Portrayed By Amanda Seyfried
Position Eastern Weyr Weyrling
Former title(s) Candidate
Journeywoman Harper
Apprentice Harper
Holdbrat (Nerat)
Sex Female
Age 20 Turns
Place of Birth Nerat Hold
Family Uvella (Mother)
Beldin (Father)
Belavin (Brother)
Dinella (Sister)
Faction Progressive

Character History

Uveline's parents are both Harper journeymen posted to Nerat Hold: her mother, Uvella, is a composer of uncomplicated instrumental pieces, and her father, Beldin, is a singer with a vibrant tenor voice. With two younger siblings - her brother Belavan is four Turns her junior, and her sister Dinella, six - Uveline learned how to handled children early on. It was not uncommon for her parents to find the girl patiently teaching one of her siblings how to make simple boats from leaves, or politely correcting their recitation of their learning ballads.

Immersed in music from infancy, Uveline was all too happy to follow her parents in the craft. When she officially enrolled as an apprentice with the Harper Hall at the age of twelve, she had already decided that she very much wanted to be a teacher. Her patience and gentleness with children, paired with an appealing soft soprano voice, supported her goals. During her Turns at the Hall, Uveline made many friends, but only two close ones: Meloro, a boy two Turns younger than she with a talent for writing music, and Briana, a girl her age who prefers the guitar. The three were often found both studying and spending their free time together, with other apprentices and journeymen moving in and out of their group freely. To this day they remain strong friends, though they have been posted to very different locations.

Early in her time at the Hall Uveline learned the basics of playing each instrument of the craft, but she never developed any passion for instrumental work. She barely passed her instrument tests, but performed strongly in vocal roles. This lead to a focus on voice-training, which was not really a surprise for her or her parents. What did suprise them was that her training included not only singing but also the art of speaking. Oration was not something she had expected to be schooled in, yet Uveline found it an interesting part of her training.

Among Uveline's instructors was a master with a great deal of persuasive talent who spoke eloquently on the subject of AIVAS to her class, explaining the goals of the machine and how it was meant to impact Pern. With this clear picture painted for her of what Pern's future should have been, and how the AI unit had spend thousands of years searching for a resolution for them, she could not find it in herself to feel anger about the failure of the plan. And so she quietly began to learn more about the Progressive viewpoint - one her parents followed, but had chosen to not force upon their eldest child.

Eight Turns after joining the Harpercraft, Uveline was granted her Journeywoman's knot with a confirmed specialty for teaching. With the Exodus on the horizon and the need for Progressive Harpers to support the new Weyr, Uveline felt she could step up and support the Weyrs that had valiantly struggled to rid Pern of Thread for all time. And so she was dispatched with the other Harpers for the new Eastern Weyr, hoping to help make a difference for the Weyr and its children as they joined the fight to protect Pern.

Barely a month after being posted to Eastern Weyr Uveline was told to stand for Rauzath's clutch by the currently Weyrleader, J'cobi, rider of bronze Erikath. While the manner of her Searching was rather odd, Uveline didn't feel she could refuse, and found herself among the ranks of the candidates at Eastern Weyr. She was lucky enough to have some friends in her fellow candidates, among them Teallan, a younger Harper who had been posted to Landing, and struggled through the rigors of that first, unique, candidate group - digging the Weyr's lake, carving out weyrs and barracks, and smoothing out the floors of the bowls and any rooms that needed it. In no time she was sick of the sheer physical labor, but she remained determined to set a good example for her fellow candidates and persevered. When Rauzath's eggs hatched, she found herself partner to Lady With the Lamp Green Enceth, and thrust into weyrlinghood.


Enceth - Enceth is everything to Uveline - her best friend, her teacher, her student, her confidant - the list goes on. But that's what a lifemate is supposed to be, after all, and the pair are very happy with each other.

Teallan - While Teallan is several Turns younger then Uveline, the apprentice-turned-candidate is someone Uveline remembers vaguely from the Hall. Uvvy likes the younger Harper, and is quite willing to mentor her to whatever extent their schedules and duties permit. Since she was Searched, Uveline has grown closer to the other woman, and strives to support her wherever possible – answering questions, clearing up rumours, and providing feedback.

Ahnika - Uveline and Ahnika got off to a bad start, with the younger woman pushing her buttons on accident. That said, Uveline doesn't wish ill against her - she simply prefers to be as far from Ahnika as possible. Candidacy together promises to be interesting.

Kestian - Uveline looks up to Kestian as a strong representative of the Hall, and she appreciates his skills. Prior to being Searched, Uveline had worked closely with him. They work together well, and coordinated the entertainment at the Weyr without much fuss. Uveline used to meet with Kestian every few days to update him on anything important that she had learned, but now is lucky if she manages to see him once a sevenday.

Vanielle - Uveline is uncertain about what she thinks of the drudge, who has a history with both the Beast and Harper crafts. She thinks the girl is plenty smart, but at the same time doesn't understand her willingness to work as a drudge when she has other skills.

E’ro – A former Harper himself, E’ro is something of an enigma to Uveline – well trained and well spoken, but also very different from her Harper friends, as being a bronzerider has set him apart from what she is used to. He challenges her to think beyond the now, and she has become more contemplative since meeting him. She also owes him a description of the first clutches at Eastern, should she ever find time to write her thoughts about the eggs.

Eissa – Uvline currently regards Eissa as someone to be treated with utmost respect, while also providing help as needed. The Healer has helped Uveline and her fellow candidates out, and she cannot ignore that. Plus, the ointment Eissa sent the candidates worked, and Uveline has rested better ever since.

Memorable Quotes:

"You're what, sixteen? Seventeen? So of course you know everything there is to know about how to handle children." - Uveline, to Ahnika, on the matter of corporal punishment in Education and Entertainment.

"It isn't reflexes. I'm just not good at catching things. And why would I expect to be asked to stand? And… Shards. What is Kestian going to say?" - Uveline, to herself, on having just been given a candidate's knot in An Odd End to Lessons.

"So, those squiggles are supposed to be people, then?" - Uveline, to Eissa, on the subject of Eissa's stick-figure drawings in Give Me Stretches or Give Me Death!

Uveline's Logs


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