Portrayed By Zoe Saldana
Position Candidate
Former title(s) HoldGirl (Keroon),Apprentice (Harper Hall), Apprentice Beastcrafter (Beastcraft @ Keroon), Drudge(Eastern)
Sex Female
Age 15
Place of Birth Keroon
Family Mother: Valnys
Father: Ellidran
Siblings: Eli, Nyse, Dael, Iden (Brothers)
Faction Progressive

Character History

Born in Keroon.
Fostered out to a Hold.
Spent time as an Apprentice Harper.
Went back to the Beast Craft- made it to Senior Apprentice
Sent to Eastern Weyr.


-Teallan: A good Friend. One who was made closer by candidacy and now the Weyr's harper.

Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

-Apparently :Actually Enjoys doing the menial tasks of drudgery.

Vanielle's Logs


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