They Better Be ----ing Good Presents

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Participants: Maura, Eris, Ch'rii, Deimos
IC Date: Day 10, Month 3, Turn 4
OOC Date: 3-10-12
Location: A private home in the Igen cave system
Synopsis: Maura and Ch'rii have a weyrmating ceremony. That wasn't the plan when they showed up.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Posted by: Ch'rii

Even with someone who knows how to get here, coming out into the desert to find the holdless cave systems and pay a visit - well, the trek to the tunnels weas not Maura's idea of fun. Nonetheless, she didn't utter even a peep of complaint. When they finally hit the relative cool and shade of the caves though, she did breathe a sigh of relief and take the time to shift her pack of supplies-to-be-delivered more comfortably. "Are we going to run in to another one of those traps? Like at the house you brought me to? Because if so… you go first."

"Well, this /is/ still property belonging to the same couple of people," Ch'rii points out, which should be an answer on its own. He was clearly already going to go first, though he reaches out and ruffles Maura's hair for a second before he steps in front and leans against a familiar rock. It gets a tap. Two. Three. "Deimos." Beat. "Fucker." Beat. "Open the door."

"So in other words, yes." Which is why she steps out of the way, just in time for her hair to be ruffled, and then back. She does smile at the affectionate gesture, but kinda points at the boulder. "That rock is a door? Really? And don't you remember the last time you leaned on a door…" her voice trails off, recalling that faceplant of his. "You know he'll do that again with you giving him the opportunity." Thus, she adds her voice to the chorus. "Hey, it's hot out here. Open the door!"

This would be about the point that a pebble comes flying through the air from somewhere further down the passage to whiff through what hair Ch'rii has, before dinging further out against the boulder. No further commentary is provided.

Ch'rii does not, in fact, actually remember the last time he leaned on a door. Nor is he about to ask. He just doesn't comment on it, and — well, he's about to yell something at Deimos. In fact, he's made the effort to actually open his mouth to do so. But then he pauses, and stops, and just says, "Wait," and puts a finger to his lips.

"Well if you don't remember I d…" That's when Maura gets the 'shush' signal, and takes the time to glance around herself. Finally, she nudges Rii's arm and gestures a bit further into the cave system. There's another opening nearby it seems. So she arches an eyebrow and then shrugs.

Apparently, he's using the pebble as a locator beam; Ch'rii picks it up and tosses it against a couple more large stones until one makes a different noise. "Okay, I won't lean against this one," he tells Maura ith an amused shrug, and instead tries, "Brought presents."

CRUNCH, says the boulder. Apparently it's hungry? It definitely isn't moving far, but it does seem … restless.

Maura has been traveling in the heat, with a crab-ass dragon constantly commenting in her head, and the boulder just crunches? Grr! In retaliation, she gives the damn thing a swift kick. But don't worry, she's wearing sturdy boots. "Presents I don't mind keeping!" she adds aloud, glancing over to wink at Rii when she says it.

Ch'rii doesn't say anything, actually. He doesn't do anything, really. Except eventually say, "It's not nice to expect guests to push your large stones for you. I'm aware you unlocked it but it would be nicer if you'd actually let us in."

"Shut up, flyboy," Deimos' voice tells him via the boulder. He sounds pretty pissed off, too. The boulder, which had crunched more after Maura kicked it, sloo-o-oowly continues its crunching, eventually revealing… Deimos, looking pissed off and sweaty and grimy. "They'd better be fucking good presents," he grumbles.

"If you and Eris don't like them, I meant it when I said I don't mind keeping them." Maura retorts, while flashing the grumpy looking thief one of her most innocent smiles. "And aren't you in a fine mood. I thought you'd be happy to see Ch'rii at least! Or is this just the usual bluster before you relent and give him a manly slap on the back or something." Definitely not in to the testosterone routine, the bluerider just tries to peer to see into the tunnel. "There's some nice fabrics in here. Good metal. Some gemstones…. a few weapons that looked interesting."

"No, he actually is in a good mood. This is normal. Only Eris gets anything nicer," Ch'rii explains on behalf of Deimos. Really, /he/ straightened out a lot after Impression; Deimos stayed the same. Oddly enough, so did that fellow from Igen Sea — "I saw Duvikale," he drops calmly into the conversation, despite having forgotten to actually tell Maura anything about having known V'kale before. Did she even know his pre-Impression name?

Deimos actually does straighten some at that, for whatever it's worth. And he wipes at his forehead, which mostly just rubs sweaty grime around; it must be the thought that counts. "Oh really?" he asks, sounding surprised, amused, and maybe even pleased. "How's the fucker doing? Haven't heard anything about him in years." He glances at Maura and quirks something of a smile. "I'm in a better mood when the door doesn't jam up, too."

"Oh, right. Like some of the others." The others being renegades. But Maura knows the drill now. Eventually she might get friendly greetings. Until then, she'll just smile and suck it up. It worked before, it will work again! "Well, can't blame you there." she agrees, about the jammed door. "Duvikale? Who is that?" she interjects, having no apparent problems randomly inserting herself into conversation.

Really, that was a friendly greeting, Ch'rii promises! He asked about what the presents were! — Kind of! And Ch'rii clearly doesn't mind, because he's actually answering Maura first. "V'kale," he explains. Then again, isn't that also Deimos' answer? As to how he's doing, at least. Or what he's been doing. "He's got a fine old brown of his own. In this case, actually older than Zeko, I think." Not that he can actually keep track of how old anyone is, including, frequently, himself. "Moved to Eastern a bit ago. Can't remember exactly. Not that long."

Deimos grins at the news, briefly, and then glares somewhat less briefly at the recalcitrant boulder, and then eyeballs Maura and her sack. "As pleasant as the catching-up in the doorway is, are you coming inside and giving me presents or not?"

Please pardon the little bluerider for pedantic fact recital; though, this is one of the reasons she wound up in the wing that introduced her to Ch'rii. The honorific apparently triggers her steel-trap of a memory, and she can immediately place the name. "V'kale, rider to brown Heloth. Transfer from Ista Weyr. Also a candidate at High Reaches and Igen." she summarizes, because it makes her feel better to do so. "He came in just after that really bad threadfall I think." Pause. "Okay! Presents it is." And she'll just mosey on in to the opened hallway without a second thought!

Not as if Ch'rii is complaining; he's ambling along too, though at least he knows where he's going. That might be an advantage over Maura, but at least the hallway is attractive and well-lit by wall sconces! "Sorry about the door, man," he tells Deimos forlornly, mourning its injury. "Actually I think he Impressed at High Reaches. Unless it was Telgar. Wasn't Ista."

Some time later, after errands have been run and presents handed over, and dinner consumed - it's obviously time for drinks and a card game or two. Sticking to brandy, Maura swirls the ice in her glass around while one of the men deal out the cards. And since she's tired, she's propped her feet up on an empty chair. "We staying here overnight, or heading back? We can just have Rikath message the watchrider."

Deimos shrugs, not really caring, and — the cards completely disappear because he has to yell at someone, instead. "Hey! Orivlan! Don't think I can't see you palming that card!" Never mind that Orivlan is halfway across the cave-hall, where other people were playing cards; it's the principle of the thing! You don't cheat family! And now Orivlan is getting his ass handed to him in a full-on squabbling brawl. Deimos seems disinclined to intrude.

"You can stay," Eris, who had been inside waiting, (and is now sporting a new bracelet she didn't ask Ch'rii the origins of beyond that Maura had been carrying it) says with a smile. "I'm certain it doesn't matter to us either way." The bracelet glints in the light as she angles her winelgass, smiling just slightly.

Wait, Ch'rii has to think? He would rather go noogie Orivlan — but everyone's looking at him. Expecting him to think. "Uh, I think Zek's rather stay. So unless you want to go. We can stay. Oh, by the way, did you want to get weyrmated?"

Deimos fixes Ch'rii with a somewhat,-but-not-very,-nonplussed expression. "You couldn't have waited to ask that until after you'd finished beating him in the head with his plate?" Meaning, of course, Cheating Scheming Scoundrel Orivlan.

"Since Rikath doesn't really care one way or the other, sure. We cna stay." Maura agrees, trying not to look over at Orivlan who is the target of ire right now. It takes a few extra seconds for THE question to sink in though, since it's so… so… random. And obviously it hits just when alcohol is sliding down her throat so she winds up coughing and wheezing for a second. She also kicks Deimos foot under the table for his comment. "Sure. Right now?" Is there any other way to respond to randomness?
GAME: Save complete.

And Eris? Eris just laughs. She has nothing, otherwise, to say to any of you. (Except for Orivlan; he gets a disapproving 'tsk.' If Ch'rii isn't going to do it, she is.)

"Well, do you have to actually — do anything to be weyrmated?" Ch'rii doesn't know. He sort of knows about marriage; he remembers that Deimos and Eris got Actually Married, though he couldn't possibly explain how they found a harper willing to do it without having any information about them. His memories of the reception are blurrier. But weyrmating isn't marriage, so — "I know you've got the Hold background, if you want to like. Have a proper ceremony. Deimos could do it right now if you actually wanted to do it right now. If you're okay with it being a Lord whose Hold is a little, um. Unusual."

Deimos ALMOST manages not to laugh in Ch'rii's face, and produces a semblance of Moderate Outrage. "Hey! My Hold is not a little unusual!" He throws something at Ch'rii; in this case it turns out to be a … well, half a bread roll. "My Hold is a lot unusual! Get it right, or I'll banish you again!" He's helpful, right? Sure. (Maura gets a wink.)

Maura pauses to think - likely rifling through memories for the answer. "No, I guess we don't. Exccept eventually find a new weyr. There are no weyrmating ceremonies that I know of." She's actually rather quick to wave off her Hold background, such as it is. "The ceremony would just be for other people. Not for us. We should do something more fitting. Like, uhm. A party. At that place we vacationed at in Ista." There. That's a good idea. "But a -very unusual- Hold and ceremony, just to say we did it… sure, why not." The emphasis on unusual being a hat tip to Deimos for the wink. "Well Deimos? You going to show us how Lord Holdless does a ceremony?"

Ch'rii actually claps his hands, leaving Eris to roll her eyes and sigh at him. "Okay!" he says, deftly dodging a bread roll. (A dog wanders over and eats it. Who's surprised? No one.) "Right now! Let's do it right now. I really wasn't actually expecting to do it right now, that was not part of my deciding to ask. But I'm really, really not objecting."

"Whereas I'm just not surprised Maura actually knew all those details," Eris pipes up, and then tilts her head. "Vacationing in Ista, hm? I think I heard about that. Are we actually invited?"

"To the Ista part, that is," Deimos interjects, whether or not that's what Eris meant. (But isn't it?) He's eyeing Ch'rii speculatively. "Aren't you supposed to have rings, with weyrmating, same as with weddings? Do you have one of those for her, or do you need to go down two tunnels and look in on Myqhloria again?"

Having been distracted, Ch'rii's brain is moving slow. So he is not even answering the ring question, he's still stuck on — "Wait, again? You've never banished me!"

"I think we might actually make P'sec's facial expression change when he finds out!" Yeah, Maura totally thinks of these things. SO they're going to be totally impulsive and do it -right now-, prompting her to switch seats; now she's sitting on Rii's lap. "Of course you're invited. You're family." Really, as if they would leave them out. It never crossed her mind. "Ohhhh, I never thought of that. Rings, I mean. We can always do that later though, right?" And then, a facepalm. "He was yanking your chain. Pay attention, now. Ceremony. Rings."

Must be the primary reason Ch'rii wants her as a weyrmate: she keeps him on task. Not, at all, because he actually loves her. Even if he says he loves her. To her face. Which is rare for a man, especially one like him. "— Right. Right, rings, okay. Yeah, I'll go pick some up, I can do that. Except not actually right now because I seem to have become a chair."

Eris rolls her eyes, but it's only at Ch'rii's complaint; it's not like she and Deimos, despite her lack of physical contact with him, have problems with such displays of affection. "I really must meet this P'sec someday," she says, giving an appreciative nod to the fact that they would be invited. A smile is the best way she can convey her feelings — she's not actually used to the idea of having much family. Still. In her mid-20s, when she's been living with Igen's holdless for two decades. "I'm surprised you didn't point out you weren't wearing a chain."

What does Eris mean, she's not in physical contact with Deimos? That's not what his foot thinks! Deimos, meanwhile, looks really amused. "Maura, why don't you get off your lazy, good-for-nothing, impetuous chair, and have Eris help you get extra-special pretty for the occasion?" he suggests, and almost manages to look innocent about it.

Maura does not want to know what Deimos feet are doing, thanks! "Well, since you put it that way…" she decides, whispering a few words in Rii's ear and then planting a kiss on his cheek before she hops up and then waits for Eris. "You encourage him to be a smartass and take everything literally, don't you." she acuses, as if there's nothing at all unusual about this entire situation. "Got anything that would be truly scandalous to wear at a large Hold wedding? I think we should go with something like that. If we're going to play this up, we should do it in grand, gasp-worthy style."

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