Trading Up


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Date: 2011.05.09
Location: EW - Ciara's New Weyr
Synopsis: Indira introduces Ciara to the idea of taking on the responsibilities of a weyrwoman sooner than expected by handing absent senior weyrwoman Alara's weyr over to her and gold Suosith.
Rating: PG
Logger: Indira

Early evening, just before the dinner hour, finds Eastern Weyr’s Headwoman newly returned from a brief absence, waiting on a ledge usually occupied by weyrwoman Alara’s gold, Rauzath, the pair having been eerily absent over the past few months. Off to one side stand crates with a few odds and ends stacked neatly on top of them. Casting a glance up at the night sky as clouds scud across the moon, Indira lets out a soft sigh, lost in her thoughts as she awaits the arrival of Ciara, gold weyrling to Suosith. She could only hope that the young lad given the task of delivering the message to the junior weyrwoman had not gotten distracted along the way and forgotten to deliver it.

The message arrived promptly, and the lad was no doubt thanked profusely for it. Ciara's been waiting eagerly for the day when she and Suosith get to move out of the barracks and into their own weyr, and finally it's arrived. Needless to say, the weyrwoman and her dragon arrive promptly, Suosith having, as ever, decided she needs to go between to get to where they're wanted. The gold lands on the ledge, and Ciara looks a little embarrassed at their method of travel as she unclips from the straps and slide-jumps down onto the smooth rock. Ah, and there's Indira! "I came as soon as I got your message, Headwoman?" Suosith is inspecting the crates and the items on top of them as her rider steps closer to Indira.

Eyes to the bowl beyond, the last thing Indira had expected was for the gold pair to suddenly pop out of Between. And so it is that the Headwoman is someone startled by their sudden appearance but quickly regains her composure. “Ciara, Suosith, thank for coming,” her tone warm and polite though there’s a certain tension that underlies for being unsure of how the young goldrider might react to the weyr that is about to be assigned to her. “You’ve been well?” an oddly assessing look flowing over the young woman as she asks.

Ciara bobs a little curtsey-bow to Indira when she greets her, and Suosith glances over briefly. She's more interested in getting a good look at the items on the ledge though, at least for the moment. The hint of tension in Indira doesn't go unnoticed by Ci at least, and the weyrling's reply seems hesitant, as though she's trying to pick the right answer. "Er…yes, I think so. Looking forward to having our own space…and all that comes with it, I guess." She smiles, trying to give off an air of easy relaxation, but now she's a little on edge, as if wondering if something's not right.

The items stacked to the one side of the ledge, are those personal effects belonging to weyrwoman Alara that are likely to be put into storage to await the goldrider’s return. For some reason Ciara’s response draws a note of faint amusement to show briefly in the Headwoman’s eyes and then she gives a nod as she turns toward the opening of the inner weyr itself. “And all comes with it,” she muses in echo of the gold weyrling’s comment and then tips her head to one side, “You are aware of weyrwoman Alara’s absence of late?” An odd question to be sure but she asks it nonetheless.

After a final, critical look at the crate, Suosith pays attention to her rider and Indira, turning round and sitting with her wings mostly furled, but just open enough to catch the moons' light and look ever so fabulous. Ci turns as Indira does, all ready to follow the headwoman into the weyr when…she asks another question. This one really makes Ci pause for thought. "Yeah…yes. I had noticed." She glances at the inner weyr beyond the older woman, then back to Indira, face a mix of confused expressions.

Indira of course notices the young gold’s shimmer in the moonlight, for who could miss such a thing and turns a warm smile to Ciara, “She’s growing into a beauty, she is.” And then with a nod, to the gold weyrling’s response she turns and heads into the weyr proper, not saying another word until Ciara joins her, which might be a little unsettling, though it’s not intended to be.

Ciara smiles too, looking over at the gold, who's now posing with her chin lifted. Yeah, she likes a compliment. "Thank you." The young woman gets that out just before Indira heads into the weyr, and Ci bites her lower lip as she follows, watching the silent headwoman curiously, and somewhat worriedly. What exactly has happened?

The inner weyr, once belonging to senior weyrwoman Alara was once lavishly fitted out. Now it is a mere husk of what it once was although items furnishings such as the bed, desk and matching couch remain along with the shelving set into the small back room

The heels of Indira’s boots echo in the relative emptiness of the large area and once Ciara has joined her, she’ll turn and put another of those perhaps disconcertingly assessing looks over the younger woman. “Are you prepared for what your position and rank asks of you?” Not using the future tense, but rather alluding to the question being asked of the here and now.

Ciara can't help but look about at the weyr as she enters it, taking in the sparseness of it. Suosith is also looking in, from the ledge, and judging by her snort isn't too impressed by what she sees. Indira's question catches Ci by surprise, and the weyrling looks at the headwoman with big, startled eyes as she fumbles for a response. Must be that look she's getting. "Um, I think so…Randi and Alara have been teaching me what I need to know, and I'm about to graduate, so…uh." She's not very good at hiding the worry that's now plain on her face. "Is Alara okay?"

Approval breaks through Indira’s otherwise unreadable expression and she gives a faint smile, “Good. You’re going to need it. I’m…going to need you. We’ll help each other, aye?” She very conveniently glosses over the query after Alara as she turns surveying what will be Ciara’s new living quarters once more. “Anything you need, anything at all, I’m just a messenger away,” and by her tone it’s clear she’s not speaking about such things as furnishings. “Welcome to your new home, weyrwoman,” affording the young goldrider the title as she is due.

Ciara can only nod at Indira's words, looking somewhat like a rabbit in the headlights. Help each other? And the way Indira says about her needing anything only increases Ci's sense of something-not-rightness. She suddenly glances back at Suosith, who's now looking very intently into the weyr at the both of them. Then she turns back to look at Indira, an urgent question coming out as gentle as possible as she tries not to embarrass herself with it. "Indira…isn't this…Alara's weyr? Suosith thinks it is…."

Indira is silent, watching as Ciara processes what she’s said, compassion showing a moment in dark eyes for the heavy responsibility being set to the young goldrider’s shoulders. “Aye,” the Headwoman gives quietly, her voice coming husky in the hushed silence of the vacant weyr, “It’s yours now.” And all that comes with being a fully fledged weyrwoman. “You okay, darlin’?” this asked as the tousled head of blonde hair tips to one side and the older takes a step into the younger, reaching for one of her hands if she allows. “Look, I know this must come as somewhat of a shock to you, and it’s most certainly not ideal, but I have it on good authority that you’re ready to start taking on some of Alara’s responsibilities.”

Indira's response is at once reassuring, and horribly heavy with implications. Ci lets her hand be taken, trying to comprehend all that the headwoman's hinting is coming her way. Where it once seemed like a wonderful dream-like thing, the full realisation of what being a gold rider is all about has come crashing down on her all at once, just with this one thing. "I…I think so. I didn't expect this, is all…." She trails off, gaze flicking about at the weyr. Suosith gives a low croon from where she watches with concern from the ledge, and Ci straightens up, taking a deep breath. "I should have known. This is what they've been training me for." Her eyes are serious as she looks into Indira's face, nodding sharply as she forces herself to accept the situation. "And um…yes, we'll help each other." Going back to what the headwoman said earlier, now Ci can answer it with some strength.

Giving Ciara’s hand a squeeze, Indira then lets it go a warm and reassuring smile in place. “None of us expect what gets thrown our way, darlin’. It’s the way of life. But your Suosith there,” a nod going to where the gold dragon watches on, “picked you for a reason. She knew you were worthy of both her, and this position. You need to believe that.” Trying to lessen the blow by adding a margin of wry humour, the Headwoman moves toward the small back room, “On the upside, you’ll have plenty of space for those Gather dresses you’ll be needing.” As befit a weyrwoman when attending official functions.

Suosith croons again when Indira talks about her, always pleased to be the centre of attention. Especially so when Ci's not paying that much attention to her, what with all the things the young rider now has to think about. "I'll try," she promised Indira about believing that she's worthy of what she has in life. She laughs softly at the headwoman's next, looking over at the indicated room. "Suosith will be more than happy to help pick dresses to fill it, I think." Said gold has turned around now in order to curl up on her ledge to try it out. "Um…what sort of furniture should I be thinking of getting?" She looks about at the present sparse furnishing, then at Indira, curious.

“Good girl,” Indira states with a warm smile when it becomes clear that Ciara’s starting to accept her position and responsibilities in life, approval evident, “The pair of you will just fine.” Her position being one that over the turns has put her into close working contact with many a gold pair. Soft laughter fills the weyr and the Headwoman gives a nod of agreement to the gold helping to choose Gather wear, “Of that I have no doubt. It seems to be a predisposition with golds.” On the topic of furnishings a lopsided grin appears and she states conspiratorially, “That is the one of the upsides to your position. You get to fit your weyr out any way you please and I can almost guarantee that as soon as word is out that there’s a new weyrwoman joined the ranks that every trader and hustler in the south will be sending gifts to find favour with you.”

"I hope we will," Ci says, voice softer, as she touches the knot on her shoulder thoughtfully. She's trying her best to cheer up and not get bogged down with these heavy thoughts though, and smiles at Indira's laughter. "Oh no…really? I'd feel horrible to be accepting lots of free things." Suosith doesn't seem quite so bothered, given the way she bugles happily on her ledge. "Do you think Randi and… um, Randi will let me go to any Halls to commission items I can't get here?" Alara's name nearly slips off her tongue, and Ci looks faintly awkward about almost mentioning Eastern's absentee senior Weyrwoman.

“Oh absolutely,” Indira confirms, “That lot,” traders and hustlers alike, “will try any means possible to secure trading rights with a Weyr. Just…be careful who you accept gifts from, aye? Some are more unscrupulous than others and have agendas not beneficial to either the Weyr as a whole or yourself as an individual.” The other goldrider’s name being brought up has the Headwoman momentarily pausing the trail of her fingers across the desk’s top, her expression fleetingly guarded before a smile is made to appear, “If you want to go, I’m sure we’ll be able to arrange something. Perhaps take a few of your girl friends along and make a day of it, hmm?” See? There are upsides to counter the downsides that positions of authority are always bound to bring with them.

Now that makes Ci look worried. "Oh…okay, I will. Definitely." She chews on her bottom lip as she watches Indira, nodding, and then looking happier when the headwoman smiles. "That sounds good. I'll have to see if I have the time, I suppose," oh no, the worry is coming back. Ciara takes a deep breath and nods, as if she's decided something in her head. "Thank you, Indira. I appreciate your help, I really do." She can be sincere when she's not joking around, and the sincerity is needed more than ever in this weighty situation.

There’s little Indira can do about the worry that Ciara exhibits for such are the sad facts of life and better the young goldrider hear them from her than find out the hard way, not that she might not end up doing so anyway. Moving now toward the archway that leads out to the ledge, the Headwoman puts a warm smile onto the goldrider, “You’re very welcome. And Ciara…I meant what I said. You need anything, night or day, just call.” Reaching the archway she pauses before stepping through it and leaving entirely, “As to soft furnishings such as linen and rugs, you can either grab a hold of assistant steward Warin, or myself and we’ll be happy to fit you out with whatever you need until you find something more to your liking.” Well aware that person likes to be able to put their own individual stamp upon their surroundings.

"Thank you." Ciara's eyes show how genuine her gratitude is, brown eyes wider and darker-looking than usual. "I will do. I suppose I should move my things in first and then…see what's what." She turns now to consider the weyr, the huge space suddenly feeling overwhelming with only her stood there in it. Suosith has her head held high, observing the Weyrbowl, but she turns it to watch Indira leaving.

A nod and a smile greets Ciara’s thanks and then Indira is gone, though she pauses a moment on the stairs leading down to the bowl and turns a long look back the way of where the gold pair are now situated. And then with a soft sigh she turns and heads back to her office, saddened for having had to thrust one so young into such a heavy position, especially when the burden of such responsibility, wasn’t really hers to bear.

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