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Date: OOC: 10/27/10, IC: Month 1/ Day 25/ Turn 2
Location: Cheusia's Room
Synopsis: Bowen helps move their things into Cheusia's new private room, and Cheusia gives the tanner a massage for his efforts, all while getting a little more of an understanding about Bo's position in their relationship, including some beginnings of an unhealthy desperate and possessive streak in Bowen.
Rating: PG-18 - Nudity and adult situations
Logger: Bowen

With the room being done, that means it is time to move things in, at least, her personal things as there is a cot already in the room. Which means abandoning the one in the Lower Caverns… Which means Bowen has been invited to share her bed, if he wants. The room, presently, is completely and utterly empty except for the single two person cot. Che is currently carrying some of her lighter things (such as knives, pouches, etc.) all while wearing a rather cheerful smile. No more kids coming and messing with their curtains.

Bowen is a bit farther behind her, lugging her trunk and with a few extra odds and ends situated on top to make for fewer trips, and his already slower gait made slower with the extra burden. But he arrives just the same, sans hernia, thankfully. He pauses just inside the door and looks satisfied with that cheerful smile she wears, though he doesn’t wear one of his own. He’s not frowning, of course, but his expression is a little bit more about concentration in balancing the weight of the burden he carries so he doesn’t throw his back out or something. The smile would be more visible in his blue eyes as he regards her and then simply asks, “Where didja want dis t’go?” He was all too quick to agree to move in with her, actually, and not just because he has confessed his love for her, but because he could keep a better eye on her security this way, and an better eye on any potential suitors, too. Jealous much? Heck yeah and with good reason, or so Bowen thinks.

Cheusia turns back once in the room, settling her things upon the cot and then considering what he carries. "We can put the trunk at the foot of the bed." She muses, then considers. A nod follows and then she considers the rest of the room. "I'll get some chairs… Later. We'll put the other trunk over in that corner." There's a gesture just for clarity and then she turns her smile to the tanner. "And that should do it, we'll put the other stuff wherever works once we start figuring things out."

Bowen doesn’t move until a pause or two after she finishes speaking, even if her direction for the trunk came first. It could be simply his slow manner. It could also be he’s lived with a woman before and knows the frequency with which they change their minds on arranging their ‘nests’. He moves in a few paces and sets the trunk down at the end of the cot with barely a grunt before straightening and taking a breath. He nods a little, looking around the room as if seeing it for the first time. It’s not the cothold he had for himself and Darla back at Southern Hold, but then, Cheusia is very different with very different needs, he’s learning, and the intimate space may just be the ticket for them both. “I’ll go an’ get th’ oth’r trunk now,” he turns and moves to the exit once more.

Luckily, Che makes up her mind relatively quickly when it comes to her living space. Or, she'll move it on her own, if she must. She considers him as he looks around the room and her smile turns more fond as she watches him. "Do you want any help with it, Bo?" She asks, moving to follow him to the door.

Bowen pauses at the door as she follows him to it, and he turns and leans in to press a kiss to her lips if she allows, with one hand on her waist, before murmuring, “No, thank ya. I reckon I can manage,” and if not he’ll find some fellow in the Lower Caverns to help him as opposed to making Che do any heavy lifting if he can help it. “Y’can take all th’ stress away later by bein’ th’ ‘un t’sort out an’ tell me where t’put all our junk … an’ then mebbe one o’dem Healer massages I heard ‘bout.” The last is said with amusement in his tone and eyes, though, as usual, he isn’t smiling much beyond a slight quirk in the side of his mouth. As for sorting and arranging, Bowen really doesn’t care, as long as he can still get to his stuff and she is happy and not nagging him about something. This is a big step for Bo, but recent events have made him want to take the step, despite the risks.

Cheusia returns the kiss and gives him a small look, "mm. Alright…" She smiles wider at his words and chuckles softly, "'kay. I'll be here when you get back. And, if you want the massage after, we'll do that." She promises, taking a step back and smiling more. "Or, let me know now and I can get ready?" Grey eyes search his, curious for his answer.

Still with one hand on her waist he leans a little against the doorframe, and this time, Bowen does smile more though it is lazy and full of suggestive meaning, that is until she steps back from him, and then the smile remains though perhaps more amused-looking now, and he straightens away from the frame, “Darlin’, I sure as shells ain’t gonna say no.” His smile fades just a little, or at least some of the teasing amusement leaves it, “But I ain’t gonna get in yer way if ya’d ruther sort th’ place out first.” Bowen seems to tread really carefully here. His experience with Darla and her ‘kingdom’, that being the cothold, and not really wanting to step on Che’s toes with what she wants to do or how she wants it done.

Cheusia laughs, "okay. I'll set something up, then." She muses, giving him a curious look. "Nah. We can sort things out later." Note the we, there. She's not taking his opinion out of the setup, being that they're in a relationship and thus he gets a say… Even if he may be trying to avoid it. She moves then to gingerly usher him out the door. "I'll be ready when you get back." A sweet smile plays on her lips then, and she won't move away from the door until he's on his way.

It’s the comment about ‘being ready’ when Bowen gets back that draws an eyebrow up curiously, but he’s smirking and seeming to enjoy the promise, his blue eyes shamefully roaming over her frame and what that promises entail, and then he steps into the hallway, closing the door behind him so she can ‘get ready’ in private. Ahem. He’s gone for a little while. He didn’t exactly dally, not with the promise of something as intimate as a massage waiting for his return, but Bo’s just not a quick guy and he’s now carrying a second trunk, smaller though it may be, to the room, the last of their things within it, presumably. He knocks before levering the trunk up against a knee and trying the door. If it is unlocked still, he will crack it open, “Che?” and make sure Che is decent before opening the door wider to let himself in and bring the trunk with him.

The room is not completely made over, unfortunately. But, the glows are still brightly lit, because it wouldn't be good for the man to stumble around upon returning and potentially hurting himself. But, the cot, however, is set up so that Bowen may lay out and completely relax. Though, it might be fairly obvious that someone has been plotting to give the tanner a nice massage as there is a scented oil that brings a fragrance to the room. Che is, still decent, for the most part, as she's changed into a different top with short sleeves and some better fitting pants. "Come in." Is her response to his call. She is settled at the foot of the cot, waiting patiently and with her legs crossed and a smile upon her lips that may seem entirely too innocent.

Bowen moves into the room and the first thing he picks up on is the scented oil. Maybe in another twenty years of working around those vats of foul-brewed brains and other bits his nose will be completely desensitized, but for right now, he’s still able to pick up on other scents. He looks around and at her, there, on the end of the bed, and his lips slowly curl up into a knowing smile that touches his blue eyes. Without any other movement, his foot lifts and kicks back to shut the door while his eyes remain on her and his hands remain holding the trunk. Uhhhh. Then he finally moves, dutifully carrying over the trunk to the corner she indicated a few minutes ago, and then turning to regard her as he takes off his hat and sweeps a hand through his hair once, shifting from one foot to another, “Y’look nice … an’ comf’r’ble …” He looks around and shifts a little uncomfortably from foot to foot, “Where should I uh hang m’hat?”

Cheusia is already working some oil between her hands, watching the tanner with that smile still placed firmly upon her lips. It is definitely not leaving any time soon. Grey eyes watch him move with the trunk, not entirely interested in where he puts it, nope. She's just watching the man. "Mhm. I am. Just waiting for you." The question is met with a soft chuckle, "wherever you want, Bo. I don't really care. You've got a lot of options, though."

Bowen nods a little. Right. Options. He makes a mental note to hammer a peg in somewhere here to hang cloaks and hats off of as needed, trying to anticipate need anyway. Then he bends to set his hat down on the trunk and then starts undressing, untucking his shirt and pulling it over his head. There’s a little bit of perspiration on his skin, just from having moved the trunks and help them get settled in here, but he took the day off for this purpose, moving her in, that is, and so he’s not quite as rank as he could be. He starts unfastening his pants next, his torso and arms flexing a little, and then he slows, and stops, looking up and over at her, “Eh, ya want me ta get cleaned up first? Take a bath’r sumpthin’?” He’s never had a massage and isn’t sure what the protocol for one is. Heck, she might be giving him a sponge bath as part of it for all he knows.

Cheusia considers him with a slight frown, if only because she is attempting to understand what he is thinking. Though the thoughts are abandoned shortly after he places his hat on the trunk and begins undressing. Or really, she is distracted by watching him undress. A little guilty look crosses her face as she realizes he's speaking to her (and she was caught staring), and she lets out a soft laugh. "Nah.. You're fine…"

Oh yeah. Nice little ego-stroke there and it shows. Bowen smiles a little for having caught her watching him and he begins to undress with a little more … panache. Or tries to, taking even longer with it than he already was, and easing the waistband of his trousers down to his knees, before remembering that he still had his boots on, so he shuffle-hops ridiculously to the edge of the bed, bits dangling and all, more than a little embarrassed and flustered and not suave at all. But at least he’s honest and unpretentious about it all. Clearing his throat, he leans down to begin unlacing his boots and before they are fully unlaced he will nudge his feet out of them, one boot sailing off to impact with the side of the trunk he just put down. *THUNK* and he murmurs an apology before easing out of his socks and the rest of his pants and underbritches before finally turning his attention back to Cheusia and her oily hands.

Cheusia smiles in response and she is easily returning to watching him… Even as he goes slower. Boots? Oh right. Her gaze trails briefly downwards before going back up and watching him moving to join her on the bed. A soft giggle slips out, more for the fact that it is cute rather than being funny. There's no visible response to the sailing boot and the resulting thud as grey eyes are still entirely focused on the man beside her. And when he's finally undressed, she moves without waiting and aiming to guide him onto his back if there's no protest. "Just relax."

Bowen tries to pretend he didn’t hear the giggle, and in a very man-like manner, mistakes it for being a giggle at his manly bits. Well, unmanly bits of late. So his face flushes a little and he schools his expression calm and stoic once more while she moves to guide him down onto his back. Relax? He can do that. Relax. He takes a deep, cleansing breath and then exhales and closes his eyes a moment before cracking one blue eye opened to look at her. “Dunno if I can relax without knowin’ whut dis beautiful lady has up ‘er sleeve fer me here,” he says softly, huskily.

Cheusia smiles down at him and she leans in to press a very quick kiss to his nose, "you're kinda cute, Bo…" She murmurs, and then very slowly trails her hands to his chest. "Mm. Well… I want to make you feel good. And since we can't really do it the other way, I figured out how else I could. And, I won't be losing all the training I've had with massaging." Because really, she's not a fan of massaging her patients. Someone else normally handles that. Her hands slowly begin to work on the muscles of his chest. "If you want me to stop, whenever… Just say so."

Bowen likes the kiss to the nose. Not sure if he likes being referred to as ‘cute’, but he doesn’t dislike it exactly. He does murmur, “I can kill a feline with m’bare hands, yanno,” in an attempt to reassert his manliness whether really true or not, which has never really seemed as important to him as now, when he feels he has a woman he has to keep other men away from or risk losing her to them. He’s so insecure it’s making him crazy possessive and will likely turn ugly if he can’t get his head out of his ass one of these days. “Mmm,” he rumbles a little, closing his eyes once more as her hands slide down to his chest. “Ya do make m’ feel good, Che,” he murmurs in feeble protest, and then sighs out, “Don’t stop …” So much for willpower.

Cheusia mms softly, "I know. And that's… Manly. And sexy." Which isn't a word she uses too often, but for Bowen… Well, she'll make exceptions. The crazy possessiveness is highly flattering, if only because she doesn't notice it most of the time. Her fingers work carefully, but firmly, making to find tense spots and to loosen them up along with relaxing the muscles. "But… I want to pleasure you, too." Is reminded in a softer tone before she continues, slowly working from his chest down to his sides. One side gets attention, then the next. But she only lingers there for a moment longer before working back up to his shoulders and then working on his left arm, first.

There is a rumble of pleasure right there going on in Bowen’s muscled chest as she works her oiled hands and fingers across his skin and talks of him being manly and sexy, the latter a word no woman has ever used to describe him. Ever. He is thusly pleased and it shows as a smile begins to develop on his lips. With her words on pleasuring him, and as her hands move down to his sides, he continues to relax into the mattress and there is even as slight twitch between his thighs, but that appears to be all for the time being. At least there leaves no question regarding anything having gotten atrophied from lack of use, or loss of circulation down there. He sighs again, seeming to start to really get into this and enjoy it and relax as she begins to move along his left arm and, while not precisely in a hypnotic trance, he’s relaxed enough to sound close enough to it when he murmurs, “I love you Che. Yer th’ best thing t’ev’r happen t’me.”

Cheusia smiles at the rumble of pleasure that is felt and growing happier the more she works on making his muscles relax. With him coming to relax, too, she works more. The twitch, however, is missed this time as she works down his arm and slowly to his forearm where she works still. And then, to his hands and she begins working on massaging each finger and his palms. "Aw… Bo… I love you, too. And you're the best thing that's ever happened to me." Really. There's nothing that can top her meeting him… Even if she did want to punch him at first. His left hand is finished and she moves easily to the right, starting at his shoulder and working down in the same way as before.

The longer she works, the harder Bowen works not to try and fall asleep because, let’s be honest here, he’s laying down and she’s right there and massaging the ache from his muscles and her fingers and the oil just feels soooo good. He sinks a bit more down against the pillow, but doesn’t move otherwise, letting her work all over him in whatever pattern she deems fit, until that is, she said what she said. Then he blinks open his eyes a moment, “Yeah? Really?” More or less holding his breath for an answer. It’s not that he’s questioning her honesty, but the man just has never really thought of himself as being the best thing to happen to anyone, let alone her.

Cheusia trails down his arm and begins working on his hand once more, her gaze focused there until he speaks. She peeks at him and smiles, "yeah… Really. I don't think I've been this happy with anyone. And, well…" She considers, "you're my second relationship and I've never been happier." She slowly releases his hand, and then moves to carefully massage the thigh of his right leg.

Here’s to hoping she never wants to try for relationship number three. With a little quickening in his heartrate, Bowen shifts to lever himself up on his elbows once she gets down to his thigh. Softly, huskily, he murmurs, “Y’deserve t’be happy. Y’deserve th’ best of everythin’ an’ I’ll work hard t’make sure ya get it,” he vows soberly, “ev’ry day o’yer life.” Which might seem kind of odd considering she’s the one attending to him hand and foot, pretty much literally. And for some reason, he feels the need to experimentally wiggle his toes, as if checking to see if something in the oil is making him feel a little more … flexible, or it might just be the intimate setting before he’s leaning forward off his elbows, sitting up with his legs still extended, and reaching to pull her into an embrace if she allows, “Y’don’t hafta really do this, yanno.” He can hire a drudge to massage them both, as awful as it might be. “Yer as fine a woman as a Lady Holder, no, better’n one, an’ deserve better than rubbin’ down some smelly tanner.” He’ll lean in to kiss her if she hasn’t pushed him away or back down to the mattress then.

Cheusia peeks up at him as her hands work. "I am happy… And I believe I have the best of everything I could want. You don't have to work so hard, though, Bo… I'm okay with decent things… I don't need to have… I don't know. Tiaras or whatever the hell those Lady Holders wear at their weddings." She's only saying this because of what she saw her father making. "I don't expect you to go an'… Commission something from the Master Smith. I sure hope you don't. Ever. Not that he doesn't need the business…" Or really, she'll start rambling now due to sudden embarrassment at what she considers being spoiled. A soft squeak escapes as she's pulled into an embrace, and there's no hesitation when her arms slip around him. "I know… But I want to. I want you to feel good. And pleasured… I don't think you're smelly, either." The kiss is not rejected and she presses her lips firmly against his with her arms tightening around him.

His breathing turns a little heavier, shallower, and Bowen wants to believe everything she says, and it’s not that he thinks she’d lie to him, but it’s just that he’s heard similar talk before, many turns ago, before he married Darla, and he knows things can change, that women’s needs can change. “I’d do it, too,” he blurts out uncharacteristically on the tail end of her comment about commissioning the work for a tiara, “if ya needed one, ever wanted one, if it’d make ya happy. J’st hafta ask.” He lapses silent for the kiss, mouth opening slowly as his eyes close and his arms tighten more around her, oily skin or no. And it’s only when he slowly begins to come up for air that he rasps, “As long as I have ya, I’ll feel good, Che.” He kisses softly, once, and then pulls away to rumble, “Always.”

Cheusia blinks at the uncharacteristic blurt, cheeks flushing suddenly. "Please don't… It's… Not practical. And… Shells… The Master Smith is my father." Coughcough. Thus worrying about being seen in a way that her father sees most women. The kiss is returned and she relaxes into it once more, fingers moving to lightly massage his shoulders. She doesn't care if the oil is getting into her shirt, being that it is old, anyway… "I don't like fancy things… Never have." Except for her knives. And she sighs softly, "you're so sweet, Bo…" The kiss is returned and she smiles almost shyly at him.

“Then I ain’t gonna,” Bo says oh so eloquently, to her first, but it’s well after the second kiss, and he tries to lie back on his side with her wrapped in his arms, nuzzling and raining slow, tender kisses on her neck if she allows, “But th’ point is anythin’ ya want. Ya j’st hafta tell me, Che. I’ll do whatever it takes t’keep ya happy an’ safe,” and there’s a bit of almost ominous foreboding in those words, “Anythin’.” If you only knew the power of the Dark Side? He smiles then, murmuring, “I like that ya think I’m sweet.” A pause and he dares to start to slide a hand down the curves of her front, “Right now, I ain’t feelin’ so sweet.” Spoken in a predatory but playful tone.

Cheusia laughs softly, lips curling into a bigger smile. "Thanks, Bo…" She murmurs in response, letting out a soft sigh as he kisses on her neck. "Nnn. I couldn't ask you for anything… Just so you'd keep me safe. Someone stupid would say something stupid like… Oh, I want a ring. And if I never get one I'll go run out in Thread. Like a stupid person…" She trails off, more distracted by him than focusing on whatever else she might have been starting to say. "Mmm. Even if you aren't feeling sweet… You're still sweet." A grin teases on her lips before she lifts her hands to oh so slowly undo the buttons of her top.

Bowen would help with the unbuttoning, but something she says completely distracts him, and he pulls his head back a moment to look at her with confusion. “Whut?” he asks softly, and vaguely, like a dummy. And then he is watching her hands move and he gets distracted so he simply states, “No runnin’ out inta Thread,” pause, “Ev’r. Ring ‘r no ring.” And he lowers his face against the bit of skin and flesh that is already starting to get revealed for his attentive lips, his hand that’s not pinned by her as they lay on their sides, moves to gently stroke her waist and hip. “Mmm, yer so … Wait,” he blinks again, “Ring?” Hmm. Maybe some blood is starting to get rerouted from his brain to other areas after all? “Y’wanna get married, Che? Like … t’me? Are ya lookin’ fer a ring from me?” His heart starts beating faster, too faster.

Cheusia blinks at his confusion, though her fingers continue to work at the buttons. "Well, yeah… I'm not going to run out into Thread. I was…" She is, however, distracted by his lips and his fingers that stroke his hips. "Huh? Oh…" Blink. There's no answer for that right away as she pauses with her buttons and stares at him a good long moment. The wheels are definitely working in her brain, trying to recall if she asked him to marry her. "Well.. Maybe in the future… If you're wanting to…"

Bowen falls back against the mattress, on his back, and works to catch his breath a little before it turns into another panic attack. Good lord, man. Grow a pair already! Oh wait. Nevermind. He rests his hands on his stomach and closes his eyes, swallowing visibly before trying to speak, “Che, I …”

Cheusia glances at him, shifting to sit up and peeking down at him. She shifts closer to gently cup his cheeks. "Shit, Bo… I'm not expecting you to marry me just cause I was talking 'bout rings. Don't need you to marry me for me to be happy. I want you to be happy. I want us to be happy. I was just mentioning if you were wanting it… Because, I didn't want to reject you." She leans in to rest her forehead against his. "It's still early, anyway."

Her words and her hands on his cheeks have a really nice calming effect for Bo and his breathing starts to slow and he reopens his blue eyes to look up into her face, right there in front of him, with their foreheads together, so he closes his eyes again and then tilts his head up to kiss her tenderly, slowly, if she doesn’t pull away. And then he exhales a deeper breath and nods a little against her forehead, “I love you, ya know that right?”

Cheusia smiles, though it is likely he can't see it from their position. The kiss is returned and she gently strokes his cheeks with her thumbs. She pulls back to see him better and nods. "I know, Bo. And I love you too. I don't want to push you into anything you don't want or you're not ready for."

“Che,” Bowen murmurs, reopening his eyes and lifting his hands to slide them past her cheeks and into her luscious hair. He swallows, wanting to explain, wanting to make things right, but the words are hard to put voice to, and then finally, “It ain’t nuthin’ t’be ready fer. I ain’t marriage material, is all … th’ only point to it these days is legitimizin’ kids … an’ even that’s really only sumpthin’ the Lord an’ Lady Holders should really care ‘bout.” And Bowen is pretty certain he’ll never have kids. “I j’st want t’make sure ya know where I’m at on dis … an’ why. It ain’t got nuthin’ t’do with yerself.” He lifts his head again, seeking her lips with his own once more, and murmuring, “I’ll make ya mine in ev’ry way whut matters,” implying that marriage isn’t one of them.

Cheusia closes her eyes as he moves his fingers into her hair and letting out a sigh, "that's true…" She muses softly, chuckling. "Never really thought of marriage before, really." Until that minute he mentioned it, actually. Grey eyes open to consider him and she grins. "Don't worry." She notes softly, leaning in to meet his lips even with that smile still upon hers. "Mm. I'm already yours…"

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