Three Things


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Date: 2010.10.25
Location: EW - Lakeshore
Synopsis: Max happens upon Cheusia down at the lakeshore and confronts her about having told Bowen about them.
Rating: PG13 - some adult talk
Logger: Max

It is unusual to find the Healer at the lakeshore alone, but, there Che is… And oddly, she's wearing a shirt that is not normally in her attire, likely something found in the stores. It is notably less fitting than the rest of her clothing, and even her pants are entirely different. So there she stands, brooding at the lake.

They should change that sign to Lake Brooding for there comes Max, hatted head down, hands shoved in his pockets and looking anything but the picture of Glee. The sound of a group of children suddenly shrieking with laughter draws his head up and in their direction, a corner of his mouth curling upward as for the spectacle of a weyr mutt hanging off of the waistband of the trousers of one of the young boys in their group and subsequently dragging them down to reveal the pale skin of his butt. That smile drains away before it’s even properly formed when his peripheral vision catches Che brooding out over the lake. A frown forms as he hesitates and then with a sigh heads over toward her and stops alongside, saying nothing just yet.

Brooding does seem to happen a lot at the lake. The children shrieking goes unheard by Che, who is far too focused on her brooding… And staring at the lake. Even Max goes unnoticed as he joins her… Until she's looking to see her surroundings. "Oh! Max… Hi."

Max continues to remain silent, attention set out over the waters where the afternoon sun glints off of its surface in contrasting cheerfulness to the two brooding at its shoreline. Only once Che speaks to him directly, do dark eyes slide sideways, head not moving in her direction and he sets a long look over the Healer from under his hat. Finally with a short exhale of breath, "Why'd you do it, Che?" Quietly spoken and right to the point despite whether or not she has a clue as to what he's referring to.

Cheusia blinks at his appearance, frowning. Well, being that it is the second time recently that a man has looked at her that way. "Wait..? What? Do what?" Brows draw into a frown and she makes a face at him. "You're not making sense…"

With his mouth folding around a frown, Max goes silent again, his hands clenching into fists of frustration in his pockets before turning his head toward her. Letting out a long sigh, "Bowen, Che…Why'd you tell him about us?" Not waiting for a reply, his head turns back out toward the lake as he states woodenly, "There's three things a man don't ever want to hear from another. That his mother is good in the sack," thanks E'ro, "that his daughter is good in the sack," luckily not an issue for a long time yet, "and that his friend fucked his woman," his jaw setting as he states evenly, still not looking at her, "any one of those is a deal breaker." Between men.

Cheusia blinks and then furrows her brows. "What are you talking about, Max? I didn't tell him… He came asking me about it. I would remember telling him something like that. Shit Max, I wouldn't… I wouldn't have told him…" Though she trails off and frowns just a bit more. "He came asking me the other day… You didn't tell him?"

Max turns a pained look onto Che, “You must have said something because he sure as shit didn’t pull it out his ass!” Disgruntled much? Somewhat. But then the way things are looking right now, he’s probably just lost himself a friend in having come clean with Bowen. “He asked. I didn’t lie.” So yes, he’d told the tanner.

Cheusia frowns and considers, slowly dropping into a crouched position. "… I might have told him when I almost ran away from him… I was upset." She trails off, sighing. "We were kissing… And he pulled me away and I thought he didn't want me and was just messing with me." And then it clicks as she slowly recalls what she said. "Shit, Max… It slipped out. I thought he was messing with me and was going to leave and… I wanted to leave before I could fall for him. And…" Well, most of that night is a blur, except for the important parts. She's not used to emotional roller coasters.

Dark eyes roll expressively, "So you freak out and sell me down the river to save your own hide?" shaking his head a little, "Nice one. Thanks." Not. And then Max slips into silence again, quietly steaming. Eventually, unpocketing a hand to palm it down over his face he turns his body toward Che, "I don't know what's going on with you and Bowen," aside from the obvious, "But next time, I'd appreciate a warning before I get dragged into it and almost get my face rearranged for something that happened only once and a long time ago at that, aye?" A long time ago? Considering his 'playboy' habits of old, a few months would probably be deemed as a long time ago for him. "You got problems," with her relationship, "and you want to talk, you know where to come. Just…Shit Che, he was my friend." Not even trying to disguise the sense of dejection felt for having to use the past tense in that last.

Cheusia gives him a look, "no. That's not how it happened, Max. I wouldn't do that to you." She hisses softly and glares at him, "I love him Max. And I didn't mean to drag you into this. He isn't going to punch you because of something I said. You didn't hurt me, you didn't break my heart… He has no reason to punch you unless he's feeling like it. But you can always punch back if he does." Which also means more Infirmary time for Bo if that does happen, which means more time for Che with Bo. Which means a lot of things. Though her expression fades into a rather blank one, staring at him. "Well, you're still his friend… Considering our last conversation…"

From under his hat a brow lifts unseen, but Max remains silent except to utter a small snort for Bo not punching him. Then again, he had given him the opportunity and the man had turned it down. So maybe she knows him better than he does. “Wouldn’t have hit him back,” the beast manager breaks his silence to point out. Not at the time but all bets are off should the tanner come seeking to do so past the fact. Cheusia’s last draws a long and unreadable look onto her, “Aye?” Set in more of a querying tone than a hopeful one.

Cheusia nns softly, "well… I'm just saying you can." She notes softly, before nodding. "Uh-huh… He's still you're friend, Max. I think… He just wanted to.. Know why." Well, not to mention he was comparing them. "Um… Not that I regret anything and I'm thankful for what you showed me… But, Bowen's the only one I really want to be with. And he knows this… So I think things should be fine between you."

For the first time since arriving down at the lakeshore and taking to this rather awkward conversation, Max quirks the edge of a smile out when Che grants him permission to slug Bowen. Not that he felt he needed it or would use it without provocation mind. Hunkering down next to her, arms dangling over his knees, he looks away out over the lake’s surface again as she speaks, that smile lingering a little longer, “Like I said, Che. It ain’t something a man wants to know about. But aye, I can get where he’s coming from.” Which would be why he didn’t just out and deck the poor man from the get go for questioning him on the matter. His smile warms a little further as he turns a fond look onto the Healer, much of the earlier annoyance having slipped away, “Aye? You’re that serious about him?” pleased as punch if his expression is anything to go by. “Bo’s a good man,” despite the elephant in the room between them. Swivelling on a boot heel so as to be facing her that bit more, “You okay, darlin’?” harking back to the brooding she’d been doing of her own earlier.

Cheusia gives him a slight little smile in response to his, and then slowly looking back towards the lake. "I know… I figured. Just… Didn't mean for it to slip out…" She sighs softly, "didn't mean to get you in shit, Max. Wouldn't do that on purpose…" She glances at him again, smiling sheepishly. "Yeah… I am. He told me he loves me first… I know I'm not going to get left again." She sighs softly and slowly turns her look back to the lake, at ease now. "He's a wonderful man." Fingers lace together and she blinks, confused for a moment before she shrugs. "Lettin' what Jonavan said to me bug me… Still. I think Bowen might punch him in the face. Didn't even tell him that the fool was looking at my breasts…"

To her not having intentionally dropped him in the shit, “Aye, I know darlin’.” Max shifts so as to settle an arm about her shoulders in companionable gesture if she doesn’t jerk away, though Faranth help him if Bowen happens by and misreads his intentions. His smile, is actually staying in place as he gives a bit of a one-armed hug if she allows, “He did?” fondness for Cheusia evident, “Good. Seems to me you could both do with someone to hold onto when the going gets rough.” Being quite firmly acquainted with just the difference that has made in his own life and how desolated he was when he thought Ahnika had left him. Dark eyes narrow at mention of the male Healer, “Man’s an ass,” he gives her with a snort and then adds with a lifted brow, “Again, on the matter of what some men just don’t want, or need to know about.” Such as another man giving his woman a thorough eyeballing.

Cheusia easily settles under his arm, leaning against him and sighing in relief. "Really sorry." There's only a few people this woman will really apologize to and mean it. "He did. We could use someone to hold onto…" She agrees, chuckling softly and staring out past the lake. "He is. Does a good job, so I can't fault him on that… Just…" She makes a face, "I've commissioned a whole bunch of new clothes." She gives a slight shrug, "personally… I'd love to see Bo punch him. But, I can't really ask him to do that… Being that I'm trying to be professional and all that."

Dipping his head in an effort to catch Cheusia’s eyes, smiling slightly for the apology, “It’s over now, aye? Gone, forgotten, in the past.” And really, as far as he’s concerned, that’s the end of it. Max’s mouth folds around a smirk, “Wouldn’t mind decking him myself to be honest.” Jonavan that is, not Bowen. But then that might just ruin the tenuous beginnings of their business dealings. Grinning mischievously, “Could always slip him some fellis in his tea and when he goes out, numbweed his hands?” The mental image of the Healer waking up to uncooperative hands apparently amusing him no end if the chuckles are anything to go by.

Cheusia glances at him and smiles, nodding. "Definitely over." Well, her part in the whole thing, anyway. A sigh is released and she chuckles, "but… Why can't you? Did he say something to your weyrling that made her uncomfortable in her clothing and then she had to commission a whole new wardrobe?" There's a thoughtful silence for his suggestion and then she shakes her head. "He'd figure it out. I doubt there's anyone he trusts… So he wouldn't accept a drink from someone he knows who has access to the fellis…"

Max does a double blink at Cheusia, “What? No, I don’t…think so?” his voice waning and then he’s frowning a little, “Back up the runner there…that’s what you meant about commissioning a new wardrobe? What the shards did he say!?” Some small amount of anger starting to rise up. “There is nothing wrong with the way you dress, darlin’.” Just in case she was in any doubt.

Cheusia lets out a soft mm, "then I guess it was only me, then." She muses softly before nodding. "Mhm… All new clothes coming in. Said my clothes were too tight and then was staring at my breasts… Not being professional because of how they fit…"

Giving her another tight squeeze, Max’s arm slips from about her shoulders and he straightens. Quiet for a long time as he stares out over the lake once again and then drops his head to put a look down onto Che, “Don’t change to try and please him or deflect further comments from him, Che. You’ll only be playing into his hands and letting him win. You could wear a tuber sack, he’d find fault with it and have some sexist comment to make.” Progressively in favour of woman’s rights, much? Not consciously.

Cheusia tilts her head and considers him for a moment before sighing and offering a smile, "I probably should have changed it, anyway…" Probably to provide Bo with less worry of people ogling her. "I won't let it bug me. I just hate… Not doing my best. Or being my best…" Thus, taking most advice to heart.

“What the shards for!? Che…you’re a beautiful and independent woman. Don’t let some prick with an inferiority complex push you around.” Frowning a little now, “What you wear has nothing to do with your abilities as a Healer, darlin’. It’s just an expression of who you are.”

Cheusia shrugs, "it's fine, Max. I had been thinking about it before." Though the fire only started because of the other Healer. "Nnn.. Not according to what I bitched him out about the other day… He dresses like he's trashy."

Hands to pockets, Max casts another look down to Cheusia, a small smile at play, “Aye well, you do it if that’s what you want and not because someone has decided you should.” A chuckle shows up for her last on her male counterpart, “He does, does he?” casting a glance over his own attire which has dirt smudged in places he puts out a crooked grin, “I shall have to keep that in mind.”

Cheusia nods once and smiles, "yeah. I am.. Doing it because I want." She promises before shifting positions and making to stand. "He does… A Healer shouldn't look like he was just dragged in." She mutters before considering the man beside her. "You look fine."

With Cheusia preparing to stand, Max holds out a hand to her to use to pull herself up if she so chooses. Chuckling, “Like he was just dragged through the beast caverns?” well aware that in his line of work it’s useless trying to look as if one had just stepped out of the bathing caverns. A brow goes up and a crooked grin puts out as he intones fondly for her last, “Liar.”

Cheusia takes his hand to right herself as she stands, grinning widely at his response. "Mhm. Quiet. That and he hadn't bathed for a few days, from the looks of it." She releases his hand and slowly stretches. "Nah. I'd never lie to you, Max."

Once Cheusia’s on her feet, Max releases her hand sending his own back to a pocket once again because let’s face it, while Bowen might be slower on his feet than he is, he probably packs a pretty powerful punch. One he’d rather not meet if he can avoid it. The children that had been playing with the weyr mutt earlier suddenly come bowling passed, flinging themselves into the water and sending a shower of droplets all over the place. Instinctively ducking and flinging up an arm in front of his face, laughter falls from the beast manager, “Little buggers!” Although there’s no real annoyance in his tone. “I know, Che,” given sincerely in return to her not lying to him. With a glance in the direction of the beast caverns where a trio of stablehands are making ready to ride out, he sends her an apologetic look, “I need to be getting back. We’ve got herdbeast to finish branding.”

Cheusia tilts a look out towards the children with a soft laugh, even if a few droplets hit her. She gives Max a grin in response before she nods. "Good…" Grey eyes turn to consider the lake and she smiles. "No problem, Max. I think I'll go find Bo…" She muses thoughtfully, then casts him one final smile. "Have fun."

Before turning to go, Max puts out a warm smile and nods, “You should.” Go and find Bowen. Hell, he’d likely go hunt Ahnika down and fold her up in a big bear hug if not for the fact that she’s likely off somewhere involved in weyrling lessons. With a tip of brow and a chuckle, he then shakes his head in amusement, “Fun, right. I’ll keep that in mind.” Amid the dust and chaos of roping calves, wrangling them to the ground and branding them. All in a day’s work though. And then he turns and goes, hand to hat as he jogs the last portion of the way.

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