Their Motivations And Ours


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Date: August 12, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Hatching Sands
Synopsis: Zen brings Alara some food, and they discuss things.
Rating: PG
Logger: Alara

Day #: 01 Month #: 09 Turn #: 1
Time : 11:04:00 AM

Morning chores aren't what bring Zen to the Sands, being sometime after breakfast, now and it's more of curiosity that brings him out to patrol and watch. Since the incident with Kaseth's clutch the man has been keeping a watchful look, everywhere. But, he doesn't arrive empty handed. A pitcher of juice and a selection of food are on the tray he carries out.
It has been a long morning for Alara, and the food is most welcome. She looks up from her makeshift office where she's scribbling away on a hide while still curled up between Rauzath's forelegs, and smiles. "Oh, Merendezen. Thank you. I was almost completely out of juice." She nods to a small spot of sand near Rauzath's leg. "Sit down for a moment if you like. Tell me what's goin' on." It's not an official request for information, but she does want to know if he's heard anything yet.

Merendezen returns the smile, "you're welcome, ma'am." He approaches, settling the tray between them before taking a seat where indicated and looking to the gold as he does so. "Thank you for allowing me to sit." Lips press thinly together before green eyes are scanning the area. "It's been quiet. No one's been spotted doing anything suspicious… No leads on who that person in the tunnel was, either… If it was someone who has been around awhile, they must have been completely unknown because no one has noticed them missing."

Alara frowns, listening to his recitation, after waving off his gratitude. "No, no, it's no big deal. We enjoy having people come and go, and the tightened security has made it hard on Rauzath." She does like to have her eggs admired. Rauzath, for her part, lowers her head, and gazes at Merendezen, as if looking to find something about him. "Have you been helping the Smiths much with the tunnel digging?" She isn't sure which candidates have been doing what. "It occurs to me," with the blatant intervention of the Masterharper, "that several of you came with specific skills, and we've not been using them as we ought." It slipped her mind somewhat with all the other stuff going on. "Would you like some time taken from other chores to fix things, or have you already been doing so?" She is attempting to use the resources available to her in the best way. How exactly that is, though, is the issue.

Merendezen nods, "I can imagine… Stressful having guards constantly present. It makes many uneasy. A necessary thing at this point, though…" He trails off, turning attention back to Rauzath as she looks to him and he offers a polite nod of his head. "I've been helping the Smiths, yes." He considers the Weyrwoman next, a single brow lifting. "No. We have not, I get put into the kitchens to wash and dry dishes. Occasionally when others don't like doing their chores that have to do with the harder labor, I switch with them." He's not ashamed to admit that he's been trading chores. "It makes things easier if people do what they know. Things get done faster that way rather than expecting the clueless to handle it."

Alara gives a nod, and listens, as her mouth is presently full of food. She chews and swallows with a nod. "So, would you prefer to do so, then? I appreciate your willingness to help anywhere you can." She gives the candidate a wide smile. "Not every one of your fellows has been." He probably knows this better than she at this point. "Are things going well otherwise?" Grabbing for some sense of normalcy, La asks him a wide open question, not really expecting something specific for the answer.

"Anything as long as it's not folding laundry or doing dishes." Because being bored and tired is no fun. "No.. Not everyone is willing to help out where they can, they prefer to stick with the things where they are likely to slack off and get away with it. But, I figure that is quite normal with many things, there are those who are just not the helpful sort and look to gain a free ride." The man chuckles and turns a curious look towards the galleries. "Things are well, ma'am. Wanting to do more for Kaseth and Randi, for the two that were lost. Unfortunately, there are things I don't know how to do or assist with."

"I think we all feel that way, but I'm not sure how best to help them." And Alara is the experienced one in this situation. At least the brooding queen part. "I think the best we can do is keep them feeling safe and find whoever did it, or if that … person worked alone, find out why." She takes a long pull from the glass of juice, and leans back against Rauzath, reaching over to scratch idly on her hide. "That's rather how I feel, as well. That I'd rather be doing something instead of sitting and doing busy work. We don't always get that option, however." She gives a rueful glance toward her hides. "If you wish to continue to trade chores, I see no problem with it, especially if it causes no rifts among you." If it does, well, she may have to step in. "Are you excited about the eggs hardening? I mean, you as a class, if you've been talking about it." She'll take the information where she can get it.

Merendezen nods solemnly, "I think… The best thing I can do is try and find who did it, to help with the search." He considers, then shakes his head finally. "He, or she… Was not alone. There's too much evidence to prove that it was done by two people. Considering the fact that there was a body, whoever the other person was did not trust their partner and offed them once we realized what was going on. With no one to point the finger at him or her, there leaves no way to prove that it was this person…" Lips press firmly together as he continues to consider more but says nothing for the moment. "I am sorry that you aren't able to do more, but… I think you are doing a very important job already, remaining beside your dragon." His lips finally curve into a slight smile as she approves the trading of chores, "thank you, ma'am. I normally do it so that there's no fussing from anyone. I usually trade with people who want something easier." And then, he considers her final question and answering with a shrug. "I, personally, could not tell you how I feel about it… I am… Uncertain to what I should feel. And the rest, I have heard many chats about it. Excitement, nerves, fear…" A soft chuckle follows, "I admit for falsely causing some to feel confident in themselves, telling them of scents that I've heard of that are meant to draw dragons to them. I've been thinking that if they're at least feeling confident, even if they don't Impress, they'll be more likely to have their heads with them when the eggs do Hatch to avoid any accidents."

Alara gazes straight at Merendezen, giving a quick nod. "Right. That's an interesting theory, one which hasn't been proven to my satisfaction. However, that's an old Harper trick: getting them to focus their attention on one thing so that something else doesn't scare them or make them angry. And being unafraid and aware of surroundings on Hatching Day is the most important thing."The bait-and-switch is also a common Nanny trick, so Alara knows it well. "Uncertainty is probably the most common feeling most candidates have. Being a rider, with a mind connected so closely to your own, is a huge unknown. You never know if the dragon will choose you, and if he does, what he'll be like. I know I was extremely nervous when Standing for Rauzath. I thought certain Iardani would be the one to Impress the queen egg. And most everyone felt the same way. When Rauzath chose me instead of Randi, it was a huge surprise to everyone. But I know Kaseth is a much better dragon for Randi than Rauzath. They wouldn't have fit well together. So, they know. That's what I've learned to trust in. They know." She gives a small smile. She takes another bite of the food he's brought for her.

Merendezen chuckles, "I am hoping, at least, to prevent a few accidents. I didn't know that the Harper's used that same thing… I was simply hoping to at least keep people aware. And, well, if they hate me after… At least they didn't get injured." He considers her for a moment, brows drawing into a frown. "The not knowing bugs me… Not knowing why I was even Searched by a dragon. Not knowing what draws a dragon to a person…" He trails off, continuing to pay attention to the woman. "People always say that they think that some person is right for a dragon, yet… What makes them that way? Like you said, people thought Randi would Impress the gold and yet… You did. Despite that, she did eventually Impress a gold. Do colors look for something specific? I've never understood this…" Frustration is evident for a moment for the words that he struggles to express and then finally. "Why would a dragon want a man like me? If they know… I don't see why one would be drawn to me. I am not a virtuous man."

Alara gives a soft snort. "I don't think either Sean or Sorka Connell were all that saintly, to be honest." She shifts a bit, attempting to make herself more comfortable. And I don't know exactly what it is. Some dragons seem to look for intenstinal fortitude, some look for kindness, some look for a clear mind, and some, well, I am never certain what Rauzath saw in me." There's a loud 'whuff' from above, as Rauzath lowers her head to sniff at Alara's hair, in a clearly anticipated gesture of affection. "Stop that, Rauzath! It tickles!" She grins, and laughs for a moment, then shrugs, returning to the topic. "I don't think it's divided by color, though I think both Golds and Bronzes are drawn to strong folks, on the whole. That seems to be very common. But strength of character doesn't always show." She smiles wryly. "I wouldn't have chosen myself for a weyrwoman. Randi rather expected it because she's of the Blood and her family has that as a history. Me, I'm Harper-raised. I had no expectations whatsoever, at least going in. I developed a few, but Rauzath blew them all away." There's a fond look upward, as she speaks.

Merendezen gives Alara a look before he chuckles, "perhaps not. It's hard to judge, not being able to truly see them, either." He shifts his position, folding his arms across his chest. "There's a little something in everyone, then? Even a shy, quiet person could Impress, then…? We all have traits that we hide." He considers this, lingering in silence as he watches the two interact with a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "I see… Yes, strength of character doesn't always show." He considers before chuckling, "I guess the best advice… To anyone is expect nothing?"

With her own chuckle, Alara replies. "Or anything, yes." She smiles again, finishing off the meatrolls, and moving on to the bowl of fruits and cheeses. "Thank you for this, did I say that?" She snorts. "Between the brood, the wedding, the other things, I've not had time to think, and poor T'ryn must think I've forgotten him." Though it should be said that he walked with her through this one other time, so he probably understands. "Aye, that's so. I was more of a flower hidden behind the Farmer's best, if you get my drift. I wouldn't have ever have expected to be using my nanny-tricks on riders to keep the peace."

Merendezen hmms, "yes. That's probably best. Expecting nothing in anything." He chuckles, nodding. "You did thank me, ma'am. I don't think anyone blames you for being forgetful and not entirely being all… With it. It's hot out here, there's a lot happening and a lot of emotions for you and your dragon. Not to mention stress…" He grins at the woman and then nods, "I see. Understandable, you have skills you'd never expect to use for other things… Never expected I'd be a handy man, I just enjoy fixing broken things."

Alara chuckles. "And I just enjoy helping to keep the peace." She is silent and pensive as she eats for a while, and then she snorts. "I think that's how we end up finding our niche. It seems like such a big secret when we're small. Should we go into a craft, help our parents with their work, foster to someone else, or something we've never thought of, and it's so simple. Do what you like and what you know, and the rest comes." She shrugs. "I understand that, but the Weyr does need running regardless of my feelings." She shifts again, setting the tray aside for the moment, and reaching for a hide. "Now, I do have a serious question for you. Those two men from Fort aren't causing any problems are they? And are there more similar to them — " She attempts to clarify. " — you know. Show up just after the wedding wanting to be helpful, but are more curious than they ought to be?"

"Peace is good." Zen chuckles, shaking his head after a moment though relatively silent as he listens to her speak. Brows draw into a frown, briefly before it is wiped away. "You are doing a good job, ma'am. Running the Weyr." His smile is brief before the question is asked, "the men who ask questions? They don't bug me, been watching them… But, I haven't noticed any more who are more curious than they were. No one has asked me about what happened or what I've seen, yet… Soon as someone does, you'll be the first to know their names."

Alara nods again, glad for his help. "Thank you. I really wonder about those two, but if they're not being troublemakers, I don't really want to toss them out." She smiles. "All part of that 'peace' thing." She leans forward, looking at the hides and papers on her lap. "There is so much to be done, and this throws so much into it. But come the Red Star or flood or fire, we will make it." And Rauzath bugles — though not too loudly — in agreement.

Merendezen hnns, "I'll keep an eye out for them… If they start hanging out where they shouldn't be, you'll know." He's quite fond of playing the guard, it seems. "There's a time for pointing fingers and action. You do well, ma'am. I am happy to be in this Weyr." A smile is given in return, "there will always be something happening, the best we can do is work through it and do what we can. Being prepared for what's to come."

Alara nods, and finishes off her food. "Now that you're still here, you can return this for me." She gives him a wink. " I had an ulterior motive, see?" Not really, because there are two or three other trays that she stacks together. "If you wouldn't mind taking all of these, so that the cooks don't go spare when they can't find them." She gives a quiet chuckle, and nods toward her hides. "Back to my non-active tiring work," she complains mildly. "Thank you for sitting and chatting with us for a while. If you need us, we'll be here until the Hatching, or I might be able to get around enough to bathe and change once in a great while." She snorts, and Rauzath echoes her in her draonic way.

Merendezen laughs, returning the wink. "Of course, ma'am. And, I don't rightly mind returning it for you." He grins, rising to his feet and taking the trays with ease. "Wouldn't do to have the cooks ruffled." Though he is not too opposed to that idea. "I believe Ahni mentioned interest in helping with the non-active tiring work, I can send her your way?" He offers with a chuckle before nodding. "It was my pleasure, ma'am. Thank you for clearing up some of the problems I had." He frees a hand quickly to offer a salute before making his way out to return to the kitchens.

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