcrafter mentions Search. "Oh? You're going to be a candidate as well?" As the excitement of that prospect sinks in, her tone brightens, a true smile now on her face.

Nenienne says cautiously "I was searched; I just need to make sure I have permission to stand from the Hall. I think apprentices are usually fair game, but I'm not sure about journeymen." Then, lowering her voice lest any other Smiths nearby hear her, she adds "I'm a bit nervous about talking to Master Jarvys. I've heard rumors."

Ciara nods at the first, before thinking back to the previous conversation about Jarvys. "Oh…like what we were talking about that other time?" She mimics Nenienne, going quieter, though she also looks left and right almost guiltily. "Che - I think that was her name? - didn't seem to like him much…."

Nenienne nods, then brightens. "Oh, you reminded me — didn't someone else say he likes some sort of fruit? Maybe I could see if the Weyr has any and snag him one or two. By way of introduction." Never bribery.

"Oh! That was me!" Ciara rocks on her feet again, properly grinning now. "Redfruits was what he wanted before, so I think he likes them." A devious expression crosses her face as she looks at Neni, as if trying to guess her intentions.

Nenienne ohs, giving a rare smile and looking almost like she wants to hug Ci, though she doesn't try to. "THank you! I promise I won't tell him where I heard it, even if he is suspicious. Hopefully he won't be. I'll bring enough for three, so it just looks like I packed a snack. Then I just need to show him that letter from weyrwoman Randi, and Atsya can answer any questions about the search itself."

"Don't worry about it," Ciara grins. "I just hope he /does/ like them a lot. I'll feel like an idiot if it turns out he doesn't." She shrugs, before adding, "it sounds pretty complicated to become a candidate if you're in a craft. Or," and she remembers what Nenienne said earlier, "if you're a journeyman, at least. If you don't Impress, can you go back to the craft? Or is that as complicated as this?"

Nenienne's voice is still hushed. "That's what has me worried. I just don't know if they'll take me back, and I honestly don't think I have a chance out there. I know nothing about dragons except that they come is some very pretty colors. But if I try to stand, I'm afraid the Master wn't think I'm dedicated enough to the craft."

Ciara is as far from an expert on this subject as you can get, so her best response is a shrug and an apologetic look. "I guess you'll have to discuss that with Master Jarvys? And I don't know anything about dragons either…I reckon there'll be lots of us like that, so you shouldn't worry about that. Maybe we'll be taught what we need to know before the hatching?" She sounds hopeful about that.

Nenienne nods nervously when she mentions discussing it with Jarvys, then says "I wish the craft had mentioned this possibility when they posted me to the Weyr." Then she gives a nervous smile. "You don't either? I hope they do teach us, even if I don't impress. It would be good to know a little more about the place I'm living." Then she adds hastily "At least if I end up standing."

Ciara thinks along another track. "Surely they've had journeymen ask them before about this sort of thing?" Having suggested that, she smiles back more confidently in response to Nenienne's nervous smile. "Oh, me too. I'm picking up bits and pieces of things, but if we could just sit down and be taught the important bits, it'd be very helpful." She tilts her head slightly at Nenienne's last. "Won't you be still living here even if you don't stand?" Perhaps she's misunderstanding what the gemcrafter meant.

Nenienne nods. "Oh, I'm certain they have. I just wish they'd told *us*, those of us heading out to a Weyr assignment. And yes, I'd be staying here even if I refuse search — this is my first posting, and I need to prove myself if I ever want to try for mastery." Cocking her head, she asks "What kinds of bits and pieces have you learned?"

"Ohhh…that sucks." Ci pouts at that silly error of the craft's, though the expression doesn't stick, as she shifts on her feet and nods at Nenienne's next words. "Oh, good! Well, not if you refuse Search, but if you stay here. It's been fun for me so far, I dunno about you." And then she's caught out somewhat when the gemcrafter inquires as to her draconic knowledge. "Wellllll, they don't seem to get drunk when their riders are." That much she can be confident on. And: "they won't eat people, either. Um. And they can like fishing." She ponders those points a moment before giving Nenienne a thoughtful look. "None of that's really useful, is it?"

Nenienne says, "Except for getting lost, it's been interesting, which is alway a good thing." If she notices she's put Ci on the spot, she doesn't acknowledge it. "The part about them not eating people is definitely useful," she says with her normal frown, though her eyes are sparkling with mischief. "Not that I *really* believed it, anyway. And I also think it's good to know that dragons don't get drunk. I'd hate to be around something so big if it was staggering around."

Ciara smiles at the getting lost thing. "It's definitely…weird, getting around here. Not like a Hold at all. Or a Hall either, I guess?" The question for Nenienne is implied in the way Ci looks at her, eyebrows a little raised, as if expecting an answer. She can't help a laugh at the idea of a dragon staggering around drunkenly. "Maybe you'd survive a green standing on you, but a gold'd squish you like a bug." She adds, "and I didn't believe the dragons eating you thing, either. When I was young." She doesn't sound completely sure about that though - it's said just a bit too fast.

Nenienne nods "Very different from a cothold — our whole house could fit in the Living Cavern. And very different from the Hall, too. At least that was lain out sanely." She pauses, then adds, "Although I suppose this could be sane, for a Weyr. I just heard from the rider who brought me here that the layout here was strange."

Ciara snorts in amusement at the 'sanely' comment. "Yeah, our cothold was really small," she says, but pauses and corrects herself. "Well, not small. The living cavern here is big. Yeah, that's it." She frowns at the mention of a rider calling the layout strange. "I wonder why a rider thinks that? I figured all Weyrs were like this?"

Nenienne says, "Our cot was small and the living cavern here is big. I imagine our fields were maybe as big as the whole Weyr, for instance; not much more." Neni's usual frown is back in place, and deepens in perplexion as Ciara asks her question. "I guess not. I forget which Weyr he was from, maybe Igen or Ista? But he said this one was nothing like the Northern Weyrs."

"Oh - your family farmed?" Ciara's curiosity gets the better of her again, despite the fact the conversation isn't really about their histories - or not in that much detail, at least. "Oh…maybe Southern Weyr is like here, then? I wonder if all Weyrs have lakes, too?" She pauses, then asks, in a hopeful tone of voice, "and are there really going to be fish in this one?"

Nenienne says, "Yes; we farmed some summer crops and then winter wheat." Noticing the subject change, she says "Maybe it is. I don't know if all Weyrs have lakes, or if this a new innovation. But it seems like they would almost have to. I get the impression that young dragons can't fly, so they would need to have somewhere the dragonets can bathe." She shrugs. "Or not; I'm not really clear on that." She looks apologetic at the fish question, saying "I don't know if it will have fish."

Ciara looks impressed, but says no more as they discuss Weyr aspects. "Really? I thought dragons could fly as soon as they were born." She frowns. "Fire-lizards can, anyway. Hrm." Shrugging, the frown fades away as she absolves herself of any worries on that matter. "We do have a lot to learn. And maybe quite quickly, if we don't know it and we actually Impress a dragon." She looks a bit rueful about the fish answer, but shrugs it off. "Probably for the best anyway." Is that a hint of bitterness?

Nenienne hmmms. "I'm not sure, I just think I heard somewhere that dragonets are pretty helpless." She smiles ruefully. "I'm not sure about firelizards; they're as bad as felines when it comes to jewelry-crafting, or so I've been warned. There weren't a lot of either around the Hall." she nods, mulling over Ci's statement. "We do have a lot to learn, then. Now I'm really itching to talk to Master Jarvys, to see if I actually have to." And then she actually notices Ciara's disappointment and says soothingly, "I didn't say there'd be no fish, just that I didn't know. There may be."

"As bad as felines?" Ciara looks puzzled at that comment, really not getting what Nenienne means. She says to the next: "you could still learn it, even if you don't stand. It might be useful for living here, anyway." She waves off the fish talk, pulling a bit of a face. "Don't worry about it. I don't think I'll be fishing for a while anyway." Her voice becomes quite tense, and she skips back to the other subject now, awkwardly. "We had a few felines that'd hang around out cothold, but they weren't really that friendly. They caught pests, we fed them a bit…I don't know much about what they're like."

Nenienne repeats "As bad as felines. Apparently bother felines and firelizards are as attracted to shiny things as I am. Felines like batting them around, and firelizards like swiping them. Or so I've heard. Either way, I could see one wreaking havoc with gemstones." She nods as Ciara waves down the fish issue, not getting any undertones which might be there.

Ciara looks startled at the idea of a fire-lizard stealing jewels. "Huh!" Then she looks amused, once the initial surprise has worn off, with a grin. "Oh - Master Jarvys has a gold fire-lizard! I wonder if she steals his things?" Then she thinks again, forehead creasing. "Ahnika's got two kittens…I'll have to tell her about that." She stops frowning and refocuses on Nenienne. "When are you going to ask about Search?"

Nenienne giggles. "Maybe that's why he's allegedly so cranky? His stuff keeps disappearing?" She hmms about the kittens. "I wonder if she'd let me see them. I hear they're awfully cute." Then she gets serious. "Atsya told me to find her sometime today, so long as thread doesn't fall. As soon as I find her we can go to Landing so I can ask."

Ciara snickers. "Perhaps it is!" On the matter of the kittens, she says: "I'm sure she'd let you see them! She's in the weyrling barracks now - cos she's a candidate and all. I can always tell her you'd like to see them, if you want?" The seriousness of Nenienne's next answer does not go unnoticed, and Ci nods soberly. "Very soon then…I hope it works out for you."

Nenienne says, "That would be wonderful, though if I end up accepting search, I'll probably see them around anyway." She is as solemn as Ci as she says, "I hope it works out too. I just don't know which way I hope it works, if that makes any sense."

Ciara nods. "I get you. But. Well. Hopefully talking to Jarvys will help sort things out?" She hazards that suggestion, looking uncertain of it even herself. "I'd better let you get on with the lake, anyway. I think I'm supposed to be doing some sort of job of some description." She sounds a little down-hearted about that, but hey.

Nenienne says, "I hope so. I'm still a bit worried about what he'll say - maybe he'll question my dedication even if I'm just considering standing. But we'll see." She nods about having to do work. "I know that feeling. Clear skies, and I imagine I'll be seeing you around."

"We'll see, indeed," Ciara echoes, with a nod that has an air of finality about it. "Yes! In whatever position you'll be in when I see you next." Smiling, the candidate ambles off towards the eastern bowl.

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