Two Different Meanings Of Want


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Date: 2010.08.08
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Andi and Zen makeup, though wanting has two different meanings.
Rating: PG
Logger: Merendezen

At present, this large scoop in the ground - which only grows larger each day - looks a bit odd. There's a string of makeshift fencing around the edges to try and keep those without business there out of the way. However, small wooden poles and three lines of twine are more of a suggestion than a deterrent, and weyrbrats can often be seen playing in the sections not filled with digging workers. A small sign hung on the highest bit of twine states 'LAKE HOPELESS' in forcibly fancy script, yet there's not a drop of water to be seen anywhere in the scoop.

Having fled the kitchen and now having spent some time to his thoughts, Zen remains rooted to where he stands from making that decision. It is well into the night, now and one would expect that the man would have gone off to sleep at this hour. But no, he remains there, hands firmly fisted into his pockets and green eyes set into the empty pit considered a lake. He is unmoving, unwavering and his expression is unreadable. The only hint to the fact that he is tense is that his jaw is clenched and lips pressed into a firm line.

After having been left in the kitchen Andi stood there, rather dumbfounded before fleeing to her own space and its there that she hurriedly sheds the layers of clothing, pulling her hair down, and hurrying trying to put herself back to rights. Its only after he's back to normal clothes hair freed from its pins, that she's sneaking out looking for Zen and its after having give up that she's cutting across the bowl, pausing as she sees him standing there, silence.

Merendezen remains standing there, intent and then suddenly making up his mind. A breath is taken and he turns his gaze from the empty lake and into the sky for a moment longer. A soft grow passes through his lips before he turns and starts back towards the bowl, but there Andi is and green eyes search her for a moment. And if looks could kill… "What do you want?"

Andi seems to shrink away as she sees the look on Zen's face, hurriedly dropping her gaze and looking away, hands wringing in front of her as she does so. Eyes close and she slowly turns back to him taking a slow breath. "Y-You." She whispers, breathless, quiet, her answer likely barely audible despite the quiet night.

Merendezen watches her turn away, jaw clenching tightly and working. Is it guilt? Or anger? Either way, he's watching her still, stopping as he comes to stand near her. He'll wait for an answer though what he hears in response is met with silence, a pause and he leans forward. "What…?"

Even in the darkness, there's a slight coloring of her face, she bites her lip, slowly opening her eyes to look at him in the dim light. "What.. What I said.." She whispers again, meeting his gaze hesitantly nervously shifting from foot to foot.

Green eyes search her face, again burning with emotion as he tries to understand what she's just said. He moves, closing what distance there is and moving to grasp both of her arms. "Do not tease me anymore, woman…" He hisses out softly. "Say it again. Like you mean it."

Andi swallows as he closes the distance, wincing as he grasps her arms, shoulders hunching a little bit. And then at his statement, she slowly shifts closer, leaning to his ear voice a little shaky as she says it, though. "You, Zen." She whispers, blushing.

Merendezen relaxes as she doesn't make to run away, but his hands remain holding her arms. And despite the quiver in her voice, he smiles and turns his head to press his lips gingerly against her ear, whispering softly. "Then I will have you." Because she offered. Lips drift away from her ear, kissing along her jaw before finding her lips. The kiss is not gentle, it is one of a man deprived and thoroughly shaken by a whirlwind of emotions. Too many for one day. And the lack of sleep may factor in.

Despite her words she's still tense as she stands there, leaning against him lightly. The kisses cause a little gasp, fingers tightening sharply on his arm. The kiss is returned, awkwardly at first but after a moment she relaxes a little before she's shifting and pulling away just a little with a gasp, blinking up at him hurriedly.

Merendezen doesn't stop as she grips his arm, continuing until she relaxes into the kiss. And when she pulls away his eyes seek hers. He waits, not moving, waiting for her prompt or possible retreat.

"Zen.." She starts very hesitantly as she looks up at him, swallowing slowly with a deep breath, dropping her gaze, murmuring something that sounds like, "Not… your normal girl", too embarrassed to lift her gaze to meet his eyes - of course it is a statement that he likely already knows.

Merendezen stares down at her, waiting still. Her words are met with a nod, "I know… You don't think I've considered that, little one? Considered going there and saving you from your father, from other men? I told you I'd fight them… I meant it." He leans down, pressing a gentle kiss to the corners of her lips. "Tell me what you want me to do…"

Slowly, cautiously, she lifts her chin as he sounds rather positive, sighing softly as she does so, eyes blinking as they focus on his face in the dim light. "He's not… You don't.." And she just shakes her head as he kisses the corner of her mouth. "I.. I don't know, Zen.."

Merendezen searches her face again, brows furrowing into a frown. "I don't understand you…" He whispers. "I don't get what you want me to do…" He considers her, shifting to free his hands of her. "I'll just kidnap you and have my way with you."

"Just… Just don't leave me.." She says softly, lifting her hand to try and smooth out the furrows of his forehead, shaking her head hurriedly, blushing darkly at his suggestion of having his way, stammering, no actual words coming out.

Merendezen's mask is shed at her words, growing soft as she smoothes away the furrows of his brows. "Andi…" He whispers, disarmed completely by this woman he holds. "I won't leave you." His promise is soft, just barely above a whisper before it grows into a chuckle. "Little one… I promise I'll be gentle…"

Hurriedly hides her face at his promise, her arms dropping to his shoulders, slipping around his neck and hugging him awkwardly, swallowing as she does so. "I.." And then she whispers in his ear, straightening up a little bit. "I'm not.. Not suppose to be alone with… A male." She ducks her face again.

Merendezen leans down so she can hug him better, allowing his ear to be within whispering distance if she has anything to say. There's a frown, only slight as she speaks. He lets out a soft huff, moving to pick the little woman up. "I don't care. We're alone now, anyway."

Andi is still pink, starting to say something else before he's picking her up again and she's wrapping her arms around his neck tightly, leaning heavily into him with a little whimper. "W-We are.." She says slowly, even a little coyly for a young woman who doesn't know what to do or say.

Merendezen holds her tight, remaining where he stands and looking skywards as if blaming someone else for his actions before he turns to nuzzle into her hair. "We are." He repeats. "I'll take you to the lower caverns if you want to say no."

Andi blinks at him a few times as she holds him around the neck, swallowing and slowly relaxing, leaning against him. "No.. Its.. Its okay." She says softly for his ears only, tentatively turning to initiate a slow kiss.

Merendezen looks down at her, a gentle gaze along with a smile that forms when she relaxes. Her words earn a soft chuckle before he nods, tilting his head to return the kiss. It is much softer this time, gentle, coaxing and he'll start to walk to find a private place… Even though he's not entirely watching where he's going.

The tension, the worries, and the stress of the last few days, the games her father played, the harsh questionning by her brother, and the social graces that had to be kept ready at all times while facing her suitors - all of it seems to disappear and fade away as she remains there in his arms, the soft kiss returned tentatively, before she's shifting to rest her head against his shoulder eyes closing as she wars inwardly with herself, despite her words.

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