Things Unplanned


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Date: 5/29/2011 - IC: Turn 3, Month 3, Day 9
Location: Living Cavern
Synopsis: Ahnika and Avander share a table for lunch and realize there are other things in common they share, too.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

There is one pleasant aspect of rain: no Thread. And so despite looking very soaked and sodden for having been out in it, Ahnika is actually in a fairly good mood for not having to watch the Southern riders come to protect their Weyr yet again from Threadfall, where in her and Jhath’s minds, it should be Eastern riders to flame it. However, while the rain serves to keep Ahni’s mood pleasant, it does nothing for the chill it brings with it, and the greenrider enters the Living Caverns at the peak lunch hour against her better judgment, in the hopes for some hot stew or soup and a hearth to dry herself by. The tall, young woman can’t help but survey the crowd with her grey eyes as she seeks for a promising opened seat among the throng once she has gotten herself a tray of lunch.

Avander has managed to get the lunch rush off and is able to eat right now. Not much needing brought up from the lower caverns for the kitchens. So the young man, already having gathered up his food, is sitting in one of the few tables that has seating still available for people to take. And by the looks of things, they might fill up fast if one is not quick to grab one themselves.

Oh! There’s one! Ahnika slides in across from Avander with her tray before anyone else can steal the seat from her. “Hello,” Ahni greets Avander with a smile and a nod of her head, “I hope this seat wasn’t reserved for someone special?” despite the question and invitation to boot her out of said seat, the woman picks up the mug of klah and takes a sip of it while waiting for his answer.

Avander looks up as someone sits down across from and shakes his head, taking a drink of redfruit juice. "No," he says once done, "Totally fine, please sit and enjoy." he nods to her, "Besides, better get seats fast, fills up quickly in here this time of day, doesn't it?" he asks, looking around at all the full tables around the place.

“Thank you,” Ahni says with a genuinely warm smile that touches her grey eyes, and then she follows his gaze about the cavern, nodding, “It does. I haven’t been getting my lunches in here the last few months. I’d forgotten just how crazy it can get at this hour.” She picks up her spoon and digs into her stew, but before bringing it to her lips, she adds, “I’m Ahnika, by the by. You seem familiar to me. I think we may have met several months ago, perhaps? While I was still in training.”

Avander nods, "Perhaps, I arrived not long after the hatching, moved from Southern Weyr. I'm Avander, I work in the lower caverns. Just your regular grunt though," he smirked a bit. "But one of those that are needed in order to make sure the Weyr continues functioning, oddly enough."

Swallowing a heaping bite of stew from her spoon, the redheaded rider smiles with some kind of understanding glint in her eye, “Avander. Good to have a name with the face. And I completely agree. I don’t think those who work the Lower Caverns are given their dues enough, really. You know, before I was Searched I was being mentored by our Headwoman here. I believe she meant to make me one of her juniors. So, I appreciate someone with a sense of organization, as I imagine you must have to do what you do. I don’t think there’s anything odd about it, or you, well … you don’t seem odd to me, at any rate.” Ahnika takes another bite of her stew and then follows it with more klah.

Avander smiles a bit, "Good to know some of the riders appreciate our work down here. I don't think everyone realizes what it takes to run a Weyr, perhaps only the Weyrleaders and the Headwoman and Steward really… But things should be best organized. So potentially future Headwoman, and then you ended up Standing and Impressing," he smiles a bit, taking a couple of bites. "Funny how things like a dragon will totally change your life and what you were originally going to do with it."

Smiling more, Ahnika nods, “I completely agree. Plan the work and work the plan, I always say, and have contingencies for when someone throws itching powder in the wash,” speaking metaphorically. She sips from her mug once more, nodding with another smile that turns into a soft chuckle, “Life is full of change. For me, it was Jhath and …” her voice trails off, the smile softens into a fleeting haunted look, and then she lowers her eyes to her bowl and digs out another spoonful, “And … someone else,” she vaguely finishes, and then in a more normal tone, “But for others, it’s getting married or having babies or …” and this time as her voice drifts off, she just shrugs her shoulders and smiles awkwardly. “Do you miss Southern?” she asks to change the subject right before putting the spoonful in her mouth.

Avander shakes his head, "No, I don't really miss it. I mean, I miss some of the people there, like my father, he's a good man and all, raised me. But didn't have much there, and I wanted to start anew. Then there was Eastern, trying to start out and get settled and make a name for itself, so why not come here?" He watches her a bit, "One of those things that wasn't planned. Thought I'd stay at Southern my whole life, but changed my mind and came here."

Ahnika’s expression immediately lights up as she senses a kindred spirit, and she grins, “Oh, I know! That sounds like me, too. I left the cothold wanting to come here and help get the new Weyr established and sorted out. I find that kind of thing stimulating. Exciting, really. Hard work, to be sure, but the ‘good’ and ‘wholesome’ kind of hard work, you know? The kind of hard work one doesn’t mind doing when one knows it’s for a good cause.” There’s a pause as she lifts her klah mug and adds, “It’s good to feel needed, too. As opposed to feeling like a burden.” She sips then, setting her spoon down a moment to hold her face in that hand while she sips and enjoys the company and conversation. “If you like, the next time you get a freeday and want to visit your Da over in Southern, if Jhath and I aren’t already on drills or something, just send word to us. We’d be happy to take you.”

Avander gives a smile at the offer to go to Souther. "How very nice of you Ahnika, but you don't have to. I send letters back there with riders all the time. Plus I'm very busy, even on free days. Someone has to get what the kitchens need from the lower caverns, don't they?" He shrugs a big and continues eating, almost done with his stew actually.

“I know I don’t have to,” Ahni says with another smile, “It’s just an offer, since you mentioned you missed your father. If you change your mind or if something comes up and you need to go, just come find me or Jhath,” not that she expects him to know what Jhath looks like exactly, but chances are there will be other dragons or dragonriders around who can direct him. She takes another spoonful of stew, still having about half of it to get through herself, and refrains from talking with her mouthful for the moment.

Avander nods, "I will definitely keep that in mind when I'm not busy." Who has time for visits when there are things to do here all the time? He looks up and glances at Ahnika's knot. "Jhath is a green then I notice…" he gives a brief nod to her knot on her shoulder.

“Yes,” Ahnika says after swallowing her bite and smiling again, “She’s tall and stocky for her color, too, has a sort of olive and muddy coloring to her that makes it hard to see her when she’s around woods, actually.” Camo-colored, in other words. “She’s talented too,” Ahni says in the tone of a proud parent, “She’s going to make something of herself when we start going up against a real Threadfall. We can’t wait to get up there and start flaming Thread on our own, and be able to send all those Southern riders back home for good.” Beat pause, “No offense, of course. We realize that the Weyr wouldn’t have survived without their protection while we Weyrlings were still training. We just think it’s time Eastern riders protected Eastern skies. You know?” She chases another bite with a long sip from her mug.

Avander chuckles a bit over his juice, "No offense taken. I'm Eastern Weyr now, my life was Southern Weyr. It'll be a proud ay when Eastern wings can fly on their own without assistance, won't it?" he smiles at the thought, the pride of the Weyr defending their territory properly. "A shame we don't have an Interval to get to fighting strength and all, like when the older Weyrs were established.

Ahni smiles with his chuckle and nods her head once. Then nods it again a little more emphatically at his question, “It will. I’m so glad Jhath and I are going to be a part of that.” She nods again, some of her smile fading, “It’d be nice if we had that,” carefully avoiding any talk about controversy over the increased Threadfall despite the plan from AIVAS to try and get rid of Thread once and for all. “But unfortunately the situation is different. We’ll do well and make it through it all as long as we all stick together.” Her eyes take on a slightly distant look and she frowns thoughtfully before going back to scooping up more of her stew, “Now is not the time to turn on one another, especially those who have been good and loyal, who have believed in you, been faithful, and given you no reason to think they would stab you in the back.” Stab you in the back? What? She eats her spoonful of stew, and then another, and then focuses on the task of drinking more of her klah.

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