Trading On Manners


Indira.jpg Bhedri/Beddie (NPC'd by Jaya)

Date: Dec. 1, 2010
Location: Headwoman's Office, EW
Synopsis: Beddie breezes into Indira's office to lodge a complaint, then practically insults the woman before she is summarily kicked out. It's all done before before breakfast…and all while Jaya's away taking care of business up north.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

Mid morning finds the Headwoman in her office as one might expect. What one might not expect, is the odd assortment of people gathered before her, as if the woman might be holding court of some description. A big strapping brownrider (if the knot is anything to go by), a laundress (given the faint aroma of soap coming from her and the damp apron she wears) and…what can only be termed a drudge, given the ferrety looking man's tattered and stained attire. Conversation is low held, with the office door open just enough to allow a through draft of cooler air from the hallway beyond, with Doran, the big red haired guard with the curling bush of a bear, standing guard outside.

With Jaya gone north on some 'secret' new-drink mission, Bhedri Dicori is seeing the Weyr like a playground. The traderwoman, first things first, had some complaints about the place she's been sleeping, and so since the barkeep isn't around to stop her, Beddie's off to find the Headwoman. Heedless of all the looks she still gets in the hallways for her looking identical to the taciturn twin, she finds Indira's office easily enough once she was shown, and with her smoothing down her flowing skirt and drawstring top, she looks to be completely bypassing the big red haired guard as she places a hand on the door to push it open further. Yeah, one can say Beddie has selective blindness.

Doran, quite understandably assuming this to be Jaya, rather than stop her inward path, simply lifts his voice and gives an 'Incoming!' in his gravely tone as warning to those in meeting within the Headwoman's office. Almost immediately the tone of conversation changes with Indira's expression setting into one with hard edges, and her voice lifting to make what she says next easily audible to any passing by or eavesdropping. "…and if this comes to my attention again and I'm having to call you three into my office again, there'll be serious consequences." Dark eyes fit to the dragonrider, "Your wingleader will hear about this, brownrider." To the laundress, "Next time, try less talking, and more listening." - "And as to you," attention fitting to the 'drudge', "I'm really starting to lose my patience with you! You either do your job and stop whining about the conditions, or…you can leave." Chin thrusting toward the door and thus bringing her attention to 'Jaya' a dark blonde brow hiking way up high for the unexpected sight of the woman she thought to be out of Weyr still.

Beddie barely notices the 'incoming' call, the woman intent on her mission as she flits into the room upon those words Indira delivers to the drudge. She pauses, eyes flickering over each person in the room before it lands last on Indira. She looked official-like, anyway. Painting a sweet smile on her face, she wasn't going to wait for them to clear out until she states aloud, "I have a complaint. Is it you I talk to?" she asks with that heavy Bitran accent, her tone a slight soprano as she regards those in the room.

The three offer simple nods of head, with the drudge even going so far as to tug his forelock in obeisance. Although if one looks closely enough, they'll pick up on a mocking air put to that gesture. Beddie is given strange looks as one by one they file passed her and out into the hallway heading back to duties. Waiting until they've gone, Indira's regard holds to the Jaya look-alike, dark eyes narrowed onto the woman for the longest time and then slowly but surely her features relax and a faint smirk traces out. "So you're her." Yup, she's heard report of the barkeep's twin visiting. She isn't however, answering the question put to her just yet. A hand lifts and waves idly to the 'lesser' seating before her desk, "Sit." More command than invitation.

Beddie says nothing as they file out, the twin watching them openly before she finds herself alone with the Headwoman. Her eyes then sweep around the office with interest while Indira watches her, and she doesn't choose to respond right away until she steps further into the room and drops herself into one of the chairs facing the desk. Straightening, "I'm her," she agrees, now staring back at Indira with interest. "Bhedri Dicori. Call me Beddie. You're the Headwoman?" Legs cross and she leans back, returning to her study of the office as she adds, "Not bad. I can spruce this place up for the right price, though," she says, nodding a few times. "But, back to my complaint?" All business, and if there was a scowl on her face, she would be able to pass for Jaya with or without the scar on the side of her face.

Leaning back in her chair and setting Beddie with an amused look as she quite openly mentally compares her with her twin, a smirk settles onto Indira's mouth. "No darlin'. I did her in and stashed her in a storage room because I wanted the knot." It's the comment the Dicori girl gives on sprucing up her office that narrows a lightly warning look onto her next. But then it clears away as a crafty smile patterns across her mouth, "Let's hear it then and maybe for the…right price…I might be persuaded to help you, hmm?"

Really? Beddie blinks, almost looking as if she's believing that Indira had indeed stashed the real Headwoman in a storage room somewhere, when her face suddenly clears and the smirk appears as she leans forward and taps the desk lightly. "Ahh, you tease," she simpers, much like someone saying a 'how cute' to a pandering watchwher. Leaning back again and looking about the office with a flip of her loose hair, "Anyway, sweetie," she begins to say loftily, "I think the cots in the residential room are downright atrocious! Have you laid in them before?" Fingers lifting up into the air, "I simply cannot sleep in them for another night! Do you have anything softer? Any stashed away of better quality? I can certainly pay," she offers with that smile, looking like she's confiding such words to a close friend rather than voicing a complaint about the living spaces towards the Headwoman. "And don't get me started about the lack of privacy!" Fingers coming together before her, "One man was farting the entire night a cot over and I could hardly breathe! Now something has to be done…" and she looks enticingly to Indira, making her pleas sound as serious as she thinks them to be.

To Beddie's simpering words comes a patronising smile and little more. One can bet their last mark that the term 'sweetie' has her inwardly grinding her teeth, but she arranges a little patient smile into place, hands lacing together across her stomach as if she were now simply watching a Harper's recital playing out before her. "Actually," now shifting from that pose to reach forward and draw forth her clipboard with a fresh sheet of paper and stylus attached to it, "I have. Except before they'd finished digging the residential dorms, we all just bunked down in the lower caverns with little but curtains to screen the sleeping area from the rest of the caverns." In other words, Beddie should count herself lucky. Crossing one leg elegantly over the other, Indira uses the thigh of that leg to rest the clipboard on and begins making notes. Of the complaint brought before her, presumably. Without lifting her eyes a soft snort spills out, "And I thought you Dicori were supposed to be tough. You must be the delicate flower of the bunch then, aye?" Is that the edge of a mocking tone at play? Finally dark eyes slide upward, a taunting little smile in place, "I could always reassign you to one of the empty trader wagons if that would make you feel…more at home?" Oh yes, she's peeved by the complaint alright but aside from barbed comment here and there, she's not about to start losing her temper and throwing her weight about over it.

"A shame such conditions should go on in a Weyr," Beddie seems to take that admonition wrong about the lower caverns, the traderwoman shaking her head slowly at the injustice in the world. Eyes go to that clipboard, then lift up to regard Indira at the mention of the Dicoris, her smile slipping only somewhat at the tone as it brings her up short. Sniffing, "There is nothing 'delicate' about me, Headwoman," she tells her, brow lifting at the choice of words. The smile slightly matching in mockery, though it's gone in moments in the end, "I am a Dicori where it counts." Of course, that last bit slips the smile down even more. "Have a man to spare with it?" she puts for her then on that empty wagon, lips pert as she doesn't like such an offer and the tone taken with it. Eyes slightly narrowing though some semblance of her old smile still lingers, "I'm detecting a slight attitude, Headwoman," she notes aloud, her scarless head tilting ever so delicately as she regards the older woman. "Is this how you speak to all your guests when they choose to bring a problem to your desk? Or is it because I'm a Dicori?" Because she's slipping back in that earlier barb on her being delicate, her chin lifting slightly as if she were about to challenge Indira. Oh yes. Maybe this is the Dicori in her, after all, through all the dramatics the twin likes to take.

Brows go up and it's genuine amusement that goes Beddie's way along with a sardonic, "What? You thought they mixed a little flour and water together, popped it in the oven, and poof, instant Weyr?" Something else gets noted down onto the clipboard before Indira's attention once again lifts and sets a slightly condescending look onto the Dicori girl, "Oh no, darlin'. Not at all. Even Crom's finest," the coal miners, "expect a soft fluffy pillow, fine linen sheets, a hand embroidered quilt and their own privately reserved quarters when visiting Eastern. You're only asking for your dues, aye?" A whisker of the bitch she can be, emerges into play and then slips away again as she feigns light shock at having an attitude, "No! Say it isn't so." A snort wipes clean any pretence and setting stylus bearing hand to clipboard, the note taking ceases too. With the taint of a smug expression in place for having rattled the traderwoman she notes in measured tone, "Is this how you speak to all your hosts?" turning the question right back onto her. Dark eyes roll expressively and the Headwoman sets an intent look onto the dark haired woman, "You could be a Klanapan," from the clan of Weyrwoman's weyrmate, "and I'd still take exception to your manners, Dicori." That challenging lift of chin met with a daring lift of brow in return.

Beddie doesn't go out of her way to challenge people. She doesn't exactly like to back down, either, which just so happens to be her Dicori traits at play here. Eyes widening slightly at that sardonic quip, "So…it's not?" This time, Beddie actually shows just a bit of attitude - in a naive sort of way. Kinda like the sweet debutante trying her hand at being a bitch. "Guess we all learn something every day, hmmm?" Eyes go to that clipboard again. As for asking for dues, "It was just a suggestion," she notes, not about to take any of it back in the light of such mockery. "And do you have soft, fluffy pillows? I'll take that and the wagon. Bajaya's quarters could use it. I did say I was willing to pay, didn't I?" That should trump all arguments, right, in the face of profit? As to the reversed question of her own attitude, there's light laughter and a wave of her hand, "You can ask anyone, sweetie, this is how I am!" she notes with no apology. "I'll give manners when I get it, and I think you had it in for me the moment I stepped foot through your door. Is it because of my sister?" that thought suddenly occurs to her, this being Jaya's domain after all. "Was she a bitch to you and you're choosing to take it out on me?"

Low laughter greets the sweet debutante display, "That might work with the men, sweetie," using the other woman's condescending term of endearment, "but it's not going to work on a pro." Yeeeah, so been there, done that, more times than she can count. Indira looks to be doing a mental rewind and then gives in exactly worded echo, "I have a complaint. Is it you I talk to?" Yeah, her memory's just that good. "Good morning, Headwoman. I'm Beddie, Jaya's twin sister visiting from Bitra. I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time?" A brow goes up and a light smirk attaches as she yet again echoes the other woman by means of making her point, "I'll give manners when I get it." And then attaches through faint amusement, "You see how that works, darlin'?" Her mouth twitches toward threatening a smile but gets reined back in before it can do so, "I happen to hold your sister in high esteem, Beddie. You'd do well to learn a thing or two from her." The sheet of paper she'd been taking notes on is removed, set to the back of the others and replaced with a fresh one on which she quickly writes something down and then hands it forward to Beddie, "Take this down to the storage caverns, third door on the left. You'll be issued with an extra pillow, some wax to shape and fit into your ears for any snoring and…" she can't help the last bit, the smirk spilling out evidence thereof, "a clothes peg to guard against such pugnacious odours as will pervade shared sleeping accommodations." There. She's being nice now right?

"Well we all can't be perfect," Beddie notes to the initial statement, though it's the next that gives her enough pause. Most would look pretty guilty at having their words tossed right back at them, but not Beddie! Instead, "Cute," is all she says to that on manners, her tone only slightly patronizing this time. Beddie, patronizing? Looks like the Headwoman has hit a nerve with the Dicori trader after all. "But I never said I had manners, now did I?" A manicured brow lifts at that, now one can perhaps see the resemblance between Jaya and her twin in personality. legs shifting, "Must have missed that particular lesson growing up, when you're surrounded by nothing but cutthroats and thieves. I can come by later if you wanted to teach me?" Not expecting an answer to that one, such unexpected words regarding her sister - especially the last bit on her learning a thing or two from Jaya - gets fake bubbly laughter from Beddie when she throws her head back. "You've known her for less than a turn while I've known my dear little 'light fingers' twin my whole life," she says, outright dismissing such notions as valid in her eyes. Chin falling as she idly taps her booted foot against the floor, "She could learn a thing or two from me," she corrects wryly. "At least, I, dear Headwoman, don't abandon family and end up on the run for six turns." Pause. "But, no," she adds, a finger lifting as if to stall off further words. "I'm sure she has left that part out when she's telling her background history." Yep, she's rankled. It's obvious there's hidden issues Beddie is refusing to deal with, couching it all with her over-the-top dramatics…. which is back on display right this moment. That sunny smile is back in place as if the dark glint in her eyes was never there, and the traderwoman reaches forward to pluck the sheet of hide from Indira's fingers. With that Dicori pride on display, "Thank you for your assistance and understanding," she says, eyes scanning the hide quickly before meeting the Headwoman's with a pert nod. She can be nice, too!

Cute? The clouds gathering in dark eyes might go as warning as Indira's last few strands of patience threaten to unravel. To her credit, she schools it back, leaning back in her chair once Beddie has taken the note from her. Silence is constructed to prevail long after the traderwoman's last words have left the air, with the Headwoman putting her under study from out of a deadpan expression. Eventually, with a small intake of breath, as if the following words have been given long and due consideration, she states quite blandly, "Most of us at this Weyr," including herself in that, "Have been surrounded by cutthroats and thieves in form or another. But" a faint smile appears, "nice touch there, Dicori." As to the matter of the dark haired woman's twin, little more than a knowing smirk appears with Indira not prepared to enter into a game of who knows the scar faced woman best. Perhaps she's picked up on the inner turmoil the younger woman uses her clever words to hide behind for leaning back in her chair, the tousled blonde falls instead to this as reply in quietly modulated tone, "Sometimes…in this life…goodbye, is a second chance and not the betrayal that many seem to see it as. We all deserve a second chance, Beddie." A small smile oddly laced with understanding and then she's removing what might be an awkward moment for the other and nodding her head to the thanks given and offering with more genuine intent, "I'll see if we can't get you moved off to one of the curtained off areas while you're with us."

It's not that Beddie can't be sweet. She is when one manages to get past all the dramatics that she does on a daily basis. She's not as dumb as she likes to appear to be, too, so of course she knew she was stepping on the Headwoman's toes and stepping over boundaries. When Indira remains silent after her words trail away, the traderwoman was staring back at the older woman more boldly than she felt. Indira was quite intimidating, and it takes much for Beddie to be intimidated. When Indira begins to speak, "Ah well," she says breezily to the folks surrounding themselves with such sorts, "then no wonder my Bajaya likes it here." To the latter, however, that easiness slips from her face on talk of her sister and she lifts her gaze off of the Headwoman. Fingers lifting as she regards her manicured nails, "Second chances are earned, Headwoman," she seems to correct, brokering no apology there in her stubborness. Looking to Indira from her nails then, "But don't get me wrong. I can be quite forgiving in the right circumstances." No awkwardness there for her! "Like now," she adds, once Indira says what she does about moving her to a curtained off area with a pleased smile. "I can be reasonable. I am a trader, after all." That smile gets wider, and then she says as she looks around, "Someone has to appease the crowd when those like my siblings and father stir up the pot, hm? Your…delicate flower of the Dicoris?" she brings back up, a brow lifting to that.

"True," Indira begins on second chances in that same quiet tone, "but if it were you. Would you not want some degree of understanding and a willingness to be met halfway from the other you're seeking such a second chance from?" Regard dropping to the clipboard still balanced on her knee, a light frown settling between naturally arched brows and then it lifts again and settles on Beddie, "We all fuck up, Dicori, its human nature to do so. The difference is in realizing that we're all flawed in some way or another." And there she'll leave it turning instead to the traderwoman's last words with a wry smile, "About as delicate as a Skybroom tree, darlin'." One of the hardest types of wood to be found on Pern and thus referencing the fact that she knew that all that the other woman was putting on display was little more than dramatics, her means to getting her own way in life.

"I don't hate anyone, really," Beddie responds to the first with a wave of her fingers to dismiss it. "And if it were me - which I will tell you would never happen - but if it were me as you say, I would earn my second chance." That simple, right? She shrugs to that, "Do you know what they say about my family? Where most of my family currently is?" There's a heavy sigh and the woman leans forward a bit to deliver the next. "Dead or mines. There's no compromise. I know this. Bajaya knows this. Our parents know this. Second chances don't come around all too often for my family. Not unless it comes with a price." She leans away then at the mention of flaws, the traderwoman smirking somewhat before answering that with, "I'll ignore the language, but I suppose you're right. Hard for me to find a flaw in myself, however." Yeah, she's that 'confident'. Can't tell her nothing. And then the last actually gets her bubbling laughter, well aware that Indira was aware of her antics as well. "Well I am my father's daughter," she says, borrowing the exact words Jaya's known to say with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "And I am my sister's twin." Eyes narrowing, "Where are you from, anyway?" she asks, curiosity winning over.

"Dead or in the mines," Indira echoes without surprise or judgment to be found in either tone or expression, just the lightest lacing of compassion. "You are not your family, Beddie." Or at least she doesn't have to be. Amusement colours in openly across the Headwoman's features for the comment passed on usage of cuss words, and then open laughter when Beddie arrogantly goes so far as to suggest she is without flaw. "Nice life you must live up in that high tower of yours, trader." She just couldn't resist that dig. It's on the tip of her tongue to add 'In looks only' in unfavourable tone to preferring Jaya over her twin but she bites it back turning instead to the question put to her. "High Reaches," she replies, deliberately leaving off the Weyr bit as well as the part of having been holdless before coming to Eastern Weyr.

"Of course I'm not!" Beddie looks almost insulted for the other to think so with her reeling back in her chair - a hand stealing to her chest. "Look at me! The mines wouldn't even know what to do with me, sweetie. I leave all the death-and-mine stuff to the rest of them, but as for me…." and she pauses for dramatic effect, the secretive smile playing on her lips as she scoots a little forward in the chair and leans over as if she was about to impart something in confidence. "I intend to get married to someone of high influence," she tells Indira, nodding with a meangingful glint in her dark eyes. "Doesn't matter on the 'who', really," she casually tosses out, sitting back with a brisk tone. "I don't intend to end up like my aunts and uncles and cousins and whatnot. But," and that smile turns just a bit wry, "I always did want a high tower." Yes, she's serious. "I do live a pretty nice life. The Reaches, you say?" Head tilts slightly as she looks Indira over, "I see. The cheeky attitude tells me you're certainly no holdbred woman," she notes, running a finger across her bottom lip before her eyes dip to what she could see of Indira's fingers before tacking on, "And your nails give you away, too."

Indira, while not quite having expected that sort reaction to her words that were meant to be encouraging, nevertheless turns out a dry smile. However, it's what Beddie leans forward to share next on marrying up in the world that has the Headwoman setting her with a brow lifted look, edged with traces on incredulity as she starts to question the sanity of the woman before her. And so it is that when her answer comes, it's a little more snarky than she'd intended, "Uuuuh…sure, if you're that insecure so as to need marks and social standing to make you feel special." Eyeing the traderwoman in silence for a moment, she goes back to making notes on her clipboard once again, much like one might expect of a Mindhealer to do. From under lowered lashes, dark eyes lift upward and then slooowly, her head follows suit until eventually, the traderwoman has a her full and heavily warning attention for those last comments made. "I think," each word heavily measured, "that this conversation, is over. You'll be assigned a cot more fitting of your ladyship's destined station in life and you can pick up those supplies I listed there," the note given her earlier. The Headwoman has little to no shame for her beginning in life or for the often hard but honest work her station requires of her, but she will not stand for some little slip of a girl trying to demean her or talk down to her, in order to make herself feel better. Rising to her feet, the clipboard set on the chair just vacated, an unyielding look stops itself onto the younger woman. "You may now leave." As if to suggest that if she doesn't, she might physically toss her out whilst letting that anger so tightly reined in…free.

Shaking her head, "It's not about insecurity or feeling special," Beddie tells her patiently, recrossing her legs. "It's about helping my family! Well, I don't expect you to understand," she's dismissing it already, eyes rolling to the ceiling briefly before she spies that clipboard again. "And what the shards are you writing, woman?" she finally calls the Headwoman out on it, but it's short-lived, for Indira's words hit her along with finding her abruptly dismissed - which was quite familiar. There's a sigh and a twist of her lips, the traderwoman trying to recall what exactly she had said to elicit such a response. But, finding nothing she said out of place in her mind other than the last, "I didn't say your nails were nasty," she tells her, getting to her feet with a little huff in her voice for being dismissed so. And yes, those are her final words as she gives Indira a final look before flouncing out of the office in much that same way that she came in.

That comment about Indira not understanding about helping family, simply serves to further flame anger, lips pressing into a thin line breaking only to briefly send a dark smirk out on what it was she was writing down. "Notes about you for my contacts up north." Outright lie. She'd actually been doodling in an effort to keep a lid on her mounting annoyance. A dark blonde brow arches way up high and then Indira puts together a cold little smile, delivering words in a manner sure to rankle Beddie given the offense she'd taken earlier, "Don't give a fuck whether you think they are or not." And she truly doesn't. Just a few steps followed along behind the dark haired woman. Perhaps to ensure she does actually leave? Who knows. Once she has flounced her way out of the office, Indira lets out a long sigh, finger and thumb pinching to the bridge of her nose as she notes from behind that gesture to Doran, "Never let that woman in my office again!" Hopefully, he noticed that that was indeed not Jaya.

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