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Date: 13 July, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
Synopsis: Randi introduces new friend to old friend, gets his approval, meets Vanielle and discovers the new currency of love: pelts.
Rating: PG-13 (Mild Innuendo)
Logger: Randi

The main Living Cavern at Eastern Weyr is a near replica of the "Lower Bowl" in shape. It is circular, with ceilings sloping up into a gentle cone shape. There are a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling, from which the Weyr's few firelizards may perch. Between these, there are a few inverted "hills", showing exactly how quickly the workmen finished this job. It lends an eerie quietness to the place, as the features cut the sound more effectively. The glowbaskets on the walls highlight the tables of all shapes and sizes around the room. The Head Table appears to be more traditional in place and kind, but the rest of the tables are variable. The east side of the room boasts larger rectangle tables suitable for whole groups of riders, while the middle holds smaller circular tables more appropriate for a family with children. The west side of the room has small square tables which often double as gaming tables on lazy days and most evenings.

Near the Head table, off to the East side, the double doors of the kitchen swing open. Near those doors, two long rectanglular tables are set up for food and drink service. On the eastern and western sides of the room, the stairs lead up to parallel hallways which connect to the rest of the Weyr. A third, smaller set of stairs at the southernmost end of the cavern leads to the Weyr Entrance.

Coming down the stairs on the arm of a rather dashingly handsome man, Randi takes a brief look around the cavern and inhales deeply; appreciatively. "Smells like roast herdbeast." Which sounds delicious right about now. "What brought you our way, Zen?" she asks, pulling away from him to grab an empty plate and start heaping food onto it. "I've started to lose track of the people we get in every day. Did you check in with the Headwoman yet?" He's not so unbalancing when he's not sweet-talking.

The movement is mimicked by Zen, taking a deep breath to assess the room. "Wonderful." There's a quick scan of the surrounding with green eyes before they land on the Weyrwoman beside him. "Adventure. Curiosity. The things that normally stir a man to move forward. There was nothing for me in my old home." But, there's no more explanation other than that. The grin that spreads on his lips is purely amused. "I'm sure you're faced with dozens every day, I hope that you won't forget me. I've not spoke with the Headwoman, yet. Food seemed more important at the moment, it seems between makes me absolutely ravenous."

Walking through the archway— Vanielle stops leaning against the cool stone. "Ok.. what a hike." she breaths. She inhales. "I spent too much time at the rest stop." she adjusts her braided hairs and squints a few moments to remind herself, where she is and who else may be around. "Heyla!" she calls, as she pushes away from the walls of the living cavern.

Seated at a sparsely occupied table, is one brownrider, surrounded by a few plates and of course a couple of cups. A lick of a tooth, as a piece of meat is plucked and dipped into what can be somewhat described as soup, then popped into his mouth. It's as if a tornado had hit one plate and now was moving to the next. T'ryn, he of bottomless stomachs-continues to eat, pausing only to wipe a spot of grease from dotting his black lines. A sniff, and eyes are sliding up going to the goldrider, and then to the-guy he doesn't know. Fingers moving to dig and pick at his teeth ,before he's waving once to Randi, and then giving her a thumbs' up.

"Adventure, hmm?" And Randi pauses in her food-gathering to give Zen a critical once-over. "You good at hunting then, Handyman?" A big scoop of mashed tubers is slopped over her other food and then one of the younger kitchen helpers is nice enough to bring her a skein. "Thank you, darlin', you remembered my favorite." The young girl gets a winning smile and then Randi's attention is captured by the brownrider. Rolling her eyes at his none-too-subtle thumbs up, she nods in his direction. "Got a friend over there we can sit with, Zen, if you don't mind his humor."

Vanielle swallows as she, a relative newcomer takes a few steps as she notices the people around her. Her eyes wandering back and forth between the assembled people- Rank— rank. Her brown eyes watching for signs of it. She a little frantic, her breathing noticeably shallow. She steps forward slowly, trying to watch for people around her. She exhales after a few seconds. "This is just like any other day." she breaths softly. trying to calm herself down.

Merendezen casts a look briefly to Vanielle, curious but not obviously so. The greeting is meet with a slight smile and a lift of his freehand before attention does drift to T'ryn, for the movement of waving to the Weyrwoman on his arm. The man is given the look, too, taking more time to examine the rider than the woman. Randi speaks and full attention returns to her and he begins to fetch a neat assortment of food. "Of course. Hunting is needed to bring food in, I've been on my fair share of hunts." The young girl is given a brief look before he finishes gathering his food. "Humor is always appreciated." An incline of his head, "shall we?" Ladies first, after all, and he'll follow after her. Luckily for Vani, Zen wears no knot.

T'ryn grins as Randi and he man friend are coming to join him. "Oi, K'lin make a hole." said to the blue across from him before he is motioning the couple over. "Randi comm'n and take a seat." Grinning from ear to ear, as if someone made him eat a bending tail pie. However, it's just been meat and soup for his meal today. He already has ravaged the tubers he was given. Nothing is safe nor sacred on his plates. "Who is your friend?" A cock of his head back towards Zen. You know proper introductions to be made. There's a faint look over to Vanielle for a moment before he's arching a brow to the goldrider. "Who is that?"

Vanielle turns to Merendezen and nods. "Thank you." she says grabbing a plate and piling it rather calmly, a travelers pack is on her back -its not very big-. She turns after acquiring some food . "Umm.. me?" she half squeaks before inhaling. "My name's Vanielle."

Settling herself across from T'ryn, Randi grins at the bluerider on her left. "Hey, you coming to the 'poker game tomorrow?" The question is earnest enough, but she's soon turning her attention back to T'ryn and Zen. "Ever hunt the southern wildcats?" she wants to know, before waving her hand at T'ryn. "This is Ockath's rider, T'ryn. If he starts telling you ghost stories, just whap him." And here she beams to the brownrider in question. "This is Merendezen. New handyman for the Weyr. Gonna see if Neythan needs his help down there with his tinkering. As for Vanielle, she turns to squint at the girl. "Not the faintest idea who she is." And then she's waving the girl on closer just in time to hear her name. "What brings you down this far, Vanielle?"

Merendezen slants a look to T'ryn, grinning easily and lifting a single hand to give a lazy salute before he makes to join Randi, settling at her right. Vani is given a slight nod, "well met, Vanielle." Since she did offer a greeting, his attention falls briefly to his plate, a few bites wiggled up onto a utensil. "Wildcats aren't fun. Nothin' you want to fool around with. Sold quite a few pelts, though. Wish I had met you sooner, darling, would have saved you one."

T'ryn raises a brow as he studies Zen for a moment, as if sizing him up before nodding. "Nice t' meetchya Zen." And he is offering his arm over for a shake. His black tattoos crinkle with his smile before nodding. "Oh that'd be nice. I bet that Neythan feller could use all the help he can get. Faranth knows we could use the hands." A grin as he is reaching to pick up a bone to gnaw on it. The meat has already been striped as can be seen on his plate, but that's not stopping him from gnawing and sucking on it, before he is plopping it out of his mouth to poke towards Randi. "I know I will be there. I owe a third of those sharding muckers a good trouncing since last game."

"Wildcat hunting? Done that. Ain't easy, but it works. Fur sells." he's a trader he knows…THINGS. And so he is looking back between Randi and Zen. "Ooooh." A snicker "He's good, I'd chase him." a shake of his head before he's laughing. A faint look to Vanielle as Randi calls her over and he's nodding. "Pop a squat." or take a seat.

Vanielle steps forward. "Reassignment." she says. "Though I think they just wanted me away." she explains quietly. "Mind if I sit?" she moves to settled down. "I —" she pauses when she catches the salute to Randi trying to catch what makes the woman — important. She stares a moment trying to read it as one might read trail markers. "And as what brings me so far — reassignment, Lady." she says finally spying the knot of the woman.

Randi laughs outright. "I'm no Lady, lass. Just happen to share mindspace with a big, shiny blob of dragon." She jerks once and promptly sucks her fingers into her mouth as if they'd been burnt. "Not funny, Kas," she grumbles seemingly to herself. She wears no knot on her comfortable running clothes, but the salute probably did her in. "Reassignment from where?" she questions mildly, before turning to the boys with a grin. "There's a mated pair been seen teaching their two yearlings to hunt near one of the land plots set up for farming." If some farmers ever showed up. "Headwoman and I are setting up a hunt to take 'em out before they cause trouble. So I aim to get me a pelt, Zen. Don't you worry about that." Scooping a bite of tubers into her mouth, she chews thoughtfully for a moment - buying herself time to try and control the blush rising to her face at being called anyone's 'darling'. "Either of you interested?"

Merendezen nods his agreement, "sells good, those furs. More people die trying to get them than those who succeed." His face remains rather bland as the man mentions the chasing, "and what does that mean to the ignorant?" A brow lifts before he places the fork full of food into his mouth, listening to Vanielle as she speaks but saying nothing as she address Randi. This continues, the eating, until Randi addresses him again. "Shame, would like to be the man that presents it to you." Though the inquiry of interest draws a grin. "I am. I'd still be able to present you with that pelt."

Vanielle ducks her head and slips away to finish her own lunch.

"That's why my da' said you don't pay till you got it in your hands. saves marks being lost to the wilds." There's an almost wistfulness, and remembrance there. However T'ryn is plucked from it with a quick screwing up of his face before he is answering aloud something unheard. "No, we didn't kill them with the pan." a shake of his head as probably the snickering continues. A glance to Merendezen for a second, before one hand, with fingers still slightly greasy, goes to stroke his stubble. "Well Zen," the brownrider begins. Uh oh.

"When a dragon is in heat, it takes off into the sky an all th' eligible males go chasing after. When they get caught, they fardle between the sheets." A grin there. "Like how yer mother made you-no offense. I am assumin' she's a fine upstandin' lady." A nod there before he is looking back to Randi. "Sure. Lemme know so I can get my hip knife all sharp." And well prepare to go trekking after beasties.

Randi - for the first time in her life - feels the undeniable urge to smack her own forehead with her own hand. It's an urge she doesn't resist. "T'ryn," she growls warningly, though the effect is somewhat ruined by the fact that she can't get much else out for laughing so hard. Covering her face with both hands and resting both elbows on the table, she dissolves into helpless laughter for a good minute and a half before being able to pull herself together. "It's a bit of a euphemism around here, Zen." And she can only say this by looking at T'ryn the whole time, not Merendezen. "He's saying you're a looker and I should bed you." She lifts her chin with a mock-serious air. "But I have standards, you see." And then she grins at both of them - though the look at Zen causes her to blush. "It'd take at least five pelts to woo me with."

"The only way it /should/ work. Could lose your investment on a man that never comes back. No way to get your marks back unless you want to scavenge the hunting ground yourself." Zen chuckles, only glancing down to his food to section it off. There's no reaction on the chasing talk, only a slight chuckle. "I've heard it used for dragons, never with people, but, I am always open for learning new ways to use words." Randi is flashed his flirty grin, "it's certainly colorful, dear. Such a euphemism. Shame that it'll sound strange if I use it." Her next statement draws a chuckle, "I have to agree with him, darling. But, that is also /other/ parts of me speaking. I shall tell them to behave." He's still smiling when that look is finally turned to him, "I'll bring you six."

"I don't." said playfully back to Randi. A grin is given over to Zen, and laughter now comes spilling out from T'ryn's mouth. It seems that the goldrider did good, where ever she found this guy. "Oh, I really like him." A shake of his head and he's taking another bite of meat; careful not to choke on the pieces as he eats. "See, I think he could get the hang of it here." a nod in Zen's direction. Still he is just grinning and moving to take another bite. " So." changing subjects, " Bedding aside, an all that fun shit. What do we got left to get our work done on?" It seems like everything is needing to get finished quickly. "Besides short of doing some sort of ridiculous dance to get the clouds to rain due to laughter. We need that sharding lake filled." Or so his brown keeps reminding him.

"We'll bring in water when it's finished. That will be the easy part." And now Randi's chewing on her lower lip in thought. "It's the digging they've got to finish first. Apparently they've hit a 'snag'." Still, T'ryn's approval does mean a lot and Randi's grin widens still further. "When I see those six in my weyr, Zen, I'll consider it." She's teasing him, but T'ryn might notice that it's shyer, less brash than usual. The extra mention of 'darling' causes her to duck her head to try and hide her blush behind hair that is swept up beyond reach of helping. Food. Great thing to focus on now, yep!

"How hard is it to dig?" asks T'ryn as he looks back towards Randi. "I did that as a kid. And as a weyrling. Latrines being the worst thing, but most fundamental thing you learn how to dig. It's just a shovel and dirt-" and with that he claps his hands, and almost knocks over his glass of wine. "And like that you got a hole. A wide hole." His hand moving to take a sip of wine-finally needing to unparch himself. There's a faint pause, as the brownrider seems to watch the two, only to grin softly. A shake of his head and he is not saying anything more of it, seen or whatever.

"So Zen. where ya come from?" Might as well ask and hopefully forge ahead and spare Randi from further blushing.

Merendezen slants a look to T'ryn, grinning. "Thank you, kind sir." Because it never hurts to throw out fancy names. "I should hope to get the hang of it, being that I am here to stay. Luckily, it has been easy so far. Mostly due to my wonderful guide." Que another look to Randi with a charming smile. "Man made lake? Would it dry up in the summer and only be filled in the winter and spring?" Curious, interest is sparked on something that's not Randi. Surprise! "I have my ways, dearest. There will be six pelts in your weyr." Which would also require him finding /where/ the weyr is. And the question of his origins is considered, "High Reaches. I came on the prospect of adventure and curiosity with nothing holding me to the area."

Finishing the food off her plate in record time, Randi takes her skein from the table and stands. "Her Ladyship demands another oiling - OW KASETH YOU BLOODY BIG NUISANCE I'M COMING!" Seems like broody Kaseth is just as demanding - if not nearly as chaotic - as proddy Kaseth. Shooting T'ryn an apologetic, but commiserating look, she jerks the cork out of the skein with her teeth and starts making her way out towards the stairs. While drinking.

T'ryn nods once back in Zen's direction. "I used to do trading up there. Nice place that." he adds, before looking back towards Randi. "Oooh I'll have that soon enough. He'll then wanna sun or something.." muttered before he's raising a hand in a salute to the goldrider. "Oh Randi if you see Alara-" alas the girl is for the stairs and he's muttering to himself whatever message he had. A shake of his head and there's a look over to Zen. "Well, my mucker." T'ryn says as he starts to rise. "You'll find it here…If you'll excuse me I got letters t' practice." A salute tossed as this rider stomps off with his own odd swagger….And his wine cup.

Merendezen watches Randi depart, eyes following her until she fades from view and then T'ryn is considered once more. "'Reaches is good, wonderful market." He admits before a single brow lifts. "Thanks. Enjoy your letters." Though the statement does lack certainty, he'll give his well wishing either way before he takes to finishing his meal and finding a place to bum around in before finding the Headwoman to help him get settled in to his new home.

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