Crime in High Fashion Green Velth


The inspiration for Velth was born of an afternoon spent watching youtube videos of randomly awesome songs from various musicals. When watching Cellblock Tango, Kali realized that there were few women ever to walk the stage who were more ignoble than Velma Kelly; the infamous murderess from Chicago. Throw in a few elements from the other Merry Murderesses and we had our devilish little green. Velth came from a mix of the name Velma and the word svelte, which fits Velth to an absolute tee.

Hatchling Description

Lean and slinky, this dragonet projects the image of a creature purely sensual. Hide is the color of priceless emeralds, the shades swirling from light and clear to dark and cloudy. Nowhere does she sparkle more than on her silver claws and the tips of her onyx wingsails; the glitz to her sultry glamour. Soft charcoal brushes over her eyes, adding an element of shadow to the sleek little hatchling. The color trails from there down her neckridges, continued on in the sails of her delicate wings and culminating in the obsidian of her underbelly.

Dragon Description

Lean and slinky, this dragon projects the image of a creature purely sensual. Hide is the color of priceless emeralds, the shades swirling from light and clear to dark and cloudy. Nowhere does she sparkle more than on her silver claws and the tips of her onyx wingsails; the glitz to her sultry glamour. Soft charcoal brushes over her eyes, adding an element of shadow to the sleek little green. The color trails from there down her neckridges, continued on in the sails of her delicate wings and culminating in the obsidian of her underbelly.


From the moment she's shelled, Velth will possess a vixen's mind and a performer's spirit. Any press is good press - whether bad or good. Manipulative and addicted to attention, she has one and only one truly trusted partner; you. She doesn't tend to treat those she feels are 'unimportant' as well as she does those who are 'important', and this will probably be the biggest thing that turns around and bites her in the butt later on.

You are the one she's always honest with - because you're the only one she can trust to always have her back. Allies come and allies go, but you will never betray her. That's a position of high trust and you'll have your work cut out for you. Learning how to thwart some of her more devious schemes without betraying that trust will be a balancing act that may take a lifetime to perfect.

As she grows, so will her schemes. What starts out as just a plan to get her noticed by the movers and shakers among the weyrling class will grow to a complicated move into the influential circles in the weyr. And don't think you will escape. She'll constantly 'nudge' you into making friendships with people she deems important. The more important she deems the person, the more she'll nudge you. She thinks you deserve as much attention as she does. You're a double act, after all.

She has the blissfully short memory of the dragons, your Velth. She always knows, however, who's important. She'll push you to learn the details, to always know who the Mastercrafters, Weyrleaders and Lord and Lady Holders are. She has almost a sixth sense for who will be important. It makes her an excellent Search dragon, but you'll have to be careful. If she thinks that either you or she can get something out of Searching someone who shouldn't be - or not Searching someone who should be - she'll do so without hesitation. You'll have to learn how to tell which is which and then decide if you should go against her choice or follow along. She'll always encourage the latter, of course, but it's up to you in the end.

Unfortunately, her temper is also incredibly short. Most of the time, she'll sweet-talk someone else into doing the 'dirty work' for her, either through you or through one of her 'friends'. « Oh, I didn't mean to worry you, Ixioth. I'm just so upset! That awful Jialorth said horrid things about Mine and I just don't know what to do! » If someone upsets you, however, she pulls all the stops. She'll remember that and she will get them back, no matter how long it takes. Because you are hers and no one will get away with that.

I was in such a state of shock that I completely blacked out. It wasn't until later, when I was washing the blood off of my hands, that I even knew they were dead. - Velma Kelly

When she's caught - and it will probably happen at least once - she spins the story. Always telling the truth, but twisting the tenses and choosing her words carefully so as to present the most innocent front possible. Punishment is acceptable, so long as it's a lighter sentence than what she could have gotten. She'll do her best to help when you get in trouble, too, helping you to choose your words and angle. Even if she doesn't agree with what you did, she'll do her best to help you get away with it, just on general principle.

I said, 'You pop that gum one more time…' And he did. So I took the shotgun off the wall and I fired two warning shots… Into his head. - Murderess

Perhaps her weirdest little quirk is that she absolutely, one-hundred percent cannot stand the sound of something popping. Whether it's someone snapping their fingers, a soap bubble bursting or the snap snap snap of gears, it drives her mad with irritation. Over time, it'll probably mean that the sound starts to bug you as well. Either way, when she hears the sound she'll do her best to get away from it, but if it's coming from where you are, she can't ever quite escape her

Always smooth and flirtatious, Velth never does give obvious signs that she's proddy. You'll notice that her temper is shorter and that she's more prone to do the 'dirty work' herself; that her desire to go out into the jungle and hunt All By Herself will grow stronger, but to the rest of the world she presents a cool-as-a-cucumber front. She'll know, however, and will try to manipulate dragons she favors - for one reason or another - into staying at the Weyr. That way they'll be around to give chase when she 'suddenly' goes up.

I'm no one's wife, but I love my life! - Velma Kelly

She feels the mating urge less strongly than some dragons; her sensuality is expressed in other ways. So if she knows there is something to be gained by 'throwing' the flight in favor of one dragon or the other, she just very well may do so. If the catching dragon is who she wanted it to be, she'll spend the next few days doting on him and will be seen in his company so long as it's still 'profitable' to do so. If the catching dragon isn't who she wanted to… well, it's a different story. She could be angry that they foiled her scheme or she might play along. All depends on 'how important' the catching dragon is.

When fighting Threadfall, a dragon is supposed to be fierce - even a lady. Because of this, Velth takes a perverse pleasure in Thread, because that is the one place where she can be as ruthless and as crass and uncouth as her little heart desires. Her smooth, purring tones become a gravely shout, laughing and swearing and generally being, well… common.

Mind Voice

Accompanied most often by the jangle of keys, the click click click click SLAM of prison doors, the snap and flash of camera bulbs, Velth's mindvoice - when she deigns to purr out actual words - is a rich, throaty alto. There's a powerful range in that voice; she can cut a body to pieces just as easily as she can seduce a mind to her point of view. Underneath it all, strains of low music can be heard, getting louder the more intense her mood. Smooth jazz is almost always the selection of choice, but when a tango can be heard…. Beware.

Mind Scent

The rich, musky smell of cigar smoke and old wood of the speakeasy bar is the base of her mind, infiltrating your mind almost constantly. You'll be able to tell Velth's moods better than anyone because the scent is the giveaway. When she's trying to out-bluff her opponent or get away with something she shouldn't have done, you'll have the fresh scent of brand new playing cards wafting under your nose.

Giddiness smells like a strong Green Fairy and success tastes like a smooth glass of whiskey. Sadness is the cold, damp scent of an empty metal room and anger is the smell of blood and gunpowder. It may take a while for you to work all this out and learn to sort through which ones mean what, but it'll be an invaluable tool - whether for aiding your Velth in her schemes or thwarting them.

Physical Voice

Gravely in that soft, pleasant sort of way, Velth's vocalizations tend to come as purr-like rumbles and quiet croons. Even when angry, she tends to be quiet. The volume comes with intensity of emotion and when she roars, she really roars. Watch out, Eastern! She's the star and she knows it.


Growth will always be a step behind her siblings for Velth, but it comes in big spurts. And when we say spurts, we mean spurts. Don't be surprised if - after a month or more of no change, she shoots up overnight. This is a lot of strain on her hide - even when young and supple - so you'll have to be extra diligent about her oiling then. She'll grow to be around the average size for her color, but she'll never get the bulk some of them do. No, your Velth will always be lean and light.

Eating Habits

Another in a long line of contradictions, Velth's eating habits are night and day. If she's anywhere that she is visible or there's a possibility of her being seen, she is very careful to let the blues and browns and bronzes hunt for her and then eating very, very prettily. « You're such an excellent hunter, Lisuuth and your hide shines so lovely when you move in the sun. Won't you please indulge me with another show of your prowess? » When sure she is on her own, however - with the exception of yourself, of course - she will hunt her own prey and revel in it, devouring the kill in a swift and rather vicious manner.


Egg Name: A Fool's Errand Egg (Velth)
Egg Desc: Broken up by lines of black and grey and tan, the surface of this golden egg looks as if it would be rough to the touch. It seems an artist's genius must have gone into transforming the actual smooth surface, for it gleams as brightly as any queen's proddy hide. The egg, however, is small and awkwardly tilted. Is this a true gold or a fool's gold?
Inspiration: Inspired by pyrite which has been a constant foul-up on the fool's errand of mining gold. I really like the idea of ICly confusing everyone into thinking there's a gold in the gold egg and then BAM! No gold. XD
Submitter: Randi


Dragon Name: Velth
Dragon Colour: Green
Hatchling Name: Crime in High Fashion Green Hatchling
Created By: Kali

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