Position Wrath Wingleader
Dragon brown Heloth
Former title(s) Wingrider, Eastern Weyr; Wingrider, Ista Weyr; Wingrider, High Reaches Weyr; Candidate, High Reaches Weyr; Lower Caverns Staff, High Reaches Weyr; Candidate, High Reaches Weyr; Lower Caverns Staff, Igen Weyr; Candidate, Igen Weyr; Hold Brat, Big Bay (Igen Sea) Hold
Sex Male
Age 35
Place of Birth Big Bay (Igen Sea) Hold
Family Father: Barnel, Holder, Big Bay (Igen Sea) Hold. • Mother: Dalevara (Deva), greenrider, High Reaches (formerly Igen) Weyr. • Siblings: Two younger half-siblings, by Barnel and Doresdan; unknown by V'kale how many, if any, lay claim to Dalevara
Faction Neutral
Portrayed By Lee Pace


V'kale is a moderately handsome man of slenderly sturdy build. He's about as tall as a so-and-so, with hair that's very hair-like (and more-or-less brown-ish, in places), eyes that are usually dark unless they're reflecting very bright lights, big ol' hands and enough of a fashion sense to know he doesn't have much of a fashion sense. His clothing, like his dragon and his knot, is brown. (On purpose, though, and kept very clean.) He looks like a solemn kind of guy, until he laughs; then he looks kind of like an idiot, but in an endearing way. (Mostly.)

Basic Timeline

• Born, then shipped to Big Bay / Igen Sea Hold
• ~15: Move to Igen Weyr: Candidate / Staff / Candidate / Staff / Candidate / Staff
• ~20: Move to High Reaches: Candidate / Staff / Candidate / Weyrling / Wingrider
• ~27: Move to Ista Weyr: Wingrider / (Substitute Wingsecond that one time)
• ~34: Move to Eastern Weyr: Wingrider / Wingleader (at 35)

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