AIVAS was a fantastic discovery.

Among other things, the wonderful machine gave us the secrets to our earliest beginnings. It gave us plans and designs for technology that seemed something out of our wildest dreams. From it we learned how to make lenses for seeing the very small or the far away. We learned how to turn trees into paper and bind them into books with more ease than hide. But most importantly, we learned how to get rid of Thread.

Or so we thought.

The plan was so simple that it was beautiful. Use the dragons to get the engines from the floating ships and set them in strategic locations on the surface of the Red Star. Ignite them in sequence and push the asteroid out of its orbit. Floating through empty space, we didn't think the Star could have changed that much.

That was the first of our fatal errors.

When we ignited the engines, they didn't fire in sequence as planned. They all fired together. Our second mistake was the positions we placed them. How were we to know that impacts from other celestial bodies over the years had weakened the internal structure? How could we have guessed that our attempt to push the Red Star away would break it in half and double our worries?

The resulting chaos plunged our world into disorder. Two comets with alternating orbits meant that we were now facing Passes of an estimated 200 turns, with only 50 year Intervals in between. For the first time in our history, we found ourselves with the very. very real threat of planetwide civil war.

Nerat is the only Hold in the Northern Continent openly supportive of the Progessive philosophy; who say to use what we've been given and continue to grow from the information AIVAS provides. All others are either carefully neutral or openly for destroying the computer and sticking to the traditions that have carried us this far.

Traditionalists versus Progressives.

There's been enough of an outcry that the Weyr Council - in an effort to keep the peace and act as protection for the Crafters still in the AIVAS complex - sped up its plans to settle a Weyr in the mountains south of the complex.

Two queens close to rising have come forth to lead this exodus, but not all see this project as a positive step. Many are against it and so the party they lead into the untamed south is small. They must work against the marked candles to bring their Eastern Weyr up to fighting fit before Southern withdraws its coverage.

We don't know much about our future, but one thing is for certain.

Life on Pern will never be the same.

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