Trousers And Travails


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Date: July 01, 2010
Location: Laundry
Synopsis: Alara stresses out over brown trousers, and she and L'han discuss snakes and between
Rating: G (Although, gratuitous discussion of trousers)
Logger: Alara

Alara has come down to a room that she normally wouldn't need to. She enters the laundry with a brisker stride than usual, and sits down next to one of the old aunties in the room. "Are they finished yet? Rauzath is asking. She wants me to wear them, and …" She leans forward, and rubs her forehead. "I'm sorry. I should begin again. Do you know if my brown trousers have gotten clean yet? Rauzath insists I wear them to dinner tonight, even though there's nothing special going on." She shakes her head, as though clearing it.

L'han comes into the laundry not long after Alara with a bag of laundry slung over his shoulder much to the consternation of the aunties as they likely have enough to do and now with the Weyrwoman, one of them anyways, in the room, it likely makes for stress, but he drops the bag where laundry gets put, waving them off, "It's ok, take your time I've got clean clothes, it's just those won't stay clean for long and I'll need these in the next day or so." He glances at Alara, overhearing her talking about Rauzath and her motions cause him to raise his voice, "You ok? You look a little confused right now." He may recognize her as one of the Weyrwomen, but her dragon's condition? That likely escapes him for the moment.

"Huh-What?" She lifts her gaze to look at the greenrider. "Oh. Yeah, I'm just swell." Her voice belies her words, though. The Auntie starts to speak, but waits until the riders are done conversing. Meanwhile, in the back corner of the room, the trousers in question go through the wringer, one of the drudges turning it a little more quickly than normal. "It's just… she gets so picky… Ok. Not picky." She's been cautioned apparently. "Specific. When this time rolls aronnd, she's always so specific. And sometimes, her requests make no sense whatsoever. Like — My brown trousers?"

L'han listens to Alara speak and then his eyes flick to the left as though thinking about something. "Huh, I know Escaeth can be picky about things at times, but never that specific." He spots the trousers from where he's standing and smiles, "Well at least she'll know you have them." He points them out to the goldrider before he shoves his hands in his pockets.

Alara's eyes follow his finger. "Oh, thank Faranth." She sighs in relief. She smiles up to the man. "Escaeth. That makes you L'han, right?" She might have met the greenrider before, but her connections to the names on her lists are tenuous, and best reinforced on a regular basis. Especially now. "I don't think I've had the chance to welcome you to Eastern. The Smiths did say that if you find any … little problems, like those bumps in the floor or a crack in the wall or something, let me know, and I'll tell them." She relaxes, straightening up somewhat. "I'm Alara, Rauzath's." As if he couldn't have gathered that from their previous conversation.

L'han nods as he leans against a convenient wall and says, "Yeah, I'm hers and she's mine, as it goes with riders and dragons." He chuckles before he nods, "Thanks for the welcome Alara. It was quite the long flight from Fort Weyr to here, but Escaeth enjoyed it more than she lets on. And don't worry too much about the living quarters, I'm sure the Smiths will have things up to where we're used to before too long. And with the queens about to fly, we'll definately need it. Weyrlings and all."

Alara nods, almost absentmidnedly. "Yeah. I'd like to see a great sized crop of Weyrlings. Get the Weyr filled up rather quickly." She reaches up to twirl a bit of her hair, then looks to see if her trousers are done. They appear to be laying out on some of the heated rocks to dry, so she's content. "Fort. That's right. I suppose there are some big differences. I know there are from Telgar. Rauzath's latest complaint is that the stars are weird."

L'han chuckles and says, "Indeed. I sometimes forget it was only 3 turns ago when I was that age. Turns fly once your a rider." He glances over at her trousers too when she does and remarks, "Hopefully you didn't hit any Threadfall on the way over? We ran into a big Fall over the ocean since the Weyrs don't patrol out that far. Thankfully Thread is no threat in the oceans, but it's not fun running from it when your dragon wants to fight it."

Alara shakes her head. "You're alright? No scoring?" First concerns first. "No, we were given a jump point by my mentor. Iardani — I mean, Randi's grandmother visits down to Southern from time to time, so we jumped there, and then got points to Landing, and flew straight over." So, it wasn't as long of a trip. "We need to see about getting a jump point spread around a bit, at least for those riders headed here…" She ponders that thought for a long moment, then seems to change gears completely. "You haven't run into any tunnelsnakes in odd places have you?"

L'han shakes his head, "We jumped away as soon as we recognized it for what it was and called it in to Southern since that was the closest Weyr. Just so someone could keep an eye on it in case it decided to head for land." He shudders at the mention of jumping and says, "Betweening, don't like it, but it still saves our hides when we need it." He shakes it off and then frowns at the mention of tunnelsnakes. "No I havn't, although since you're asking I'm to think we're having a problem with them?"

Alara gives an indulgent smile to the rider. "You don't like to between? Wow. That's different." She won't mock someone for a phobia like that, but it does amuse her tonight. "Yes, we actually are. They found one in the cupboards in the kitchen. I think it was a female, so we got lucky, but if it had been a male, we might have been short a kitchen worker or two." It's the males who spit lovely poison. "So, be careful opening cupboards and such. We're working on ways to eliminate the nests, but we didn't want to explode the place before we got it settled." She shudders. "I don't like crawly things."

L'han shakes his head, "Not really… when you're given the warnings as a Weyrling to what can go wrong and then when you try it for the first time and wind up miles away from where you're supposed to be, it can scare the hell out of you. We've got it down and you do need it for those crisis times fighting Thread, but we still don't like it." And exploding the place? "I think that would put a damper on the Weyr Council's reasons for putting us here in the first place if we blew up their first location for the Weyr. But I'll be careful and thanks for the warning, Alara."

Alara's quiet laugh breaks out at his comments about explosions. "It'd make a couple of golds rather angry as well, I'd wager." Especially since they've got their 'zones' all marked out already. "Oh, I know. And the Weyrlingmasters always nag on about it. We got it straightawy. Luckily, my girlie has a nice organized mind." Sometimes too organized. "We prefer to jump, just because it saves us so much time and effort, but sometimes, a straight flight is good." Especially when they're both itching to move and she's egg-heavy. "I'm glad to hear you've got it down. If you didn't, I'd have to talk to J'cobi about that, and that might not be too pleasant." The bronzerider who's taken up the traning regimen is a harsh taskmaster.

L'han laughs and says, "No doubt, no doubt. Escaeth just prefers to fly, it just feels natural for her, having air under the wings. Unless she needs to eat or sleep, she can fly for a good long while unless she's in a hurry. And don't worry, Alara. Fort Weyr wouldn't have granted me my request to come down here if they didn't think we couldn't do the job." He then tilts his head to the side and smiles, "It's been fun chatting, but Escaeth wants my attention and I'm sure your trousers will be done soon. If you need any help with projects around here, do be sure to let me know? Lots of work to do, every pair of hands help."

Alara perks up at the offer. "Oh, that'd be lovely, L'han." She uses his name intentionally, fixing it firmly in her mind. "Greetings to your Escaeth, and I'm sure she'll do fine." She turns to look once more at the trousers. "You're probably right about my trous, too. Have a good evening." And as the riders finish their conversation, the Old Auntie starts to talk to Alara, gossiping and talking about specific things that they've washed today. Alara listens, nodding politely, giving L'han a knowing grin as she does.

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