Turndays Past And Present



Date: July 16, 2010
Location: Blood and Bucket Tavern, Telgar
Synopsis: It's Jaya's turnday, and all she got for a gift was a dishrag.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

It's her turnday. Great.

Jaya spent it like she did the last one, last turn: she woke up, got greeted by an awkward barkeep that usually thought it best to give her something like a dishrag for a gift, had to work for said barkeep, got into at least two fights by the end of the night with drunks that probably wouldn't know where they got that knot on their heads by the morning, and then closed up beyond the last hour with never a 'Happy Turnday' greeting from friend or foe.

But then, perhaps that was better than the more undesireable courses - like being stuck in a cell somewhere, or stuck under Vaput's boot as he crushed her head to the ground.

As always, the dark thoughts of Vaput always put the barmaid in such a foul mood - enough for her to spit at her own passed turnday. Another turn away and still, Jaya felt Vaput's knife to the side of her face keenly. She could still see his ugly, twisted face as he and his men surrounded her, wanting to exact revenge for offenses she rightly commited.

As she nursed a mug of the Blood and Bucket's ale in one of the tavern's backrooms that's been cleaned out for her living usage, Jaya narrowed her eyes to the ceiling as she let her thoughts take over. Oh yes, another turn free and yet he hasn't found her. She was beginning to think the man the didn't care /that/ much about his personal knife she stole those turns ago as she fled Bitra. Or maybe was he waiting for the right time to spring on her - there, right when her guard was down and she's thinking the coast was clear? Or maybe he was letting someone else - someone /hired/ - do his dirty work of finding her?

It was nothing new that she cheated him out marks in a card game, humiliated him as she did so amongst those that he was trying his best to impress, and then stole his precious. Jaya had no remorse for any of it, of course. Vaput got what was coming to him, in her eyes - even if it /was/ the biggest mistake of her life to piss off one of Bitra's notorious renegade smugglers.

And now, on the run, the barmaid could ever forget about stepping foot on Bitran soil again. Not unless she was looking for a repeat show. Still, as she looked around her dismal surroundings that were adequate enough, she couldn't exactly stay in Telgar much longer, either.

Keane was kind enough to take her in and disguise her with a job, but she didn't know how much longer being a barmaid at the Blood and Bucket was going to last before Vaput's men sniffed her out. Telgar was far, but not far enough. Where else was there??

High Reaches? South Boll? Jaya's dark gaze slipped over to the hanging map against the wall across from her - the only useful gift from Keane in turndays past. Her eyes swept over the Reaches and down, landing and lingering on Ista before moving on. The Reaches were out. She heard somewhere that Vaput had too many connections there. Whether it was the truth or not, she wasn't going to find out. But Boll was definitely a possibility, with there being talk of /plenty/ of mark-making opportunities….or would that be playing into Vaput's hands as well? Jaya shook the thought away and sat her mug down heavily. She was making herself go crazy, jumping at shadows in faraway places that probably didn't exist. Vaput was just a man, right?

Then the barmaid's thoughts turned to one of the bar's nights a day ago. She thought of E'ro and those crazy-drunk dragonriders that had no place in her bar, yet, she had seemed to be in a fair enough mood to indulge one of them with conversation. They were from Eastern, right? Down, down south? Would going /south/ be enough?

But could she leave Keane? Could she leave the Blood and Bucket? Despite its much-to-be-desired settings, the place did grow on Jaya for over a turn now. Took her a good while to admit to herself that he really was the only friend she got right now. She burned too many bridges in Bitra with her impulsive nature - including family. Perhaps she was getting too comfortable at the Blood and Bucket tavern…

And that's how Jaya spent the last moments of her turnday: thinking of Eastern offers given, drunk dragonriders celebrating /something/ that clearly had nothing to do with her or her business, and of dark times past.

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