The Yellowfruit Conspiracy


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Date: 30 Jun 2010
Location: AIVAS Complex - Dining Hall
Synopsis: Randi's looking for Jarvys, J'cobi's looking for Randi and poor Ciara just wants to find a lemon.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Randi

//The dining hall is filled with roughly twenty circular tables, seating eight to ten people apiece. The room itself is clean and done in tile and white walls, much like AIVAS' own room, but the walls have tapestries from different crafts and holds all over Pern. There is a longer Head Table for Master Crafters and other visiting dignitaries. A set of double doors leads off into the Kitchen. //

Even though the afternoon is in full swing, this crafter is hungry. Jarvys strides into the building pulling his near-viewer from his head and tucking it into a pocket of his vest. Next comes his wrist-tool-holder, also stuffed into a pocket. The movements are precise and practiced. He moves quickly to his normal seat, sits down, and imperiously beckons a drudge over.

Not too much later, a young blonde woman in bright red riding leathers and polished black boots strides into the room as well. Her brown eyes snap to each face in the room, cataloguing and dismissing on the spot. There's a certain edginess to her manner, but when she finally catches sight of and approaches her intended target, her smile is indeed genuine. "Master Jarvys?" she inquires politely. "I am Randi, Kaseth's rider." She doesn't mess with all the rank business. If he cares about that or the color of her dragon, well… she has a knot for that. "I was told you would be the crafter to see about special pieces?"

Ciara comes out of the kitchen's double doors, a full sack slung over one shoulder. She's looking about with great interest, taking in the decorations. When she spots what appears to be a gold rider talking to a master crafter, she slows down the speed of her walk, so as to get a good look at the two as she gets closer to their table, a bit goggle-eyed.

Jarvys looks up, rather ready to verbally skewer the impudent brat who dares bother his lunch. However, as he begins to look up, and even has the retort on his tongue and the fire in his eyes, he spots the knot. Well, shards. His head tilts slightly, accepting her words. "Weyrwoman." Of course, they know the ranking riders sent down to protect them. "I would be delighted to offer you my services." The glint in his eyes might infer that his words could be taken more than one way. "What did you have in mind?" He sets his utensils down, and leans back. "A ring? A pendant, perhaps?"

The painfully obvious innuendo flies right over Randi's head. "Do you mind if I sit?" she asks, but doesn't - and looks like she can't - wait a whole lot longer to do so. Immediately, she sets her flight helmet on the table next to her and starts drumming the fingers of her left hand on the table. Her right hand moves as she speaks, elaborating. "It's my grandmother's Turnday coming up in a couple of months and I would like to commission a diadem headpiece for her." Tap tap tap tap. Tap tap tap tap. "She has a very specific style… Perhaps you know it? Ianti of Telgar Weyr?" Reckless name-dropping isn't normally Randi's style, but with Kaseth's misery nagging at the back of her mind like an itch she can't scratch, she's not exactly patient. She has a point to get across and it doesn't matter how it gets there. Ciara's approach is noted and her goggle-eyed stare merits another look. "I'm sorry, was I supposed to meet with you, too?"

Ciara is spotted, and tries out a grin to Randi - then she corrects herself, and bobs in a curtsey, slightly ruined by the heavy sack bouncing off her back. "No ma'am, I don't think so. Unless you know of where I can get some lemons?" For all that the question is hugely inappropriate to ask a Weyrwoman, of all people, she asks it in all politeness, eyes wide and expression clear of any sarcasm.

Somewhat nonplussed at Randi's actions, Jarvys decides to gaze down at the other young woman. Holder Worker, by the knot. He gives her a deep scowl, and turns his attention back toward the goldrider. "A Tiara. For Weyrlady Ianti." Of course he knows her style. Her favorite stones, and her normal gather color choices, as well. It's what he does. "Perhaps the colored gold with an opal?" He is already designing the piece in his head. "Jahra." He speaks the name pointedly, and a small gold firelizard pops into the air beside him, carrying a small piece of hide and a charcoal. "Well done." He strokes her head, and offers her a tidbit from his plate. With alacrity, he sketches out his idea. "Something along the lines of this?" He holds the basic design up for Randi to see. "Much like the pendant she wore to Turnover a couple Turns ago." Ciara's question gets an acerbic retort. "Do we appear to be Farmers or Bakers, hmm?" The colors on the knot finally register to the Master, and his scowl deepens further. Naturally.

"Oh lemonade…" Randi's eyes go a bit glazed and she stares off into empty space for a moment before shaking herself out of it. Glancing between the Holder girl and Jarvys, she offers the girl a shakily apologetic smile. "I don't know where you could get some, but the Headwoman should." Presuming Landing even has a Headwoman. She assumes they must. "But look, if you find them, grab an extra half-dozen for me and there'll be a quarter-mark in it for you." She's trying to be friendly, anyway. Turning back to Jarvys, she watches him sketch, though she throws distrustful looks towards his little gold. Damn critters. "Oh yes, that would be lovely. Although could you add small accent rubies around the opals there? That's always been the stone she's given me, so it's a more personal touch, you see?" But she's no artist, so she'll wait on his opinion. "The marks won't be a problem, if they'd fit into the piece well."

Another curtsey, the sack bouncing away merrily and causing a bit of a wince to cross Ciara's face. This time the gesture's aimed at Jarvys though. "Sorry, Master Smith, sir." Randi's sudden change in attitude has her looking at the gold rider curiously. The opportunity to earn a quarter mark has her looking eager. "I could get you some other fruit if you want, as well, ma'am. And you too, master smith," she opens the offer, despite the fact the man doesn't exactly seem pleased by her presence.

Jarvys' critical eye follows where the woman points, and nods. "Or perhaps here…" He marks the parchment with the charcoal at a slightly different spot. "And here. It will balance better, I believe." He figured that marks were no object. After all, she is coming to him after all. "Of course, weyrwoman." Jarvys, ever an opportunist at heart, listens to the offer, and nods once quickly and tersely. "I prefer fresh redfruit. I shall compensate you appropriately, as well." Maybe an eigth, since the red fruit is not as rare. He begins to tap his fingers on the table much like Randi. "When is the lady's turnday, then?" He holds the charcoal again, ready to scribe a date down on the hide. "If it is less than three sevens away, I shall add to the charge. I think the apprentices call it a 'rush job'." Ironically, it's a phrase the Printers found in AIVAS' databanks. Don't tell him that, though.

"Oh yes." Randi's grin grows until she's beaming her contagious smile up at the cantankerous Master Smith. "That's much better." Obviously why he's the Gemcrafter and she's … not. "No! No," she assures him. "Her Turnday won't be for two and a half months yet. I'm not quite that ignorant," she jokes, chuckling a bit nervously at herself. It's so odd, this feeling of not being at home in her own skin. At Ciara's offer, Randi moves her tapping fingers from the table to her chin as she considers. "Know the yellowfruit? Long, curved, vaguely phallic-shaped? If you can find half a dozen of those as well, I'll make it a full Mark."

J'cobi has arrived.

The more exuberant of Eastern's junior weyrwomen is sitting at one of the tables with an older Master Smith and his little gold firelizard. Standing nearby is a young kitchen helper from Nerat with a sack full of… something over her shoulder. All three seem to be involved in some level of conversation.

The tall bronzerider named J'cobi is in the process of brushing some dust from his sleeve as he steps into the dining hall. His footfalls sound his approach as he marches in the direction of Randi, a collection of hides folded up under his arm which he brandishes once he's near enough. He tosses them onto the table more than a little callously, disregarding the others at the table for now, "Progress report."

Ciara looks pleased by Jarvys's request. She lingers though, fascinated by the interaction between the two adults. Good thing too, because Randi puts in a second order. The Weyrwoman's description of the fruit brings a slight blush to her cheeks and she clears her throat lightly. "Yes, ma'am. Certainly!" She looks about as if deciding where to go - but then in comes another rider, and, already on a roll, the Neratian extends the offer his way. "Could I get you any fruit, rider? I was just on my way to get some. It's all very fresh, I'm told." Selling the goods and all that.

With a dark sigh, the Master Gemsmith gazes at the bronzerider. "Apparently, we've become the Weyr Bowl, my dear." In deference to the rank of the poeple in front of him, he comments only to his little gold. "Two and a half months. That is plenty of time to do a quality job." And when he puts his mind to it, quality from his hands is exceptional. He reaches up to stroke the neckridges of his firelizard again, before nodding to her once. She heads back between, taking her burden with her. "I shall send Jahra with the price." He's not certain what he wants to charge this one yet. Besides, it will depend on certain events, like what position she's in then.

"Thank you ver - Faranth's sharding netherbits, J'cobi! You couldn't have waited half a candlemark more?" Turning a violently furious glare on the bronzerider, Randi takes several Very Deep Breaths and does her best to rein in the storm that is Kaseth before either one of them eat the bronzerider for lunch. "My sincerest apologies, Master Jarvys, - um." She turns to the Holder girl. "I never did catch your name, but I do apologize for my bronzerider. He was apparently never taught any manners."

"Yes, please," J'cobi says to Ciara with a curt nod of his head, showing a surprising amount of civility. As Jarvys speaks, he makes a face akin to one he might make if he trod in something unpleasant in the weyrling barracks. Of course, he says nothing - a quiet man, is this one. As Randi lets fly with the mild expletives, he simply turns about to noisily move a chair at a different table and sit down.

Ciara jigs a bit, under the weight of her sack, when Randi shows a temper. She tries to stay still when the gold rider speaks to her, but the energy's still there in her taut frame, as if she's ready to disappear at any instant. "It's Ciara, ma'am. No need to apologise at all, ma'am, it's all right." The bronze rider's curt response to her question doesn't quite give her all the information she needs, so she trails him over to the table that he sits at. "And what fruit can I get you, rider?"

"Fierce." Jarvys whispers the single word, and turns his gaze toward the seated bronzerider for a long moment. He eats a couple bites of food methodically, and then gazes over at Randi again. "Apology accepted. I understand you and your peer haven't had the time to train them quite properly yet." He gives her a knowing smirk. He gazes down to the greens on his plate. "Cold." This does not make him happy. However, he decides to eat them anyway. With this and the other projects on his agenda, it's bound to be a long evening. "Neratian, right, girl?" This directed toward Ciara.

To Erikath, Kaseth leans on your mind with all the mighty psychic force within her power and this time her voice booms in your mind, even though she doesn't raise it much beyond a soft mutter. « You will gather yours and return to the Weyr, Erikath. You will keep him there until mine can discuss with him his behavior. Is that clear? »

Nodding once to Jarvys, Randi stands and offers him a rider's salute. "Thank you for your understanding, Master Gemcrafter. I look forward to doing business with you again." Turning to Ciara, she offers another smile, though this one is strained with irritation and fatigue. "Ask your watchrider to bring you to the Weyr once you have the fruit. Ask for Randi and someone will be able to direct you." To J'cobi, however, she strides firmly and grabs him by his ear and twists, directing him to stand and move with her. "You, sir, are required back at the Weyr. Now."

To Kaseth, Erikath projects « Crystal. »

J'cobi winces slightly, but he nevertheless gathers himself up and leans slightly to one side given the height difference. After a few steps in the direction he reaches up to disentangle himself from her grasp and gently but firmly move her hand away from his head. That done, he strides out at speed - apparently in deep mental conversation.

"Yes sir," Ciara replies to Jarvys, standing taller and pushing her chest and shoulders forward to better display her shoulder knot. "I will do ma'am, thank you very much." She curtseys again, for lack of anything else to do - J'cobi's been dragged away, in a manner of speaking. "I'll just be off to get everything for you all. Thank you very much." There's another curtsey, sack-abouncing as she does so, before she heads out half-forward, half-sideways, overawed by everything around her still.

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