Portrayed By Cory Monteith
Position Senior Apprentice Healer
Former title(s) Apprentice Healer (Telgar), Cotholder
Sex Male
Age 18 turns
Place of Birth Misty Hold
Family Averan, father (Verris's age +22); Trista, mother (+23); Nenienne, sister (+3); Melienne, sister (+1); Favol, brother (-3)
Faction Traditional

Character History

As the third of four children, and with much of their parents' attention given to the eldest (not least because she was obsessed with swiping their baubles), Verris had room enough for his interests to wander off in a different direction. When he was ten turns old, the treatment of a neighbor with a broken leg caught his interest; over the course of the next few weeks, he made up his mind to join the Healercraft.

At first, he was intimidated by the sheer number of things he was supposed to remember on a moment's notice, to the point of worrying that he'd forever be way over his head - but he stuck with it, and when he got the chance to actually work on real patients instead of just listening and writing, he found that it all came back to him in the heat of the moment. In fact, the more stressful the situation, the more he rose to the occasion. It might never be as easy for him as it seemed to be for the adults, but the stress would be a price worth paying as long as he could keep people healthy.

His relationship with Nenienne eased up during their teenage years, especially after the distance between them gave him some more breathing room. Now that he's been posted to Eastern Weyr as well, he's not sure which direction that's going to go. Maybe it won't change that much; she has her craft and he has his.

Speaking of his craft? Now that his attention has begun to shift from learning to doing, it's begin to hit him that he'll be cleaning up after the Long Pass for his entire career. And the next couple generations of his line, and countless others further in the future. Whatever the Progressives' intentions, he doesn't place much trust in their results.


As of his posting to Eastern Weyr, Verris is starting to develop a know-it-all attitude without really realizing it, especially if he perceives that someone is neglecting healthy habits on top of whatever injuries they may suffer. Conversely, he distrusts forgotten technology as inherently unknowable - not safely, not within his lifetime. He pushes himself to the point of stress, waiting till he's alone to unwind, but leaving himself open to provocation in the meantime.

Strengths and weaknesses

Growing up during the dawn of an especially difficult age, Verris developed a strong work ethic, and a strong appreciation for what others do as well. Society is like a body writ large - there are many parts it can't do without.

The down side of Verris's career focus is that he tends to stress himself out, and has a poor grasp of leisure time and the pursuits (such as gemcraft) that serve it. Intellectually, he knows it's good for the mind - but emotionally, he has trouble untangling it from a sense of weakness.






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