Those Lucky Lucky Boys


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Date: 8/7/10
Location: EW - Baths
Synopsis: The Junior Weyrwoman and a crew of candidates enter the baths after a long, hard day, and it's suggested that boys have it easier (better?) than girls, among other discussion
Rating: PG-13 for, well, they are in the bathing chamber after all!
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Baths

Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

It’s late in the evening and Ahnika is enjoying a good long soak in the steaming baths, one of the smaller pools, trying to work out the stiff muscles from a long day of digging and carrying rocks at the future lake. Her “toiletries” satchel is by the edge of the pool, but she hasn’t started actually washing yet, more interested in just getting some of the ache out of her bones first. Late in the evening as it is, the baths are not that crowded.

Merendezen strides in quietly, the man looking a little worse for wear. Hair is a mess and clothing are just as bad, his only saving grace is the fact that green eyes look lively and his face is clean. Clean clothing are held in one hand and are promptly abandoned where they will remain dry before he sheds himself of the dirty clothes. Ahni's pool is where he arrives, and sinks into without reservation. He wastes no time in sinking down into the water, and making no attempt at coming up any time soon. Or, at least, until that blonde hair of his is clean.

Nenienne slips into the bathing room and heads for the cabinet with the soapsand and towels, taking a little of the first and one of the second. Then she looks around at the pool and walks over toward the empty one next to Ahnika. After putting her loot on a nearby bench and stripping down to her skivvies, she enters the empty pool with a wave over toward Ahnika and, by default, Zen.

One of the last to come in, is Jaret. His clothing is a least a little bit clean, which means he has picked mud from himself -though his boots and trousers are atrocious. There's really not much of a look into the large pool of steamy water. Instead he just makes for the bench and begins to undress as quickly as he can. tunic, boots, everything left in a nice little pile, before he's walking over to the shelves to grab a few things before moving to get inside the water. No hellos, no looks nothing. Just bathing.

Moving with the stiffness of someone who's been sitting in the same position for far, far too long, the younger of Eastern's two weyrwomen shuffles into the bathing cavern. A small-ish canvas bag is slung over one shoulder until she slides it down her arm and settles it on a nearby bench. Clothes are stripped away with slow caution; muscles are still sore and joints are stiff. When finally free of them, she pulls two smaller bags and one glass bottle from the canvas bag and steps gingerly into the steamy water. She sets her three items on the rocky edge of the pool, leaving them in the natural grooves for added stability. First thing's first; taking a huge breath, she ducks under the water and sits there for almost two full minutes. When finally she pops up and breathes deeply of the steamy air, her skin is flushed and she looks - though tired - a decent bit more awake.

Tilting her head back to her face, Ahnika swishes her long red hair around in the hot water. When Zen enters her pool without so much as a howdy-do and submerges himself, Ahni just simply arches an eyebrow and shakes her head a little more. She then returns Neni’s wave with a smile and a dripping wave of her own before straightening and, with a soft sigh of surrender, reaches up over the lip of the pool and into her own satchel, rummaging around it a bit for the sweetsand. It’s at this point that she catches Jaret making his way over to the shelves, but as his back is to her, she’s not a hundred percent sure who it is, and so doesn’t offer a greeting just yet. Instead, she gets back to the task of bathing, retrieving her shampoo sweetsand from her satchel and starting to work it in her wet hair. Her grey eyes find a junior weyrwoman coming to bathe and looking about as sore and tired as Ahnika feels, and so with only a little pause in her hair scrubbing, Ahnika greets, “Evening, Weyrwoman,” easily enough.

Merendezen comes from the water after a moment, hair clean and decent before he settles along the edge of the pool. Green eyes remain closed while the water runs down his face until a hand lifts to push the water away from his eyes. He considers Nenienne, briefly, before waving in return for her greeting. He says nothing more for a greeting, his attention drifting away from the former Smith and to Jaret, considering the man for a single moment before full attention drifts to the arriving Randi. Green eyes search the woman for a long moment before he offers a grin in her direction, lacking the usual charm that it normally holds and then a salute follows. His position is quickly readjusted before he turns green eyes back to Ahni, staring at her for a moment. "Ahni. How're you doing?"

Nenienne is in the pool, submerged to the neck with her eyes closed and a blissful expression on her face. When she hears AHni's greeting to Randi she starts, her eyes flying open. When she sees Randi she says politely "Hello, weyrwoman." SHe doesn't notice Jaret, or rather, doesn't notice he's someone she knows.

There's a look over to Ahnika for a moment as he leans back against the wall of the pool and arms prop up with a sigh. Eyes closing for a moment, till voices cause him to just open one eye. Looking from Zen over towards Ahnika-familiar faces, however he has no names for them. And then eyes are over to the weyrwoman who has joined them, and already there is a groan as his head lulls back. "Fuck." muttered and he's going back down under the water. He'll stay down there till he needs breath, in hopes that everything just eases on. And then up he comes somewhat closer to where Randi has positioned herself. "Oh." added, as one hand wipes over his eyes. "Evening, weyrwoman…" See he learned titles…ish…

Randi offers a tired smile to the familiar faces greeting her and encompasses all in a communal wave. "The harder those shells get, the less I seem to be allowed outside those sands." The words are spoken with a tired voice, but there is no malice or bitterness there. "And I will say right now that you are lucky to be boys," she points to Zen and Jaret. "You might do all right," she remarks to Nenienne. "You seem the quiet sort, and you're a Gemcrafter if memory serves, so you could always sit there and … string beads, or whatever it is you do." She waves off her own ignorance with one tired hand. "But people like me and Ahni here, we've got to keep busy or we just shut down. Isn't that right, lass?"

Turning her attention from Randi to Zen, Ahni nods to him, still scrubbing lather with her fingers through her mass of red tresses. A small smile tugs at the corners of her mouth for Zen as she responds, “Well enough, I suppose, Zen. Yourself?” She briefly looks Neni’s way when the other candidate greets Randi, and then looks over at Jaret and Randi, curious without being accusatory or judgmental in her gaze, either for his proximity to Randi, or his profanity. Ahni just seems curious about him. But her gaze shifts to Randi as the weyrwoman speaks, and a growing commiserating grin spreads across the redhead’s freckled features. She nods once in agreement when Randi finishes, an interesting motion perhaps considering her hands are still threaded through her own head of hair, washing it, and then she adds, “Aye, when I was stuck in the Infirmary those few days, I demanded to roll bandages and darn socks until they let me out, for fear of going out of my mind.” Of course, some said back then she was out of her mind. Some say she still is. But those rumors seem all put behind her, in Ahni’s way of thinking. “I wish there was more we could do to help you and Weyrwoman Alara during this time, Weyrwoman,” she adds earnestly before tilting her head back again and beginning to rinse her hair.

Merendezen gives Jaret a nod of greeting once his attention is drawn towards him, nothing more as attention returns to Randi and he gives a smile, "couldn't the sire's rider sit and take turns?" He offers, though jokingly before his attention is drawn to Ahnika. There's a shrug in response to her response. His yes close again and he simply lingers there, in the pool. Brooding proudly, really. He's not moping.

Nenienne lights up when Randi mentions gemcrafting, then deflates when she dismisses it. "I think perhaps staying out of their way is the best thing we can do for them," suggests Neni, reaching to the side of the pool for the soapsand. Not finding it, she finally realizes it's still on the bench. Grumbling at herself to herself she climbs out, retrieves it, and begins scrubbing.

"My dad said the same thing." Jaret, replies over towards Randi. As for his own thoughts on that particular matter of his own gender and the luck of chromosomes, etc. Jaret, is remaining silent. A glace back towards Randi, before he is bringing his hands back up through his short hair. There's a faint look over towards Merendezen as he begins to scrub over the skin of his arms. "So, for them of us new to this situation.." a glance over to Randi as Jaret is trying to choose his words. "Can you share what you're going through? Is lit like when that pass o' the turn comes around for you lady folk?" He might as well ask. The only stupid question you can ask is when you're in weyrling classes. Right? Right.

"Actually, that's a bit of a myth there, Nenienne." Randi may not have the time or inclination to get personal with each and every last one of her Candidates, but she does at least have the presence of mind to know about them. "If you're so inclined to help, I would recommend traipsing on down to the lower sands and sitting out there in a group to help alleviate some of the burden of hidework from Alara. If you're right there with her, she won't panic so much about it being lost or done wrong, and you have her there to ask if there's something you don't know or understand." See? Good solution all around. The fact that it helps Alara rather than Randi is un-commented upon. As for Jaret… For a moment after his question leaves the room in silence, she stares him down; a wildcat trying to get the measure of this intruder before responding. "You have any younger brothers or sisters, Jaret?"

Ahnika dunks down under the surface of the water briefly, scrubbing her hands through her hair again while under and getting it good and thoroughly rinsed before coming back up for air again, gasping softly and running a hand over her face to wipe away some of the water from her eyes before opening them. Those eyes settle on Zen at first since, well, he’s in her same pool, and she does a quick double-take before peering at him somewhat openly, as if seeing him for the first time. She’s little short of intrigued by his proudly brooding. Then Neni’s voice comes and distracts her and she looks over to the other female candidate here while squeegeeing some of the water from her hair so it’s not so heavy as she sets about finishing the rest of her washing. She glances back to Randi a moment, seeing if the weyrwoman would agree or perhaps suggest otherwise. But it’s Jaret’s question that gets Ahni’s attention next, and the redhead‘s forehead furrows a little in uncertainty. “What?” She asks bluntly, genuinely confused. At least until Randi speaks up on how they might be helpful for Alara. Definitely worth filing away for Ahni to add to her to-do list of things to do outside her usual round of candidate chores, and then with Randi’s question, Ahni looks back at Jaret before her attention returns to her own washing, getting sweetsand over her arms and shoulders as she watches and listens, with another curious glance for Zen and his not-moping.

Merendezen gives Jaret a little look, as if hoping that the other man survives, or something close to that. He sinks lower into the pool, avoiding looking towards Randi and the other man for that simple reason or to avoid watching the other's downfall. Green eyes flicker to Ahni, watching her before he lets out a soft huff, blowing out against the water before eyes roll back and slowly close. "Don't worry 'bout it, Ahni." A hand is waved in her direction, meaning to distract her, somewhat. But, there's not much life behind the movement.

Nenienne nods as she is corrected, her expression not changing. She squeezes her eyes shut and shakes her head as Jaret asks his question about that time of month, then rubs some of the soapsand through her hair and dunks under, missing the counter-interrogation.

"Brothers, not sisters. Well, don't know if we have a sister or not. Haven't been where I was born from in a long while." Jaret replies easily, as he looks back towards Randi. "Knew some female guards, though." A chuff of a laugh after that little statement. "Younger than me, so I guess I could have some working knowledge of having a little sister." As for the staredown he is getting from the weyrwoman, it seems that this particular candidate is not moved. Scrubbing at his shoulder he is raising a brow right on back towards the younger Randi. "Why do you ask?" Something about cats and curiosity comes to mind.

"Then you should know first hand what it's like dealing with a woman who is pregnant and waiting for her child to come." Randi's voice comes out smooth and quiet, like a feline's purr. No greater warning could there be, save for large flashing red lights and a blaring siren's wail. "What it's like to live with her pain and her discomfort, her strange cravings for food and the changes in her blood that make her laugh one moment and cry the next; her off-balance and her hope and her worry and her anxiety that all should turn out well." Her large, dark eyes harden and flash with the energy she's been prevented from spending driving behind her irritation. "Multiply that by a hundred-fold, Jaret. Multiply it by a thousand-fold - for how much bigger than a woman is a queen? - and then, just to give you the idea; bring all those feelings inside your own mind. Until you feel all she feels, but it's too big for your body; too big for your mind. You want to wall it off and escape, but you can't because she is a part of you and she loves you and she needs you now more than ever." Tipping her head back to re-wet her water-dark tresses, she reaches for the bag of lighter, finer sweetsand. "That is what it's like."

Ahnika’s grey eyes settle on Zen next both with his words and his waving hand and she frowns slightly, but more in thought than in irritation or anger, “What’s going on with you?” But it is asked in the tone of, ‘what’s wrong with you?’ The girl cares. She really does. She just has the tact of a sledgehammer. A big sledgehammer. She hears the conversation between Randi and Jaret continue on, but she maintains her focus on Zen for the time being, with the exception of giving a fleeting glance to Neni as she dunks her head under the surface, mostly because Ahni like to pay attention to how long people stay under water, the control-freak within her wanting to be alert for potential drowning accidents. Meanwhile, the redhead is still scrubbing herself with sweetsand, the multi-tasker. And then something she catches Randi saying captures her attention again, and the redhead looks over, her expression both sobering and softening at the same time. After a moment Ahni says, “My foster mum was a midwife, and she always said no two pregnancies were alike. Every woman is different and deals with it differently, both physically and mentally. Knowing what Seren went through with every cothold woman in the area who was with child, I can only imagine the stress you and Weyrwoman Alara must be enduring, too. Likely tenfold more what Seren saw.” A pause and Ahni adds, “If you need help with anything else, like running an errand or bringing you something while you’re out there with her, you just send for me, Weyrwoman. Anytime.”

Merendezen is ignoring the talk of pregnancies and such, lalalala. Really, he's not listening. His focus is on other things… Like seeing how long he can stare blankly at the water. Attention flickers upwards to Ahnika and there's a grunt in response to her question, as if that alone would satisfy her need to know. He shifts to grab his own sweetsand to scrub with, now furthering his task of actually cleaning himself.

Nenienne does, in fact, come up within a reasonable amount of time; soon enough, in fact, to hear Randi's answer. She appears about to say something, but when Ahnika speaks she clams up and relaxes into the water, her eyes closed and her appearance that of someone not listening intently to anyone's coversation(s).

"Oh." Jaret replies after a moment as he is looking back to Randi "Right, so you're feelin' pregnant too. Right then." It seems the simplest answer for him suffices. "Though" he is adding before dropping under the water briefly, only to come up and spit a small stream right out. "Usually when my mum got pregnant we slept out in the barn. Save for dad. BUt then she usually got pregnant in the summer, so that was just fine." And with that he is looking back to Randi and nodding. Other scrubbing is happening too, though the water hides most of it. "Tough break of it." a way to say, that sucks. "Got more of the lake done." See digging and running laps, he knew. Pregnant dragons and their riders? Not so much.

Debating the urge to dunk the obnoxious male into the bathwater, Randi scrubs sweetsand into her hair. The motion of her fingertips against her scalp soothes her into a more relaxed state and she decides it really isn't worth the bother. "That damn lake. All I know is that it better be done before those little dragons crack shell or I'll be tanning me some Smith hides to hang on my wall."

Pursing her lips and shaking her head a little at Jaret and the way the conversation with Randi is digressing, Ahni’s attention returns back to Zen and his … whatever this is. Ahni moves a little closer to him, seeming ready to reach out to snag one of his ears, perhaps intending to twist it and put his head under the water until the man talks, but for whatever reason, the teen is given pause and she lowers her hand and wades back to the place she was, in front of her satchel of toiletries. She frowns, coming to the conclusion that maybe some finesse is warranted here, not ear-twisting. Someone mark the calendar. “Zen, I was, uh, thinking of making a batch of sweetcakes when I got through here. Would you, um, like some?” Another glance for Neni in the nearby pool as she emerges, and Ahnika nods once to her, before looking back at Zen.

Nenienne nods to Ahni in reply, then returns to not listening in to Jaret and Randi's conversation. Except that she gleeps when Randi mentions skinning some Smiths.

"Not my call, nor do I." Jaret says, "-have the ability to speed it up. She's deep enough I would imagine or getting closer to it, each bloody time they have us in there. Just no water." a faint chuckle there as he's picking something off, given the odd stance he takes. There's a faint glance over to where Ahni and Merezenden are, and he merely just starts to snicker. A shake of his head as he is looking right back towards Randi. A crook of a jaw, something close to a smile. "They need water, not the batch of mud we have right now."

Merendezen eyes Ahni as she moves closer, wary of the young woman. But he doesn't look ready to flee, just watching her. "Sweetcakes, hm?" Then, he nods. "I'd like some." Grunt. Grunt grunt. Manly man. Brooding man. Either way, he's done getting squeaky clean and he pushes from the pool and strides, proudly, over to his clothes and dries, dressing and giving the gathered a salute in farewell. Maybe even a charming grin shot in Randi's direction before he's gone.

Returning Zen's grin with a wave and a smile, Randi drops her attention back to Jaret. "Water will be brought in when the Smith Master tells me it is complete." She doesn't mean to, but she does accidentally overhear Ahnika's conversation and her mouth waters. "Oh, Ahni… If you're going to be making some anyway, would you mind bringing a few and a pitcher of iced herdbeast milk to the Sands later?" It's not phrased as an order from the weyrwoman, merely an almost pleading request from a friend. "You would not believe how good that sounds right about now." She smiles wistfully and dips her head back to rinse the sweetsand and bubbles from it.

Ahnika isn’t far behind Zen, finishing washing herself up, and heaving herself out of the pool beside her satchel. She reaches into it and pulls out a towel that she uses to dry off right there before picking up her bag and walking over to the bench for her clean clothes that had been left there, folded neatly. After putting them on, she takes the time to braid her wet hair, before starting for the exit with all her belongings in that satchel, including dirty clothes and wet towel, now. She gives another wave for Neni and then a bowed head and shoulder dip to Randi, brightening noticeably at the request and nodding, “Absolutely! I’ll bring some by as soon as they’re done so they are still warm for you, ma’am.” And after a little hesitation, a wave for Jaret, too, before she heads out.

Nenienne dunks one more time to rinse, then follows the exodus from the pools. After drying off and putting on her sleeping clothes, she hurries out with a shy wave to those remaining.

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