Trust Me



Date: 6/13/11
Location: The mind, of course
Synopsis: For anyone who wonders just why Maura puts up with Rikath's oddities.
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Writer: Maura



Suffocated by currents of delirium

The wind whips through her hair, tugging on it, dragging her down towards the unforgiving earth with a sudden relentless speed.

And just when the ground cracks open, ready to consume her, the acrid scorch of metal and tang of ozone invade every pore and she’s yanked back up into reality; the scream of horror only half left her lips when she bolts upright in bed from sleep.

« I am here, Maura. »

“It’s that, the Iceblood dream. It’s like… again…” The words are gibberish of course, but then, Rikath doesn’t need them anyway.

« I know. But I am here, and you are not falling. You never were. I have you safe. Trust me. »

The strange comfort of cold and clipped words is a balm to her troubled thoughts, and she turns to face the entrance where her blue sleeps, wrapping her mind in the cool night air and stone strength only her bond can provide.

« Sleep. »
((What do you mean, I shouldn’t trust anyone but the other renegades? I’m just being friendly.))

The sound of hard-soled boots against the stone of the bowl herald Maura’s passage from the living caverns back towards the lakeshore.

« They watch us, you know. All that are the new pairs. They’re suspicious of us. »

The flap of wings overhead casts the lone rider walking below in shadow.

(( All the more reason for me to be friendly, right? It’s hard to suspect someone who is nice. ))

A sigh, followed by the soft shuffle of leather jacket being removed and tossed onto the grass.

« Yes, that’s right. Just don’t –trust- them. »

The few seconds of silence is broken by a splash when he hits the water.

(( Of course, I see the point. But… ))

Boots come off, tossed aside as well. And pants are rolled up to the knee so she can wade in with the scrub brush.

« I am here, Maura. Soon all of us will be. Then, it will be safer. »

« Trust me. »

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