Walk The Line


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Date: 2010.09.23
Location: EW - Beast Caverns
Synopsis: Nenienne drops by to discuss the commissions she has from Max. Talk turns briefly to self-defense classes and touches on the politics of the day.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Max

Early morning in the beast caverns finds the stable hands dispersing with their recently assigned duties in hand. Some, such as those assigned to cleaning up the feeding pens, are grumbling and muttering under their breath, while others, those with the ‘easier’ tasks, are passing lighthearted comments back and forth between each other. As to the beast manager himself? Well, he’s simply standing in the middle of the aisle, arms folded over his chest and watching to ensure everyone starts to get down to what they’re meant to be doing before turning to head toward his office.

Nenienne peeks into the beast cavern and notices Max just as he turns to head to his office. She follows and, if he doesn't notice her, taps politely on the door, even if it's open.

There is so much activity currently going on in the caverns right now, that it’s not surprising that Max isn’t immediately aware of someone having followed him back to his office. Stepping just inside to take up his hat, his hand hovers mid path to setting it on his head as he turns at the knock on the door, “Aye?” Initially somewhat distracted by something or another until his attention fully lands on Nenienne and a smile forms, “Nenienne. Long time, no see.”

Nenienne says, "Hello." She looks a bit sheepish. "And I'm sorry about that. I didn't realize how busy I'd be helping out with Weyr stuff after the hatchings, but I haven't forgotten your commissions, and I wanted to check in with you before starting them."

His hand completes its path and the hat is settled on his head, with Max leaning against his desk, boots crossing at the ankles and arms folding across his chest. A short chuckles spills out for the sheepish look coming off of Nenienne, “Don’t fret, darlin’,” and then adding with a rueful smile, “Been a mite busy myself of late,” so its all good in his mind. “Reckon you’ll be needing that deposit now, aye?” this to the commissions.

Nenienne looks relieved at his "no problem" statement, then nods as he mentions the deposit. She names a price which is fairly steep, then says apologetically, "Most of that is the emerald. But I did find a rather nice one; only slight inclusions."

Max doesn’t appear to even so much as blink at the price named and simply nods in return. Which might have a person questioning how it is that he has access to such an amount of marks in the first place. Of course he has no idea what inclusions are but he’ll take Nenienne’s word for it that the gem found is of good quality. Pushing up out of that lazy lean, he sends an apologetic look down to the crafter of jewellery and takes a step toward his office door, “Back in a bit. Make yourself comfortable while I’m gone.” And with that he’s out the office and gone for a fairly long period of time. Eventually, just when she might be getting a little antsy and thinking he’s forgotten about her, the beast manager returns, a self satisfied grin in place.

Nenienne is expressionless when he takes the price in stride, and sits down when he says to make herself comfortable. After a few minutes she begins looking around — not touching, but obvious curious. When he returns she starts slightly, but recovers quickly.

Max makes neither apology not explanation for his perhaps longer than expected acceptance. Withdrawing a hand from one of his pockets, the beast manager holds a small drawstring pouch out to Nenienne, “This should about cover it.” And then his gaze goes distant before a crafty grin stretches out over something or another, “What sort of timeframe am I looking at if I ask you to get the everyday one, done first?”

Nenienne replies, "As soon as I can get a hold of L'han I'll go to Landing and see if everything I need is there. If not, I'll have to find someone willing to take me to the Smithcraft. I'll work on the everyday one second, but hopefully I can get all three done in one day if I time it correctly."

Max nods his understanding to her needing to await a lift down to Landing and then crossing his arms over his chest once again slips into a short thoughtful silence before chuckling quietly, “Just one day? Oh. I’d thought it would take much longer than that. I’m not in an urgent hurry,” thanks to a few mitigating circumstances he currently has no control over, “Within the next month or so would be good though.”

Nenienne nods emphatically and says, "Oh, definitely by then, unless thread falls for every day between now and then."

Nenienne mentioning Thread has the effect of Max’s eyes narrowing lightly for a moment before he’s schooling that back behind a bland enough smile. “Sounds good to me,” and then so as not appear impolite, or he is simply genuinely interested, “You doing okay though, otherwise? Enjoying getting back into your line of work again?”

Nenienne nods slowly. "Things are really busy with doing things around the Weyr — and I had thought once the lake was done things would ease up on that front." She pauses, then asks tentatively, "Is you offer of self-defense lessons still open?"

There comes a short chuckle that holds rueful edges to it, “Life has a way of doing that to people. The minute you think you can catch a break, something else gets tossed your way.” Max’s own words having the effect of his seemingly easygoing mood slipping a little to be replaced by an unreadable expression when he suddenly finds that less than amusing given the events of the passed few days. On the matter of self-defense lessons, Nenienne is fit with a long closed look and then he nods slowly, “Aye, offer’s still on the table. But I reckon I should speak with the Weyrwomen first and get their take on it.”

Nenienne's usual frown deepens slightly. "I hate to have to ask, but things have gone strange since I was posted here. Maybe it's just the Weyr not being as… sheltered as the Hall or something. Or maybe I had just never noticed before." She shrugs with regards to her train of thought, then nods about talking to the Weyrwomen. "Always wise."

A dark brow lifts upward when Nenienne alludes to some of the recent goings on in the Weyr, Max’s lips pursing together slightly. “AIVAS has changed everything Nenienne, and it ain’t just the Weyrs being hit. It’s anywhere that has people of opposing views banging heads together. Even in the Holds,” speaking with an odd sort of authority on the latter, “There’s some strong disagreements, no matter what the Lord Holder’s views might be.” The fact that he has anything to say to begin with on the politics of the day, is probably surprising enough in its own right. He doesn’t however, give anything of what his own ideals or leanings might be on the matter.

Nenienne looks at some spot beyond Max's shoulder as he talks, but does nod in key parts, like the bit about AIVAS. She says, rather mournfully, "I wish it was easier to figure out who has the right of it. I mean, some of its innovations were brilliant, but its failure was another order of magnitude."

If he’s concerned that Nenienne isn’t meeting his eyes while he talks, Max does a good show of not letting on. His attention stays firmly on her as he responds with a soft snort, “Change is never easy, darlin’. There’s good sides to it and there’s bad. The trick is knowing how to walk the line between the two.” Just then Brolan arrives, dragging a rather large bucket behind him, panting a little for the effort but waiting respectfully just outside of the doorway once he sees the beast manager has company. Dark eyes flick over to where the young stablehand hovers and Max’s mouth pulls into a wide and somewhat distracted grin.

Nenienne mmmm-hmmmmms and gets up. "I should let you get back to work, before they notice that I've skipped out." Her usual frown doesn't abate, but her voice is playful at the mention of evading her own work.

Beckoning Brolan in as Nenienne stands to make her departure, Max chuckles and notes with a roguish lift of brow, “All work and no play…” leaving her to fill in the rest for herself. “I look forward to seeing the completed work,” this to the commissioned jewellery. Brolan, dragging his bucket behind him, carefully sidesteps the young woman and gives her a brief nod of head in polite but silent greeting.

Nenienne nods back to the young boy, her lips almost twitching into a smile at his burden and his earnest expression. "I can't wait to get to work on it," she says, her expression brightening in anticipation. "Thank you for the talk, and I'll hopefully get back to you soon with at least the first piece."

Having managed to drag the bucket at least enough out of the way so that Nenienne isn’t likely to trip over it on her way out, Brolan returns her smile with a bright one of his own and then he’s gone out of the office. Obviously his errand was to deliver the bucket itself rather than give a report of any kind. Following the young lad’s departure with vague amusement, Max turns back to Nenienne and nods, “Aye, any time,” this given to the brief chat, “And I’ll try to make some time to drop by the Weyrwomen and have a chat with them,” and then adds, “Though they might want one of the guards to do the actual training.” Which doesn’t seem to perturb him much if that turns out to be the case. “Clear skies,” this he gives in farewell before making his way over to the bucket as if to put it under some kind of inspection.

Nenienne may be clumsy, but this bucket doesn't trip her up due to its thoughtful placement. The Smith makes her way out of the caverns, briefly chatting with friends she made during her stables duty in candidacy.

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